Friday, May 31, 2013

Chicken in Glutinous Rice Wine

I trust many of us will associate this dish with is quite a common confinement dish for mother who has just given birth as it believes that it brings nutrition to the body, the wine to improve blood circulation, to warm the body and also getting rid of 'wind' in the body. Now that i mentioned 'wind' , i remember i was talking to a doctor long time ago telling him that i suspected myself had lot of wind in the stomach. He laughed and said, 'wind' ? what wind??  He then sort of corrected me and said it should be ' gas'..ok wind.. hehe..

 My intention of this post is actually for the submission to the Malaysian Food Fest Sabah event.. In Sabah, particularly to the Kadazan-Dusun ethinc group, they have a very similar traditional dish to this glutinous rice wine chicken. They call it Sup Manuk Lihing or Drunken Chicken. Instead of using the regular glutinous rice wine, they use a traditional homemade rice wine called Lihing rice wine . According to the host of MFF Sabah event, Mary of A Pepper's Love, this Lihing rice wine has a very distinctive flavour and can be enjoyed as a beverage or to be added to a savoury dish. As I am not able to obtain this Lihing rice wine here, i just use a regular glutinous rice wine and here i followed Mary's recipe for her version of Drunken Chicken. If anyone of you are interested to purchase the Lihing rice wine, you can hop over to Mary's blog
here for the supplier's contact.

This is Lihing rice credit : A Pepper's Love
i have used this ....
and another time used this..i prefer the one above.
Recipe ( from A Pepper's Love )
1/2 kampung chicken / village chicken, chopped into pieces
300ml lihing rice wine ( i used glutinous rice wine )
1 medium piece dried black fungus, soaked and cut into strips
60gm ginger, shredded
2tbsp oil
250ml water or more
1tsp salt
1/2 tsp ajinomoto ( optional )

1. Pour the oil in the wok or pot and heat up. Add ginger and saute till fragrant.
2. Add in the chicken pieces , stir on high fire till they are lightly browned. Pour in the wine, add in the black fungus, bring to a boil and let the alcohol evaporate. Then pour in water, let it boil and lower fire to let it simmer for 5 minutes. Add salt and add in more water or wine as desired to suit taste. Add ajinomoto if needed. Serve hot.

I am submitting this post to Malaysian Food Fest ( Sabah Month ) hosted by Mary of A Pepper's Love


  1. Lena, I'm sure this chicken very fragrant one you served on the table and very nutritious too. Love it!

  2. I've not had this for a long, long time. Love it on its own or with misua!

  3. Lena, i love this dish, can eat a whole bowl without rice!

  4. Lena , I've cooked this before though steamed not braised :D The last photo makes my grumble ! Yummm !

  5. I love to drink the soup! Had lots of this during confinement.

  6. Love this! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Lena, by reading your post, I could almost smell and taste this. I can habis 2 bowls of rice with this.. oo sedapnya!

  8. I like this dish, very yummy and never got tired of it during confinement:D

  9. Lena, I also say "wind" leh, direct translation mah, hehe! I love this dish, actually you know what, it's winter time here & it's good to eat this too to keep our bodies warm.

  10. Oh Lena! I forgot how much enjoyment I was getting from the Malaysian Food Fest events and all of the home spun dishes. I can't tell you how enjoyable it was to read this post, learn something new and almost experience the goodness from such a lovely meal.

    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe and nutritious dish.

  11. Hi Lena,

    This warming chicken dish is the perfect dish that we like to eat for this chilly season.

    Off you go, you unnecessary wind... LOL!


  12. Lena, I am sure this chicken dish is very delicious. I would drink every drop of the gravy!

  13. Lena, my hubby loves this dish - the foochow in him loves all winey chicken dish haha. I must make him this soon :)

  14. Lena, Your wine chicken looks 'ho ho mei'
    I remember when i was in England and we can't find glutinous rice wine to cook this dish my mil use Stone brand ginger wine to cook. This taste is just as good.

  15. Oh yes, Lena! This sure reminds me of the confinement food that I enjoyed but my wife hated during her 3 confinement periods!

  16. Hi Lena, this looks really easy and delicious! Will shaoxing wine work for this dish? I'm scared that the taste will be too strong!

  17. Hi Lena,
    I love this dish! Could eat just this dish alone with rice. And I would finish up all the ginger too! Looks delicious!

  18. This is so dang nutritious and tasty, Lena.

  19. ya, this dish best for release gas , ok now i know not wind, hahaha..

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