Sunday, August 31, 2014

Steamed Glutinuous Rice with Crab (紅蟳米糕 )

This glutinous rice dish is a popular dish served at traditional wedding banquets in Taiwan. I was told that some restaurants here do serve this dish, the glutinous rice is steamed and mixed together with mushrooms, dried shrimps, dried cuttlefish, just like our local 炒糯米饭 ( stir fried glutinous rice ) and topped with crabs . Instead of putting chinese sausages like most of us do in our stir fried glutinous rice, the taiwanese version of this dish uses ground pork instead and another thing that makes it unique is that the crabs must be female crabs. It is because female crabs contain roes and for auspicious reasons, it symbolizes wishes for the newly weds to be fertile and production and that's the reason why that makes this dish popular to be served at wedding dinners. You can read a little more info about the origin of this dish here

Knowing that this dish taste alike our 炒糯米饭, i have used my previous recipe here, replaced the chinese sausages with ground pork and went out to get female crabs. The crabs that i got here are rather small, so i had used 2 crabs. After done with the glutinous rice, what we do is put the crabs on top and let it all steam together till the crabs are cooked. I have cut the crabs into pieces, cleaned them and rearranged them back before it gets to the steamer, looks rather impressive to me seeing the crab in whole piece.You can also remove some of its raw roe and sprinkle on the rice before steaming, that way more roes can be seen all over the dish . Of course if you do this at home, you can always use the non female crabs, it will taste just as good i bet.

500gm glutinous rice, soaked overnight
50gm dried shrimps, soaked and cleaned
50gm shredded dried cuttlefish, cleaned
80gm ground pork
2 cloves garlic, minced
8 chinese mushrooms, cut into cubes
1 bunch of spring onions, chopped
3-4 tbsps of cooking oil

1tbsp dark soya sauce
1tbsp oyster sauce
2tsp salt

2 female mud crabs, cleaned and cut
1 tbsp rice wine

1. Clean and drain the soaked glutinous rice and let it steam for about 35-45 minutes. Sprinkle water into the steamed rice every 15mins and continue steaming. Fluff up the rice every 15 minutes and continue sprinkling water till the rice is soft. You can pinch some rice and try if it's soft enough, if not, just continue to steam. ( i hv used about 1.5cup of water to sprinkle the steamed rice in between ) 
2. Remove from steamer and set aside. In a wok, pour in the cooking oil or , saute the dried shrimps till aromatic and add in the minced garlic. Fry them for a few seconds and add in the ground pork and fry till they are almost cooked, add in the dried cuttlefish , follow by the chinese mushroom , stir fry them for several minutes on medium fire. Now add in the steamed glutinous rice and seasoning and keep frying. You will probably need to fry them for about 10 mins, just keep stirring till they are well mixed with the seasoning . Taste and add more salt if necessary. . Toss in the chopped spring onions, mix them around. Dish up and transfer them to a steamer bowl or bamboo steamer lined with foil paper.
3. Arrange the crabs on top and pour the rice wine on top of the crabs and steam on high heat for about 10 mins .You can also remove some of its raw roe and sprinkle on the rice for steaming. . Done.

I am submitting this post to Asian Food Fest ( Taiwan ) Aug 2014 organised by Alan of Travelling Foodies


  1. Hi Lena,
    I am no.1 tonight. Can i have 1 crab please!! :p
    This looks so inviting. I love crab and i love glutinous rice and this is my kind of dish..:D


  2. yummy! I love crab too! save the roe for me please! LOL

  3. Hi Lena
    I am on my way to join the group , save me some . ;-D

  4. This looks amazing--wish it were served at weddings here!

  5. First time I come across this dish. The rice must be full of flavour, yummy.

  6. ok... why am is my tummy rumbling when i just had a big breakfast? just wanna dig my finger into that last picture u know.... wicked wicked post... absolutely enticing dish lena!

  7. Something new to me about this dish. So delicious looking no doubt about it.

  8. Lena, this is the dish I love but I dun think I will be able to cook at home, I still not dare to handle fish and crab hahahah...

  9. Wow! I love this dish a LOT! Look at those crab roe, my absolute fav!

  10. Hi Lena,

    I didn't know the 糯米饭 is a popular dish to eat in Taiwanese wedding banquet. Yours look very luxurious with big serves of crab :D


  11. Hi Lena! I will skip the crab and focus on the rice LOL!

  12. What a special and mouthwatering dish ! Such gorgeous presentation. Wish I can some right away. haha... Have a great week aheaddear.
    Blessings, Kristy

  13. Wow that looks awesome! Crab looks delicious!

  14. Lena , what a luxurious and hearty meal ! I LOVE everything in there even the bamboo steamer lol Gorgeous photos as well !

  15. Hi Lena,
    This is such an impressive rice dish! Looks really delicious. Making me "lau-nuar" just looking at your photos!

  16. Lena crab is my favorite seafood! look delicious!!
    And your pot is exactly what I want. Here I can find but I have to go to some especial site. And there I buy panko too:)

  17. Hi Lena!
    Oh my goodness is that not one enticing dish. Thank you for providing that link too. I just had to go over and read about the history. It's sort of romantic in its own way:)

    I do love crab and this dish does not seem too difficult. When I lived on Long Island, we use to go "fishing" for Blue claw crabs, oh they were delicious. So many people over fished them that it is not as easy to find them anymore. I love crab any old way and female or male is fine with me:) This is one special dish and I am so happy you shared it. Thanks, Lena...

  18. I made a batch of savory glutinous rice too but with this crab that you added, you brought it to another level.

  19. you honestly make the best meals ever! i love the crab sitting on the top for the picture, This looks AMAZING! I would eat way too much of it:)

  20. seriously makes me drool...can't remember when I last time had a crab.

  21. Lena, what a colorful and delicious dinner! It looks so good!

  22. Drooling & drooling...yummy and pretty ! Well done Lena :)

  23. Hee hee ! I just want the crab ! LOL.. I have tried the Shanghai hairy crab and Hong Kong style steamed crab but yet to have tasted this Taiwanese style. This dish of yours look so yummy and tempting!

  24. Trekking in Nepal Himalaya Comment
    waoooo It's amazing idea ..!!! and looks very nice , i love crab but i am always lazy to make it , but my wife do it so well ,

  25. Good thing I back-tracked...Lena, OMG...this amazing rice dish is so elegant, and wow! the 'soft shell crab'...just sort of 'relaxing' on the top! Super elegant, and delicious! (sorry for lagging behind...just glad I didn't miss this post)