Saturday, August 30, 2014

Gordon Ramsay's Baked Cheesecake

This cheesecake is so simple to make, really unbelieveably easy...and when you watch the Youtube video of how Gordon Ramsay making it, i think you will be even more convinced that it is super simple and fast too, considering this cheesecake can be done in just 35 mins and just 3 minutes on the video and you will be able to watch all the steps needed. There is no biscuit crust or base to this cheesecake, Gordom Ramsay call this a New York Style Baked Cheesecake. I have also seen other versions of New York Baked Cheesecake which comes with a biscuit base and sour cream but in this version of his, a much more simpler one.

After the cake cooled down, it will shrink a little. Initially i was not too confident to post this up as i find that the cake was more dense than i expected, i ate a slice and hmm..maybe not too pleased with that. I was thinking perhaps i could have overbaked it too cos i didnt watch closely  and when the cake was out from the oven, the center wasnt kind of wobbly but has firmed up. I didnt bother and kept it in the fridge overnight, covered it loosely with foil paper. Guess the chilling has done some magic to the cake, it is still dense but like what my friend, Joyce always say, it is a good dense. Somehow it just got so much better after chilling it . It tastes good with blueberries and i like the purple pop colour too. Dense and creamy and not that ultra rich, i enjoy eating this . I am happy to post it up now and i think some of you will like it too.

Recipe ( from )
what i hv used in blue
Butter, for greasing the pan
550gm cream cheese at room temperature  250gm
160gm castor sugar       80gm
3 eggs, lightly beaten      2 eggs
2 tbsp flour                     2 tbsp
finely grated zest of 1 lemon      zest from 1 lime or more
200gm raspberries                    70gm blueberries

1. Preheat oven to 180C. Butter a 23cm springform pan. ( I had used a 7 inch springform pan and wrapped the tin with aluminium foil)
2.Beat together the cream cheese and sugar. Add the beaten eggs bit by bit until combined. Add the flour and lemon zest, then fold through the raspberries. You can sift the flour in and use a hand whisk to whisk them to prevent the lumps.
3. Pour the mixture into the prepared cake tin , tapping it against the work surface to remove any bubbles and help the raspberries rise up from the bottom. Bake in the preheated oven for 35mins until set on the edges but wobbling slightly in the center.
4. Once cooled, remove from tin , running a knife around the edges to loosen , if necessary and serve.

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  1. Yes, I like it! The blueberries make the cheesecake looks attractive and yummy.
    May I have a slice please? :)

  2. I like the look of this cake. Simply gorgeous with the blueberries.

  3. Yummy cheesecake ! How I wish I makan a slice now ! ;)

  4. This cheesecake looks amazing!

  5. Hi Lena, thanks for the halved recipe ... just nice for me to zoom it right away ... so this baked cheesecake not using water bath method. Very tempting to try although I'm not a fan of cheesecake.

  6. Lena , I watched some of his vids before when I was looking for donut recipes :D This crumb-less cheesecake certainly looks good and easy to prepare as well . I think maybe , 1 large egg is enough for a 250 grams of cream cheese ?!

    1. yes, my eggs are not that big actually :)

  7. I agree that the blueberries really add a nice touch.

  8. Hi Lena,

    I'm amazed to see that this baked cheesecake has no "base"! Sounds easy and wonderful to me :D


  9. Hi Lena! Hmmm... a crustless cheescake. Quite a good idea and it saves the hassle of making the base. This type of cheesecake is usually dense and I like to take it out from the fridge about 30 minutes before eating so that it softens. I love cheesecake!

  10. That's a pretty cheesecake! guess I know what I'm going to do with the two blocks of cream cheese that I bought on sale! :p

  11. Hi Lena, I really like the specks of blueberries peeking from the cheesecake! :)

  12. I love blueberry cheesecake! Looks delicious!

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