Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Laksa Kedah

I find that this Laksa Kedah quite resembles Penang Assam Laksa, i also think it's a quickie way to make assam laksa at home. Though i enjoy eating laksa a lot, i will never thought of doing it at home cos i find that
there's usually a lot of work or a long list of ingredients required to make a delicious pot of laksa. Although the broth here tastes quite like assam laksa, the condiments are a little different from the usual Penang Laksa. I referred to a few recipes from the internet and noticed that Laksa Kedah usually comes with hard boiled eggs and some local herbs like daun selom and daun gajus. I couldnt get daun gajus at that time when i made this so i left that out. Also instead of those chunks of fish that comes in the soup like Penang laksa, the fish meat here are blended or mashed till almost fine. Quite a nice bowl of assam laksa if you ask me.

the condiments and the laksa broth

Recipe ( from here and reference from and here )
serves 2
3 whole fish ( i used mabong, mackarel), cleaned and marinate with a little salt
7 dried chillies
1/2 big onion
1 clove garlic
some laksa leaves ( daun kesom )
2 stalks torch gingerbud ( bunga kanthan ), halved each
2 pieces asam keping ( tamarind), i soaked in hot water for a few mins
belachan ( shrimp paste)
2 stalks lemongrass, bruised
900ml water
2.5tsp or more if needed
1tsp sugar
ajinomoto ( optional )
laksa noodles
hard boiled egg
shredded cucumber
sliced onions
daun selom, shredded
cut chillies

1. Blend or pound dry chillies, onions, garlic and belachan. In a wok, add water and all the blended or pounded ingredients, laksa leaves, lemongrass and the torch gingerbud and bring it to a boil.
2.Add in the fish and the assam keping, simmer at medium low heat for 10 minutes.* alternatively, you can choose to boil the fish first to cook, then remove its meat.
3.Remove the fish. Remove its meat, mash it a little , discarding the bones and put the mashed meat back into the broth and let it boil again for another 10 minutes. Add ajinomoto ( if using ).Meanwhile, cook the laksa noodles in another pot. 
4.Serve laksa with the shredded cucumber, sliced onions, daun selom, cut chillies and serve in broth.

I am submitting this post to Malaysian Food Fest, Kedah and Perlis month hosted by Wendyinkk of Table for 2..or more


  1. never try laksa kedah before, looks like sourish spicy,

  2. Lovely laksa!
    Laksa is not hard to make, the only part I hate is removing the flesh.
    The Malays actually like blending it fine like powder ;p

  3. This is called Laksa Kedah? I thought it's malay-style laksa! Love this type because it's different from Penang Laksa.

    Now you make me drool, Lena! I'm still waiting for my lunch~~

  4. mmmm...this has my stomach growl.. YUM!

  5. looks mouthwatering, nvr eat this before either :)

  6. owhh no... now feel like to eat laksa lah.. where to cari? ya ya.. today pasar malam.. hehehehe

  7. Hi Lena, just had my lunch but see your laksa I'm hungry again. :(

    Pass me 1 bowl of your laksa leyy.... LOL
    Don't forget my coffee too.

    Have a nice day.

  8. Oh, you made laksa kedah! Mouth watering already just mentioning it! I wanted to cook this for joining this month MFF but the thought like this is tedious work; so I shelf the idea to cook it. Though looking at yours just a satisfying thought for this time being........

  9. Hi Lena, looks delicious, I love the assam based sauce... looks like kedah is famous for all kinds of noodle with gravies... I just tried their Mee Kedah and its really good!

  10. Lena, if it tastes like Penang laksa, then I will love it! I am too lazy to make laksa. The last time I did Terengganu laksa, I was so tired. Hah! Hah!

  11. I love laksa with sourly taste. This definitely my type of laksa. Yummy !

  12. What a delicious comfort food!Looks heavenly!
    Many kisses from Greece,dear!

  13. indeed- look at the list of ingredients and time! But then again, I always find laksa from malaysia to be interesting with the sour test!

  14. Lena, I still haven't found a good bowl of asam laksa here, may be next time I should cook it myself too! Your bowl of laksa looks so good there& I like how you had it with boiled egg!

  15. With all the varied ingredients you've added I'm sure your laksa taste really good !

  16. Whoa, Lena. This looks so appetizing. It does look like assam laksa except the kuah is a bit more clear and not cloudy. Er..can you invite me over for a bowl??

  17. oh...your laksa made me drool....

  18. Oooo now i'm craving for this for supper!

  19. Hi Lena, I can eat two bowls of your delicious looking laksa! Looks so good! Yummilicious!

  20. Your laksa looks so appetizing, yum!

  21. The Kedah laksa look so good!! I can have this everyday for lunch. I thought of making this dish too but can't find bunga kantan here.

  22. OMG! So mouth watering mann! Especially the last photo!! Just the other day , my sis was talking about making laksa but can't find bunga kantan over here in Europe. Does it makes a difference if we didn't add bunga kantan? I truly LOVE MFF event! :)

  23. Hi Lena, this is the first time I heard of laksa kedah, but yours is making me drool! I agree with you, as much as I love eating laksa, the long list of ingredients simply puts me off so I've never tried making it before. Hopefully I'll try yours one day! :)

  24. So colorful and pretty Lena! This is something new to me but looks so enticing!

  25. It's almost lunch time now ... give me a big bowl, please. :)

  26. Lena,
    I never tried Laksa Kedah before.
    Your laksa sure look soooo good!!
    Hope i can taste some of this!!!..:D


  27. Love the colour of the Laksa! I think Assam Laksa is quite an acquired taste, I can never bring myself to like it. :(

  28. Although this looks somewhat different from the Assam Laksa I enjoyed in Penang, obviously the ingredients here are more generous. And I bet the soup is full of flavors with that much of fishes and spices!

  29. Ooh, yum! I can't believe I have never heard of all these delicious dishes!

  30. I like to eat assam laksa but have never thought of making it at home. Think it entails a lot of work!

  31. Lena, can you please give me your mobile number. Email me to, tahnks!

  32. jess: yes, sourish type, quite like assam laksa.

    wendy: thanks! yeah..and also removing its bones..but okay, this is not a big recipe, just 3 fishes:D

    yvonne: i guess this is just another malay type of laksa.

    angie: thanks, very appetising bowl of noodles.

    alice: if you hv tried penang assam laksa, it's quite similar :)

    jassnani: hehe...pandai kak ini, tak payah masak boleh makan! LOL!

    amelia: boh liao oredi leh! next time, ok!

    mel: thank you. Yeah, it usually involves quite a bit of work. I just made small recipe so it isnt too bad, just 3 fishes :D

    mich: thank you and your kedah noodles looks really good! the prawns and the broth, yum!

    phong hong: ya kah? hahaha! i think also becos you've been cooking a storm last month!

    vivian: yes, this is quite assam, like penang laksa , you can even add some mint leaves if you like .

    Lenia: thanks a lot! hope all is well with you.

    daphne: yup becos malaysia is famous for Penang assam laksa. We also have curry laksa here, not sourish but like a bowl of curry mee with coconut milk, also very nice :)

    jessie: when you balik kampung, make sure you eat laksa!

    anne: that was quite good. Love that torch gingerbud and laksa leaves, essential to make laksa.

  33. jen: this is slightly lighter than the true penang laksa but just as appetising.I'm waiting for you to come and visit me!

    stephanie: thank you and nice to know you!

    esther: ooo..supper makes me fat!

    joyce:haha! i know you can and you will!

    ade: thank you!

    gert: oh, never mind. Next time you come back, make sure you take lots and lots of laksa:D

    kit: yeah, it will be different without the bunga kanthan. It just lacks the aroma, also laksa leaves. Just like i was telling gert, she lives in USA, next time you balik kampung, eat laksa!

    jasline: hope you like it, I find this simpler than making the real assam laksa , also this is a small recipe:)

    chris: thank you. Maybe you can try out Penang Assam laksa in any of the malaysian food restaurants there, it's quite similar to that.

    chris: time, ok?

    doreen: thank you. If you like penang laksa, you will also like this , this is slightly lighter version.

    kelly: oh really? taste fishy to you?

    sonia: me too!

    maureen: glad that you tried out our Penang laksa when you were here last time. This is quite like the Penang assam laksa, just the broth is slightly lighter and mine doesnt come with mint leaves.

    Cathleen: maybe one day you can try having assam laksa in any of the malaysian restaurants, they should have this if they serve Malaysian cuisine.

    cheah: it is, that's why i never thought of making that at home too..

    jessie: yup, will send you an email soon, thanks!

  34. yummy!
    i really salute you ladies for making laksa! I see the ingredients & steps also I sweat..

  35. I just came back from Perlis, I should have stopped by Kedah and tried the Kedah Laksa. Looks so awesome.

  36. It looks amazing! Just a beautiful dish!