Friday, November 16, 2012

Easy Gourmet Pumpkin Soup

This is my first time making a western kind of soup. Dont think that i do not like western soups, no's because i do not know how to make them. I can tell you that i dont even know how to make mushroom soup. I was very delighted when i saw my sweet friend, Bee Bee posted her pumpkin soup as this is one of my favourite. Of course, sometimes we can just get the recipe from the internet but there's always some inspiration when you see your friend making it and you just want to follow. Thanks, Bee bee.The first time i made this, i had it with some Brazilian Quick Rolls and it was so nice. It is rich and flavourful! Then another time, i had some garlic rolls to eat along. Yum! As of more recent, i also see some of you making broccoli cream soup, potatoes and pea soup, leek and potatoes, creamy chicken soup...i'm learning from all of you! i think from now on, i should make some chicken or vegetable stock and store them, they are just very handy when i want to make some soups. Have a nice weekend, everyone.

i prefer mine with less dairy so i only added about 3 tbsp of cream towards the end of cooking.

Recipe ( from Honey Bee Sweets , adapted from
1 tbsp butter
1 large onion, diced
1 carrot, peeled and diced
1 apple, peeled and diced
2 cups pumpkin, diced and roasted*
1/2tsp dried thyme
1 bay leaf ( omitted )
2 cups chicken stock ( I used vegetable stock )
1 cup of fresh cream ( 1 used about 3 tbsp)
salt and pepper

*To roast the pumpkin, peel and dice the pumpkin, lay them on a baking tray, sprinkle some salt and black pepper and coat with some olive oil. Roast in the oven for 15 minutes or till tender.

1. In a large pot, melt the butter. Add in the diced onion, carrots and apples. Stir and cook till slightly tender. Add in the dried thyme, bay leaf if using and roasted pumpkin. Continue to cook till mixture is slightly mushy. Add in the stock and cream ( i only put in the cream last )and cook till just boil. Remove from heat and let cool slightly.
2. Remove the bay leaf and blend the mixture till creamy, return the mixture to pot again and heat up. Add salt and pepper to taste. I added the 3 tbsps of cream here. Serve immediately.

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  1. The soup looks delicious, and I especially love the swirl of cream. Makes it look so pretty and very appetising!

  2. My kids love western soup but as for me, till today, I do not know how to enjoy it yet... so all I do normally is to open a tin of campbell soup, add water, boil it and they are happy enough.. :)

  3. heehee its a nice change to have western soup once a while isnt it :) I love pumpkin soup too, this recipe has apple in it, interesting! what variety of pumpkin did you use, Lena? I love to use butternut pumpkin from Australia - it is extra sweet and buttery - my favourite, but its terribly expensive. Love the rustic look of your photos. beautiful :)

  4. Good looking soup...In my household is totally opposite - I rarely make Eastern soups...Time to learn!

  5. the only Western soup i know how to prepare is mushroom soup, hehehe..ya, this pumpkin soup look really good, must find one day to try it out.

  6. Mmmmmmm ! I love pumpkin soup :D And yours look yummy indeed ! The first time I've cooked this soup without checking out some recipe online , it looks so thick , I could make a pumpkin pie out of it :P :D I've got the right consistency that I like after 3 attempt ( it's always 3 attempt for me :D )

  7. i dun fancy pumpkin, but by e looks of yr creamy pumpkin, i liked to try a bowl. looks so tempting...

  8. pumpkin and this soup looks thick and delicious. Oh, there's apple in it too! On my to cook list :)

  9. I also love pumpkin, any style of cook!

  10. I love creamy and healthy soup like yours, looks very delicious indeed.

  11. Wow, like the colour of your pumpkin soup. I too don't like too much dairy in my soups.

  12. I love pumpkin. This pumpkin western soup will be my liking too. So healthy. I can just have this for dinner.

  13. Lena,
    The only western soup i know how to make is the premix (sachet type)..:p
    Seeing yours i think i must learn how to cook a real western soup.
    Yours look so inviting and special with the swirl of the cream on top..^^

  14. OMG, wonderful lena, like eating the spoonful :))

  15. Lena, can you share a bowl of this pumpkin soup with me? I will choose to have it with some cracked black pepper + toasted sourdough/baquette, yum!

  16. You impressed me, Lena. I've been wondering to make this soup or not but now you've inspire me to attempt. err..btw, your question on how old i am? well,..i'm younger than you-know-who la..heehehehe

  17. I like the little bit of apple and carrot in this soup... sounds interesting. Please share it today on my foodie friday party. Looks great.

  18. Your pictures are tempting me to include western soups into my new list of soups to learn too :) Thanks for sharing. I hope you have slowly gotten over the bag snatching incident, take care yeah.

  19. Hi Lena,
    Your soup looks delicious! My kids love creamy soups like this to go with breads. Yum!

  20. We're both enjoying squash-type soups today Lena! Just like two peas in a pod! Your's sounds wonderful!

  21. Would you believe I've never made Pumpkin Soup, Lena. As a matter of fact, I've never even tasted Pumpkin Soup! I sure would love to taste yours though. It looks heavenly. You did a GREAT job, Lena. Please thank your friend and you of course for sharing...

    P.S. I think you're ready for the Mushroom Soup Challenge, lol...

  22. Lena, your pumpkin soup looks yummy. Mouth-watering. I like it.
    I told you about my daughter being another victim of bag snatching. It happened just a week before her final exams of her pre-U matriculation. Luckily it did not affect badly on her studies and she said she did quite well in the exams. She will start first year engineering degree this coming January 2013.

    Take care and God bless you

  23. mich: thank you! maybe you can give it a try too!

    claire:ha..i still do that too :D

    esther; thanks. I'm using local pumpkins, cheap mah:D not sure abt the australian variety but japanese pumpkins are avail here in jusco.

    jasna: hi, how are you? yeah, i want to learn to cook more soups like this :)

    sonia: More used to chinese soups, right? but try this, it's tasty. hope your kids will like it .

    anne: LOL! it's okay at least now i think you can just do it without referring to a recipe!

    mimi: thank you!

    phong hong: sure your list is as long as toilet roll! Hahahaha!

    rsa aust: hi, thanks for coming by !

    ann: thank you!

    cheah: and your creamy chicken soup looks great too!

    yan: i know i know. BOth of us really like pumpkin a lot!

  24. Thanks for the shout out. (^_^) Super glad that you love this healthy & yummy soup! I love how you swirl the cream on mesmerizing ya! Indeed there are so many good recipes, potato leek, sweet corn etc, endless choices to try out. Looking forward to seeing ur next soup post. :) hope you have a wonderful weekend my dear friend.

  25. Ooo Lena, your pumpkin soup looks so rich and thick! Yummy.

  26. A stunning picture and a stunning soup!! so gorgeous
    Mary x

  27. I like the idea of roasting the pumpkin before making the soup, it will give it a great flavour, I must try that out. Thanks for the recipe. Take care Diane

  28. i will give this a try, Lena
    after my love at first bite with my first pumpkin project in the kitchen :)

  29. Hi Lena! Yeah, I can see now the part where you said you don't know how to make mushroom soup (yet). I love western soups but failed to make them until recently too :)

    You recipe looks yummy. Hopefully we'll inspire each other for many more soups to follow. Have a nice week ahead!

  30. I love the addition of apple and carrot to this soup.. thanks for sharing such a wonderful seasonal recipe on foodie friday.

  31. Hi Lena, sure looks delicious, but regret I'll take a pass on this as not a fan of pumpkins. But checking out your recipe, looks very exciting and interesting in making this soup.
    Have a fun week, Lena....

  32. doreen: thanks. I also want to make edamame or asparagus soup, hopefully not too long:)

    Duxa: thank you!

    Jessie: Try making it one day, maybe you will like it too.

    jen: hahaha! ok ok more or less i know...sshh..!

    diane: hi, thanks for the invite. Already linked!

    ade: thanks for your concern. I'm okay and now just using a small clutch, not used to. After reading some of the comments, i now to be more careful too when i'm getting off my car.

    joyce: then you should try to make this too :D

    chris:i like your curry and coconut milk version too, hope i can try that too someday.

    Louise: hello!! was so surprised to hear from you. I hope everything's fine with you. I just sent you a mail yesterday, do check ya.

    dreamer: good to hear that your daughter was alright and was not affected by the snatch. Tell her that also be careful when getting off from the car as i read from the comments the other day, she also staying in ipoh , the handbag was snatched when she was getting out from the car. They just cut the straps off the bag. So dangerous! what if the knife accidentally cut us?!Just 2 days ago, i went to a coffeeshop nearby that place and thanked the man who lend me his phone the other day and was told that another snatch happened again few days later! The police ought to do something!

  33. Bee: Thanks so much for your pumpkin soup recipe. Always wanted to make this for sometime but lazy to search for recipe. Yeah, would love to make more soup like this in future, was thinking of edamame soup and asparagus soup. You hv a great week too!

    yen: thanks very much! Have you made pumpkin soup before?

    mary: thank you very much!

    angie: thanks! i remember you made a coconut milk version too, i think that's delicious too!

    diane: hope you will love this too!

    alice: hope you will enjoy this soup too!

    miriam&bogdan: yeah, hope we will inspire each other to make more soups :) you too have a nice

    diane: no problem, happy to link.

    lee: oh yes i remember you do not favour pumpkin. Me used to be like you too but dont know when i started to like pumpkin so much and now a little crazy over them ; have a nice week!

  34. Ah-ha, finally the 'bowl' is being put to good use :)

  35. Ooosss its yummy...and simple too! Was wondering if you've any pumpkin ice cream or dessert recipes?

  36. I just made pumpkin soup last week too! It was infused with coconut milk and some curry powder.

  37. Hi Lena, the pumpkin soup color look lovely but sorry I don't like savory style. Will only take pumpkin if I make into dessert.

    But pumpkin is a very healthy food with lots of mineral. Keep up the good work!

    Have a nice week ahead.

  38. I love pumpkin soups and this one looks great! Funny I don't make many Asian soups (except miso soup) because I don't know how to make them, but I love them. I know they have such a complex of flavors, I do want to try soon!