Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Red Beans Crystal Jelly Mooncakes

In less than two weeks, chinese around the world will be celebrating the Mooncake Festival. Actually i have no intentions of making any mooncakes this year, not even last year but then somehow the mooncake bug sort of got into me after seeing some of you making mooncakes recently, not too serious though and made jelly mooncakes instead, just these. Am already seeing so many types and colourful lanterns now selling in shops and departmental shops, when i was small i used to play with those wire framed cellophane type of lanterns, you know those transparent ones and i was never good at playing with that, i kept burning the lanterns one after another and my parents had to keep buying one after another. But i guess nowadays more people will choose to buy the battery operated lanterns cos they are much safer and last longer, comes with music too! how entertaining! Did you play lanterns when you were small?

i didnt cook my own red beans , i used this..the can was taken  here upside down:)
the filling, make sure the mould you use is smaller than your jelly mould,
i filled them to 3/4 of the height
the skin jelly, pour 1/3 into the jelly mould
put the red bean jelly onto the skin jelly and fill  up the jelly to
the brim of the mould ( this is not filled up yet)

the balance i made into these small jellies

Recipe ( from an old issue of Y3K magazine )
this recipe can make 10 mooncake jellies, i only hv 8 moulds, the rest i made into small jellies
For filling
A.150gm precooked red beans
    350ml water
    100gm caster sugar
    2tsps agar agar powder
    1/2tsp instant jelly
    1 blade pandan leaves (knotted)
B.100ml coconut milk
    1tbsp cornflour, dash of salt
    ( mix coconut milk with corn flour and salt together )

For skin:
650ml water
100ml coconut milk
100gm caster sugar
2.5tsp agar agar powder
1/2 tsp instant jelly
2 tbsp condensed milk, dash of red colouring

1.Blend/mash lightly precooked red beans. Combine it with the rest of ingredients filling (A), bring to a boil and add in ingredient (B) and let it come to another boil. Turn heat to low, cook a further 2 mins. Turn off heat, remove pandan leaves.
2.Pour the jelly mixture into the moulds till almost full ( depends on the size of your mould ), leave them cool to set, dislodge then only proceed to make skin.
3.For skin, combine all ingredients for skin in a small pot. Stir till it boils and turn on low heat. Stir for 2 mins, turn off heat.
4.Pour (3) into plastic jelly moulds to one third only. Place in one piece of red bean jelly (2) into each jelly mould, then fill in the rest of the skin jelly (3) to the brim. Leave them to set, keep chilled.


  1. 很美的月饼,看来味道应该很好的。

  2. yes, i also missed those old time and the lanterns always come out with animal shape, really felt excited when light up with candle inside.

    your mooncake looks yummy with red bean, i want la

  3. Yeah! I played with those wired ones with cellophane paper type., I love those so much, so colorful and pretty, but burnt so easily. I remember I always sob a little when mine got burnt.:P actually I'm glad they are still selling those now....I always get those my kids too, but keeping a close watch lah heehee. I love jelly mooncakes! Definitely much more refreshing and guilt free compared to the real ones, heehee..

  4. You were so lucky, u get new ones when u burned yours, we use to patch the holes first! But the burning part is the most fun...I made some jelly mooncakes with red bean fillings too over the weekend ;)

  5. of course, i played lanterns when i was a kid, paper lanterns and those homemade lanterns, hehehe..Jelly mooncake must be very refreshing to eat during this hot weather..

  6. Refreshing mooncakes! Super cool, delicious and "so festivity"! Haha!
    Oh yes, I had my share of burnt lanterns!! We even made our own lantern, with milo tins, milk tins and wires, sticks from the branches of our mango tree, yes, I was a tomboy when I was young! The whole gang would then go to the so-called "haunted" corners in the kampung, with our brightly lit lanterns, but when we started to imagine that we saw "something", everyone lari lintang-pukang!! It was fun back then, so different from now! Missed those days! :~)

  7. I'll eat these jelly mooncakes anytime! so much nicer than the traditional mooncakes if you ask me:D

  8. That is so lovely. I sucks at making jelly and kuih. You are really great and gifted in making lovely kuih :) Hinting here la...where is my share :p

    Btw just to let you know that I bought the Kenwood IM280 ice cream maker from Jusco, Station 18 at a whopping price of RM269 !!!! KL and some shops are selling at RM399. Can't wait to try and see the difference between manual making and using the ice cream maker. Have to clear a space to put the bowl LOL ! that is the problem !!! Guess you too is having the problem since I don't see you using it yet :) and I have tried your bread pudding..Very nice ! Will post it up later and will link you :) Happy Mooncake Festival to you and your family !

  9. Wow, these are so beautifully done! Someday I will try to make this... These days the lanterns really give me a headache, because its rather noisy. I'd rather my kid play with the traditional ones I had when I was a kid.

  10. Lena, when you mentioned the cellophane lanterns, it relly brought back childhood memories. I used to carry the lanterns with my cousins and walk around the neighbourhood. One time the festival coincided with my birthday. I love your jelly mooncakes. I wish I could have one (or two!) :)

  11. Nice recipe. Unfortunately, I'm cooking bad :(.
    But my friend recommended me a site funny cooking book
    I always check out this website before making food.
    Sorry for my English. It's my third language.

  12. haha Lena, masa kecik2 dulu memang hari2 main ngan kawan2 bangsa Cina, so bila ada festival tu, my father pun belikan we all lanterns dan main ramai-ramai, dulu gunakan candle kan instead of battery...macam2 pattern ada and semuanya cantik2.. enjoy sangat rasa macam hari raya haha..

    you just brought back my childhood memories Lena.. really missed those days. I luv your jelly, rasa macam nak tarik keluar satu and nyum nyum...betul ni!

  13. Wah, sekali you made so many of jelly mooncakes. I like red bean, wink wink!

  14. Lena , these are so pretty ! And I'm sure so delicious as well ! :D

  15. I must eat more of these jelly moon cakes than the traditional ones. Honestly, a moon cake with pandan leave flavor to me is unusual and intriguing : ).

  16. jess: you come here, i make for you:)

    jocelyn: hi, thank you and thanks for dropping by. These jellies are very nice to eat, i enjoyed eating them a lot. i do drop by your blog too, your creations are beautiful!! keep in touch!

    eileen: yes yes, normally comes in animal shapes and i remember i like rabbit, haha!

    bee2: yeah, we still hv those oldfashioned lanterns selling here, i guess those look more like a lantern..hehe..very traditional feel!

    ade: haha! patching the will still last a bit! im chickling here reading that you got excited seeing your lanterns go down in flames! would love to see your jelly mooncakes too!

    chris: cannot, habis liao!!

    sonia: yeah, it's good to eat that especially when thirsty too! haha! have been eating baked mooncakes too for the past 2 days.

    barb: eh, after seeing your fb post on that burps and giggles, i think i must go soon!!

    joyce: haha! you never failed to make me laugh! i imagining you and your milo lanterns and all lari lintang pukang!! i think you frightened the snakes too like that!! LOL!

    jeannie: actually i still enjoy eating baked mooncakes but with these, you can eat more LOL!!

    elin: good good price!! you are right, my freezer is always full. Actually one time i had made ways for the bowl to go in, then again bought some stuff to put in the fridge. Wait lah, will do it someday. Happy to hear that you liked the bread pudding! thanks!

  17. mich: yeah i understand what you mean by noisy.Imagine few of the kids holding those musical lanterns and playing at one time, pening !!

    phonghong: i guess many of us played with that cellophane type of lanterns. glad that they are still selling now, that one very traditional hor? so your birthday shouldnt be too far off from mooncake festival or over oredi?:)

    ebanis: thanks for visiting.

    queenie: wah kak, you pun main lantern masa kecil? so happy to know that you too joined in the celebration with your chinese friends! ya lah, banyak pattern masa itu, usually shapes of binatang, i suka rabbit lah, dont know why tapi never like dragon, ganas saja..haha!

    edith: yup, cool us down!

    jessie: actually jelly mooncakes are much faster to finish, here all together about 8 big and 8 small, all finished in 2 days!!

    anne: they are nice to eat, you shld try too :)

    maureen: actually the pandan leaves is just for providing a little fragrance to the filling, it's not really a flavour here. Optional :)

  18. Hi Lena,

    Your jelly mooncakes look so beautiful!!!

    My husband has "forbid" me to bake mooncakes this year. He said that only my son will eat and too much mooncakes at home can be "scary" for him... LOL! But, I bet he will be happy if I'm making your version of mooncakes.


  19. Hi Lena,

    Very shy to say, never eaten jelly mooncake before
    But cannot blush like the lovely pink jelly though
    Anyway, your jelly mooncakes look deliciously nice
    Towkay-Neo, if you sell them what's the price

    In your mission to achieve figure 8
    Eat all you like but exercise don't forget
    Nice for you to have figure 8 one day
    Ending up like figure 1, that's not okay

    To all, a happy mooncake festival
    Have a lovely time during the carnival

    yours sincerely

  20. Diane: thank you, hopefully you can have a try at our mooncakes one day

    zoe: LOL! so true ..too many mooncakes can be scary, you know i have a friend that just couldnt finish the mooncakes that were given to her, threw them in the freezer for months :)

  21. Dreamer:

    figure 1? choi! choi! choi!
    i dont want to look one skelethon skinny ah moi
    If like that, i sure will cry
    People see me thot i'm going to die!

    Never eaten these festive jelly
    oh dreamer, that sounds a little pity
    or you think jellies are quite geli
    For you, i'll make them free..heeheehee

  22. Lena, not only looks good, but yummy to my eyes. My! When only I can have enough courage to try this recipe.

  23. Hi Lena, so fast mooncake season again, miss the good old times playing lantern and even burnt uncountable of lanterns. Children growing up not playing lantern anymore, LOL. But I still buy the mini paper lantern to hang on my plant for the fun of it.

    I love to make mooncake but not really keen to eat. Usually 3/4 all give away to volunteer eater. This year yet to start engine....for mooncake.

    Your red bean jelly mooncake look pretty, love the pinkish color.

    Have a nice day.

  24. Beautiful jelly cakes. I found the jelly made with agar agar ain't as elastic as the one made with gelatine..but these somehow look very tender and great.

  25. I always enjoy seeing how you make traditional cake. So pretty!

  26. indeed this is so pretty!! You have a knack in making interesting moon cakes!

  27. This is the first time I see jelly mooncakes! After snowskin and ice-cream mooncakes, this must be the 3rd way to have chilled mooncakes.

  28. yan: it may be a little complicated reading the recipe but once you know how the process how it's done, it's not that difficult, just like making normal jellies but you make two and wait for filling to set first before making the skin.

    amelia: me too, burnt so many! i too dont eat so many mooncakes, just a small piece to taste that's why no intentions to make baked mooncakes this year :)

    angie: these are not really elastic type, they are more softer than agar2. hey, if you like the elastic or chewy ones, maybe you can try konnyake jelly.

    mkgirl: thank you so much! i think jelly mooncakes are much easier to do than baked ones.

    daphne: thanks! as i just said to mkgirl, these are much easier than baked ones for me, i find it quite tiring making baked mooncakes :)

    tigerfish: oh, really? it's quite popular here tho i dont see many selling in shops, mostly are home made.

  29. Lena, your jelly mooncake are soooo preetttyy..i've never tried my hand at mooncake. Didn't have the 'urge' to make any yet. I'm very lazy and thinking of all the work involve, I stay away from it la..wait for someone to give me some..heehhee you know that 'someone' la..

  30. Oh, I am totally lack of time this year. I bought some lotus fillings but still unable to get them done. Your jelly mooncake looks really

  31. Oh wow! These jelly mooncake look so sweet & i LOVE the color too. I was not planning to make mooncake coz my boys don't really like the traditional ones . I only made the westernize version with chocolate & nuts for them but I can make this jelly mooncake too. I'm sure they'll love it! :)

  32. how to avoid the line when fill up the jelly with the remaining skin after the first layer and the filling is done?

  33. hi tracy, i'm not sure what line are you referring to, is the light line in the middle of the jelly? If it is, i dont know how you can avoid that but it's not very noticeable, why worry? maybe you can give it a light stir with a skewer around the pink jelly after filling up, i dont know if it works..

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