Monday, September 17, 2012

Kolo Mee

If it's not for the Malaysian Food Fest this month, i probably would never knew of Kolo Mee. When i saw these dried kolo mee ( pic below) selling at a local confectionary shop here, i couldnt help to grab a packet of this, i remember reading kolo mee when Sharon of featsoffeats wrote about it being one of the popular food in Sarawak so i wanted to give it a try. I have never eaten Kolo mee, when i looked thru some of the kolo mee pictures in the internet, they look quite like a plate of wanton mee or hakka mee minus the darkness but if you read the reviews from those who've tried kolo mee in Sarawak and from fellow sarawakians, they will tell you how goooood it is, simple but fragrant and taste unique.  There's even a blog ( sorry i couldnt remember which blog cos i was reading from blog to blog about kolo mee )and he or she was telling that even a bad kolo mee will still taste good so you can imagine how tasty it is this signature dish from Sarawak. Much of the flavours actually comes from the seasoning that is from shallot oil or pork lard, minced meat and also a little bit of vinegar. So after some conversation with Wendy, the organiser of Malaysian Food Fest, i had a better idea and came up with this version of kolo mee with a recipe guide from here. I've cooked this 2 times now since i have some leftover lard, not sure how close is this to the real kolo mee but it still taste good and nothing similar to wanton mee or hakka mee.

dried kolo mee
wriggly and after cooked, much more springy than wanton mee ( egg noodles )

crispy pork lard and oil
it may appear dry but it's really not so after tossing with the oil ;)

serves 3
4 bundles of dried kolo mee
pork lard 120gm, washed and fry with 4 tbsp oil to obtain lard oil ( there will be leftover lard oil. Alternatively, you can use shallot oil. To make shallot oil, you can click here )

130gm minced pork marinate with 1.5tsp fish sauce,1/4 tsp soy sauce and 1/2 tsp of tapioca flour for about 1/2hour

3 tbsp lard oil( from the above )
3/4 tsp chicken powder
2.5 tsp rice vinegar

some green veggies ( boiled and cooked)
char siew ( bbq meat )

* There is also a halal version of kolo mee which uses beef in replacement of pork *

1. Fry the pork lard in oil till they turn brown and crispy ,remove and keep aside, leaving some oil in the wok to fry the marinated mince pork. When the meat is cooked , remove from fire and leave aside. If you want to put some fried shallots, you can also fry the sliced shallot after frying the pork lard, just remove them before putting in the meat to cook )
2. Mix all the seasonings in a bowl.
3. Cook the dried noodles in a pot of boiling water for about 2-3 minutes and drain the noodles. Pour some of the seasonings mixture in each serving plate and put in each serving of noodles and toss them with the oil.
Put some veggies and char siew( bbq meat ) and fried shallots in each plate and serve.

I am submitting this dish to Malaysian Food Fest ( Sarawak Month ) hosted by Sharon of featsoffeasts

A talented blogger friend, Kelly also just posted her kolo mee few days ago. You can also click here to see hers. For those of you who are staying in Ipoh, you can get the kolo mee at Jalan Yau Tet Shin, the confectionery shop next to the famous Lou Wong Taugeh Chicken.


  1. I love this, only a few shops in Singapore selling this. The next time I am in Kuching, I am going to buy some noodles back!

  2. I used to think that it is the same as the dry wanton mee that we have here.

  3. hi Lena, I'm now about to post my kolo mee too when I saw your this posting, what a coincidence :)
    yours definitely look so much more like the original one :)
    i used wanton mee since i couldnt find kolo mee here in spore
    i didn't make the roasted version of the charsiew, i used your palm sugar charsiew recipe which turned out delicious minus the red color, thks! :)
    my family enjoyed this dish so much :)

  4. Lena, This Kolo mee is very popular in S'pore and really love it. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  5. Dear Lena, it's almost 8pm and i stil haven't eat my dinner...see your kolo mee I super hungry ya! I always love noodles, next time must buy this kolo mee to try cooking at home. :) thumbs up!!

  6. Hopefully , they're selling that here as I'm always on the lookout for some noodles that I haven't tried ! :D Delicious oodles of noodles , Lena ! Even that crispy pork fat swimming in oil makes me drool ! lol

  7. Don't think I've seen it in KL :(
    I have recently read quite a few posts about this. And I'm with you about it looking like any wantan noodles. I will have to try it to believe how good it's said to be!

  8. Hi Lena,your kolo mee look delicious. I have not eat pork lard for ages. Anyway I seldom eat pork more of fish and chicken.

    Have a nice week ahead.

  9. I am one who eats the pork lard even after savouring the noodles - so what do you think is my liking for this dish? Love love love! :p

  10. Wow you manage to get the kolo mee noodles! Should disclose the location so everyone else can get it too hehehe. The char siew you got is so vibrant, looks very much like the one we'd get in Sarawak in a bowl of Kolo Mee.

    I noticed that you also used Chicken stock powder instead of MSG too, to be honest it's not all that much different from the MSG version. Thanks for linking me btw.

  11. Hi Lena, Holy Smoke! I have not eaten this decades!
    I used to have it in downtown Ipoh, I think that makan shop named 'Tong Hing'?
    Outside there's a satay stall, owner always wear a singlet and blue shots, next to his stall a poh pia stall.....
    Shop has lots of mirrors. And yes, that longgggg ago! Late '70s.

    Love your this kolo mee.....Looking at it, I guess I can polish off two plates easy....looks really delicious.
    Lena, you are good!
    Have fun,

  12. I tried this before in Kuching and I think it is very similar to our waton mee.

  13. Mich: actually you can use instant noodles if you are not able to find kolo mee at your place.

    phonghong: actually look quite like wanton mee, a little wriggly and seems that no eggs are used in making these noodles.

    alice: i'm glad to hear that you like the char siew. i was so lazy to make char siew when i cooked this, so just got that from shop nearby.

    anncoo: oh, so they have in singapore? i cant even find one here that sells kolo mee.

    bee2: you can substitute wanton mee or instant noodles to make this ..if you really crave for kolo mee :D

    anne: haha! you know i eat those crispy pork lard too!

    ping: it's quite springy if compared to wanton mee and i t doesnt contains starch so you dont need to blanch over water again.

    amelia: oh, it's good not to eat pork lard so much as they said it's not friendly to our arteries! Oops!!

    jes: thank you!

    tigerfish: i seldom cook this pork lard at home. some hawkers put lard cubes especially in their fried noodles, yes, i will eat that too!

    kelly: thank you. oh yeah, you reminded me that i shld put the location where i bought the kolo mee. thanks!

    lee: i know i know..that shop is kong heng but the satay man has retired oredi! they used to hv kolo mee? not now anymore :( thanks for your kind compliments always!

    edith: i wish i can go to kuching one day and taste the real kolo mee!

  14. Hi Lena,

    Being an urban Sarawakian Chinese
    A popular breakfast is of course kolo mee
    Definitely I won't give yours a miss
    You have made it so well like ORI
    Here, fresh noodles are sold everyday
    Yours made from dried one, not bad anyway

    I also dislike a two-faced individual
    In front, acting good like an angel
    But behind, stab one in the back
    This person deserved to be whacked
    If you're going to lose weight, make sure
    Don't end up like your broom stick, my dear

    All the best for now

  15. I also wanted to make kolo mee for the MFF, but can't find Kolo mee in KL :( Btw your Kolo mee looks really great and appetizing!

  16. Hi I have never tried Kuching kolo mee except for the one sold at blk 59 Upper Changi Road (between bedok and tanah merah mrt). It looks exactly like your version :)

  17. Hey Lena, where did you get that packet of kolo mee? I would love to get them.. they are smooth... any kampua noodles sold too?

  18. I love mee kolo, my friend (a carpenter) from Kuching come here very often, he always pack mee kolo in the morning and hand carry in the morning Air Asia flight for me, yum yum! I have yet to seen any dry mee kolo selling here. Your mee look exactly like that one in Sarawak.

    1. the dried Kuching Kolo mee is available in Singapore now! I ever saw it at one of the vegetarian shop at Jurong West. The taste is exactly the same as the fresh noodle!

  19. Lena, your kolo mee looks delish! I am so craving for it right now! We ate this in Kuching last year during our family holiday, and we love it. It really is simple, but delicious! Yours look as good as the ones we had there! Can open shop-lah!! I'll be your first customer!

  20. i love the crisp and color to the pork. It looks tender but moist and anything cooked with fish sauce is A okay for me! this looks delicious

  21. Hmmmm i have never been a great fan of kolo mee coz i have tried a few before and they all tasted like a poor, watered down version of wantan mee, and had forgotten to add the black soy sauce! Maybe i will try to make my own and give due justice to the famous dish :) your verson looks yummy!

  22. Hi Lena...akak tak pernah makan kolo mee, is it the same with kolok mee? my sister pernah makan di S'wak and she said sedap, of course the halal punya...

    i really want to try this recipe's ok, waiting the halal one from you next time eh!

  23. dreamer:

    i do not act like an angel
    but i'm a jolly good old girl
    better stay away from those 2 faced people
    or else my blood pressure will jump triple
    those fakes sure deserves to be whacked
    so you think left or right face deserves a slap?

    dun worry i wont turn into a broom stick
    remember i told you abt the figure eight
    soon i'll be eating like a rabbit
    "figure 8, figure 8", yes! can do it!

    haha! all just joking! thank you for your nice, nice words always!

  24. babysumo: thank you. if i got the chance to meet you one day, i'll get you some:)

    anonymous: hi, thank you! you are lucky that you still able to taste kolo mee. I'm not from singapore and here where i live, i cant find any stalls selling kolo mee.

    claire: hoi! are you back oredi? you can get it from the pomelo shop next to lou wong nga choi kai. eh, i wrote there wat, put on your ' lou far' glasses!! LOL!

    sonia: wah, so good your friend! really special delivery! next time i see you, i'll get you a packet.

    joyce: you've been to kuching? eh, one day we shall make a makan trip to somewhere, ok or not?

    jessica: thank you! infact this is the first time i use fish sauce to marinate pork for noodles, it's tasty enuf.

    esther: hi, i hope i can really try the real kolo mee one day but i thot they dont put in the dark soy sauce? hope to see your version some day!

    queenie: hi kak! ya, i think sama dengan mi kolok. I see the malay mi kolok use beef, i tak makan lembu that's why i use pork:)

  25. I was there for months and tried lots yummy food in Kuching. Kolo mee is one of my favourite food. But i've never seen anyone sell dried kolo mee here.

  26. Hi Lena,
    Your Kolo mee look so much alike our Kolo mee her
    i am drooling now!

  27. Absolutely delish looking. Now I have to ask Kelly where did she get her supply of the kolo mee from. I can possibly make this for lunch when my lil troopers come over for their Sunday swims.

  28. I do love the texture of these noodles! Oh I miss this!

  29. Mm what a delicious looking dish. I'd love to try this one!


  30. Lena, can I have the noodles with extra spoon of crispy pork lard please? I miss this fatty lard since I can't get them here, hahaha!

  31. Oh Lena! I want to taste the things you create so badly that I just may have to come for a visit!

    Thank you so much for sharing...I can't believe how many of your creations I have bookmarked for "someday."

  32. I have not eat kolo mee for such long long time, so tempting to eat now, can share lol.

  33. Wat? Can't even find kolo mee in kl but they have it in ipoh....sigh....we're too halal for our own good i guess.

  34. Now I know why kolo mee tastes so good, it's the lard laden oil! Thanks for sharing! Yours look good too :)

  35. Hey Lena, your kolo mee looks so scrumptious. I want some too.

  36. Aiyoo! I'm drooling ! Long time tak makan this leh! I had this during my flying years at Kuching, about 20 over years ago! Yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe. :)

  37. hi to do 叉烧油, the red color pork lard which very famous in kuching .... cant find it in yr receipi menu .. :)

    1. hi, i've never tried the kolo mee in kuching, so i'm not very sure of the red char siew oil...just trying my best to replicate the version of kolo mee here.

  38. Hi. Where did you buy dried mee kolo? I have tried to find. Until now I didnt found it

  39. i got them from the shop that sells local confectionery at Jalan Yau tet shin, to the famous chicken noodles shop

    1. Ipoh? Wow. Its seems like kinda far away from my place. I wonder its also have sell it at KL or not. Anyways, thanks ya :)

  40. Where can I get the kolo mee supplier in singapore?

  41. there is a supplier in Singapore that sell dried kolo mee. You may call this number 8416988 to find out!

  42. my apologies, the correct no. is 68416988

  43. Hi all,
    Does anyone know if i can buy the kolo mee in Hong Kong?
    Very much appreciated if you can tell me.

  44. U can get fresh kolo mee at this number
    + 65 92727302

    Hope this help!