Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Laksam Terengganu

You know, previously when i first heard of laksam, i thought it's a laksa, probably called differently or just another term used by other states. Until i went in to really check what is it actually while preparing for this MFF event, i know that it's nothing looks like laksa noodles but in fact looks more like hong kong chee cheong fun to me, slightly thicker. Yeah, the batter is steamed and the sheets are then cut and sliced before eating. It is a well known local food with very much loved by its people in Terengganu. The gravy of laksam is rich, which is made up of coconut milk and also blended fish meat and accompanied by ulams and local herbs, beansprouts and cucumber. As this is such a common and popular food in Terengganu, i decided to make this and share it with all of you,especially to those who have not heard of laksam.

the rice sheet after cooked
it then rolled and sliced

Looking thru some of the recipes, i found that ulam ( salad ) can be anything of your own choice but the more common ones are beansprouts, long beans and laksa leaves. What i put in here for mine are some beansprouts, cucumber, laksa leaves, thai basil leaves and also some bunga kanthan. I have not made chee cheong fun before therefore i was a little nervous when making the rice sheets. My first tray was a flop, i spreaded the batter too thick on the pan and it ended up half cooked and way too thick. Then i added a little more water to make the batter thinner and poured a much thinner batter on the second tray, it formed! Phew! But i still shld have made them a little more thinner and smoother. The gravy itself is nice, very fragrant coming from the coconut milk though i find that it's a little rich for me. I will put in more water to dilute the coconut milk if the next time i'm going to cook this again. Despite the thick gravy, i still enjoy eating this bowl of laksam very much and with sambal belachan, good da ney!

..a closer look..
almost forgot abt the could i?! here it is. 

Recipe ( with reference from and Nazira's secret garden ) with slight modification
serves 2-3 people
To make Laksam noodles
250gm of rice flour
62gm plain flour
450ml-500ml water

Mix all of the above , stir well and strain the batter. Pour a thin layer onto an oiled steaming tray and steam for around 10mins or until cooked. You will see it's cooked with the sheet is kind of folded upwards like in the picture above. Remove from heat and let cool before slicing them.

Laksam Gravy
3 mackarel fishes ( ikan kembong), cleaned
1/2 tbsp black pepper
5 pieces shallots
2 pieces of tamarind pulp, soaked in water first
1 inch piece of ginger
2 cups of coconut milk
1/2 cup water (or more)
pinch of salt and sugar to taste

Accompaniments ( my choice )
bean sprouts/taugeh ( i blanched for 5-6 seconds)
thai basil leaves/ daun selasih, cut or shredded thinly
laksa leaves/ daun kesom, cut or shredded thinly
torchginger bud / bunga kanthan, sliced thinly

Sambal belacan
5 red chillies, deseeded
1 thumb size belachan/ shrimp paste ( toasted )
 Pound the toasted belachan while it's still hot together with the chillies till they turn into a paste.

UPDATED AT 13.50- OCT03, 2012
i just realised that i put in more coconut milk than required, no wonder i said the gravy was a little rich for me. If you're doing it for the first time, use around 200ml to 300ml of coconut milk and adjust the water according to your preferred richness. That's how we learn thru mistakes :D

1. Steam/ cook the fish in boiling water till cooked.Flake the meat and blend/pound the meat till a rough coarse. ( i mashed with a fork ). Set aside.
2.Pound the shallots, ginger and black pepper together. In a wok or pot, add in the coconut milk, pounded ingredients, tamarind pulp, the pounded fish meat and let it bring to a boil. Let it boil for several minutes and turn off the heat.
3.   Put some laksam noodles on a bowl, pour over some gravy and serve with accompaniments along with some sambal belacan.

I am submitting this post to Malaysian Food Fest ( Terengganu month) hosted by me


  1. yummy! My favourite!! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  2. You know I thought it was laksa also, haha! Until I saw Alan's post. :) very interesting dish indeed. Too bad I didn't eat too much local cuisine while I was in Terengganu. :P hope I can still chip in for this MFF, bcos it Lena my friend hosting! Roti paun can lah horr, heehee

  3. So this is Laksam? Same here, I've always thought Laksam is Laksa, maybe the pronunciation is different :)

    Now you make me wonder how it tasted....

  4. i love laksam! nak semangkuk! menggoda la laksam lena .. :)

  5. Wow Lena, this looks so delicious! And you even made your own noodles. This looks pretty complex when I first saw it online but now going through your recipe, it doesn't seem so hard.

  6. Saw this in Alan's blog and mmm seeing here confirms this dish is menggoda betul ! :) Thanks for sharing such a mouth watering meal :)

  7. Lena, bravo! This is a very popular dish in TGG. My family and I love it very much too. One of the ulam that goes into Laksam is the young shoots of the cashew nut tree. It has quiet a strong smell. I don't think it is very common these days.

  8. The gravy is also white in colour, I thought it will be reddish gravy.

  9. Hi Lena,

    From Lena, here's Laksam Terengganu
    A nice dish selected from the menu
    Submitting to MFF and posted today
    Our pretty host showing the way

    Ulam sambal belachan an appetising food
    The laksam must be finger licking good
    Whether like laksa or 'chee cheong fun'
    Love to have it for lunch at noon

    Bye for now

  10. I've had this once when a friend brought me to this one place. I must admit having chee cheong fun in a coconut gravy was a little weird. It tasted ok, wasn't too crazy about it. I enjoyed all the vegetables in it tho esp the chai po that added an interesting crunch.

  11. Would love to taste this too but way too much work lol! me lazy cook!

  12. Very interesting laksam! Thanks for the sharing! =)

  13. When I was kid I stay few years in Terengganu. I only know about the coconut gravy. Some are red which with added chili paste. Do Terengganu people serve this gravy with laksa noddles? That is what I can recall. Serving this coconut gravy with laksa noddles instead of 'chee cheong fun'.

  14. I thought it was laksa too! Hahaha! Learnt something today! Looks good with the sambal belacan. Wonder how it tastes like with a squeeze of lime over. Thanks for sharing this, Lena! Now can I have the share of the last picture? Love Ipoh taugey, so fat, crunchy and juicy!

  15. wah bagusnya Lena buat sendiri Laksamnya.Selalunya Cm beli di kedai dan hanya bikin kuah saja..Cm sangat suka laksam.

    Cuba Lena tambah telur puyuh rebus dan serunding daging(terengganu)semasa menghidangnya.Pasti bertambah Yummy..cuba la:)

  16. Oh yeah, totally agree with you Lena, I would have thought that laksam is laksa! After reading few of the blogger friends' recipesI'm starting to get exciting about Terengganu & the local food that they like to eat! This is certainly a new recipe to me & interesting to know!

  17. It seems like a lot of work! Not sure if it's something I'd enjoy eating but certainly looks very unique!

  18. shall we say laksam = laksa + home-made chee cheong fan? :(

    Since it has fish and cucumber == that is laksa minus assam ko ???

    I think it is such a GREAT idea to have this MFF events ... now we finally learn what other states in Malaysia is eating! Really great idea!


  19. I live in the Netherlands. Every year the Malaysian Embassy has a food fair to introduce Malaysian food to the locals (and of course attended by many Malaysians within NL each year). I participated last year. Next year, 2013 I intended to run a stall of my own. I think I will bring Laksam to the food fair. We always have the usual such as curry puffs, goreng pisang, murtabak, satay etc. It would be good to bring something unusual, I think.

  20. Lena, I would love to try this awesome dish; although I've never had Laksam noodles, I know I would love it:) xo

  21. again Lena, airliur dah menitis-nitis ni...
    ini memang satu lagi my fav!!! I sker laksam Ganu esp kuahnya yg pekat, lagi best kalau ikan kembung tu kita bakar, aroma dia lagi syiok tau lena...

    hmm...always sibuk masak untuk orang, taktau bila boleh try resepi ni...pasar malam punya kurang ummph!

    tenkiu Lena for sharing this recipe, sayang you and malu at you one Chinese tapi boleh masak macam-macam menu Melayu. Tapi ini menu Malaysian kan? so Lena boleh!!!

  22. Laksam! I only had good ones when I visited Trengganu. The ones in KL have been very disappointing.

  23. Hi Lena, delicious laksam... love to have extra sambal belachan. yum yum.

    I made chee cheong fun very often, guess I'll just use the CCF to make this laksam will do. Texture of CCF maybe slightly different but I think it work fine to me.

    Have a nice day, regards.

  24. Oh I did not know that it was actually easy to make the noodle. I can give my husband a surprise with this. My husband from Terengganu. Maybe I can impressed my mother in-law...hehehe...but need to secretly practise first. Thanks for sharing.

  25. GOSH it looks so good. Need to try this when I have the time.

  26. Dear Lena, This is such a beautiful recipe. It is colorful and healthy looking. Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  27. Lena,
    Laksam..hehe I actualyy thought it was laksa. After taking a good look, it is like what you mention chee cheong fen. Your laksam looks delicious. Can I try some please?
    I have baked some roti paung yesterday, to support my friend here. Will post it tomorrow..;)

  28. Oh Lena this look really delicious!!

  29. It has been so long since I had this laksa. It looks really authentic- you are amazing in creating hawker dishes like this at home! Comfort dish Lena!

  30. Eileen, Hundred Eighty DegreesOctober 5, 2012 at 7:32 AM

    Sounds like laksa but looks like Chee Cheong Fun. This somehow is unique, normally ccf is wrapped with cha siew or prawns,..wrapping with beansprout sound like a poppiah hybrid...: )

  31. Lena , laksa yes ! Laksam , just now ! lol Kinda like the rice cake here , I think ?! Sambal is a must and don't you forget it ! :D Deliciously simple dish !

  32. Whenever i eat laksam outside, i will always ask the makcik to reduce the rice rolls and add more soup heehee. I find the rice rolls tend to be very clumpy and dry, and it's a bit offputting. Maybe now's a good time to make my own, so i can "customise it" LOL.

  33. cynful pleasure: hi, you are welcome and thanks for dropping by!

    bee2: hey, thanks for saying that. Roti paun of course can, i also made them. I feel like going to terengganu oredi! LOL!

    yvonne: emm..the gravy is non spicy , not sourish but a little coconut-y.

    knor: thanks a lot, kak for your compliments!

    MIch: it's isnt that complex and it's also not very tedioous if you plan your timing and preparations well :)

    elin: thank you! i realised that i put in too much coconut milk!

    phong hong: are you referring to daun gajus? if it is, we can still get it here in the market. The last time i used that for my nasi ulam.

    yan: no, just santan ..:)the reddish one could be laksa kuah merah.

  34. dreamer:

    few more terengganu dishes coming the way
    savoury dishes and bread to share
    hope that you will still find them okay
    not hoping for distinction but at least a fair

    oh, i too love ulam a lot
    especially in nasi ulam and nasi kerabu
    blessed to live in a land of melting pot
    a place that my heart is very much attached to

  35. ping: chai po? that's interesting to know!

    jeannie: hmm..some preparation work still needs to be done like cooking the fish and some pounding job!

    Karlim: you are welcome and thanks for coming by!

    vivian: i think you might be talking about the laksa kuah putih..see my introductory post, there's a picture there..

    joyce: i actually saw one recipe that uses lime juice also. can wat..yeah, our ipoh taugeh is fat and chunky..LOL!

    cikmanggis: thank you for your suggestion, kak! Serunding sounds like quite nice. here i cannot get ready made laksam noodles, otherwise i would have bought them!! haha!

    jessie: that's what i always thought too! i'm already getting excited now!!

    kelly: yeah, some may find it weird on the coconut gravy but it's actually quite nice with ulam and especially sambal. I put in too much coconut milk here tho :))

    cindy: yes, cindy. For the past 2 months, i have learnt and more aware of the different dishes coming from each state. Hope you will enjoy the event too :)

    anonymous: hi, thanks for dropping by. Yes, i think this is a very unique dish and i also think not many malaysians are aware of this dish too! that will be a very good idea to have this as one of the dish for the food fair!

    elisabeth: you know, it's also my first time cooking and eating that as we cant get them selling over here. I actually put in a little more coconut than required :)

  36. queenie: hello kak, ini kali pertama lena cuba juga, i realised i put in too much santan, sepatutnya santan itu kena nipis sikit :D you place there got sell laksam? here i tak dapat otherwise i would hv gone to taste how is it like. Kak, i tak pandai masak masakan melayu but this event buat i belajar lah!! heehee..

    missyblurkit: the next time when i go terengganu, i must eat the real laksam!!

    amelia: oh, you do make CCH very often! i scared making ccf, scared all the rolls pecah!! the texture of laksam noodles is not as smooth as ccf as i understand :)

    mkgirl: oh, your hubby is a terengganu? sure you must learn some terengganu dishes and surprise him and your mil!yes, must cook secretly first LOL!

    babysumo: yes, try it just take note of the coconut milk amount, i've put a note at the end of the recipe regarding the coconut milk :)

    catherine: hi, how are you? thanks for your compliments and will drop by your blog soon!

    muimui: hey, thanks so much for supporting. will be looking forward to your roti paun!!

    gloria: thank you dear!

    daphne: thank you but this is also my first time cooking this, i was nervous making the noodles itself!

    eileen: popiah?? haha! yeah, this popiah a hancur one! LOL!

    anne: haha! yes! that sambal is a must!! have you tried penang laksa before..just wondering..

    esther: yes, the rice rolls are actually quite filling, maybe because it's thicker. I really enjoyed the ulam with it! yup, time to make your own laksam at home!

  37. I never never heard of this laksam before :P
    I thought this is another type of laksa, hehe...