Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Classic Cinnamon Rolls

Most of us love the smell of breads baking in the oven, i believe but there's is just something about baking cinnamon rolls in the house..the smell is just so is like a hunger inducing smell. I just cant probably wait for the buns to finish baking and grab it out from the oven to eat. These buns are really delicious especially with the sugar glaze, not just that, they are also soft and fluffy too, quite like our 'gelatinized' buns and direct method. I made another batch a couple of days later and leave the dough overnight in the fridge to rise slowly, it works just as well. After taking it out from the fridge, i let it sit on the counter for an hour and it rises further.

The recipe has called for the syrup paste to be spread onto the bottom of the pan, i find that my amount of paste turns out to be quite a lot, i therefore put some on top of the buns too..they turned out to be stickier but still very tasty.  This is our bake along # 49 and together with Joyce and Zoe, we are baking cinnamon rolls from the same recipe from here. The linky will be opened today up till august 16, 2013.

Here i would also like to wish my Muslim friends and readers, " Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri"  have a joyous occasion and happy holidays!

Recipe ( from Williams Sonoma Baking Book ), modified
A) For the dough
220gm hi protein flour ( you may need to add more to form a dough..i added about 40gm more )
5gm instant yeast
50gm sugar
1 large eggs, lightly beaten ** edited **
155ml milk

B) Syrup paste
80gm white sugar/brown sugar
40gm melted butter
1/4 cup golden syrup/ light corn syrup

* method for cinnamon paste: Mix the sugar, melted butter and the syrup together to a smooth paste. Scoop or pour into the base of the baking tin, spread over. Set aside.

C) Cinnamon sugar
1/2 cup of sugar mix with 1tsp ground cinnamon.

D) some melted butter for brushing the dough, over and top.

1. In a large mixing bowl, use a whisk or fork to combine the flour, instant yeast and sugar. Using low speed of your mixer and with a dough hook, pour in the milk and eggs slowly. Mix them slowly and together until the the dough can be formed into a large ball. You may need to add in additional flour. Using KA speed 4, i knead about 15 mins until dough is smooth but still sticky.

2. Gather the dough into a ball and place the dough in a buttered bowl, turn to coat all sides with butter, cover with kitchen towel and let it rise until double its size. ( the 2nd batch i did , i let it slowy rise overnight in the refrigerator and next day bring it out an hour earlier before proceeding, it will rise further)

3.Punch down the dough, turn the dough out into a floured surface and roll into a rectangle, about 6" X 9", brush with some melted butter and sprinkle the dough with the cinnamon sugar mixture. Starting at one long edge, roll the dough tightly into a cyclinder, cut off the rough ends. Cut the cyclinder into 7 rounds and place them into the prepared baking tin. Cover and let the dough rise until double, about 45 mins.

4. Preheat the oven  to 180C, brush the rolls with some melted butter, bake for about 15 mins, place a wire rack over each pan and invert the rolls. Let cool.

* notes *
1) i have used white sugar instead of brown sugar as per original recipe.
2) I used whole eggs instead of egg yolks.
3) The cinnamon paste turns out to be quite a large amount for me. I did not use all. I used about 1/2 for the bottom of the pan and some on top of the rolls, hence i did not brush the top of the rolls with melted butter. The original recipe is to spread out all at the bottom of the pan.
4) i omitted the raisins and baked for 15mins instead of 30 mins.
5) if leave the dough overnight in the fridge, you can prepare the cinnamon paste on the baking day itself.


  1. Hi Lena!

    Oh how I adore Cinnamon Rolls! I'm actually looking forward to the cooler weather that is expected, my oven hasn't been on since...

    You know me and yeast so, would you mind "tossing" me some of that deliciousness???

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  2. Hi Lena
    Me too, I just loves the smell of bread while its in baking and much more when it is ready to eat....because it is all homemade. Looking at your cinnamon rolls, I can imagine the smell of the aroma cinnamon. Just love it

  3. Lena ... toss me one , another couple of pounds won't hurt thanks for sharing :)

  4. Lena, I love these cinnamon rolls! love the smell of the bread and yours roll look yummy with the syrup on top!

  5. these looks so soft and squishy.... \^__^/

  6. Ooooo ... I can smell the cinnamon. They look so soft.

  7. Hi Lena,

    I like your idea of leaving the bread to rise overnight... so that you can have these rolls for breakfast. - Clever Lena! We had ours for tea and it was beautiful when they were freshly baked.


  8. Hi Lena! Couldn't agree with you more on the aroma in the air! Simply amazing... I love waking up on a Sunday morning to such smell filling the whole house when wife bakes this for breakfast! :D

  9. Hi Lena,
    These rolls are very delicious! Especially good when eaten minutes after baking! Smells wonderful! A great idea to bake these for breakfast! Yums!

  10. Lena, this is a full recipe? The flour amt seems to differ from Joyce.

    1. edith, this is half the original recipe. Makes around 7-8 rolls

  11. These sticky gruey cinnamon rolls look so delicious! Reminds me of those they sell at the cinnamon bakery shops.

  12. When you bake cinnamon rolls, you wake the wholle neighbourhood with the aroma and sometimes I feel a bit awkward because the aroma is for all but you can't share because there is always not enough:D

  13. The rolls look soft and fluffy! I love the smell of cinnamon bakes too, sometimes more the smell than eating them :)

  14. Yours look just as good as Zoe's...I love bread and hope I could bake along with you gals too! Been too busy lately!

  15. Looks so yummy! Hope manage to bake some when back from holidays.

  16. These cinnamon buns look divine, Lena. Love the aroma of cinnamon.

  17. who can resist a good cinnamon rolls? look super good! Happy Holidays my friend..

  18. Hi Lena! Same as you, I found that there's too much syrup but I just heck care.. haha! I love smelling freshly baked bread, lots of satisfaction! :D

  19. Hi Lena, is this your 1st post after your break? This will certainly win our hearts, my hubby's favourite

  20. Oh that looks good. I love the shine on it, I'd love to get my teeth round that!

  21. Wow your cinnamon rolls are soaking in the syrup. I can imagine the wonderful aroma wafting through your house.

  22. ivy sew http://simplybeautifulhealthyliving.blogspot.comAugust 7, 2013 at 11:27 PM

    Hi Lena, another cinnamon rolls! Just hopped over from Joyce's blog and drooling over her cinnamon rolls, and now over here, aiyoh, beh tahan..

  23. oh i love love love your cinnamon rolls. they look buttery and flakey and perfect. i also have never done the paste on the bottom and what a great idea it is. I am always looking for that perfect roll recipes so I will have to try this- i have never heard of protein flour though- what is it and what can i sub for it?

  24. This looks like another wonderful recipe. I was thinking I have no time to try this now, but perhaps I can sneak it in...

  25. Oh my Lena, your making me wipe away the drool! These look amazing and honestly, I can ALMOST smell the amazing aroma as they bake, WOW!

  26. Hi Lena,
    Sticky and gluey, they look so delicious!

  27. Lena, I love cinnamon rolls! The smell is really intoxicating :)

  28. Your cinnamon buns look so soft and delicious. I'm sure I'll eat 2 the moment they come out from the oven :D You know, yesterday I went to a cafe. I ordered a cup of latte and a danish cinnamon roll. The latte was nice but the cinnamon roll was just SO bad. So disappointed! I better make myself. Thanks very much for sharing the recipe.

  29. Lena, I just came from Zoe's blog...and now you are also enticing me with the super yummy and amazing classic cinnamon rolls. I can smell the aroma of the cinnamon goodness right through the screen!

  30. A high rating to any opinion poll
    Of your well made cinnamon roll
    Love the smell of freshly baked bread
    To all, a happy Hari Raya holiday
    Hope everything with you is okay
    All the best in the weeks ahead

  31. I love the smell of cinnamon. Any more left?? They look so light n fluffy. I can easily finish a couple in one seating.. :) so tham ciak

  32. Lena , I just can't help but sigh :D Your cinnamon rolls look fantastic - ooey gooey and fluffy , really really good !