Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fish Shaped Mooncake Biscuit ( 公仔饼 )

Initially i did not have intention of baking any mooncakes but seeing so many of my blogger friends baking so many different varieties of mooncakes, i cant help but to make some myself. The moncake baking is getting so hot around my baking friends community here! So many types, so many flavours, i sure have a good collection of mooncake recipes when i want to make them again but as for now, just a simple one, mooncake biscuit aka doll biscuit. Thanks to everyone who has shared this recipe around.

I wish all chinese and my friends here, Happy Mid Autumn Festival, have a nice warm celebration with your friends and loved ones, 中秋节快乐!

Recipe ( as seen in Cooking Pleasure , Aunty Young, adapted from Butter, Flour & Me )
350gm plain flour, sifted
230gm golden syrup
100gm peanut oil ( i used canola oil )
5gm/1tsp alkaline water
150gm lotus seed paste

Egg Wash
1 egg yolk plus 1 tbsp milk, mix and strain

1. In a mixing bowl, add in syrup, oil, alkaline water , stir and add in the lotus seed paste. Using a hand whisk, stir and mix till well combined.
2.Add in sifted flour and mix to form a dough.. Cover the dough and let it rest for 2-3 hours
3. Pinch some dough and fit to your mould to determine the weight of each dough then divide the dough accordingly. Dust some flour onto the mould . Roll each dough into a ball and press the dough into the mould. Tap or knock lightly to unmould and place it on the baking tray. Repeat the same for the rest of the doughs.
4. Bake in a preheated oven at 160C for 10mins, remove fom oven and let cool down for about 10 mins. Apply egg wash and bake it the oven again for another 15 mins or until golden brown, ( i baked mine at 170C )
5. Let cool on the wiring rack and store in container.

*  my each dough weighs 95gm and make around 8 pieces

Some tips shared by Joceline (Butter, Flour & Me )
a) for egg wash, adding milk to the egg yolk makes it less concentrated, thus easier to apply.
b) Let the mooncakes cool down before applying egg wash to get more even colouring
c) Should the mooncakes be done correctly, it wont stick to your teeth and can be eaten the next day.
d) It can be kept for weeks if it's baked dry enough.

I am linking this post to Best Recipes for Everyone's Event ( Mooncake ) organised by XuanHom's Mom Kitchen Diary


  1. Hi Lena, good to see that you have tried out the fish doll mooncakes, love the look of the fish with its tail curls to one side ! A happy mid-autumn to you & family!

  2. Wow, I like your fish. They look great. After seeing so many blog posts on mooncakes, it's just irresistable not to join in the fun :)

  3. Beautiful nice fish shape 公仔饼

  4. Hi Lena, your fish shape mooncake mould looks pretty. The koong chye peang is also good lah. I may try to make your Foochow mooncake in future.

  5. Lovely fish shaped mooncake,
    Happy Mid Autumn Festival ^^

  6. Hi Lena, this fish is so graceful ... with tail curls nicely !Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you & family!

  7. Lena, your fish moon cakes so cantik.. Send a few over la

  8. Hi Lena, I don't eat mooncakes but I am happy looking at them. I like the way the fishes curl their tails. So lively! Happy Mid Autumn festival to you and family!

  9. Hi Lena, like your lovely fish mooncakes! Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

  10. Hi Lena

    I think your goldfish mould is the best I have seen. It looks so dainty and what more, the golden brown colour of the baked biscuits befits the name of the fish - goldfish.

    Priscilla Poh

  11. HI Lena!
    Happy Mid Autumn Festival! I was just "telling" Anne how time has flown this year. It seems like the Mid Autumn Festival was just yesterday, lol...Your Fishies are so cute. It never ceases to amaze me as to the many varieties and styles of mooncakes there are. It's so nice to see them all. Thank you so much for sharing, Lena...

  12. Happy Mid Autumn to you too, I was looking for a fish mould but couldn't find any!

  13. Wishing you a Happy Mid Autumn festival too!!

  14. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival Lena. I think I have this mold but have no clue where I put it.

  15. Happy Mid Autumn Festival Lena, beautiful fish shape

  16. Lena, your Fish Shaped Mooncakes are cute and beautiful! Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

  17. Lena, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

  18. Lena,
    These are such adorable fish gong cai paeng. Happy belated mid-autumn to you.

  19. Happy mid-autumn festival, Lena!

    I reckon this is the most popular recipe for mid-autumn festive this year! You have made them looking so elegant and beautiful :D


  20. you are so much fun! These are the cutest and what looks like tastiest little biscuits i have ever seen!

  21. Gorgeously done! I have not had 公仔饼 for a long time now.

  22. I need to buy more extra mooncake moulds next year and I'm gonna start early making it , *crosses fingers* lol Love your fish-shaped mooncakes , really pretty and perfectly-baked ! Gorgeous photos , too !

  23. Very cute little fishes!
    I did not make anything related to mooncakes this year, or for the past decade! Maybe, next year, I'll dig my old recipes again!

  24. Hi Lena, Your moon cake with the adorable and beautifully shaped fishies are too pretty to eat...yet, I would gobble up a few! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, my dear friend! xo

  25. I only bake snowskin this year, next year, I would love to bake other types of mooncake, especially Shanghai Mooncakes.

  26. These are lovely! They hold the fish shape beautifully!

  27. These are so fun I might not want to eat them. They look delicious though, I don't think I'd be able to keep away from them very long!