Thursday, July 9, 2015

Lemon Bars

If you like citrusy dessert, i have a feeling that you will going to like these too and if you are one of those who gets obsessed with lemon desserts, please make these..haha.. These lemon bars are tangy, and can be super tangy but hey, they are meant to be tart and tangy. It comes with a shortbread kind of base and a luscious lemony top filling.  Maybe because they are tart and tangy, i dont really feel heavy eating these tart bars,

These bars  can be gooey when they are freshly baked out of the oven but will firm up after refrigerating. Which ever way, they are simply good. Just ensure they are baked till the filling is firm to touch and not underbaked. Too gooey can be very messy and if underbaked, i think it will taste a little eggy too.

I remember  Phong Hong made some lemon bars sometime ago, she couldnt help herself from not eating one after that shall be the recipe that i'm going to follow, thanks PH!

Recipe ( from Phong Hong Bakes and Cooks, whom adapted from Joy Of Baking )
made in 8"x8" pan
Ingredients for base
113gm unsalted butter, room temperature
30gm icing sugar
130gm plain flour
1/8 tsp salt

Preheat oven at 177/180C. Cream the butter and icing sugar till creamy and add in the plain flour and salt. Beat till the dough just comes together . Transfer the dough onto a greased pan and press onto the bottom of the pan. Bake for about 20-25mins or the edges just become lightly brown. Remove from oven and let it cool
while you make the filling.

Lemon Filling
200gm sugar
2 large eggs
80ml freshly squeezed lemon juice ( approx 2 lemons )
zest from 1 lemon or 2 if you like
2 tbsp plain flour

Using a hand whisk, beat the egg and sugar together until mixture is smooth. Add in the lemon juice and lemon zest. Mix well and fold in the flour. Pour over this lemon filling over the shortbread crust and bake for 20-25 ins or until filling has set and firm to touch.  Remove from oven and let cool in pan. Dust with icing sugar upon serving.

Lemon Bars is the theme with me, Joyce and Zoe  baking along together starting 9thjuly till 18thJuly. If you are keen to make some tangy lemon bars, come join us and post it up at your blog within that dates. Thanks!


  1. So good that Lena, you can have these sweet treats and still remain slim and fit. I saw your pics in Barb's FB. You still so pretty.

  2. Hi Lena,
    Every lemon bar of yours looked so inviting. So nicely baked !

  3. Hi Lena! Glad you like the Lemon Bars. I want to bake one too this weekend to join the fun! And thanks for the mention :)

  4. I am a huge fan of citrusy treats! These lemon bars look amazing.

  5. Lemon bars are such a great, classic dessert. These ones look perfect!


  6. Lemon bars might be some of my favorite things ever. Yours looks so tasty!!

  7. Hi Lena! I think i would prefer it freshly baked from the oven when it is still gooey! Yumm Yumm... :)

  8. Hi Lena,
    Yup, I remember PH's lemon bars! I really love eating lemon bars, pretty addictive once I start on a slice. And yes, they are good when eaten cold too! :)

  9. Hi Lena,

    Your lemon bars look gorgeous! We can't have enough of our lemon bars too and so I have made two kinds of lemon bars. Like you and PH, we can't stop eating them too :p


  10. lena,这个 lemon bar 好有吸引力也。有空我要try了。谢谢您的分享。

  11. One is never enough for all lemon lovers;D lovely lemon bars!

  12. I have never been a lemon bar fan, but I must admit these look really beautiful!