Friday, October 5, 2012

Roti Paun

As i've mentioned in my Terengganu introductory post earlier, Roti Paun is a popular kind of buns found in Terengganu and from what i understand , these buns are really almost half the size of our ordinary buns, super soft and taste buttery. Roti paun started with just plain buns but now they have various fillings like red beans, coconut, kaya, margerine and they can be found along many streets in Terengganu, thanks to Kak KNor from Secubit Garam for telling me that. Something funny about me regarding this MFF event is that, you know when it first started with Malacca month, i was so excited to learn and know of the various popular traditional food in malacca that made me feel like going to malacca straight away, taste the food and buy some nyonya ware back home. The same thing happened last month with Sarawak, i wished i can just fly over to sarawak and savour all the delicious food there like kolo mee, kompia and many more. And now this week i actually feel like going to Terengganu! i think by the end of this MFF event, i would want to travel to all the states in Malaysia!

The method here i'm using is gelatinised dough method from Alex Goh which i tried many times at home for my simple buns as seen in here and here. If you too want to make some roti paun to share it with us this month, use any of your favourite basic dough recipe and feel free to use any of  the fillings i mentioned just now.

get ready cubes of butter
wrap the dough with a cube of butter inside

Recipe ( with reference from Nasi Lemak Lover and )
makes around 28 little buns
Basic sweet bread dough recipe
A 100gm bread flour
    70gm boiling water

B 300gm bread flour
    100gm plain flour
    80gm sugar
    6gm salt
   20gm milk powder
   9gm instant yeast

C 175gm cold water
    60gm cold eggs

D 60gm butter

cold butter cubes

For glazing:
melted butter

1. Add the boiling waetr from A into flour, mix well to form a dough. Cover and set aside to cool. Keep in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours.
2.Mix B until well blended. Add in C and knead to form rough dough. Add in A and knead until well blended. Add in D and knead to form a smooth dough. Let it proof for an hour.
3. Divide each dough into 30gms, shape iinto round again. Flatten the dough and put in a cube of butter inside and seal well. Let it proof in the baking tin for another 40 minutes.
4. Bake in a preheated oven at 190C for around 12-15 minutes. Once they are out from oven, glaze with melted butter. ( i forgot to glaze!! )

I am submitting this post to Malaysian Food Fest ( Terengganu month ) hosted by myself

also sharing this with BYOB( Bake Your Own Bread ) hosted by GirlichefDelectable Musings and My Discovery of Bread


  1. Lena, when I was a little girl my grandma used to buy these roti paun for me. There are 2 sizes, big and small. I always prefer the plain butter ones. Will be posting roti paun tomorrow and mine is the old fashioned method used by my grandaunts. Love your version here and yes, you must go to Terengganu soon!

  2. So soft and fluffy! I can eat a few of these at one go... I think I will enjoy these most with coconut!

  3. this is easy and delicious!! ohh....i must make this!!

  4. Hi Lena,
    Would it be oily? Wrap with a piece of butter...sorry to ask this silly question because I never try it before.

  5. phong hong: oh, so they also have big ones! i'm really looking forward to see your grandma's method of making these!

    mich: this is one of the method that i use very often to make simple buns. try making some coconut buns:D

    pei san: oh, please do!! hope you will like it!!

    shenny: no shenny, it's not a silly question. it is not oily at all surprisingly and no yellow tinge inside the buns. But i do not know the real roti pauns are oily or not.. i guess not :))

  6. Those small buns must be very fragrant with buttery filling. Very soft and fluffy texture too.

  7. Looks so fluffy. I like this method of making buns too!

  8. Wah very swee! You so fast ya, I still thinking next week making, heehee. I guess any sweet dough recipe will do right? Ok ok, will post mine soon! :))

  9. nice! skrg ni kalau lena nak tau, saiz roti paung much2 more smaller than that. it's so small, tak tau la besar mana dia org bulatkan sebelum proofing.. bila siap bakar , besar sket dr ibu jari kaki hehehe.. sekali hadap boleh abis satu loyang nak2 kalau makan panas2..

    datang la lawat trg, tp jgn dtgdlm masa dua bulan lg sbb tak lama lagi musim tengkujuh.. unless u nak main air hujan dan banjir :)

  10. want to ask my bf go buy some for me....he now at pandai barat...

  11. I love the texture of your bread , Lena ! It looks so soft and fluffy ..... Will try this recipe sometime next week :D

  12. Lovely texture, Lena. So soft and fluffy. So happen, I'll be making a day trip to KT next week. Your post comes timely..I will try to look for this roti paun while i'm there if i can. yum.

  13. Hi Lena, I was speechless with your images,
    that crumb so soft, I really liked!
    Kisses dear:)

  14. I could a few of those in one go! Don't even have to butter it, yum!

  15. How envy... I couldn't never made yummy bread... Kekeke... These buns are awfully fantastic Lena... Send some to me???

  16. Most will like the butter version, but I am crazy for the one with coconut, made from a shop in Kampung Tiong, not too far from the temple.

  17. Lena,
    oh yeah, regarding Shenny's question, the butter ones, usually will leave a yellow spot in the middle. Maybe due to their use of margarine.

  18. haha, I forgot also, the buns at the size of a calamansi lime only.. one mouth, one piece :p

  19. Didn't know this. No matter the size, it must be great. :P

  20. Hi Lena,

    The Terengganu roti paun
    A popular breakfast choice
    Well made and posted so soon
    A good reason to rejoice

    Happy weekend

  21. Your roti paun in the first picture looks like blossom flower to me :D

    And when you said the bun is smaller size compare to normal ones, I can't imagine them until I saw your palm holding it (with the butter). It's really MINI!

    I can pop a lot into my mouth with a cup of hot black coffee! Haha~

  22. Hi Lena,

    Are you using kitchen aid to knead yr dough, I'm b using kithcen aid KSM150 stand mixer for the kneading,hope you can help me with the below queries as my bun did not turn out as soft as yours previously.
    1.Mix B until well blended - for how long low speed rite? Add in C and knead to form rough dough - what speed & for how long? Add in A and knead until well blended - what speed & for how long?. Add in D and knead to form a smooth dough - what speed & for how long? Let it proof for an hour.
    3. Divide each dough into 30gms, shape iinto round again. Flatten the dough and put in a cube of butter inside and seal well. Let it proof in the baking tin for another 40 minutes.
    I'm quite lousy in shaping the buns any tips or youtube you can adv to help on this.
    Sorry for asking so many questions.

  23. Lena, I have missed so much. I need to spend more time catching up with you! I would love to travel all around just to taste the local foods. The next best thing is to find authentic recipes shared be others and make it for yourself! I love these...little buns and a flavor packed surprise inside! Butter! Yum!

  24. Hi Lena,got up in the morning & saw your roti paun,I would like to taste the original flavour b4 other flavours.Just get to know abt it from Phong Hong!

  25. Hi Lena, Your roti paun looks so soft and yummy! I like this recipe of Alex Goh, makes very nice bread, soft and so good! Must try it with butter in the centre, roti paun style!

  26. Wow, do these buns ever look good. Love your pictures, they looks so delicious.

  27. eileen, hundred eighty degreesOctober 7, 2012 at 6:57 PM

    I made this before,it's our all time favourite.: ) I haven't been baking bread for quite sometime. Yours looks delicious: )

  28. vivian: Thank you!i think i will put in more butter inside the buns next time.

    cheah: yeah, i remember you told me that you like this method too!

    bee2: thank you! must do ahead otherwise nothing to post as a host..haha! sure, you can use any sweet dough recipe as you wish, dear!! we just want everyone to know abt roti paun and try making it at home:)

    knor: haha! lena tak mahu minum air hujan:D okay, bila i ada plans datang terengganu, akan chk itu cuaca dengan kak dulu..hehe..huh? the roti paun so small only? kalau buat di rumah, sudah letih buat bun2 kecil ini!

    hody: good ..make sure he receives your order!! LOL!

    anne: great! put in more butter inside!

    cquek: thank you!

    jen: jealous! jealous!!!

    duxa: thank you so much!i think your photos are great !

    jenanie: that's quite true! dont we love soft fluffy buns? try to make some!

    mimi: hahaha! dont give up yet..with a couple more of practises, i'm very sure you can churn out nice breads from your kitchen!

    wendy: maybe i shld put in more butter. So small like calamansi lime? wah, want to shape also tired oredi! not one mouth one piece oredi then, it's one mouth 3 pieces!! LOL!

    alex: thanks!

  29. dreamer:

    not easy to make dishes from other states
    especially when one not tasted it before
    fear too giving wrong info that might stir a debate
    this is not what MFF is looking for..

  30. yvonne: hi, it seems that from the comments i read here, the roti paun is now even smaller, just a thumb size!!

  31. i love gelatinized method, too!
    i will give this a try with butter at the centre
    coconut will be great, too!

  32. christina: hi, it's okay for the questions. I try my best to answer them. Yes, i'm using KA to make all my breads, model 5K45SS.
    1. Mix B until blended- these are all dry ingredients, you can actually use a fork to stir it around before you put them in a mixer,the idea is just mix till they are well combine. Then you pour in the eggs and milk slowly, it will sort of clump together to form a dough, i use speed 2 to do this, not long depends how long it forms a dough , usually will just take about a minute or two. Then you can tear (A) into 2 or 3 pieces and dump them into the dough, speed 2. Knead them for about a min, then increase the speed to 4 and knead for abt 3 mins, put in the butter and this process takes the longest, you will hv to let it knead till all the butter is incorporated into the dough, at some point the dough may appear a little wet, you can just sprinkle a little flour around it. Usually this step i use speed 4 and sometimes interchangeable with speed 6. You may need to knead for around 15 mins. The dough will appear shiny and you judge, if it's still wet, just sprinkle a little flour. Sometimes i notice that i might not even need to put in all the water in part (c)..thats why you pour in the water little by little ..if you find that the dough is wet, you can reduce the water by 10ml. Usually i take about 20 minutes for the whole kneading process.
    i dont usually knead till window pane stage, still sometimes depends on recipe, if they were required to do so..
    2) you can refer here how to shape the buns

  33. angie: thank you and just want to tell you, i admire all your breads. they are just so fantastic looking, im going to try one of them soon!

    lyndsey: i was about to go to log off yesterday night and saw your comment came in! thot you were holidays!

    jessie: yeah, now i also understand it more from phong hong!

    joyce: yes, i know you are also a fan of alex goh! well actually you re a fan of so many chefs !!

    nancy: such a pleasure to have you coming by! thank you so much! i love your blog!

    eileen: oh, i cant remember you making this! thanks so much!

  34. I really like this MFF event, all of you are putting in so much effort to introduce local delicacies, some of them which I don't even know existed :) Great job!

  35. Oh wow! if i want to eat bread, this would be it- it looks so fluffy and soft!! I didn't know this bread exist till you explain it here.

  36. Roti paun kelantan besar seperti bun manis biasa.Teruja nak lihat roti paun Terengganu yang Nor cakapkan tu..besar sedikit dari ibu jari kaki..mesti very cute kan...

    Lena..roti paun lena nampak sungguh gebu:)

  37. Hi Lena, these rolls are so pillowy soft, and totally delicious. Love the texture of them and the delicate sweetness. Such an amazing recipe...thanks for sharing!xo

  38. alice: looking forward to your roti paun!

    ade: yup, if not for this MFF event, i think i'm also just as blurr as you as what do people commonly eat in another state..hee hee..

    daphne: i'm sure you will love these too!

    kakcm: thank you! ya lah, so kecil ..pasti letih buat roti itu, i pun surprised to learn that they are so small..

    elisabeth: thanks a lot! do give these method of making bread, very nice results if you want soft fluffy bread :)

  39. Hi Lena,

    I would love to bake these Terengganu delicacy... most likely I will bake these after my trip. My apology that I can't participate your event :(


  40. I don't know why but all of a sudden, I just wish for chicken curry gravy so that I can dip these buns into the spicy aromatic gravy. :O

  41. It is interesting that you wrapped a butter inside the bun, and when it baked, it looks so good.

  42. coffee ready, but no more roti paun, because i am too late, hehehe..Thanks for the mentioned, love this roti!

  43. Hi Lena, nice roti paun, texture look so good.. Guess no more left? LOL

    Have a nice week ahead.

  44. Hi Lena,
    Love your roti paun so much! Can't wait to try it this weekend. Btw, what's the use of the cold dough? What effect of it to the paun?
    Thanks in advance!

  45. hi alicia: thank you! this method yields very nice results and do not require really long hours to wait, just dump the starter in the fridge overnight. Usually when a butter is called as an ingredient in bread making, we usually put in cold butter as i guess it can absorbed better into the dough during the kneading process..not too sure of the cold eggs tho:)

  46. Thanks a bunch, Lena!