Friday, May 24, 2013

Jamie Oliver's Real Mushroom Soup

I know many of you already know how to make your own mushroom soup at home, my knowledge of western food is actually very very shallow and yes, before this i have never attempted making any mushroom soup of any kind even though it is a very common soup. After seeing Shannon  posted The Real Mushroom Soup at her blog, i thought i really wanted to try..i mean..i should also learn to make this one common soup too at home . I am sure those of you who had already made your own mushroom soup at home will probably never go back to canned ones, now i know why..hehe..yeah only now i know. It is so different, almost entirely different. This is really full of flavour, mushroom flavours and so hearty..and of course more expensive!  Please do not get offended if you are one of those who consume canned mushroom soup, if you are like me who have not tried making your own mushroom soup, why not give it a try too? Now having said that, would i still be buying the canned ones? Yes...haha! How irony it sounds! The canned ones can be used for making filling for pies and if i want to consume real tasty mushroom soup, i will definately cook my own now. I am not saying that i wont take the ones from the can anymore ...err...i may too ..i dont know, probably once in a while out of convenience .. but i know for sure this is much much healthier and richer and a lot more tastier.

Recipe (  as seen from Just as Delish, whom adapted from Jamie's Dinners )
Olive oil
300gms mixed fresh mushrooms ( shitake, oyster, button), cleaned and sliced
2 cloves garlic, peeled and finely sliced
1 small red onion, peeled and finely chopped
1/2tbsp butter
1tsp dried thyme ( or fresh thyme leaves )
500ml chicken or vegetable stock
Sea salt and ground black pepper to taste
Parsley leaves
2 tbsp cream ( omitted )
1 lemon, grate for zest and juice
Truffle oil ( optional)

1. Heat up a medium pot, add about 2-3tbsp of olive oil and the fresh mushrooms. Stir around very quickly for a minute, add the garlic, onion, butter and thyme. After 1 minute, you'll probably notice moisture cooking out of the mushrooms.Carry on cooking for abt 10mins until most of the moist disappears.Remove abt 1 tbsp of mushrooms and set aside for garnishing later.
2.Add stock, bring to boil and season to taste. Simmer for about 20minutes, remove half of the soup ( i removed abt 3/4 )and whiz it up to a puree with a blender or handheld blender and pour it back into the pot.
3.Garnish with parsley and drizzle with cream , if using and also the reserved cooked mushrooms.
4.You can serve this soup as you like. Jamie's suggestion, quickly stir fry some nice looking mushrooms and sprinkle on top of the soup with lemon zest and lemon juice. When you eat it, stir it and it gives a wonderful flavour. If using truffle oil, just a few drips on the top, just before serving.

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  1. Good old jamie! this really looks amazing and with the truffle oil - oh how wonderful!
    Mary x

  2. I love mushroom soup, and this truly looks so rich, creamy and delicious!

  3. Hi Lena,
    Yummy! Looks good! I have only tried making mushroom cream once from one of Jamie Oliver's recipes and that was very good too. You are right about homemade soups such as this, definitely better than the canned ones. But then I do keep a can or two in my pantry! For the "emergency and lazy days"!! Haha! Enjoy your short break!

  4. Lena, your mushroom soup looks intense. Nothing beats home made.

  5. Oh wow, look at that colour..I can imagine how robust this soup is gonna taste! Looks like you are getting the hang of makin Ang Mo soup my friend! Lol! Thumbs up indeed!

  6. This looks simple and delicious! Love how creamy and rich in flavours this is.

  7. Nice, thick and yummy soup you have there! Psst, I am also another one who has never tried making any mushroom soup :)

  8. I...I...I never make a mushroom soup b4, pai seh pai seh! But I love to drink it, esp the creamy one, wah, so fattening but so tasty!

  9. sound creamy and good! long time did not make this soup for my kids..time to make some.

  10. Sadly , I'm one of those who haven't tried making homemade mushroom soup yet :P This recipe looks easy and I bet way better and tastier than store-bought :D

  11. Recipe looks simple. Love the colour :) will try one day.

  12. I haven't made my own mushroom soup yet, although my son did cook it for me a long while back:D Yours has a very deep color which I have not seen before....looks great!

  13. I too LOVE Mushroom Soup Lena and yours looks simply delicious!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  14. Long time no see
    Thanks for another recipe
    You are quite right
    Home-made soup is healthier
    May make one for tonight
    Happy weekend to you my dear

  15. Lena, I never really like the canned mushroom soup because I don't like the smell. But I will definitely try this homemade one because I know for sure it won't be like the canned soup.

  16. Lena, i hv not make my own mushroom soup yet. Your look really lovely, i always order this type of creamy mushroom soup when i happen to eat at Italian restaurant.

  17. I made this sometime ago, it's really good. Love this recipe, a keeper.

  18. Love Jamie's recipes! The mushroom soup looks earthy and gorgeous, Lena.

  19. Looking at the color of the soup, it is without doubt REAL mushroom soup! :)

  20. Hi Lena,
    I love the mushroom soup from Jamie's recipe as well, but I haven't found the perfect mix of mushrooms for me. I paired the mushroom soup with the upcoming seeded crackers, it was really good!

  21. Love your version of mushroom soup. I never cooked my own mushroom soup, usually buy the canned one... which is unhealthy and less tasty :p

  22. Hi Lena! I use this recipe too... the last time was for our Valentine's Dinner...

    Err... no more cans please... :D

  23. Hi Lena,

    I'm feeling extremely guilty after seeing your mushroom soup and Alvin's comment...

    For quick dinners, I'm still using can soups... Opsie!