Thursday, September 27, 2012

Swan Cream Puffs

It's time for our bake along again and this round we are making cream puffs. I think this is my fourth or fifth time making cream puffs but the first in my blog. The successful ones were made before i started to blog and last year i tried making twice and both times i didnt get nice puffs, they were all flat when taken out from the oven and funny thing is that all along, i was just using the same one recipe. I know it's not the recipe problem, it's my own. They were all rised and puffed up really nice in the oven during baking but once they were out , they just fall flat. After trying a few times, i know my problem lies in the baking time of the puffs. A tip to share is that when the baking time is complete, just check if they are really golden though they may be cooked. If they are not golden and dry enough, from my experience, they will deflate. You may need to extend the baking time for a few more minutes to ensure that they are dry and i also leave them in the oven for about 5-8 mins after turning off the heat.

Actually these cream puffs were made several months back after Quay Po and myself baked some Hokkaido cupcakes in my house. There were some leftover vanilla custard filling from the cupcakes and i told her that i will just use that custard to make some cream puffs later. This vanilla custard is very nice, very natural and you do not need custard powder to make it, you can get the recipe from Quay Po's blog here. Thanks, Veron for sharing. I decided to make something a little fancy this time, swan cream puffs  though baking something fancy is not really in my baking repertoire. I just dont have the hands and fingers that can come up with fancy creations! I tried to do some step by step photos on making the swan and i realised it's not really step bystep, just see if you can understand this...

pardon the colour of the photo..
cut the puff horizontally into 2, top and bottom..
the top piece cut into 2 again, these are the left and right wings ..

the bottom piece is the body, put in the filling 
fill in the some cream or the same filling to above body level, stuck
in the neck and the wings and they are ready to fly!
these are the neck piped and baked separately.

baby swan?? haaiz, part of the neck was broken ..hence a short neck..

still dont understand?  i think you better go and take a look at the video here then!

Recipe for Choux Pastry ( from Aunty Yochana )
85gm water
50gm butter
60gm plain flour
125gm eggs ( about 2 eggs )

For filling  : Vanilla custard cream from Quay Po Cooks and some whipped cream.

1.Boil butter and water till boiling. Put in all the flour and stir vigorously using a wooden spoon till paste is not sticky and leave the sides of the pan. Remove from heat and let it cool till lukewarm.
2.Stir in eggs and mix till it becomes a smooth paste. Scoop out 4-5 tbsps of paste set aside to make swan necks. Fill the rest into a piping bag with a star nozzle and pipe onto the baking paper. Bake at 180C for about 20-25 mins, puffed up and golden, turn off heat and leave in the oven for several minutes before removing them out. ( i baked at 200C for 10mins, reduced to 180C for around 15 mins)

For swan necks
Fill them into a piping bag, snip off the end of the piping bag leaving a small hole and pipe out the neck shape. Bake for around 10-13 minutes.

Also check out my buddies, Joyce and Zoe on their cream puffs and also my baking friends who have joined  baking along. Just a little note regarding our bake along recipes ( for specific bake, not theme baking ) do use the recipe that we provided at the link given so that we can review the same bake. If there are enquiries on this, just write to me, joyce or zoe . Thanks!

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  1. Lena! These swans are gorgeous lah! Beautiful! Beautiful! See how excited I am! Really, fantastic effort, I salute you!

  2. OMG! Lena, your swans are amazing! The head+neck of the swan, when place separated doesn't look any special, but when combined to its "body", WOW!

    You're creative~

  3. I plan to bake like this too. Will see I have time to bake mine. Lena, two thumbs up for you.

  4. Wow ... so pretty. Must be very challenging to do these swans!! :)

  5. Hi Lena,your swans are so pretty and elegant! I tried to bake some swans too, it was so difficult, but I am glad I tried :p

  6. Gorgeously made and drool-worthy puffs , Lena ! Seen something like these in one of Alex Goh's books ! Yours looks as good ! :D

  7. Hi Lena,

    Your swan cream puffs are very beautifully made...

    Interesting that Veron and you are both baking in the same kitchen. This baking experience must be really fun.


  8. Hi Lena,

    Know the trick, no more deflation
    The Swan Puffs, what a lovely creation
    So delicious looking, I wish to try
    Send two by air if they can fly

    Enjoyed the poem by 'kay poh chi' composer
    To be honest, I am not a blogger
    I am a Chinese, don't you remember?
    If I am a form three school leaver
    I won't be able to be a poem writer
    I was actually a sixth-former
    My one other hobby is 'land surveyor'
    Anyway,I wish to remain an anonymous visitor

    warmest regards

  9. Eileen,Hundred Eighty DegreesSeptember 27, 2012 at 12:10 PM

    Wow, this is beautiful!! Awesome: )

  10. The neck of the swans look so delicate and fragile and I can't bear to eat the puffs and destroy the beautiful piece of art!

  11. WOW! I love your swan puffs! really too beautiful to eat! I am not sure I have to time to make this or not, but will try..let's hope they won't fall flat on me lol!

  12. I love your swans and the filling is yummy!

    I added my pâte à choux recipes and now I see the note about using the provided recipe. Sorry!

  13. Hi Lena,
    Such elegant puffs! Too pretty to be eaten! I think that I'll admire them at all angles before eating them up so daintily...!!! hahaha!
    I have been wanting to make these too, but so lazy! Great job!

  14. Lena, you did good! These are gorgeous. Definitely upmarket patisserie class. Unfortunately i am nowhere near choux puffs level, am still trying to perfect making a simple cake LOL. Great job :). Btw, just a side note, i accidentally deleted your comment on my Chicken with Red wine yeast post. In my haste, i accidentally touched the word Delete which was just below the word Publish in my ipad....sheessh,,so sorry :p

  15. pretty! i also have this recipe, but not sure to attempt or not :P

  16. Wow, your swan puffs look so gentle. Don't think I can manage...I have clumsy hands!

  17. pretty!! this was one of the first few bakes we did when in LCB.. it makes a very impressive impression when bringing them to parties

  18. your swan puffs looks great...I dont think I can pipe such a gentle looking neck LOL! I have clumsy hands too like what Cheah said :p ...awww I wish to make some too...can wallop them when watching korean dramas :)

  19. i seen this swan cream puff in Jane's blog few years back, bookmarked till now, if you not posting here, i think i just totally forgot about this cute swan cream puff, hehehe..

  20. Wah...swan cream puffs...need skills ya. Impressive my friend! I still don't dare to attempt this. ^_^ I love to eat cream puffs...especially chocolate coated eclairs....drools, lol! Perhaps u should have dipped the swans in chocolate and make them black swans ya?? have a good weekend Lena!

  21. Beautiful! You even give them a 'shy-looking' posture, what is the word for talented+ : )?

  22. wow Lena, you really did it this time! they are so cute and yet so temptingly yummy. I love the swan. So creative of you..just love this!

  23. graceful swan...
    come swim near me
    U are the one
    I'll gobble up with glee :)

  24. you never cease to amaze me with your creations.

  25. beautifullllllllllll...................I simply love this babe ;)

  26. such beautiful and perfect swans..loved them

  27. Hi Lena, that beautiful, loved, you are an artist!

  28. Oh wow....really beautiful. They look so cute. Are you sure you have the heart to eat them...haha

  29. You are a star!! these are simply beautiful - how incredibly creative!
    mary x

  30. Hello Lena, 2 of my cake weaknesses are cream puffs and plain donuts.
    Anytime I spot these at supermarkets, I'll get some...great with iced coffee.
    And Lena, you are very very creative. I can just practically get the lovely scent of your swans....the delicious, finger lickin', lip smacking taste of your outstanding cream puffs.

    I sure am glad you were not around when I was handing out my resume, ha ha, you the kind of lady with these really great 5 star creations can make a man lose his bachelor's degree. And any man would love bring you home show mummy. Bring some of these swans along, present the mummy...habis cherita!

    She'll threaten to cut off his name from her will if he doesn't make you her DIL.
    Ha ha ha.
    Lena, stay beautiful, have fun at the club in your white bikini,

    ps, may I have your kind consent copy the first pic? Will display in my pondok when next I blog about beautiful ladies baking, instead of sex.
    Ha ha ha.

  31. Wow! This is very artistic. An art and a cream puff in one. Truly amazing.
    dental centre new farm

  32. Hi Lena, beautiful swan. 2 thumbs up for you. Can you please pass me 2 pieces. LOL

    Have a nice day.

  33. Nice pretty looking swans. Great job!

  34. Oh. My. God. I can't believe how gorgeous these are!!!

  35. The swans are so gorgeous! Gorgeous to look at, and delicious to eat too ;) Hope to try baking them the next time :)

  36. Oh so cute. Thanks for sharing the good tip. I am nit good at baking. Your house must be so wangi with all the yummy baking you did this month.

  37. Lena, these are just gorgeous and scrumptious looking too. How fun they would be for a grand finale at a dinner party!

  38. Lena, this is too complex for me to try. But it is too nice for me to eat. Lovely. Well done to you .

  39. Lena, very special swan cream puffs! Swan, swan, please swim over here, hahaha! Happy mid-autumn festival to you & your family!

  40. Oh my oh my Lena, such beautiful job. Kudos! Wish I can take a big bite on them. haha....

  41. Lena, these delicate swan cream puffs are a 'work of art' creations...totally gorgeous, and I must say, I would be afraid to eat them because they are way too beautiful, droolworthy, but what the heck, please pass me at least a 'pair' of these delicate and yummy swans:)xo

  42. Lena, what beautiful & elegant swans u have there!!! One more tip, if I can share, the heat must be high, abt 220C & reduced to 200 after 25 minutes. I learnt this during a pastry-making course.

  43. phong hong: thank you very much! yes, you sound very excited, i was just as excited when i was making these swans!

    yvonne: thank you, try making them some day, i'm sure your daughters will be very excited seeing the swans!

    angeline: hope you can make some cream puffs, you still hv 3 more days to participate!

    chris: it wasnt too difficult and i was quite excited really making these!

    mich: yeah, i saw your swans too, they are beautiful and love your cream puffs too! thanks for your participation!

    anne: thank you so much! i'm sure you can make these too!

    zoe: thank you! yeah, that day me and veron and another friend spent 3-4 hours making some cakes, that was fun and i had a good time with them!

  44. dreamer:

    dont underestimate a form 3 school leaver
    you nvr know he or she may be a good writer
    may need to struggle first a little
    who knows, she may even become your little idol

    haha i also want to be a land surveyor
    or travel around be a budget traveller
    visit rome and also juliet's balcony
    but how to go with only loose penny

    it is okay being a anonymous visitor
    you are welcome to come any time, any year
    i was just kay poh chee-ing around
    hope that it didnt make your face frown.

  45. eileen: thank you very much!

    tigerfish: yes, the necks are delicate, see? when i assembled, i broke one of the necks!

    jeannie: it's alright, you make when you hv time..just make sure it's golden and also look at faeez's comment above on the tip.

    tamara: thank you and thank you so much for your understanding on the link. Your previus cream puffs were very beautiful and looks delicious too!!

    joyce: kam siah!your puffs are looking great too and i bet they are really delicious too! one day you must make the swans, i want to see!!

    esther: thank you! thanks for informing me abt the comments, dont worry i understand , those buttons are really small ...LOL!!

    Peng: hi, how are you? dun worry, only make them if you have the time :)

    cheah: haha! i also hv clumsy hands, if i can make it, you also can!!

    sweesan: thank you so much! i'm sure the one you made were very dainty and gorgeous little swans!!

    elin: eh, my hands also clumsy one you know..but these not so bad..we dont hv to make tiny parts like fingers or toes..haha! you think i'm so clever? i piped so many necks just to make up for these 7-8 swans!! LOL!

    sonia: it would be great to see you making some swans too!! bila??

    bee2: halo my friend! these are much easier than making fondant characters lah! if you can make fondant, this is kacang puteh to you! haha! wondering what are you doing now? playing lanterns??

    maureen: thank you, i never even noticed that it looks shy until you mentioned it now..quite a bit!!

    jen: thank you! the vanilla custard is delicious, just that a little soft to stuck in the necks, that's why i whipped a little cream along :)

  46. wendy:
    apa jadi cik wendy
    tulis pantun hari ini
    itik tengok wendy,mesti lari
    mahu makan, lain hari!

  47. barb: nice of you!!

    abby: hello! you like a mysterious woman lah! haha! still working like mad??

    amrita: thank you so much, luv luv your totora cream puffs!!

    duxa: thank you so much for your compliments, duxa!

    marymoh: thank you! what to do? have to eat them also wat? cannot display one this one! haha!

    mary: thank you very much! i'm not as creative as you think, i coped from youtube!

    lee: oh yes, i remember you like cream puffs, let me dedicate two of these to you! haha! thank you for your compliments, lee. Making me blush! okay, you can go ahead and copy the picture!

    jennyfer: thank you for dropping by and thanks for your compliments!

    amelia: thank you! with your talent, i;m sure you can make these much better than me!!

    vivian: thank you and i like your idea with savoury fillings too!!

    cathleen: thank you!! thank you!!!

    jasline: thanks , yeah, do try making them and give them to your friends! i'm sure they will be happy to see those! thanks for joining too!

    angie: thank you!!

    mkgirl: haha! sometimes wangi, sometimes got burnt also, then horrible smell in my house!

    chris: thank you, yeah, i think they make a good impression at parties!

    yan: thank you. you can try by making some basic cream puffs first :))

    jessie: haha! cannot swim that far lah! better fly over to you!!

    kristy: thank you so much, my friend. If you can make mantau. this is sap sap sui for you!!

    elisabeth: awwww..oh thank you so much, i wish i can make some to share with you!!

    Faeez: thanks a lot, faeez for your tips yeah i agree that the baking temperature is really important to create successful puffed up puffs!! thanks!!

  48. Hehehe I made this over the weekend but I reckon I modified the recipe too much. Textures all quite wrong but tasted fine:P


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