Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Brown Sugar Raisin Bread

It is our bake along #53 and we are making bread again.  The recipe comes from Williams Sonoma and i actually find it strange that the weight volume of the bread flour from the book always different from the usual standard metric that we use..it's is about 156gm per cup of bread flour, not just this recipe alone..i wonder what metric version it is using.i just stick to the usual 125gm per cup. I didnt soak the yeast first as usual as all along i am using instant yeast which i think doesnt require it to be hydrated first unless the yeast has been kept for a long time then i might just test the yeast with water.

The dough was easy to handle, not really sticky and within minutes after mixing the ingredients, it formed a dough. I did not bake it in a loaf pan , instead i just shaped them into sort of logs and free form out of tin.
This is quite a delicious raisin bread with brown sugar and cinnamon filling,  i think it pairs quite well , bread is soft but i find it turned a little dry the next day..best to be consumed on the same day..ok, who doesnt know that?  ...so perhaps can make smaller loaves and keep them in the freezer.

big, black raisins within the filling....

Recipe ( from Williams Sonoma Baking Book  or here ) , slightly changed
1/2 tbsp instant yeast
1.5 tbsp sugar
150ml warm water *
1/2 cup warm milk
21gm melted butter
1tsp salt
1 small egg
375gm bread flour, or more if needed
3/4 cup dark raisins

78gm light brown sugar mixed with 2 tsp ground cinnamon

1. In the mixer bowl, put in the flour, add instant yeast, sugar and salt and stir to combine with a hook. Attach dough hook at slow speed and slowly pour in the milk, warm water, melted butter and egg and beat for about 2 mins. Add  in the raisins and increase speed and let it beat till dough is smooth and pulls away from the sides of the bowl. I let it beat for about 10-15 mins. If dough is sticky, add flour little at a time.

2. Transfer dough to a greased deep bowl and turn to coat it with oil. Cover loosely with plastic wrap or towel and let it rise until doubled in bulk.

3. Turn the dough onto a lightly floured surface, divide the dough into 2 and let it rest for 10 minutes. Roll each dough into rectangle shape , put in half of the fillings, leaving about an inch border on all sides. Roll the dough from the longer edge and shape into a log. Pinch the ends and long seam to seal in the filling. Place the dough onto prepared pan and let it rise for about 1 hour.

4. Preheat oven to 180C and bake till loaves are golden brown about 30 minutes. Turn onto racks and let cool completely.

 * i did not use all the water , left about 15ml.

do you notice that the crust of this loaf is a little different from the top shorter loaf? i put them both loaves a
little close to each other during the 2nd proofing, hence i had to pull the shorter loaf away and the dough deflated a little. 

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  1. There might not be anything on Earth better than raisin bread. This looks so perfect!


  2. Looks good, yours have so much raisins, I forgot the dark raisins!

  3. Oh my yum! I LOVE raisin bread, but have never made it at home. I have GOT to make some!

  4. Hi Lena,
    My second and youngest loves raisin bread but my eldest would pick all te raisin out and just eat the bread 'sigh'

    Your raisin bread looks soft and yummy!

  5. Hi Lena
    Your raisins bread look so great. I bet the smell and taste must be real yummy as I love cinnamon in bread.

  6. This loaf looks good, they are packed with raisins!

  7. i kinda like the deflated loaf... it looks more condensed and gives a denser texture which is nice in itself

  8. Lena, this bread looks good!I like it .....

  9. Hello Lena, Bake along has come a long way to this! Love this bread! I like the idea of using brown sugar instead of white sugar!

  10. Nice touch of the bread. Love the size.

  11. Hi Lena!
    I do believe I can smell that gorgeous looking bread from here. Is that possible, lol...if it were, I'd be in heaven. It looks delicious!

    Thank you so much for sharing...

    P.S. Are you joining us for the Pasta Party?

  12. Hi! Lena, I just went to Zoe there and seen the same recipe. Your bread looks good too!

  13. A wonderful raisin loaf, Lena. You did an excellent job.

  14. Hi Lena,
    Yes, the WS flour measurement is a bit different, I always base on my own measurement, like yours, 125gm or by using the cup measurement, sometimes I prefer using the cup
    Your bread looks mini and cute! With nice crust!

  15. Delicious way to start your day!Love it!
    Cheers,dear Lena!

  16. You have rolled it so beautifully and I can see the lovely swirls.

  17. Hi, Lena, the bread looks so nice with the brown sugar and cinnamon!

  18. Hi Lena, This flavourful bread looks great & I love the nice swirl with raisins ! I hope I can try this recipe during the weekend . My only baking day! LOL

  19. This bread looks awesome Lena, somehow brown sugar and cinnamon is a great combination, especially with raisins...yum!
    Hope you are enjoying your week :D

  20. Hi Lena,

    Sorry for my late visit. Ryan is sick with high temperature now... *sign*

    Yeah... you are right that the bread can be a little dry on the next day and I reckon it needs the raisin and brown sugar for the extra moisture :) Good that I made mine in small rolls and store the leftover in freezer.


  21. Lena , it is the same with their Cookies book , the measurement's a little bit off :P Anyway , lovely bread ! I'm not in a mood to bake bread lately thought I've copied the pinwheel recipe from Joyce and Zoe's last time :D

  22. Hi Lena , your bread looks so yummy and raisin bread is so delicious . thanks for sharing :)

  23. Yummy, yummy bread. Haven't baked bread for a long,long time. Looking at yours is a reminder!

  24. I've only done a bread like this once and I didn't think my cinnamon swirl lines showed up well enough. Yours is lovely!

  25. Looks good, Lena! I am now only loving raisins in bread :)

  26. such a beautiful loaf u baked, Lena
    I love this bread, too
    I wish it could stay soft longer, though :)