Thursday, August 7, 2014

Baked Spaghetti With Meat Sauce ( 焗肉酱意粉 )

My head was like kinda jammed when it came my turn to choose a theme for our bake along. At that time, i thought i just wanted to make something easy and fast for everyone who might be keen to join....and also at the same time , i also missed the Baked Pork Chop with Rice that i made something ago, early this year ..tasty but hvnt not made one since then..and so i thought maybe a baked pasta might be good. Although it is fairly common, i rarely do it. Most of the time, it is usually the unbaked ones.

I wanted to make something similar to that baked rice with pork chop so i adjusted the previous recipe a bit and used ground pork instead. Something tangy and hmm..maybe a bit of oriental taste, some tomato sauce from the can, a little bit of oyster sauce and worcheshire sauce. i had also used anchovy stock cos i had some leftover from the previous day although not really essential and can just do it with water and adjust the seasoning or maybe add a little bit of soy sauce and top the pasta over with plenty of cheese. Somehow i think the baked ones, though not as light as the non baked pasta, looks kind of luxurious in appearance to me. It is not a bad idea to serve this for brunch on a lazy weekend if you opt not to eat out, it can make a surprisingly hearty and luxurious meal.

serves 2
150gm spaghetti
150gm ground pork
half of 1 onion, cubed
1 clove garlic, minced
handful of cherry tomatoes, halved

3/4 cup tomato sauce ( i used the can type from Hunts )
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1/2 tbsp Worcheshire sauce
80-100ml anchovy stock
salt to taste

1 cup of shredded mozarella cheese ( or plus some cheddar cheese )

Cook the spaghetti, drain and transfer to a baking dish . Heat up some oil in a frying pan, cook the onions and garlic till sizzling and add in the ground pork. Stir and cook the meat till almost done and add in the cherry tomatoes. Pour in the sauce and let the sauce simmer for about 2 minutes, can mash the tomatoes a bit. Season with salt if necessary. Remove from heat.

Pour the sauce over the spaghetti and scatter the cheese all over. Grill on a preheated oven at 210C for about 10 minutes or till the cheese is brown.

All are welcomed to join me, Joyce and Zoe for our baked pasta theme. The linky will be opened for 10 days starting today up till aug16, 2014. Thank you!

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  1. This baked spaghetti looks delicious, I love the melting cheese on top...great meal Lena!
    Hope you are enjoying your week :D

  2. Hi Lena,

    I have to thank you for choosing this theme because we love eating baked pasta in regardless and this is a super easy and delicious theme for me to bake :D

    Your baked spaghetti looks extra yummy with cheesy crust.

    Missing your pork chop with rice??? We can do baked rice for the next theme if you wish :p


  3. my worth! all these pasta going around is making me crave pasta! your picture just capture the dish so well... it looks like one of the pix off the restaurant menu

  4. Lena, your baked spaghetti is really making me hungry! It looks really good and I must KIV this recipe. Can only eat this after I achieve my target weight hee..hee...

  5. I know baked pasta usually sounds simple and easy meal .... just do not know why I hardly make this for my meal. I know this meal sounds really delicious.

  6. I like baked pasta, but like you, seldom make them. Might just whip up some this weekend. Thanks for sharing, Lena.

  7. My family loves baked pasta and the only pasta I used for baking is macaroni or the spirals, but never spaghetti. I shall try spaghetti next time. Thanks for sharing Lena.

  8. Hi Lena, your baked spaghetti with ground meat really yummy and you made your pasta sauce! I always buy Prego pasta sauce ...

  9. Hi Lena,
    Delicious pasta dish! My kids love eating baked pasta, and I make it sometimes. I have another favourite recipe that I wanted to make again, and hopefully I'll be able to do it on time!
    Thanks for a delicious theme, makes my kids smile! :)

  10. I SO want this for breakfast.... A big bowl of it!


  11. Baked pasta is my all time favourite food! Hope to find time to join you for this bake-along event.

  12. Exactly like Victoria said, your spaghetti is really making me drooling!

  13. Drooling... very delicious pasta, Lena.

  14. Wow!! Great theme "baked pasta"for this month. I enjoy all the dishes over there...yum yum!

  15. Hi Lena, your bake pasta really make me drool. This is going to be my Saturday lunch for my family.

  16. I am so hungry now looking at your meat sauce spaghetti :O

  17. Howdy Lena ! This looks great for the weekend brunch. Should be my kids favourite. Yummm.... Hope you're going to have a lovely day.
    Blessings, kristy

  18. I love pasta but seldom baked it . Of course , meaty spaghetti is always a fave and yours look really good ! I'm looking for some easy recipe or no recipe right now :D

  19. This baked pasta is my kid's most favourite pasta !

  20. Simple baked pasta is great for kids and fuss free meal.

  21. That's a beautiful looking dish, simple, hearty and delicious.

  22. I'm sure this dish brings comfort and warmth! Especially with the cheese on top grilling!

  23. to me the only way to have spaghetti is to bake it. I love the texture it brings to the top layer of the noodles and how crispy and gooey the cheese gets. WONDERFUL!

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    Sidney Kan

  25. Another awesome, love your sauce! Very similar to the sauce that Phong Hong made, except she used ketchup (which is a bit too sweet, for me) Hunt's tomato sauce is perfect, and 'fool proof' every time. So comforting with the baked version of it!