Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sundried Tomato Polenta Cake

Our 8th bake at The Home Bakers ( THB ), we are currently baking from the book, Coffee Cake by Lou Seibert Pappas. Just like some of the members in the group, this is also my first time baking a savoury cake. I'm not sure about your place but here where i live, it is something very unusual if we see bakeries selling savoury cakes. I do not want to miss this bake as i'm a little curious as how it's going to taste like. Last week, i already gone in to a few of the members' sites to check on their cakes and read that most of them like the cake very much. The cake is made up of a mixture of all purpose flour and some cornmeal, with sundried tomatoes , some dried herbs, pistachios ( which i didnt put in ) and parmesan cheese incorporated into the cake and a little sprinkling of cheese on the top.I always read the tips given by members who have baked the cake earlier and one suggestion made by Mich was to put in more cheese but i totally forgot about it. I find that my cake is not savoury enough, i really think by putting in more cheese will further enhance the taste of the cake but the taste isnt weird, just that i think i still prefer sweet cakes as compared to this one. I made half a the recipe in a 7 inch pie pan. For full recipe, hop over to Yvette's blog, the host for this bake.

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  1. Hi Lena...

    ni kek masin ker? first time tengok.
    yours nampak sedap (semua masakan u memang sedap, banyak yg akak dh try - terbukti - thanks Lena...)

    tapi bila baca all the ingredients, akak rasa akak setuju ngan u la...lebih suka kek manis day I'll join u in THB, boleh kan? cuma kali ni taknak try dulu...hehe...

    Lena, somehow akak rasa kita sama satu zodiac, hehe

  2. Hi Lena,
    Good that you added extra cheese to your cake, I wish I had done the same. It's like you said, its not weird but I think it takes time to get used to savory cakes.
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Hi Lena,

    I feel a little weird too eating savory cakes too and that's why I made mine into smaller bite sizes. Nevertheless, baking this savoury cake recipe seems to be an interesting taste experience for you and me.


  4. Hi Lena,
    Yes, this cake indeed is getting used to. Did you toast the balance? It is like eating a savoury biscotti when toasted, I like it!
    I have linked your post with THB! :)

  5. Hi Lena, I am also not very used to this cake. I wasn't expecting much of it, but it did taste pretty good. Not sure if I would make this again though... as I still prefer my cakes sweet!! You cake has beautiful crumbs.

  6. oh wow, a savoury cake! I've not tried baking one before...but I am intrigued with the ingredients you used in your cake. I love sun dried tomatoes...the texture and chewiness must be yummy! ;))

  7. Savoury cake? I thought all cakes supposed to be sweet, no?

    Parmesan cheese in the cake, this should taste heavenly! I love cheese :)

  8. I still can't get used to the idea of a savoury cake. But I guess I'll have to taste one before I can make up my mind.

  9. Wow...nice one! I like savoury cakes too.

  10. This look quite good thou Lena... bt im gg pass tis THB tis time:-p

  11. The cake looks good ! But nevertheless, just like you, I would prefer a sweet cake too. I think savory cakes are not common in the past but now that there are more and more european bakeries entering into Singapore, such cakes will sure grow in popularity too. So good that you have attempted such cakes now ! I am sure yours will beat those bakeries ones.

  12. Hi Lena,

    Your first time baking a savoury cake
    Look like it is a successful bake
    Embarrassing (blush) to let you know
    Never eaten a cake with sundried tomato
    In the photo your cake looks yummy
    Without doubt it is my cup of tea

    A cruise is a time for relaxation
    Enjoying the spas, sauna and the sun
    Just one week missing in action
    And your a/c is back to square one
    It's goodbye to my trip to Honolulu
    Never mind, I know what I shall do

    Yeah, my friend, I'll do what you say
    No aloha for me, it's really okay
    For sure I will accept your idea
    Better to support cuti-cuti Malaysia
    The country where we were born and stay
    A tourist at home, not much we have to pay


  13. it looks so crumbly and moist! I wouldn't have thought of using polenta in cakes.

  14. I love savoury cakes though I can't seem to finish it fast enough compare to sweet cakes ! lol Your cake looks yummy !

  15. You are right Lena, we can hardly get a savory cake here. This looks wonderful and since you have cheese in it, nothing can go wrong..hahhaa. you knowla i'm head over heels with cheese stuff..send some over!

  16. queenie: wah kak, you buat i gembira! thank you for all your nice words!i think tak biasa makan kek masin, that's why but pizza okay! same zodiac? so me and you same channel tak?? haha!

    anuja: no, i didnt add in extra cheese, i forgot!! i actually feel like making some soup to eat with the cake, i still have a few more left.

    zoe: i think your idea of making into that mini balls is great, makes it easier to eat.

    joyce: i was thinking to make a soup too. yeah, i think i will toast one and see tmrw!

    mich: thanks! it's a matter of preferance, yeah like joyce said, not used to a savoury cake

    bee: you can try making a savoury cake next time, you can always start with very small portions and see if you like them.

    yvonne: that's why i do not want to miss this bake, it's my first time doing a cake like this.

    phong hong: true, only if you try it then you will know, just like some of us have different reviews on the cake.

    elin: hey, you do? how are you? have you been travelling to kl a lot?

    mimi: yeah i know, i saw your comments in thb that you wont be baking this :) thanks anyway!

    joyce@cc: just like what some of them said, it could be a matter of getting used to. All the while we are eating sweet cakes but it was worth trying as to see how exactly this one taste like. I dont mind baking another type of savoury cake in future, maybe there will be a 'one that i like.

  17. dreamer:

    yeah, better put the money back to our country
    that pathetic amount can still boost our economy
    our big man and mama sure very happy
    give us another round of bonus, we shout yipee!

    you get ready a compass and a stick
    if get stuck in jungle, i sure will panic
    also a walktie talkie if it doesnt cost too much
    a helpful tool for you and me to stay in touch.

    oh, blushing is a good thing
    i would rather be pink than yellow
    warms up your face without any drink
    you know, it's also a sign of a romantic fellow!

  18. brittany: it is! i still there are one or 2 more recipes of this kind from the book.

    daphne: actually we have started to use cornmeal in one of our bakes recently, it's quite nice

    anne: i still hv a couple of pieces left..

    jen: hi!! so free? dun hv to wash clothes or mop the floor after makan angin in c highlands, huh?

  19. This sun dried tomato in the cornmeal cake looks delicious...and the texture sure looks great.
    Have a wonderful week Lena :)

  20. That's such a unique cake. I have never used polenta in my baking. Wonder how it tastes like. Yes, I think if you had added the cheese, I think it will taste a lot better. But it's a real good try. I think it looks delicious though.

  21. I haven't been in a bakery in so long I wouldn't even know if they sell savory cakes, Lena.

    I have a difficult time with savory cakes because to me a cake that is embellished with savory ingredients always throw me off. However, I sure wouldn't want to live without Zucchini Cake or heaven forbid, Carrot Cake so I guess it depends on my mood. My temperament is telling me right now that your cake is not only savory, it looks pretty darn good to savor too!!!

    Thanks for sharing...

  22. Yours makes me want to make another one. We loved it and thought of it as we would have thought of corn bread, which I make a lot. It does take time getting used to, though.

  23. oh this looks SO delicious - your photos are making me so hungry! I could polish off this gorgeous cake in no time!
    Mary x

  24. Lena, your cake is quite lovely and I think it would go quite nicely with a bowl of soup!

  25. Oh, late for your savoury cake, anymore left for me? I think it just needs time to accept savoury cake, esp if you have sweet tooth like me, hehehe!

  26. Hi Lena, I have not taste or bake savory cake. Texture of your cake look good but sound a bit weird to eat savory cake. Anymore left, pass 1 piece over here, I would like to try!! LOL

  27. The cake looks lovely lena, I have not yet baked a savory cake before so can't say I would like this cake lol! But I find savory scones are delicious though.

  28. i agree with the rest, i havent tried a savory cake before becuase it sounds weird but now that i have extra polenta, i just might try this out!

  29. Lena, how good if I stay near you. Because you only eat one piece and give all to friends and fans of your bakes.

  30. I have never bake a savoury cake before, but slim chances to try out as i think my children prefer sweet cake more than savoury cake.

  31. Holy moly, this looks fantastic! I have never tried a cake that wasn't sweet, I think it's high time I did!

  32. •°♫¸.♪♫°
    Passei para visitá-la!
    Bom fim de semana!

  33. Such a great idea! This one looks SO flavorful... I love sundried tomatoes :)


  34. Eileen, Hundrex Eighty DegreesSeptember 7, 2012 at 7:44 AM

    I've never eaten any savoury cake before, neither have I cane across any outside. Yours look great: )

  35. Juliana: if you like savoury kind of cakes, you will love this one.

    Marymoh: i think this is my 2nd time having cornmeal in cakes, you try that one day, it gives quite a nice mild flavour

    Louise: talking abt zucchini cake, i really want to try making one, i'm also a little curious, most of them said you can hardly tell there are zucchinis in the cake after peeling but taste fabulous!

    chaya: yeah, i think just not used to eating this kind of cake. I also like to attempt a cornbread but now, i dont know whether i shld..maybe much later.

    mary: thank you! you are always so nice!

    chris: that's what i'm thinking now, to make a soup

    jessie: yes, there's still a few more pieces left, i'm keeping it the fridge, maybe i'll make a soup to eat with these.

    amelia: come to my place and i can share with you! LOL!

    jeannie: i've tried savoury scones too and i find that delicious, i said, maybe this is not salty and cheese enough for me :)

    janine: hi, how are you? one day you shld try making a savoury cake, maybe you will fall in love with it :D

    Yan: hahaha! yes, dont eat so much, must jaga figure mah!

    sonia: some of them put in a lot of cheese and their kids think it's like eating pizza and they love it!

    cathleen: thank you, try making one and put in more cheese!

    magia: thank you!!

    sues: you love savoury cakes too? i hope i can bake another kind of savoury cake in the future.

    eileen: are you going to bake this?

  36. Ho Lena,
    Savory cake...the only savory cake that I tasted before is meat floss sponge cake.(鸡蛋羔) Actually it is not bad at all. I bet this cake taste great with sun dried tomato . I like sun dried tomato!