Friday, August 30, 2013

Ipoh Mushroom Sauce Chee Cheong Fun

Is this kind of mushroom sauce chee cheong fun available at your place? I am a little embarrased to tell that although growing up here in this little city, little do i know that this mushroom sauce chee cheong fun is one of Ipoh food specialty. I only knew it very recently and was told that most of the chee cheong fun in other states do not have these kind of mushroom sauce, most common type is the curry pig skin and some with sweet sauce and soy sauce. I googled a bit and did read that some people indeed having their first mushroom sauce chee cheong fun in ipoh.

Here in Ipoh, the mushroom sauce doesnt only consists of mushroom, it also has pork. Some use lean pork and some use minced pork. There are also some who use chicken meat instead of pork...and what goes into a plate of chee cheong fun doesnt really have fixed can also ask for some sweet sauce on top of the mushroom sauce, or some chilli sauce too , pickled green chillis and of course not missing out on the sesame seeds and the fried shallots which for me is a must when eating chee cheong fun.  But here today, i just want to post only with mushroom sauce , ipoh chee cheong fun, Ipoh-Style :D

550gm plain/dried shrimps chee cheong fun ( rice noodle sheets ) - which i got from the market
2tbsp toasted sesame seeds
fried shallots

Mushroom Sauce
7 small chinese mushrooms, about 100gm, sliced
70gms lean pork, sliced
1 shallot, minced
2 tbsps oyster sauce
11/4 tsp salt
1tsp sugar
1/2 tsp chicken seasoning powder
3 cups water
a little thick soy sauce for darkening the sauce

Thickening solution
( the first time i added the solution, the gravy was not thick enough so i added a little bit more )
1/2tbsp tapioca/cornflour plus 2 tbsp water
1tbsp tapioca/cornflour plus 2 tbsp water

1. Start by cooking the mushroom sauce first. Pour about 1 tbsp oil into the wok and saute minced shallots. Add in the lean pork and stir fry till they are almost done and add in the sliced mushrooms.
2. Stir fry them for about 1-2 mins, add in the oyster sauce, give them a stir and add in the water. Bring it to boil and add in the salt, sugar and chicken seasoning powder. Reduce the fire to low and let it simmer for about 10 mins, can stir them once in a while. Taste and see if more salt or sugar is needed.
3. Add the thickening solution to the sauce and stir . Switch off fire. Transfer the sauce to a metal container or a large bowl.

Assembly :
1. Cut the chee cheong fun into strips and onto a serving plate. Pour in the sauce , sprinkle the toasted sesame seeds and followed by the fried shallots. Do the same for the balance of chee cheong fun. Serve immediately.

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  1. Lena, this is so yummy. My friend used to tapao for me whenever she goes back to Ipoh. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekened :)

  2. What a great mushroom sauce! It would make a great pasta sauce too.

  3. Lena, Like you, I didn't know this is from Ipoh. My son loves this type of chee cheong fun with mushroom sauce. Now I know what to do! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Hi Lena
    I have never heard of mushroom sauce for chee cheong fun. Oh, let me ask my girlfriend in Ipoh whether she have heard of mushroom sauce. Love to give this a try one day.

  5. I can't tell you how much I enjoy seeing and reading about these recipes, Lena. I think I may have to come to Malaysia one day, the food sounds like it just may be my style, lol...I agree with whomever said it would make a good pasta sauce. I do believe it would too!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing...

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  7. I don't think mushroom sauce is easily found in KL, I have only tasted it in Ipoh. How nice to enjoy it this in the comfort of home :)

  8. Hi Lena , never had Ipoh , it looks yummy and sound good thanks for sharing :).

  9. Hi Lena,
    I have heard of mushroom sauce, cannot remember if I have eaten it or not! My kids love chee cheong fun. This looks delicious! A must try when I go to Ipoh next!

  10. I love CCF with mushroom sauce, and I think they only have it in Ipoh? Can't find it elsewhere. So yummy!

  11. Wow! Looks & sounds sedaplicious. I've never had CCF with mushroom sauce ! Awesome! Now I've got to look out for this sauce liao! ;)

  12. Really wonderful flavors - love the pork and the mushrooms - yum!
    Mary x

  13. Heehee, i never eat chee cheong fun with mushroom sauce before, must try it when I go to Ipoh next time.

  14. Lena,i really don know chee cheong fun also can cook in mushroom sauce, this is my first time seeing this. must try this when i go to ipoh.

  15. Lena, so far I have only eaten CCF with sweet sauce. This mushroom sauce one must be really good. Very different from the usual.

  16. I can tell you I have never even seen CCF in Sarawak... Seems to be a West Malaysian dish. I have never develop any liking for it and probably don't know what I'm missing out! Lol. I do like cheong fun at Dim Sum tho...

  17. I love this way of eating chee cheong fun! So much more delicious than the normal black sauce,

  18. Yum! Sigh, homesick for this ! Cant find this in KL , so sad.

  19. What? You didn't know? tsk tsk tsk. I ate this a lot when I was growing up. A man used to cycle around my neighbourhood at the backlane selling this. We would buy from him for breakfast. Yummy! Sadly can't find any in KL though some say there is one in PJ. I bet it is different from Ipoh :D

  20. Lena , mushroom soup , yes , mushroom sauce , sadly no :P It looks easy to make though :D I bet it taste delicious !

  21. First time seeing chee cheong fun served with mushroom and meat, a bit unusual for me lol!But I guess it can be one fulfilling meal on its own in this way.

  22. Next time I come Ipoh, you make this for me okay? No need to take me go to the Cheong Cheong Fan place already:)

  23. Makes me miss schooling in Ipoh.
    Ate this very often at the canteen

  24. you had me at mushroom sauce! wow it looks amazing and so rich

  25. Hi Lena,

    Please pardon me for being mountain-tortoise but the usual chee cheong fun that I eat in Singapore and HK style yum cha places don't come with mushroom sauce. I reckon this must be the special Ipoh style!


  26. Lena, seriously I'm pretty amazed by the different sauces I see for chee cheong fun in Malaysia. Those we have in Singapore is either plain without any sauce but some oil or sweet black sauce. Honestly, the last time I've been to Ipoh I haven't tried or seen any chee cheong fun at all. It was just too rushed a trip to eat anything much. As an avid fan of mushrooms, I must say that this mushroom sauce is definitely what I would have with my chee cheong fun. Yours looks so inviting :)

  27. Looks delicious! In a way, it actually looks like Ipoh Hor Fun. :p