Monday, June 17, 2013

Jiu Hu Char ( Stir Fry Jicama with Dried Cuttlefish )

Jiu Hu Char is a one popular nyonya stir fry dish. I have been cooking this dish for years but not aware that this is a nyonya dish. Perhaps mine isnt really a genuine jiu hu char because all along i added dried shrimps to it and no cabbage leaves, something like a typical jicama dish that we find at the rice stalls. After deciding to make jiu hu char for the Penang Food Fest this month, i referred to the internet to check the ingredients again and decided not to put in the dried shrimps and added some cabbage leaves this time. Usually when i cook this jicama dish, i will add in more water for more gravy to go with the rice   A popular way of eating this is also to wrap it with cabbage leaves and if so, you do not need to cook more gravy and this time i go for the drier version. So adjust the amount of water here to your liking but most importantly, cook till the vegetables are soft while still maintaining its crunchiness. Oh yes, do not miss out the dried cuttlefish as this is the star ingredient to make this dish more tasty and flavourful.

this is normally how i cut the jicama into shreds, you can use a shredder if you like..but cutting it manually
will give a better mouthfeel

1 medium jicama ( sengkuang) 450gm, shredded
1 piece carrot, shredded
2-3 pieces cabbage leaves, shredded
60gm shredded dried cuttlefish
4 pieces dried mushroom, soaked
100gm pork meat, sliced
3 cloves garlic, chopped
2 shallots, chopped
1.5tsp salt or to taste
1/2tsp sugar, or to taste
dash of pepper
a little dark soya sauce for colouring
1-1.5 small chinese bowl of water

1. Heat up some oil in the wok and saute garlic till fragrant. Add in the dried cuttlefish and fry till aromatic,  followed by the pork slices and mushroom and stir fry them till the meat is cooked. Add in the shredded jicama, carrot and cabbage and stir fry them for a couple of minutes till they turn soft. Add in the water bit by bit to cook and soften the vegetables and keep stir frying .
2. Season with salt, sugar and pepper and pour in more water to further cook the vegetables. Cover the wok for about 5 minutes , taste to check the crunchiness of the vegetables or add more water if you need more gravy.

I am submitting this dish to Malaysian Food Fest ( Penang Month ) hosted by Alan of Travelling Foodies


  1. My mum used to prepare this to go with lettuce leaves. But is meatless version. Might give this a try.

  2. YUMMY! Best eaten with some lettuce huh?

  3. Looks good, Lena! Yup, very delicious eaten wrapped with lettuce!

  4. Lena,This fry Jicama looks so delicious, i love it!

  5. Remember eating this during festive seasons when I was young. Yes, wrap with lettuce ... sedap!

  6. Lena, I would say that this is good diet food!

  7. This sounds great. The preparation is definitely worth it!

  8. Lena, I use to cook this too but with the dried shrimps and without cabbage.
    Hahaha ...macam sikit sama hor!
    I am going to cook this jiu hu char too!
    Thanks for sharing : )

  9. Lena , looks very appetizing ! I could eat jicama on its own . You could even wrap this in spring roll wrapper and deep-fry it :D

  10. I miss jicama! The stir-fry looks so good, Lena.

    1. I agree to you Angie. Actually I cook this last week for my kids and they really liked this. I wish I could always see lots of great recipes like this one.

      Easy Stir Fry

  11. Oh this is very timely we just harvested some Mexican Turnip ;). Gave me some idea how I can prepare them.

  12. ivy sew http://simplybeautifulhealthyliving.blogspot.comJune 18, 2013 at 11:37 PM

    This is so yummy esp with jicama - its sweetness :)

  13. The prep. of cutting, slicing, chopping takes a lot of time! BUt the result is worth it :)

  14. I like this very much! But been a very long time since I had it.

  15. I like eating this with sambal belacan.

  16. Such an interesting recipe Lena...I never stir fried jicama...looks so tasty all together...
    Thanks for the recipe and hope you are having a great week :D

  17. I love this dish. It is tasty and colorful :)

  18. I have still yet to find good sengkuang here! So I really do miss this! How nutritious it is as well.

  19. I remembered few years back I prepared this Ju Hu Car for a potluck party at the office, and it was well received by all my ex-colleagues, so long did not attempt this again..wrap with lettuce and dip with belacan chili, super!