Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Stuffed Crabs ( Ketam Sumbat )

Stuffed crabs is a very popular dish found in Kemaman, another district of Terengganu. It is something like a ' must eat ' food for tourists visiting there and not just that, i read that people purposely make a stop in Kemaman on the way to or back from their holidays in Cherating just to taste these crabs. If you google ' stuffed crabs kemaman' you will be able to find a list of pages on this subject alone. So i'm here today trying to replicate this famous kemaman crab dish at home judging from how people described, "stuffed with crab meat and veggies" and with a little discussion with Wendy and also tips from my mum.

Initially i made this earlier using ready cooked crab meat, then something was wrong somewhere and the 2nd time i made this, i bought the crabs and did the peeling myself , it was not a nice job doing that but i needed to try. If you plan to cook this in the future, you can actually get the ready cooked crab meat from sellers and  also ask them for the shells, i believe that they will have it, saves time but here i just want to show you that even if you are not able to get the ready cooked crab meat, you can still do it from scratch. I bought 5 crabs and after peeling the crab, the stuffing itself are just nice enough for 5 shells.

To obtain the crab meat, clean and boil the crabs first..

boil them for about 4-5 minutes or till cooked, then you can start peeling them
mix the ingredients and seasoning, dust the inner part of shells with flour and stuff in the filling
another coat of flour before frying. slowly put them into the hot oil. During the frying process,
reduce the heat to medium low, they will kind of float to the top
when cooked.

Crab meat  240gm
1 medium size onion, cut into small cubes
carrot, an inch, cut into small cubes
2 water chestnut, cut into small pieces
some coriander leaves

1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp chicken powder
1 egg, beaten
1 tsp tapioca /cornflour
dashes of white pepper

oil for deep frying and extra tapioca flour for coating

1. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and put in the seasoning, mix them till well combined and leave them for 10 minutes.
2. Dust the inner part of shells with a little flour , stuff the filling into the empty crabs shells and before frying, coat the filling layer with flour again.  Repeat with the rest and deep fry them in hot oil, takes just about 4 minutes to cook each shell.

I am submitting this post to Malaysian Food Fest ( Terengganu Month) hosted by frozen wings


  1. Great presentation, really like crab.
    I'm glued to the screen :)

    Kisses dear lena.

  2. Drool drool drool :) looks delicious ! :)

  3. Lena,
    that's just how it looks like when I had it there!
    It's a wonderful copycat version!
    Good job, good job!

  4. You are making my mouth water! Hey, is the house next to yours on sale? :)
    Looks so, so, so, delicious! Wish I lived next to you, then I'll self-invite myself over! Hahaha!
    I could a couple of these, no problem! Syiok-nya!!

  5. Lena , I've missed this dish ! All I can do is to sigh and drool over this delectable dish of yours ! :D

  6. I love having these 2 pieces as my dinner tonight.

  7. no price for guessing where you got the fresh crabs...heheheh. Yummy!!!

  8. very delicious delicacies from Kemaman!! yummy yummy!! thanks for sharing and step by step photo!!

  9. Oh gosh! I think I had this before long time ago! Looks super yummy la. You definitely did a wonderful post Lena, this is not an easy dish to make. Hats off my friend! Ok, enough talking, I eat one first! Nom nom nom....

  10. This dish is made with love.

  11. My husband told me that my SIL in Kuantan prepared very nice stuffed crabs but i have yet to minta recipe from her, also i hardly see fresh crabs selling in the market..You use flower crabs, more chance for me to get it, must try this one day with my SIL recipe.

  12. Hi Lena,

    Your Kemaman stuffed crabs
    Nice job, it's really fab
    I have just taken my dinner
    Can I have one for supper?


  13. Mmmmm this sounds just too delicious for words. Keep well Diane

  14. Oh my gosh, these stuffed crabs look incredible!! I could probably eat 20 of them in a row :)


  15. I like to "sumbat" some into my mouth, Lena.. lol..

  16. You are absolutely right, people stop by Kemaman to eat stuff crabs on their way or back from Cherating, I did exactly that :) People of Tgganu came out with this ingenious and effortless way to enjoy crabs! Quite some work to prepare it, isn't it? Really hats off to you!

  17. oh lena lena lena....

    akak setuju dengan reana claire, love to sumbat some into my mouth, sooo mouth watering la...

    asyik masak sedap2 jer lena ni, harap2 bila kita ada chance jumpa nanti, you dah cukup bulat dan montel, baru sedap nak hugs hugs..ok!

  18. Hi Lena, your stuffed crabs look good. I'm not keen to do the peeling job but would love to stuff some in my mouth. LOL

    Have a nice week ahead.

  19. WOW! So long never eat crabs. Your stuffed crabs make me hungrey!!

  20. I never seen this cooking method here, something new to me :)

  21. Lena,
    Wow! these stuffed crabs look so delish!
    My Sam would be very happy if i cook this for him.
    I like crabs too. Can i have two please?..one for Sam and one for me..;p


  22. Wow ... drooling just looking at the photos. Dinner wait for me ok?

  23. Lena, I love crabs and this dish looks so yummy but I am sure I am good at eating it but not cooking, so can spare one to me hahaha...

  24. You deserved a big hug from any one who has enjoyed this lovely stuffed crabs : ), though it does not necessarily compensate all your efforts and patience.

  25. Lena, I love your stuffed crabs! Somehow now I feel itchy to buy crabs and peel even though I remember how tedious it was!

  26. Wow, this looks so delicious! Love the filling ingredients of water chestnut, carrots and onions... i should buy some crabs and give this a try...

  27. ooo.. That looks amazing! Your family is really lucky to have you to cook for them! So much attention- I think water chestnuts would have given it a crunch and sweetness! Nice!

  28. It looks amazing. And your pictures make it even more delicious. I like the clean composition.

  29. Looks so delicious! And the effort that goes to making these makes the dish even more homely and wonderful!

  30. Great idea, these look delicious. Just wish I was able to eat crab!!

  31. Wow they look so much better than those I had at the Ipoh Swimming Club recently!

  32. duxa: thank you so much! is it easy to get fresh crabs over there?

    elin: i know you like crabs too!

    wendy: thanks for the idea on telling me what are the veggies inside..you know la..i cooked this based on what you told me and also picturing the one that we i eat at chinese restaurants..

    joyce: you sure you want to live next to me? i think i will disturb you more...knocking on your door every day!

    anne: nevr mind, you try make them some day!

    yan: eh, maybe you can ask your hubby to cook this since you said he can cook :)

    barb: wrong lah! these are flower crabs, the boss doesnt have these kind of crabs...heehee...

    peisan: you are welcome! hope one day you can try to cook some !

    bee2: it's not too complicated to cookbut need to get this and that done for preparation especially peeling the crabs...oouch, my finger hurts! LOL!

    edith: lots of love!!

    sonia: actually if you use mud crabs , the flesh will be sweeter. Try get the recipe from sil , would love to see your version!

  33. dreamer:

    one piece for supper is alright
    anything more than that is not right
    fried stuffs are not good for your stomach at nite
    even if they make you fall in love at first sight..

  34. diane: thank you, sorry for not visiting lately, will be dropping by soon!

    cindy: thank you!

    sues: wow...you really can eat!!!

    claire: haha! you making me laugh!!

    ade: thank you! it's really a bit of work, hope you will enjoy all the terengganu dishes this month and dun forget to chk the roundup beginning next month:)

    queenie: ya lah, itu reanaclaire memang kelakar, no lah kak i need to reduce some weight...banyak makan dua tiga bulan ini:D

    amelia: i know peeling the crabs is not fun at all..next time you want to cook, just get the ready cooked ones la!

    ann: cook them quick...haha!

    cass: oh really? i thought some chinese restaurants have it or maybe during chinese wedding dinners..normally they come out as the first dish..

    doreen: then you shld start cooking some for him ;)

    chris: haha! okok..

    jess: it may look a little tedious but they are nice , try them one day!

    maureen: thank you, good to hear that at least those who ate this have enjoyed it!

    1. Lena,
      We just had stuffed crab for dinner. Recipe source from ms Lena of Frozen Wings...LOL
      It is so so nice. Sam was so happy to have it. Thanks so much for sharing. Will post to MFF soon..:)

  35. phong hong: yeah, a little tedious. earlier, i used ready packed meat but then i thought it's more appropriate to show these..just for the event!

    mich: oh, do try it some day!

    daphne: thank you for the nice words. I find them tasty!

    cquek: thanks for dropping by and thnks for your compliments!

    riceball: hey, how are you? it's been so long that you last posted! catch up soon!

    carol: you're allergy to crabs?

    cheah: thank you, see one day if i go to ipoh swimming club, i want to try those :))

  36. Although I'm allergy to crabs, I must say your stuffed crab looks really good! No point drooling... I can't eat them anyway :p

  37. I think I've overlooked this stuffed crab when you 1st posted it until I saw your coffee cake today! If you want me to choose either the cake or this crab! Definitely the crab, hahaha. We don't normally eat crab here very often becoz they are very expensive. Or shall I say the mud crab is very expensive compares to the blue swimmer crab(like fa hai in cantonese). They look very delicious, Lena!

  38. I think you cook this to perfection. Better than the one I had in Kuantan. Too bad I didn't have time to taste this while in KT. Beautiful presentation too.

  39. I am salivating over the ketam sumbat which I must eat every time we visit Kemaman. I think I should be able to try this out..but only if I can overcome "killing" the crab myself...or do you buy ready frozen ones?