Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kayu Keramat/ Fried Bread

Kayu Keramat is another local delicacy that comes from the state of Terengganu. Kayu means wood and i guess that's the obvious reason why the word 'kayu' is used to call these as these kayu keramat are shaped like piece of wood or log. When i first saw the pictures of kayu keramat on the internet, i thought they look like the chinese cruller," yau char kwai", maybe a little shorter and when i ate it, the outer crust actually reminds me of the the chinese ' ham chin peng' and the inside is soft, something like pretzels. They need to be proofed just like doughnuts before frying them. I am very thankful to KNor from Secubit Garam for clearing some of my doubts, i was not too sure on the recipe as i see some recipes use eggs and some dont. I find that these kayu keramat is not sweet , infact they are not meant to be sweet i was told as how people will usually eat them is dunk them into coffee, milo or their favourite drinks. I just got to tell you that it's really nice to eat despite the lack of sweetness, they are soft and kind of fluffy too. I would also think it will be delicious to scatter some cinnamon sugar on it if just eat it plain but that's another thing, i do not want to sway away from the traditional kayu keramat, not in line with the rules of the event :)  I also understand that in Terengganu, they now also have frozen kayu keramat for sale, just like in my hometown now..the famous salt baked chicken, it's also available now in frozen packs so that you can freeze them for later consumption.

This will be my last entry to the Terengganu Food Fest which will be ending in a week's time. Submissions will be opened till end of the month and the roundup will be up on my blog on Nov1st, 2012. If you are interested to see what others have been making, you can click our facebook page here

how i did to shape them was i rolled the dough like swiss roll and cut
them into pieces like above, from there just pull and stretch the dough to
makes it longer. 

Recipe ( from Dari Dapur Madihaa )
half of original recipe, makes around 10 rolls
250gm flour
1/2tsp soda bicarbonate
1/2 tsp instant yeast
3 tbsps sugar
1/2tbsps /8 gm butter
150ml lukewarm water

1. Put the yeast into water and leave aside for 10 mins. Dissolve sugar in remaining water and put aside. In the mixer bowl, rub in butter into flour and add in the soda bicarbonate.
2.Pour in the sugar mixture and yeast mixture and knead till smooth ( i used my mixer to knead for about 8 mins). Remove the dough from the mixer and let it proof till almost double its size ( i proofed them for almost 2 hours, depending on the temp of your room )
3.Shape them into long rolls and deep fry them till golden brown . ( what i did to shape them was after proofing completed, i rolled them out to a rectangle and rolled up like swiss roll. Then cut then into small pieces and pulled them to shape like a log. When put into the pot for frying, you can pull and stretch the dough again  to make it longer. It takes just about 2-3 minutes to cook them under low fire, in between on and off the fire a few times to control the heat )

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  1. hi lena...

    glad to know that u willing to try this kayu keramat... (Terengganu people call this as kayu keramak.. because of our slang.. hehe...) this kayu keramat is slighly same as chok bantal in Utara... as for me.. insted of dunk with favourite beverage.. i like to eat kayu keramat with any left over chicken or fish gravy or sambal tumis... it's really delicious! thanks also to my cousin mamababysha (Dungun) who sharing this detail recipe with us...

  2. It really has the ham chim beng texture... looks so delicious!

  3. I like eating this with a cup of hot kopi-o. I love dipping this in kopi-o. Must be crunchy like yau char kwai.

  4. Lena, thanks for making this Kayu Keramat. As a Terengganu girl, I did not get a chance to eat this kueh. I only got to know about it today :) I guess I myself have learnt quite a bit on TGG food. Anything with crispy exterior and soft interior is very appealing to me and I will make these "wood" in time to come :)

  5. wow.. i like this kayu keramat also.. but if i got it, i will eat with kuah kacang/ kuah satay.. it's more delicious... nyummyyy... :)

  6. The name kayu arouse my interest and the inside really looks like ham chim beng. Looks very good with a cup of kopi.

  7. U are quick, one suggestion from a from a FB "goer" and u did it the next day!
    Manyak cepat

  8. yes! yr kayu keramat dah siap! thanks to u & MFF, banyak dishes from trg makin dikenali ramai terutamanya bukan anak trg.. i'm so happy to join this event & mostly thanks to Gert yg mula2 bgtau tentang event ni dah ajak K.Nor join.. :)

    dr event ni juga, kita dpt kenal lebih mesra.. right? :)

  9. this definitely reminds me of yau char kwai, and now i'm craving for a hot cup of kopi-o to dunk this in! yum....nice to go back to the good ol malaysian way of tea time snack. btw, Lena, are you in Ipoh or taiping?

  10. Crisp on the outside and soft doughy bread on the inside...just this alone I am sold! Love the colour and the shape...indeed kayu, heehee! Sorry haven't been commenting at your posts...but have been reading them when I can. Hopefully I get to try this kayu keramat before know I'm such a bread person haha! Btw, can we use any bread recipe or is it a must that we follow it to the dot? Thanks Lena!

  11. Kayu keramat, I thought you're introducing some furniture initially.... like kayu jati chair or table.

    But this is not just edible, it looks yummy!

  12. Looks like a pillow. So with the name 'kayu' reminds me of the wooden small pillow that my grandma used, long, long, ago! Think will be nice if dunked in hot kopi-O!

  13. wow yummy.. reminds of me bantal !first time here..
    happy to follow u...
    glad if u do the same..

  14. Lena, I also thought it looks like yau char koay at first. The texture also looks like the fried man tau which you eat with sweet n sour crab. I think I would enjoy eating these with black hot coffee...send some over plz..especially in this crazy rainy days..oo laa laa

  15. Looks like a log, what a suitable name! The texture looks good, like a bread, I agree with What's Baking, looks like the fried bun which they served with sweet n sour crab. If you send some over to her, let me know, I'll drop by What's Baking for a visit! hahaha!

  16. Lena, I never have fried bread b4 but recently I watched an online food program & got to know this special snack selling in some of the pasar malam in KL.

  17. Reminds me of donuts but with much more dense texture :D I want it with some condensed milk - just like with deep-fried mantou and hot tea , please ?! lol

  18. looks like fried donuts to me too, I think will be nice if dunk into bkt soup hehehe!

  19. Wow, you are really doing a great job introducing tgganu's specialties, learnt quite a bit from your posts already. Dah macam mek tgganu ni! This one does look like the yau char kwai, more like bantal than kayu to me :))

  20. kak ratna: hi, thanks so much for your visit. oh so it's quite common to eat with gravy, that sounds good too. no wonder it is not sweet but i still like it very much, i think it's becos of the texture and also that little crispiness. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe and to your cousin too!

    mich: yes, maybe a cross between a ham chin peng and a pretzel :))

    yan: yup, very nice with kopi0. Not quite like yau char kwai but firmer than ham chin peng:D

    phonghong: oh really? maybe it's more popular among the malays. Yeah, try making some kayu one day:D

    jassnani: hi, thanks for visiting. KUah kacang, that sounds delicious too..wah so many options. can dip in coffee, eat with sambal, satay and curry! wow!

    yummybakes; you can also add more sugar to make these keramat if you prefer it sweet:)

    wendy: hahaha! ..only if within my capability :D

    cquek: thank you !!

    knor: ya kak, i'm so delighted to know you too thru this event and banyak terimakasih on all the advices and information given to me! i also want to thank you for your contribution to the MFF event!

    esther: yeah, that's how i normally eat too when i was little, dip the bread into milo..and also biscuits! oh, i IPOH MARI!

    bee: silly, dont say sorry, infact i'm very slow too catching up with all of you gals posts. regarding the bread recipe, i think better stick to this recipe or any kayu keramat recipe, its not the same as a normal bread texture, noticed that there is also some soda bicarbonate added in for fluffiness.

    1. Cool! I'll try it out when possible. Thanks ya! Have a good weekend! :))

  21. yvonne: haha...ya wor..:)

    cheah: yeah, some of you said that it looks more like a pillow..that is also why ratna said it's also known as chok bantal in the northern states.

    subhie: thanks for coming by, will visit soon!

    jen: yeah, jen ..also quite resembles the fried with that crab gravy..shiok!

    joyce: i think she'll be most happy if you pay her a visit..but wait..on the other hand, she might ask you to cook for her..hehe..

    jessie: now that jen mentioned about the fried mantou, it actually resembles that!!

    anne: really like ocndensed milk so much!!

    jeannie: wah!! bkt somemore! eh..maybe also nice hor?

    ade: a lot of these posts came about from ideas and advices from friends..mek terengganu..hehe...i think it also looks like sausages :D

  22. I could have a serious good time with these and a cold glass of milk! :)

  23. You taught me so much with local food! crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside- who wouldn't want this for breakfast or brunch!!

  24. Eileen, Hundred Eighty DegreesOctober 25, 2012 at 7:37 AM

    I can imagine like a 'you tiao ' boss roll and pull the dough before dropping it to a large pot full of oil.... Thanks for sharing this yummy food.

  25. Hi Lena, Look delicious. I have not eaten this but look a bit like hum chin peng. Sure taste good with Ipoh coffee!! :)

  26. oooh Lena, fried bread... is tis good for the chilli crab sauce dips??? yummy...:-D

  27. I have enjoyed Terengganu month veru much. Both my in-laws are from Terengganu and I don' know much about the food there.

  28. Your fried bread looks great...I love the crispy texture with the soft. Thanks for sharing the recipe Lena and hope you are having a great week :)

  29. Hi Lena, this the first time I see, read or know about this fried bread.
    First look thought was goreng pisang.
    But looks really nice, smooth texture, and crispy colours too.
    I think it'll go well with iced coffee....
    Always admire your creative skills in baking.
    Have a great weekend.....don't get sunburnt.

  30. As the name itself convey
    Look like logs of wood
    Inflated 'you char kueh'?
    Anyway, another nice food

    Bye for now

  31. Heh heh, kayu keramat.....cute name...but looks good!

  32. Fried stuff are usually good. They look kinda cute.

  33. Mmm...nothing better than fried bread...except maybe fried cheese! :) I like the texture and I like that you always have a photo of the inside as well as the outside!

  34. Wow! would love to have this for breakfast!! another great recipe coming from your blog.
    The inside looks perfect.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!!

  35. Lena, this bread looks just like a beignet! I didn't know there's something like this available here in M'sia too. thanks so much for sharing it. Enjoy & have a great week ahead.

  36. Interesting name ! At first i thought there is filling inside. I like this when you mentioned this is not sweet, I think I will make this to dip with sweet n sour crab or curry, sure very yummy!

  37. Lena,
    This Kayu Keramat looks delicious. Its mame is same as how it look. Since it is not sweet I guess can dip in curry...yum yum

  38. chris: im sure that will be nice too!

    daphne: i'm learning a great deal this month too and more to come in coming months food from other states:)

    eileen: yes, that's the way, roll it and pull again when putting it to deep fry, just like you tiao!

    amelia: yeah, quite like ham ching peng also but a bit firmer. yummeh with kopi!

    mimi: i guess it will be fantastic with chilli crab sauce!

    bee: no problem!

    mkgirl: hope you enjoy all these, will be doing a roundup on nov1st. Come by and hv a look!

    juliana: thank you! so where did you go? you still hvnt told us yet!

    lee: goreng pisang? haha! i love how you think..but nothing taste like that..also something like doughnuts..oh you like doughnuts too, rite?

  39. dreamer:

    haha..not inflated yau char kueh
    but puffed up ham chin peng, aiseh
    you like this kayu?
    interested to make? i take you through :)

  40. pete: hey, how are you? glad to see you here!

    angie: you'right! fried stuffs are usually good..hehe...only if my skin is bearable with pimples:D

    lyn: fried! i never tasted that, actually i like making some grilled halloumi cheese some day:)

    anuja: thank you so much! hope everything is good with you, you must be busy too lately!

    kristy: oh yeah, i remember our beignet, i think could be similar too but this one less sweet :)

    sonia: so many of you mentioned abt the sour crab sauce, i really think its's goooood!!

    doreen: that's how some malays eat it too, with curry and sambal and i just knew that!!