Monday, November 12, 2012

Linzer Blitz Torte

Had an unfortunate encounter last week. My handbag was snatched when i was walking on a road .Thank god that i was not hurt, i did not fall down, only my wrist and arm hurt a little the next day. This guy on motorbike came from behind and pulled my handbag away and after a few seconds, i realised that my handbag was snatched by him. I was not alert enough, that road was actually quite quiet at that time, there were no passer by around too. Really i was so frustrated and angry over the whole incident ...i was not in the mood to blog last week, all my bank and credit cards, identification card, driving licence, medical card and my phone were all in there and i'm not sure about other malaysian friends, the thought of going to the govt services dept to replace the card and driving licence makes me scared..thinking of the long queues.  And you know something , when i went to lodge a police report that evening, the police officer asked me a question that really boils me up. After hearing what i told him and what happened, he asked in malay " apa tujuan cik untuk melapurkan kes ini? "I was like HUH??! I just wanted to make sure i understood the question correctly and asked him to repeat his question. " apa tujuan cik untuk melapurkan kes ini? again he asked. At that moment i couldnt help but to raise my voice, " HUH?? APA TUJUAN??! KENA RAGUT TAK PAYAH LAPURKAH??!! " So Angry!!! In English, the police asked me what was my reason for making a police report and i said to him, 'what?? for what reason??! you mean i dont have to report even if my bag is snatched??! He looked at me and smile. What if my cards are being misused and abused later?? Really i dont know how to answer that question and was actually taken aback hearing he asked me that..but i was glad that i didnt go thru a hassle getting my ic and driving licence replaced, the govt departments were super efficient this time when i went and did my documents. I'm very very thankful that i'm all alright and no hurt came upon me unlike some that we read in the papers that were being pulled and dragged on the road, that was horrifying!

It has been quite some time since our last bake along as my buddy, Zoe was away for a couple of weeks. This linzertorte  idea was picked by Joyce and prior to this, i dont know much what is a linzertorte. Though i 've heard of it, I do not know really know what exactly goes into the tart. After some googling, i found that most linzertart or linzertorte use raspberry jam as the filling over a buttery crust made with almond, hazelnut or even walnuts. Also the lattice top i believe is one of the characteristic of a linzertart. But today i'm not making a lattice top, i found something much easier to do than making a lattice design.. from here. Instead of cutting the strips to form lattice, the dough was grated and scattered all over the jam. I quite like the patterns that form just from the grating the dough, the tart was delicious and the buttery crust is not overly crispy, just soft and slightly crispy.

i ought to practise more on making crusts .the base of  my crust is a little thicker here:)

Recipe ( from serious eats )
1/2 recipe of original recipe , makes one 7 inch torte
1.87oz ground almonds
2.25oz flour
2oz sugar
1/8tsp salt
1/s tsp cinnamon
2.75oz butter, cut into chunks, slightly softened
1/2 egg yolk
some orange zest
3.5oz raspberry jam

1. Combine the almonds, flour, sugar, cinnamon, salt in a food processor and pulse a few times. Add the butter, egg yolk and orange zest and process till just blended.
2. Measure 1oz of the dough and shape into a ball.( for slicing/grating).Wrap and refrigerate it. Meanwhile grease the sides a cake pan and line the bottom with parchment paper. Press the remaining dough evenly over the bottom of the pan.Cover and refrigerate it for at least an hour ( i left them at the fridge for almost 3 hours)
3.Position the rack in the lower third of oven and preheat oven to 350F/177C. Spread the jam evenly over the base of the dough, leaving 1/2inch border all around. Using a grater, grate the chilled reserved dough ball over the jam.
4. Bake for 30-35 minutes until top is golden brown. Tent the torte loosely with foil and bake for 10-15 mins longer until it is golden brown. ( i baked for additional 5 mins ) Cool the torte in the pan for 20 minutes . Use a small knife or spatula around the sides to release the torte. Invert the torte into a plate , remove the parchment paper, then turn the torte upside up.

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  1. Poor Lena! You must be very frustrated with this unhappy incident. Least that you are not hurt...

    You are very creative grating your dough to create this crumbly design on your tart. Very nice :D

  2. HOw unlucky to have your bag snatched. Hope you are recovering from that nasty experience.

  3. oh dear... I hope you are ok. I'd read and watched some youtube videos about these robberies in KL and JB but didn't think that it would spread to Ipoh. I guess its infectious...

    I'd bookmarked the date to join this event for Linzertorte! Guess I'm late again!!!! :(

  4. Hi Lena,
    Yes, thank goodness you are not hurt! STU*#@*! policeman!

    Your linzer tart looks cute with the bits of scattered crust on top! A wonderful idea indeed! Lovely bake, Lena!

  5. Hi Lena
    Oh, just happened every blog I screen thru is like Linzer Torte, linzer wonder it is Bake Along for Linzer Torte! Looking so so so delicious your Linzer Torte! Yummy dessert!

  6. Sounds really scary and thank god you're not hurt.

    I love tart and this would be my next bake :)

  7. Thank god that you are alright. Lena, that linzertorte of yours looks yummy. Guess #35 bake along I'm joining in. Sorry I didn't submit any entry for Kelantan MFF. I have lots of photos to blog about...but I didn't have the time...

  8. Thank god Lena you are alright and didnt get hurt. My aunt when JB a few months ago, her bag also snatched by an motorist but she is not as lucky cos she got dragged on the road for quite a distance, her injury was quite bad :(

    This tart looks yummy, wish to have a slice.

  9. Thank God you are ok Lena. My sister also kena ragut twice in the same area around her office. Stupid police asking silly question. Don't they know you need police report to make new I/C.I remember the last time I went home I was so paranoid and each time I heard a motorcyle coming my way I will turn around to make sure they don't come near me and also I don't carry handbag with me just to be safe.

    Love the Linzer torte especially how you grate the pastry for the topping.

  10. Oh dear, I am just so glad that you didn't get hurt. Can't believe what the police said!! :(

    On a happier note, your tart looks so pretty. I am not a fan of jam tarts, but I really could eat a slice of yours :)

  11. Sorry to hear what had happend to you. Glad that now you are alright.
    Lovely tart and brilliant shortcut of grated the dough on top. Looks very buttery and soft. Will try to participate for this bake-along.

  12. oh dear..i can understand what you went through as my aunt were a snatch theft victim a few months ago too - she fell and had bruises all over. we had to go through a big merry go round just to make a police report and in the end, nothing came out of it...sigh. VOTE!

    your tart looks great...reminds me that i need to get kicking for christmas bakes already. Take care ya.

  13. Oh my gosh! I'm glad you're ok. Wow, your experience makes me want to stay away from the police now, apparently they don't help..
    Your tart looks fabulous. I can practically smell it from here

  14. Lena,
    Thank God, you are not hurt from that incident.
    And that particular "P" man is so inconsiderated. Looking at a pretty lady being snatched handbag and still talk like that..argh!!!

    That was a lovely linzer torte. i love how your grated the crust and scattered on the torte. So beautifully baked..:D

  15. Eileen, Hundred Eighty DegreesNovember 12, 2012 at 12:58 PM

    I'm glad that you are OK! Always carry handbags on the other sides of the shoulders against the traffic flow to avoid being snatch. I can understand your anger and frustration when dealing with govt sector. This pie looks yummy: )

  16. Dear lena,

    My youngest daughter studying at Kolej Bandar Utama, PJ was also a victim of bag snatching three weeks ago. Luckily she was not hurt. Thanks God you were not hurt too. Crazy police, doesn't he know that a police statement is needed to make a new IC or driving license.
    May the Lord bless and protect you.

  17. Lena, sorry to hear about what happened to you. Glad that you were not hurt. Our police force is in very bad state and that's why you have a moron asking moronic question. Your linzer torte turned out beautifully! I sure looks delicious :)

  18. I meant "It" sure looks delicious. I would look delicious to a hungry lion or tiger :D

  19. Sorry to hear abt the incident but thank God you were not hurt. We all have to be extra careful nowadays, security is really a big concern. Within this one month, this is the third incident that i have heard from friends, daylight robberies happening rampantly, very sad about the situation. The torte looks so yummy.

  20. My God the malaysian police is seriously a bunch of dimwits!! How can they say that to you?! Hopefully you didn't lose a lot of money, next time just be super alert when you are outside....

    I just made my raspberry jam and about to start on the pastry, wish me luck!

  21. I know how you feel, Lena. I was a snatch thief victim, twice, first time in Bercham and the second in Ipoh Gdn South. First time the motorbike came from behind and just cut off my handbag as I was opening my car door. The second time the guy with a full helmet, just hopped off from his bike and took my handbag (face to face) and when I pulled back on instinct, he pushed me and I fell and when I got up, there were so many on-lookers standing on the pavement of the coffeeshop looking at me! Nowadays I don't carry a handbag, put my stuff in my pocket and I get paranoid each time I see motorbikes coming in my direction. I only carry my credit cards when I need to go shopping. Real hassle calling up the banks to cancel the cards, having to replace the IC and driving licence......The first time I made the police report in Bercham, I had not a cent with me and I had to pay 2 rgt for the report, I had to go to my car and take out whatever coins I had!! Lena, you're not alone!

  22. Sorry to know what had happened & really glad that you're alright. I really can't believe what the policeman have said to you! So brainless! My mom had that experience few years back & her handbag was being snatched by 2 motorcyclist & luckily she was not hurt. Your Linzer tart is really amazing & looks artistic to me. Learn another new way of making Linzer tart, thanks to you! Take care & have a nice week ahead.

  23. Lena , and I thought this kind of bag snatching only happens back home ! tsk tsk Glad that you're alright .... Be vigilant next time , especially if you're walking all by yourself ! Anyway , your tart looks pretty good ! Love the grated dough topping :)

  24. Oh dear, poor Lena! Hope you are alright and not traumatized by this incident. Thank goodness you are not hurt, truly a blessing. Ai yo why the police like that ah? Annoying leh! Ai ya, so long you ok that is most important. I heard quite a few such cases from my friends too while I was staying in KL, so be more careful next time ya? Lovely linzer tart by the way. There's something about buttery pastry with sweet tangy jam that I absolutely love...definitely my kind of afternoon tea break. :)).

  25. Lena! that is so awful!! I am so glad you were not seriously hurt but I am truly appalled by the reaction by the police. Are there no compassion? No logic? No intelligence?!?!

    On another note, I love the linzer blitz torte and I think you master it perfectly. A comfort tart for what you have been through perhaps.

  26. Glad u r all well Lena... Yes I heard about the hassle abt documentation in m'sia but glad all turned out fine tis time.

  27. Good thing you are safe and that is all that matters. You are being too nice to the policeman. If I were you, I'd be sarcastic in telling him that 'encik, suka suka aje nak report'. duh!! it happened to my fren few yrs back and hers was terrible. She fought with the snatch thieves and they push her down on the road and started to punch her. It's better to just let them take what they want. Not worth risking your life. Eventhough the ids and cards are troublesome to replace but it's replaceable. If anything happened to you, there's no turning back. Be careful, Lena. Your torte looks amazing and good idea to just sprinkle the crust on top. So much easier and it looks good too.

  28. Oh dear, that's unfortunate. And if that's not enough to raise your stress level... the police with their brainless remarks and questions.
    But thank goodness you're alright and not seriously hurt.
    On the bright side, I think your linzer torte is gorgeous! I might just make this since I have some homemade raspberry jam in the pantry altho I'm not into too sweet desserts.

  29. Love Love! The topping, the crust,the filling- it is just all i can take not to go make me one right now:)

  30. Lena, your torte looks delicious, I love the combination of almond crust with raspberry jam...looks divine!
    Thanks for the recipe and have a great week :)

  31. It must be quite frightening, and definitely very frustrating with the un-thoughtful questions asked by the police. Am glad u are safe!
    As for the tart, it looks great. I'm quite resistant towards making tarts for I have the prob of making an uneven base. This reminds me I really gotta practice =p

  32. Lena, I am so sorry your bag got snatched and I know how angry you must have been because I was when mine was snatched. I can also feel your blood boiling over at the police station because I have the same experience with the police when I reported my case. He said I should have been more alert and careful and continue to lecture that I have to take care of my safety because he said the police force are short handed. DUH!!! I was more pissed when I went and get my IC and got fined RM50.00. Anyway, it is good that you were not hurt and has got over it and baked such a lovely linzer tart. HUGS!

  33. zoe: yeah, i know..that's the biggest consolation i'm giving myself. About the tart, it's not my idea, actually the recipe is taken from the book 'sinfully delicious" ;)

    carole: thanks carole. I'm okay.

    alan: not that it has spread to ipoh, it's everywhere. just that this time kena me!

    joyce: thanks joyce. your lattice top looks pretty! and the police, so angry with them!

    mel: hope you are able to join us one day!

    ann: oh, i hope you will find this good.

    angeline: u changed your name! dun worry, angeline i know you were busy last month, it's okay..the MFF runs for the whole year and looking forward too to your linzertorte!

    jess: it's really sad hearing that..we are so innocent!

    gert: yes, if no police report how to make new ic? i really scratch my head , what a question!! for the past few days, i've been thinking what bag and purse to use when i go out .i know the best is that dont carry any bags with us but sometimes it's quite difficult but i;m also trying too..

    mich: thanks alot . Yeah, i'm not a big fan of jam in tarts too but i quite like this one surprisingly.

    vivian: thanks vivian. yeah, shortcut method, hope to see your linzertart too.

    esther: yes, i had to relate my story again and again to 3 different officers :(

    cathleen: thanks, i'm okay. i'm not sure how the police force in your place but that day they really made me so annoyed!!

    doreen: thanks doreen and thanks so much for your fb message to me!

  34. eileen: that's why some of my close friends been telling me too, walk against traffic and try not to walk on the road, better to walk at the footway..

    dreamer: sorry to hear that too. It's so unsafe everywhere, so sad. yeah, no report how to make ic? of course i dont expect them to catch the snatcher but got really pissed off with that question!!

    phong hong: oh dear, you really make me laughed reading you look delicious to a hungry tiger! of course!! hahaha! anyway, i'm okay now, thanks!

    ade: you know for the past few days whenever i go out, i got to think how to bring along my money now. I dont have the habit of putting money in my pockets, so difficult and now got to be so extra careful !! oh my! 3 in a week? really sad to hear that. Tell me, where is a safe place?!

    kelly: *sigh* actually lost quite an amount of money too :( Looking forward to your linzertorte! i'm sure it's a good one!

    cheah: you know, now from the comments i read, i know there are soooo many cases of snatch thefts happening around us. I can understand why you feel paranoid each time when a motorcycle comes near you, it's just too scary! You just reminded me of that report, i have yet to go and get my report. What i got is a printed copy of report in a computer printing paper. Poor you! had to dig out all the coins from your car to pay for that , that day they told me that later i can pay my RM2 when i go to collect the actual report from any police station.

    kit: so sorry to hear that it happened to your mom too. Sometimes it's just so helpless..the police will only tell us to be more careful in future!!

    anne: no, here it happens everywhere!! dont know who to blame?! thanks for your compliment on my tart!

    bee: yeah, i know ..i'm very thankful that i did not get hurt. I was not traumatized but angry!! Thanks bee for your concern.Must open my eyes big big next time when walking on the road and see how to carry my money :(

  35. This would definitely be a hit in our house too. Looks divine!

  36. Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear what happened to you. Getting snatched is one thing, and getting sneered by the law enforcer is another.

    My sister met with snatch thief years ago, I was the one accompany her to make the report. Her husband went to the police station after we left and guess what he overheard them saying? "Memang padan muka kena ragut" @#$%^&* wtf! It was like, "sudah jatuh, ditimpa tangga". Those polices are as mean as the thieves!

    Back to your linzer tart, yum yum - the crispy crust and the sweet raspberry jam. I can hear my tummy rumbling. Good to go with a cup of tea for the 3PM break :)

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  38. Hope all's well for you now. Be glad that you suffered no major inuries...just some inconveniences only.

    Love this piece of dessert...I wonder if I am rajin enough to do bake it. Strangely this seems like many steps:(

  39. friend, so sad to hear this kind of snatch bag case again, recently just happened to my girl friend too, at where we are living now. Luckily nothing happened to you..Nowadays, everytime i get out from car, sure must look around the surrounding first, feel no safe here..
    My 1st time tasted linzer tart was in the pastry class that i attended earlier, and it was yummy..So i know yours must be good too.

  40. I like how you topped the tart with the grated dough, it looks really nice.
    Lena, Sorry about the incident, but good to hear that you are well!

  41. daphne: i really dont know why the police asked that question, maybe it's a mandatory question . thanks for your compliments on my tart.

    mimi: yeah, all done within an hour!

    jen: thanks for your comment. i felt like screaming in the police station and yes, i didnt struggle with that guy and i'm also thankful that he didnt push me down

    ping: thanks! i know that it's quite impossible to catch the thief or maybe i should have said, i want you to catch the man! urrgh! yeah, can try to make some tarts at home with your raspberry jam :)

    jessica: and i'm sure you can make this one far more better than me!

    juliana: thanks and you hv a great week too!

    lala: same goes to me too. I got an uneven base too, we shld practise more :D

    qp: yeah, they gave me nasihat also..but i forgot what is the nasihat cos i couldnt focus..i was just too frustrated and getting impatient too! fined RM50? There's no fine , i guess they have changed their rules, with my police report, no charge!

    angie: thanks very much, everyone in the house enjoyed the tart.

    yvonne: oh dear, why did the police say that? as if we asked for that! yes, very mean. I guess we just got to be more careful :(

    missyblurkit: thanks, i'm okay now. as for the linzertorte, there arent many steps actually, give it a try when you hv time someday.

    sonia: gosh, another case! it's so unsafe everywhere!!really sad to know so many snatch thefts in our country!thanks for the compliments on my linzertart!

    maureen: thanks, i'm fine now.

  42. hi lena, so sorry to hear what happened and glad that you weren't hurt too bad.

  43. sorry to hear abt that, its just too dangerous nowadays. my friend got robbed near a train station and unfortunately when she tried to run away, she tripped and fell, injured her knee and palm. and she had only rm 20 in her bag. whats worse that even after robbed, she's afraid that the robber may go n look for her because she only had rm 20 in her bag. these days... aih... be careful ya..

  44. Thank goodness you did not suffer physically from the bag snatching incident.

    Love how you top your linzer torte/tart, looks so good!

  45. Hi Lena, sorry to hear that...glad that u r safe..when I read ur comment on the lapur case I felt angry too. Damn lazy. We all have to be extra careful nowadays.

  46. Hi Lena, so sorry I'm late in dropping by. Was busy and just came back from KL & Malacca.

    Sorry to hear about your snatch thief incident, glad that you're safe and no injury. Some of the police can be very lazy and couldn't be bother type of attitude. Just our luck if we bump into the lazy police.

    Anyway your Linzer torte look delicious and love the lacy topping, very pretty.

    Have a nice day, take care.

  47. Oh Lena, so sorry to hear about your misfortune! I missed so much with my friends I can't be away for so long anymore. (I still don't have my own working computer) that's all I'm going to say about that! I have missed you and I wish I could be there with you baking along in person. And I wish I was there to be with you when this happened. By now you are probably all over it and didn't want to revisit it! :)