Monday, October 22, 2012

Asam Gumpal/ Sagupal

I do not know the existence of this dessert until it was recommended by KNor from Secubit Garam 2 weeks ago. I was told that it is a very nice dessert that comes from Terengganu and also gave me the link to the recipe. It is called Asam Gumpal or some call it as Sagupal. For those who have not heard of this, they are  steamed sago balls with sweet green beans as fillings inside and served with coconut sauce. I was very keen to try as i have not prepared any sweet desserts yet  for my Terengganu Food Fest. I am happy that i tried that and i'm happy that i liked them. The sago balls are soft and slightly chewy, and the sweet coconut sauce is further enhanced by a little ginger and fenugreek. Thanks to KNor for letting me know about this dessert, i really enjoyed my bowl of asam gumpal and also happy to bring awareness to all of you this nice sweet dessert coming from Terengganu.

green beans are boiled till soft, mashed and cook with sugar till dry 
pour some hot water onto sago, shape into disc and put in the sweetened green bean filling
sago balls..before and after steamed

Recipe ( from Malaysian's Sweets and Cakes )
makes 20 sago balls
200gm sago ( i had a mixture of white and some green coloured sagos here)
100gm green beans
salt and sugar to taste ( I used 80gm sugar)
2 cups coconut milk ( I used 200ml coconut milk plus 350ml water ) * see note*
2tbsp sugar
1 inch ginger ( cut into shreds)
1 tbsp fenugreek ( 1 used 1/2 tbsp )

1. Rinse the green beans and let soak in water for an hour . Drain and let it cook in boiling water till soft, takes about 5-10 minutes.
2.Drain and mash with a fork until mushy. In a nonstick pan, cook the sugar till turns syrup and add the mashed green beans in and let cook till dry. Remove from heat and using disposable gloves, shape the filling into small balls. This will be the filling. Leave them aside.
3. Wash the sagos and pour over hot water, not too much otherwise it will turn too soft.
4. Using a disposable gloves again, take an amount of sago, flatten it and put in the green beans filling and shape them round to seal it. Repeat for the rest of the sagos and fillings. Put them on a steamer and steam for 15-20 minutes. Remove and set them aside.
5.In a medium size pot, add the coconut milk, water, sugar, ginger and fenugreek and let it bring to a boil, stirring it. Put in the cooked sago balls. Done. Can be eaten warm or cold.

i saved a portion in the fridge and i find that the coconut milk has thickened quite a bit the next day. I added more water and boil it again, just as nice. No problem OR
you can use less coconut milk in the first stage, around 100ml coconut milk and 400ml water, then add sugar to your liking. 

I am submitting this post to Malaysian Food Fest ( Terengganu Month ) hosted by frozen wings


  1. Lena, I vaguely remember this dish now that you featured it. I can imagine the sago balls to be quite tasty with the green bean filling. With coconut sauce it is even more heavenly! Its great to learn more of dishes from my home state, some I am even not aware of :)

  2. Lena...I have not heard of this dessert before. From the way you described it, I guess it must be delicious....makes me drool la :p Thanks for sharing or I would miss such a great dessert ! :)

  3. yummy! I can imagine the texture.
    I won't leave a drop of coconut gravy, as usual, hehehehe.

  4. This looks very delicious... reminds me of tang yuans but of a different texture. Btw, I tried your strawberry balsamic chicken and onion pizza filling, so delicious! Love it :)

  5. wahh.. dah buat ya.. congrats! mmg yummy kan.. kalau yg modern version, ada diletak hirisan buah nangka (jackfruit).. so the gravy jd lebih wangi dgn bau nangka dan lebih sedap tau..

    thanks for trying the dessert.. nak semangkuk please :)

  6. Lena, no haven't heard of this dessert b4. I wonder why it is named after "asam" when there is no asam in there? I would have thought this is a sweet & sour dessert! Very interesting recipe. And must be good to eat with coconut milk!

  7. I love all the sweet soup dessert. I find this sagu balls in coconut milk is my type of dessert.

  8. Lena, you've introduced many many unique delicacies from Terengganu. This sago ball has a catchy name - Sagupal, like the pal of Sagu, hehehe!

    After steamed, the balls look kinda transparent. Please courier one bowl here!

  9. Hi Lena,
    that recipe as original,
    this looks very delicious!

  10. Have never tasted this before, looks good!

  11. o my, Lena, this is seriously delicious. I love both sago and have me at green sago!

  12. Lena , this dessert looks yummy ! Coconut and sago is such a perfect match ! A bowl or two if you please ?! :D

  13. This is also new to me but looks very delicious.

  14. I've never seen anything like this before. Really interesting and it sounds delicious!

  15. so very interesting. I really love learning new dishes from different cuisines. it looks delicious

  16. what a different kind of sweet soup!! The chewiness of sago on the outside and the sweetness of the paste on the inside. I like this!! I bet my husband will enjoy this dessert as well! Now I just have to find the time to make it. Thanks for sharing!

  17. I've never heard of this before but it looks amazing! I'm definitely going to try it! Thanks for sharing it!

  18. This is a "newie" for me! A truly Malaysian dessert, with coconut milk and green beans! Looks interesting, and I'm wondering why it is called Asam Gumpal! There's definitely nothing 'asam' about it! (just like bread in a coffee cake recipe! hahaha!) I've learnt something delicious from Terengganu today!

  19. phong hong: can also eat the sago balls alone but with coconut milk, it's even tastier!

    elin: it is nice..filling too!

    wendy: haha! lick the bowl clean!

    mich: thanks for letting me know! both your pizzas are fantastic!

    knor: ya, bila kak beritahu lena, i terus pergi chk resepi. yeah, i think i can imagine ia lebih sedap dengan nangka, i actually forgot abt the nangka!! thanks again, kak!

    jessie: yeah, i also wonder why they call asam..hehe..

    yan:'s a lovely dessert!

    yvonne: you cracked me up! yeah, the pal of sagu!

    duxa: thanks a lot!

    cheah: oh, not surprised that we hv not heard of this but glad to post this up so that my friends now know abt this dessert:)

    angie: i see most recipes only use white sago but i hv some green sago at home, so mixed them in as well:)

    anne: yeah, it is a nice dessert, next round will save some for you!!

    ann:thank you, it is nice!

    carol: it is one popular dessert found in terengganu, one of the states in malaysia, am doing a Terengganu food fest this month, hence the post:D

    cass: yeah, i think not many chinese is aware of this:)

    jessica: thanks, it is a popular dessert among the malays community in one of the states in Malaysia.

    daphne: glad to hear that, hope you will like it too!

    cc: hi, how are you? i hope you will love this dessert!

    joyce: hi, quite a strange name! hey, i just wanted to write you an email...the postman came! hahaha!

  20. Lena, this is new to me too. Do you think is a bit like mandi puteri? A kind of sweet Malay dessert with coconut milk too. I see this is a very yummy dessert.
    Aiyoyo, all the Terengganu yummies you cooked I like

  21. Ooo....these look delightful!! The teaxture looks amazing. I think ist's great how adventurous you are.

  22. Oh my, I'm sure these were amazing, I've never heard of, much less tried anything like this. I wish you were my neighbor Lena, I always learn so much from you!

  23. Lena, this is new to me but l bet the texture is springy and lovely!

  24. Hi Lena, this is yummylicious. Yours look delicious. I'm a late comer, sure it finish by now!! LOL

  25. Oh this one for someone like me don't know how to cook maybe boleh buat. Green bean is not the green bean I usually harvest kan :P.
    It really has the feel of traditional cake.

  26. Oh my! This is super! Good job Lena!

  27. Lena, thanks so much for another interesting recipe. I love it too.

  28. I think I will like this kuih too, sound good!

  29. Hi Lena, I just happened to stumble upon your blog. You are really a very good cook.