Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Korean Egg Bread ( Gaeran Bbang )

Gaeran Bbang is a type of street food in Korea. Gaeran means egg and Bbang is bread, so this is egg bread korean style. I found some photos from the internet to show you how the real gaeran bbang looks like.

both pics sourced from

As you can see, they have a special kind of equipment to make this with oval shape moulds and looks like the bread gets cooked from some heatsource at the bottom of the pan. I remember seeing something like this in Jeannie's blog, so i went to check again. Yes, it is the same thing and Jeannie uses a muffin pan and oven to make these..i followed.

These egg breads are like little cakes or muffins with a boiled egg at the top..Have anyone of you eaten the real gaeran bbang ? I do find it quite interesting, remember to eat it while it's still hot, sprinkle more salt and pepper onto the egg to make it more tasty. You can also put in ham or salami like Jeannie did.

Here i am submitting this post to Aspiring Baker's #37 : Korean - Feast of Hansik ( November 2013 ) hosted by Grace of Life Can Be Simple

RecipeBaking Diary, adapted from ) with some changes
50gm self raising flour
1 small egg , about 45gm
1/4 cup milk
2 tbsp sugar
1/8 tsp salt
some melted butter, for greasing the muffin pan

3 eggs
some chopped spring onion
salt and black pepper

1. Mix the flour with sugar and salt and then add in the egg. Slowly add the milk in and stir with a fork till it becomes a batter ( like a pancake batter )
2. Pour the batter to fill 1/3 of each of the muffin hole
3.Crack an egg into each hole, sprinkle some chopped spring onions, salt and pepper and bake in a preheated oven at 180C-200C for 10-15 mins ( i baked mine at 195C for 13 mins )


  1. 看了都想吃的面包。很棒的作品。

  2. Looks good...I must try making this too. Thanks for sharing this ;)

  3. This is something interesting and special. Good for you to use the muffin pan instead.

  4. Hi Lena , yummy good , I will try these after Thanksgiving , thanks for sharing :)

  5. Hi lena, great looking cakes! It is very simple too huh! Thanks for the mention:)

  6. Looks tasty. Feeling hungry looking at your Gaeran Bang!

  7. Lena, the pictures of this korean egg bread were beautifully taken. This dish reminds me of the egg in the basket that I made earlier which I baked them in muffin pan. May be can also call this as Korean version of egg in the basket, hehe?

  8. Looks cutie! Now I know, Gaeran Bang in its open style can look so adorable.

  9. Lena, they look so cute! I know I will like because got egg :)

  10. omg.... i'm "submitting" my little thumbs up for you here! WOW!

  11. Your Korean egg bread looks simply delicious and very easy to do. Am sure my kids would love it!

  12. Aww....I've been wanting to make this as well but no time. Yours look so tempting& delicious. Can't wait to make them soon. Enjoy your evening dear.

  13. Lena , those gaeran bbang look very appetizing and so adorable :D Moreish and so flavorful - way better than those savory muffins I've seen around .

  14. What an intriguing way to show off such simple ingredients, Lena. I can definitely see me making this for breakfast!

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  15. Lena, your Gaeran Bang looks so yummy!!! I bet I can have at least 2 for breakfast!! It looks so delicious! I'm bookmarking this to try soon. Thanks for linking up with Aspiring Bakers!

  16. Hi Lena,
    This is a lovely snack to have anytime of the day! I have seen this at the morning market, but unsure whether it is a Korean egg bread, looks similar.

  17. Hi clever Lena,

    I remember eating these when I visited Korea. The seller can tell that we were desperate and hungry at that time and charged us the "tourist" prices for our egg breads. pfff!

    Knowing now that we can baked these at home... I realized that we have been double-fleeced! :p