Monday, October 29, 2012

Overnight Yogurt Sunflower Seeds Rolls - # Twelve Loaves

When i saw the theme for this month Twelve Loaves, a monthly baking event hosted by my friend, Lora is Nuts, Seeds and Grains, i knew i got to make something for it. At the same time, i saw these beautiful rolls over at Angie's blog.. seems manageable and the ingredients are fairly common It is also something which i've never tried before for bread making, overnight yogurt fermentation. I made these 2 times, the first time i made them, i found that they were a little too sourish for me due to the yogurt , you see it uses quite a large volume of yogurt here and so the 2nd time when i made them again, i switched to another brand of yogurt, Nestle. I didnt want to make any significant changes to the amount of yogurt used in the recipe, afterall  these are called yogurt rolls. I'm pleased with the results, the crumbs are tender and the rolls give a pleasing sour tang taste. Also delighted to know how easy the shaping was done. Just roll the dough into a square , fold the four sides to meet in the middle , turn the dough over and then just cut them!

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Recipe ( from Angie's recipes ) with addition of flax seeds and butter
makes 9 rolls
150gm wholewheat flour
230g bread flour
1.5tsp sea salt
3tbsp flax seeds
6gm instant yeast
390gm yogurt
15gm butter

1. Mix the first 5 ingredients in the bowl of the electric mixer till well combined. You can use a fork to mix.
2.Attach the dough hook to the mixer and put in the yogurt, on the mixer on low speed. Let it knead till it becomes a dough, will take several minutes and put in the butter. The dough will become fairly wet after mixing in the butter. You can sprinkle some flour around the bowl. Let it knead for about 10 minutes.
3. Remove the dough and let it proof overnight ( i proofed the dough overnight in the fridge )
4. The next morning, remove the dough and roll it on a well floured surface to 40cmx40cm square. Fold each side to meet in the middle and flip the dough over. Cut the dough into 9 pieces , brush the surface with water and sprinkle with sunflower seeds. Place them on a baking tray lined baking paper. Cover with a clean cloth and let it proof for an hour.
5. Place a roasting tin at the bottom of the oven and preheat to 250C. Put the bread in the hot oven and pour  some boiling water on to the roasting tin. Close the oven and bake for about 20 mins ( I baked mine at 15 mins )

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  1. These look perfect , Lena ! Just love these healthy and delicious bread ! Haven't tried baking bread with yogurt yet ..... Great with a cup or three of cappuccino :D

  2. the bread looks so yummy... i wldnt mind having a few...w butter...arh...:))

  3. wow thumbs up lena! ni sehat punya bun, i love it!
    eh, dah banyak collect ur recipe...taktau nak try mana satu, semuanya woweee...

    ahem lena...ada zip putus tak bila hari2 makan sedap? haha joke joke only...

  4. Lovely rolls, Lena! I love sunflower seeds in breads, I made an overnight bread will yoghurt before and I like it, so I would love to have this! Good with kopi!

  5. Lena, yummy! I always love buns or bread with seeds in or on them. I am bookmarking this one.

  6. Hi Lena, love the use of yoghurt and whole wheat flour in bread and it looks so fluffy!

  7. Eileen, Hundred Eughty DegreesOctober 29, 2012 at 10:38 AM

    Sound interesting. Steam bake bread? Yummy

  8. Lena, I was about to logout my blog but then saw your new post & bread it is, must drop by to leave a message here! Yoghurt bread always sounds so interesting to me. I really like it!

  9. I should really get back into my kitchen~

    This recipe with yogurt is really simple and delicious. Wish to have it now with a cup of coffee :D

  10. Lena,
    The shaping of the bread look simple.
    Like the seeds and the softness of this bread
    Nice to have with a cuppa of latte:)

  11. They look soft and are nutritious too. Good for my breakfast now!

  12. I learnt 2 new things here, overnight yogurt dough and steam bath baking method. How nice to have these healthy buns to start the day :)

  13. Wa you make me drool ! Looks good and I have KIV it :)

  14. Yes, Elin better KIV this... healthy food is suitable for us older ladies... :)

  15. I just made a fresh batch of homemade yogurt, this is perfect timing :) am gonna try this one out very soon. Thanks Lena!

  16. lovely soft bread! care to give me one or two :)

  17. Sound so healthy but I know my family will not like this type of healthy bread, no chance to try out ..

  18. Eat with chicken curry...yum!

  19. Oh Lena, how I miss your delicious posts. Your rolls look heavenly and I am so intrigued by the use of yogurt.

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  20. Oh that looks so healthy and delicious! Oh I'm so bad at keeping up with the blog sphere happenings! I wish I knew about this twelve loaves event, else I would have join in too. :P Ai ya, I keep saying but just didn't get to annoying! And just now I was still hoping to do a Halloween bake....:P

  21. Lena, your rolls are super incredible, perfect and oh, so yummy! What a great inspiration from Angie, using her recipe. She does make amazing breads and rolls, and you my dear friend are very talented with your breads/rolls baking. As for me...I am not in the same 'league' with your girls, and feeling spoiled by my daughter Lora, making her own awesome breads, and goodies:) xo

  22. Lena, I agree these look amazing. I am not a baker and am so interesting hearing all you did and the tweaking to make them perfect! Love you photos too!

  23. Oh my goodness, this looks absolutely perfect! I can't believe I haven't made rolls before!

  24. Wholemeal, seeds and yogurt are all healhty ingredients. I don't mind having these healty breads every day.

  25. Very yummy Lena, I'd like a sandwich for my lunch with one of your rolls, some thinly sliced rosemary ham and a bit of Gruyere. Make it warm, please! :) LOVE these rolls!

  26. Wow, these look absolutely perfect! There's nothing quite like homemade bread :)


  27. I love these overnight rolls, Lena. Made with yogurt-they must be so moist and fluffy. It's a delicious addition to this month's challenge at #TwelveLoaves. I always look forward to seeing your wonderful breads:)

  28. Beautiful bread, I love mass so with seeds, have a fantastic taste and texture.
    Kisses lena, good week:)

  29. Wow Lena, your bread looks awesome, I so wish I would wake up with the smell of this bread in the oven.
    Have a wonderful week ahead :)

  30. These sound fantastic I bet they taste amazing! Great way to start the day.

  31. Would love to have some for my breakfast. I really love wholemeal bread. Have a great day ahead, dear.

  32. anne: thank you, try making them some day!

    mimi: good for toasting too!

    queenie: haha..baju pun pecah macam incredible hulk!

    joyce: yeah, i remember you did it with yogurt too! nice!

    phong hong: hope you will love them too!

    mich: thank you, they are quite soft and textures are great too!

    eileen: yeah! i think that's also helps to keep the rolls moist.

    jessie: thank you so much! these are nice, good for sandwiches too, i also like the unusual tang in the rolls.

    yvonne: hehe..hv been quite some time never seen you baking :)

    doreen: yeah, great to know this shaping method, easy!

    cheah: thank you! they are nice with a little tanginess :)

    ade: oh yeah, they are moist too..i guess the steam bath method helps to maintain the moisture level in the rolls :)

    elin: hope you will like them :)

    claire: haha...dun worry if elin make them, sure you will be one of those lucky recipients :D

    esther: wow great! i nvr tried making my own yogurt!

    tze: thank you dear!

    sonia: haha.ok..ok..

    pete: forgot to ask you, so are you the bruce lee in the video??

    louise: hi!!! so happy to see you here! miss you! hope everything's well , do take care!

  33. I love yogurt in breads and baked goods and what is better is this is overnight bread. We get bread and we get rest:) beautiful

  34. Oh wow.......your bread looks so fresh and successful. Love all those seeds on top. Lena, you sure have all the wholesome goodness in those beautify loaves. Love it. Hope you have a great day.

  35. Hi Lena, yummy bread, nice to go with a cup of hot Ipoh coffee. Guess your bread finish already. LOL

    Have a nice day, regards.

  36. bee2: oh, the twelve loaves baking in a monnthly event and this month is baking with autumn fruits. You can click on the link to read further.

    elisabeth: do you know how lucky you are not having to bake and yet can enjoy all the lovely bakes by lora?! i want to :D

    lyndsey: thanks, lyn. really enjoyed eating these rolls.

    cathleen: but you've made making rolls shld not be a problem to you at all:)

    yan: thanks, i think you will love these roll, good for toasting too!

    chris: haha! now you're making me hungry!!

    sues: thank you!

    lora: happy to join and will be joining again this month!

    duxa: thank you so much!

    juliana: me too! thanks a lot!

    carol: thank you! they are great for toasting, sandwiches or just with anything!

    kristy: thank you !wishing you a beautiful sunday!

    jessica: haha! i like that you said you get bread and you get rest!!

    marymoh: hi mary, how are you?! i've been so slow in catching up with post, will visit you soon!

    jes: yeah, it's pretty easy to shape them as well:)

    amelia: haha!of course! have a nice week ahead!