Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chocolate Eclairs

Making chocolate eclairs are pretty much the same as making cream puffs or profiteroles except that they are shaped into long shapes instead of round. From our previous bake along with cream puffs as the theme in september, i've seen beautiful puffs baked by those who had  joined us. I decided to use Jasline's cream puffs recipe to make my eclairs this time. The puffs had risen well in the oven and i followed the recipe to bake a little longer to ensure that they stay puffed and crispy. Instead of splitting the choux buns to fill in the filling, i have used a nozzle here to poke hole at the back of the puffs and the pipe in the filling. If the buns have risen well and puffed well ,there will be no problem poking holes onto them and fill them. I have also used the same filling as what i did with my cream puffs the other time , vanilla custard cream . As these are called chocolate eclaires, i have made a simple chocolate sauce just to spoon it on top of the puffs. Eating these were such a treat!

these are the unfilled choux buns after baking..
poke 3 holes at the back of the puffs and pipe in the filling

Recipe ( from foodie baker )
Ingredients for choux buns
100gm milk
40gms butter, softened and chopped
1tsp sugar
1/2tsp salt ( i omitted )
70gms plain flour ( sifted )
100gms eggs , at room temperature whisked together

1.Combine milk, butter and sugar in a pot. Heat the mixture over medium high heat , stirring it with a wooden spoon and bring to a boil. The mixture should be boiling and bubbling until the layer of butter is no longer floating at the top.
2.Add in the flour all at once, turn off the heat and stir quickly with a wooden spoon. Turn on the heat to medium low and continue mixing with the wooden spoon until mixture turns into a soft dough  and that you can see a layer of dough at the bottom of the pot. Remove from heat and allow dough to cool down a little before adding in the eggs.Once cooled down a little, add the eggs little by little to ensure the dough absorbs the eggs fully. The dough will seem to separate but will come to a smooth paste and piping consistency.
3.Fill the paste into a piping bag with a 1cm wide hole and pipe a squashed 's' shape one on top of another.
Bale at a preheated oven at 200C for 20 minutes, reduce the heat to 175C and bake further for 20 minutes till the puff is golden brown and well risen. Turn off the oven and let the puffs sit in the oven for further 10-15 minutes. Remove from oven and  let the cool completely before putting in the filling.

Filling : vanilla custard cream from Quay Po Cooks
Using a pointed nozzle  or a knife, poke three holes at the back of the cooled puffs and pipe in the filling .
Then spread the chocolate sauce over the top of the eclairs, scattered some chopped toasted pistachios over.

Chocolate sauce
60gms chocolate chips
3tsp whipping cream

heat the chocolate chips over barely simmering water with the whipping cream. Keep stirring until choc has melted. Once cooled a little, spread over the tops of the eclairs.

This will be our last bake for our bake along this year. Thanks to everyone who has joined us baking along this year. We will come back in January with a cream cheese pound cake as our chosen recipe. The recipe can be found at Cake Keeper's Book by Lauren Chattman Page 114 and also here Now let's see how my baking buddies, Joyce and Zoe did their chocolate eclairs and also the rest of who are joining us for this round of bake along.

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  1. Oh your eclairs looks so beautifully done and looking so yummy. I would love to try this one day.

  2. Hi Lena,

    I do remember the impressive post from Jasline. For my éclairs, I have cut them instead of poking holes in them so that I can dripping white chocolate filling flowing their edges :D

    Interesting to know that you are using chocolate chips instead of "cooking" chocolate to make your sauce.


  3. Lena, I love these but no confidence to try it out especially the choux part.

  4. Hi Lena, A great idea to poke holes into the eclairs, that way it would not be messy when eaten! Yours looks good with the pistachios on the choc! Yum! Yes, these eclairs are a wonderful treat indeed!

  5. Hi Lena, thanks for using my choux recipe, hope you like them! Your eclairs look really delicious, the shiny glaze on top is very pretty!

  6. Hi Lena, I love eclairs especially with extra chocolate. ;)
    Yours look good, very well baked. Nice to go with coffee.

    Have a nice day.

  7. lovely dessert! wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  8. Lena, your choux puff, puff up so well.
    I love the last picture, you are so generous with the loaded custard filling and chocolate sauce and pistachio bits.
    I am drooling now. How I wish I can have a bite now ....heehee

  9. Hi Lena, you and Zoe are so good at making these gorgeous looking treats. Like i told Zoe, i'm too lazy and scared to make these - always seem so much work and complicated to me :P I just came back from ipoh, should have given you a tinkle and curi some of these treats :P

  10. I like the brownish choux pastry of yours. I try to bake yesterday night after work. But ended my batter was too dilute after adding those eggs.

  11. Lena, your eclairs must be very crunchy

  12. Lena, I want some of your eclairs :)

  13. Wow, your "yin yang" chocolate spread and vanilla filling must be heavenly delicious on the crunchy eclairs~

    Wish I can have them in my mouth right now.

  14. Hi Lena, I love the addition of the pistachios on top of your eclairs. Makes it extra delicious!

  15. I love choc eclairs, they are yummy! Can I have few of them the next time you make it again. I love it with pistachio too!

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  17. Lena , those are beautifully delicious éclairs ! Love the sprinkled chopped pistachios ....

  18. These look AMAZING! I have always wanted to try and make my own and I'm so jealous.

  19. Hi Lena, these chocolate cakes I call them chari pasal where women are concerned...especially your this delicious creation.
    Eat one piece must have two, and it goes on...
    I guess women tend to have a soft spot for chocolates.

    Looking at your this sinfully delicious cake....would love to be invited over for tea, your place...ha ha.
    Have a nice day, and stay beautiful.

  20. Your eclairs look great Lena...love the chocolate and the pistachio on top of them...yum!
    Have a great week!

  21. Great idea to fill up the eclairs like this! Less messy:D Lovely!

  22. Wah...this is something i want to make....wait till i get my kitchen back again. :)

  23. I know what you mean when you said eating these are such a treat! I love chocolate eclairs! I think I can chomp down a few at one go! Love the pistachio topping!!

  24. Wow, must be yummy ... chocolate and pistachio!

  25. oooh i see the lovely vanilla specks in the filling! and adding pistachio to the chocolate layer on top is interesting because it adds that lovely crunch to the oozy eclair!

  26. Woo... This is the way I love to eat my Eclair with chocolatey & chopped nut topping ! Very lovely with the greeny color of the pistachio & look so pro! Now I wish I can come over your place & makan this with a cup of teh ! Promise I will cuci the dishes for you! :D heheheheeh

  27. My first encounter with choc eclairs was working in Putra World Trade Center before that never heard about it. Oh yummy love seeing your pixz

  28. Lena, they are very well-constructed : ). Although nothing fancy, the top is nicely glazed and I like your adding of pistachios(?).

  29. Your eclairs look so heavenly.

  30. hi everyone, thanks for dropping by to leave your kind comments!

  31. I love these....mmmm. It's been so long since I last bake with choux pastry. So far had only made Paris Brest with it and it's really good. One day I must try to make eclairs too. Yours look so good on the outside and also on the inside....drooling :D

  32. Eclairs my favourite dessert! Everything looks so mouthwatering. My goodness. Wish I can grab some from the screen. haha.......

  33. Your eclairs look amazing! Love the pistachios on top. I made some baked churros that reminded me of cream puffs, but in long baked staws sprinkled with cinnamon and dipped in chocolate, I would of loved this cocolate and nuts instead!

  34. I love eclairs and creampuffs. The few sweet stuff that I don't resist very well.