Monday, June 24, 2013

Light and Soft Japanese Cheesecake and the Picnic Game

I must admit that i do have fears baking a cheesecake. So far i have only made one cheesecake ever since i started blogging. I have seen various versions of these type of soft light cheesecake, by various names..cottony soft, featherlight, japanese cheesecake, light cheesecake, souffle cheesecake..Though i have yet to try most of them, i believe ( obviously ) that all those cheesecakes above are of soft and lighter version. Since i do not have good confidence in baking a cheesecake, i have referred to a video in youtube here for guidance and instructions.

I am quite impressed with the results of it . First of all, it did not create any major cracks...pheew...but the surface should have been nicer..i guess it's becos i didnt level the batter surface. Secondly, the texture of the cheesecake is just what the name suggests..soft and light. If you like those creamy and rich type of cheesecakes, then this is just the opposite. For myself, i still much prefer the very rich type of cheesecake to  eat but on the other hand, i  have been wanting to bake these kind of soft cheesecakes for a very long time, so here it is...and baking along with Joyce and Zoe. Go over and check out their light version of cheesecakes too and also those who will be joining us. The linky will be opened today up till July 03, 2013.

At the same time, i would like to bring this dish over to a Picnic Game hosted by Louise of Month of Edible Celebrations. Louise has been hosting this picnic game for years, this is my second year going to the 'picnic' and each of us will pick an alphabet and make something with the dish name starting with that alphabet and my chosen alphabet is " L" ..Light and Soft Japanese Cheesecake. For those of you who are keen to join The Picnic Game, do hop over to Louise's blog here quickly for contact as those alphabets will be gone fast! Let's fill up the picnic basket! The roundup of the picnic game will be 01July 2013 over at Louise's blog.

Okay, i have to put this down as the rule of the game. I'm going on a picnic and i'm bringing...
A-Aloo Gobi by Mae's Food Blog
B-Blueberry Cucumber Salsa by Chan Knits
C-Crispy Curry Fried Chicken by Kitchen Flavours
D-Dying for Chocolate Chocolate Cake by Dying for Chocolate
E-Eton Mess by Squirrel Head Manor
F-Fish in a Jar by girlichef
G-Golden Pillow Hee Ban by My Little Space
H-Hummingbird Cake by Savannah Granny
I-Ice Cream Sandwiches by Art of Natural Living
J-Jersey Style Hot Dogs by Nee's Place
K-Kahlua Mocha Ice Cream by Kitchen Flavours
L-Light and Soft Japanese Cheesecake

And here's the recipe for the cheesecake:

Recipe ( from video here )
in a 9 inch springform pan
Ingredients A
160gm cream cheese, room temperature
25gm butter
120ml milk

Ingredients B
40gm flour
30gm cornflour

Ingredients C
4 egg yolks

Ingredients D
4 egg whites
80gm sugar
pinch of salt ( replaced with 1/8tsp of cream of tartar )

1.Line the springform pan with 2-3 layers of aluminium foil .
2.Sift Ingredients B and leave aside. Place ingredients A over double boiler and stir till butter is melted and mixture is smooth. Remove from heat and let mixture cool before proceeding the next step.
3. After the cream mixture has cooled down, add the egg yolks, stir in to combine followed by ingredients B.Mix with a spatula to combine evenly.
4. Whisk egg whites and cream of tartar and add in sugar gradually and whisk till medium stiff peaks form. Pour the cream cheese mixture into the egg whites mixture and fold till evenly combined.
5.Pour the mixture into the prepared pan and bang the pan onto the kitchen top a few times to get rid of air bubbles. Put spring form pan in waterbath ( another large tray filled with boiling water ) halfway and place it in a preheated oven at 160C for 45-50mins. Test with skewer to check if cake is cooked. Remove from oven. ( i let it sit in the oven for 15minutes after completed baking time with oven door slightly ajar )
6. Remove from pan and transfer to a plate.( i only removed it from pan after the cake has cooled down completely )

* i baked this using a 8 inch springform pan and only filled the batter about 3/4 of the height of the pan. The rest of the batter i poured them into cupcake liners and bake in another smaller oven. Original recipe uses 9 inch springform pan. I have covered the top of the cake with foil after 25mins of baking as there is a tiny crack on the surface.


  1. I don't have quite the same kind of phobia to cheesecake as I to do with yeast but, I have never attempted this heavenly cheesecake, although I have wanted to very much:)

    So, how cool is going to be that I will be able to have a sample at the Picnic Game??? So very cool Lena. Light and Soft is just perfect for the picnic because we are going to have baskets filled to the tippity top!

    Thank you so much for joining the Picnic Game again, Lena. We always have such fun and this year I'm sure will be just as fun or FUNER, lol...

  2. Hi Lena,

    Eureka! I shall name my cheesecake the "Never-give-up cheesecake"! Hope that Louise will accept my picnic contribution :p


  3. Your cake looks so soft and fluffy, just like sponge cake!

  4. Good morning Lena,
    Your cheesecake looks great, so fluffy and cottony soft! Baking cottony soft cheesecake is a bit tricky! I was hoping that it turns out fine when mine was in the oven, and when I can see that it has risen and looks nice, I was hoping then that it would not collapse upon removing it! When it finally is a success, phew! Hahaha! So kanchiong!

  5. I love light cheesecake. Hope I can join this month's bake along. I just made one recently in fact but too bad I didn' take a proper photo.

  6. I love your cheesecake... so soft...

  7. Hai, morning, yesterday also i'm bake this cake.. but on top of cake a bit burning.. forgot to see my temperature.. uwaaaa.. and the end i have to cut the burning, taste still delicious..

  8. Thumbs up, Lena. Nicely baked and fine texture.

  9. Hi Lena, I also baked a cheesecake from Youtube:D

  10. Hi Lena, this is a lovely cheesecake, well done!!!! :)

  11. Your cheesecake has that cotton soft fluffy texture!

  12. ivy sew http://simplybeautifulhealthyliving.blogspot.comJune 24, 2013 at 10:10 PM

    Yummy and drooling....

  13. Love your feather light cheesecake! So yummy!

  14. I never try to bake a cheesecake yet, your cheesecake looks so soft and yummy.

  15. Thanks for selecting this soft cheesecake for this month's Bake Along! Yours looks lovely with soft n fluffy texture . Well done! I've baked my very 1st Japanese cheesecake too & thanks to you dear that I've finally dare to attempt this tricky cake! LOL

  16. Hey at least you tried and it turned out well. Well done - give yourself a pat. I have book marked some of these light Japanese cheesecakes/
    souffle cheesecake but havent got the guts to do it yet. I must first improve my chiffon cakes. :)

  17. I think you nailed it if not very close because it looks light and fluffy!! I just have a fear of making cheesecake totally but going to attempt it more..

  18. Lena, this is one of my favourite cheesecake! love the feather light of it, yum!

  19. Time flies and it is Picnic Online event again! This year, I guess I will not be going to the Picnic but I sure will enjoy looking at the photos of all the wonderful dishes and bakes. Your cake sure looks impressive and I see your photos have improve by leap and bound my dear! Good job on both the baking and photography!

  20. Light and soft! This is a guilt-free tea accompaniment!

  21. I love this cheesecake, as in the title, light and soft...yum!
    Have a lovely week Lena :D

  22. Looks soft,yummy and inviting!

  23. This looks like a very delicious cheesecake! Mine didn't turn out very well so I'm not going to blog about it this time :( Hope to join you all in the next bake!

  24. Lena , I love both light and the calorific version of cheesecake lol I still have enough time to bake this , crosses fingers tsk ! Love how your cheesecake turns out - light , soft and just delicious !

  25. Oh your Japanese Cheesecake is lovely. This is my family's favorite so I make it quite often at home. I really love the light and fluffy texture way better than the dense NY cheesecakes. :) Thanks for sharing yours.

  26. Oh my are making cheesecake? I have been thinking of cheesecake today! You seem to be reading my mind....haha. While tidying up my pantry I saw 2 packets of oreo biscuits and thought about oreo cheesecakes :D I would love to make but no one in my family likes cheesecake. I should just invite myself to your place and enjoy your cheesecake which looks so soft and delicious....mmmm :D When I went back recently, I noticed that cheese there was SO expensive. But it's cheap here. If you like cheesecake, move here. You will make my day :D

  27. I don't think, I have ever seen a cheesecake look so light and airy. It is a beauty.

  28. this is such a light and fluffy alternative to the traditional cheesecake! - almost looks like angel cake <3

  29. Very nice, Lena. This is similar to Isetan bakery. I like this cheesecake very much and it's not too sweet. So light that I can eat half at one go! Especially with black kopi-o.

  30. Can't wwait to try this cake looks so light and delicious , that's my blanket next to you .

  31. Lena,
    Your light cheesecake turn out so soft and nice!
    This would be a lovely cake to bring to a picnic:)

  32. I have never heard of this type of cheesecake and usually find the regular cheesecakes too heavy. So I think it's a great idea. Thanks for bringing it to the picnic!

  33. So nice to meet you at Louise’s picnic! Your cake looks fabulous…I have never seen anything like this before…it looks wonderful!

  34. I've made many varieties of cheesecake, but not this light and fluffy kind. I wonder what my husband would think?? I might have to give it a try.