Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cinnamon Apple Walnut Torte

Me like some of the members of The Home Bakers ( THB ) too got a little confused with the word 'torte' here. All along, torte is something like a layered cake to me but now after baking this, i understand that a torte can also be something like what you see in the picture, that's made with very little flour. Something like a cross between a pudding and a crisp if you ask me. If you enjoy eating crisps, i think you will like this too. Packed with lots of nuts and apples and the addition of cinnamon really warms up the flavour of the whole torte here. I also put in some almond slices besides walnuts for more more crunchiness. The author suggested we can top it with yogurt for a morning treat or ice cream as a lovely dessert, i couldnt resist too putting that scoop of ice cream there to eat with this torte. My breakfast. Nobody says eating  ice cream for breakfast is a crime, right?

This is our 9th bake from the book, Coffee Cakes by Lou Seibert Pappas and we have 51 more recipes to go before completing the whole book! whooh! wonder if i still be blogging by then.. :D For full recipe, please visit Jasline's blog, the host for this bake and to view the group baking, click here

This is half of the recipe made in 0.6 ltr baking dish
1 egg
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/8 cup flour
pinch of salt
1 tsps ground cinnamon
2 oz chopped walnuts
2 green apples, peeled, cored and diced
handful of dried cranberries
handful of sliced almonds
1/2 tbsp sugar

1.Preheat the oven to 177C. Butter your baking dish.
2. In a large bowl, beat eggs until frothy and beat in brown sugar and vanilla until light.
3.In another bowl, sir the flour, salt and 1/2 tsp cinnamon to blend. Stir the flour mixture into the egg mixture.
4.Reserve a handful of walnuts for the topping. Mix the remaining nuts, apples and cranberries into the batter, spread into the prepared pan.
5.In a small bowl, mix the 1/2tbsp sugar and the remaining 1/2 tsp of cinnamon, the reserved walnuts and sliced almonds and scatter evenly over the batter. Bake for 25 mins or until the cake is set and golden brown. Let cool slightly and serve warm.


  1. Torte is a totally new word for me.

    A cross of pudding and crisp, would be just nice for my taste. Actually I sapu everything served with ice cream XD

  2. Good morning, Lena! Ice cream for breakfast? I should really join you for breakfast! We enjoyed this torte too! We finished ours that very evening, no leftovers for my breakfast! You have "kah-liu" with the almonds, looks good! :)

  3. Ice cream for breakfast? My son will love you if you are his mum... LOL! Like you said, I like this confusing torte too. It is actually very delicious.

  4. No..nooo eating ice cream in the morning is not a crime but having an ice cream maker in the house and not using it is ! LOL! just kidding :p This torte looks delicious. I do enjoy wicked sweet indulgences sometimes :)

  5. Hi Lena, yummy... I love cinnamon with apple. Ice cream for breakfast,I don't mind in fact I'd eaten waffle with ice cream for breakfast too. It sure taste good and end with iced coffee.

    Have a nice day.

  6. I love the idea of using almonds instead of walnuts!! Will try that next time.

  7. looks so moist with lots of nuts and fruits in it, yum! :)

  8. Lol 'if you like eating crisps, you'll like this'. It sounds great.

  9. Looks like this would hit the spot - yum!

  10. Hi Lena,

    Eating ice-cream early morning time
    Should be nothing wrong not a crime
    I like your torte, should be tasty
    If you sell, I'll buy mooncake from thee
    Give special like buy two free three
    But you will make them for me free
    Include a bowl of the torte with ice-cream
    From ear to ear I will surely beam
    All I can say is "Thank you sweet lady"
    If you cuti-cuti Malaysia to Miri city
    Belanja you makan ba-kut-teh, rojak, kolo mee
    Be a good host to the best of my ability

    Warmest regards

  11. Great fall flavors - your photos are SO tempting!
    mary x

  12. I agree that it is totally fine:)In fact, sometimes that happens here on really hot days;P Love all the nuts and apples-super delicious!

  13. Wow, this looks exactly like something I'd want to take a big spoon and dig into!


  14. Lena, this is a perfect autumn coffee cake!

  15. Torte is totally new to me too - have been asking around what is it. Yours look awesome ...

  16. Hi Lena...I have baked your bread and butter pudding and it turned out fantastic. Have linked you and thank you so much for the recipe :)

  17. My boys would love to have you as their mom, serving ice-cream for breakfast is like their wildest dream come true! LOL I was a bit confused about the word torte too & mine turned out a pudding-y ! heheheh But it was really delicious & we had it with ice-cream too! :)

  18. taktau nak komen apa Lena.
    beberapa hari ni u memang menggoda2 selera akak.

    semua ni memang sesuai untuk u, kasi nampak montel sikit for me? akan banyak zip putus dan butang tercabut Lena oiiiii......

  19. Wow! Ice-cream for breakfast sounds.....cold! lol! bet the kids would jump up from bed if I were to serve that for breakfast! Your torte looks so full of apples and nuts! very healthy:D I like!

  20. Hi Lena, your torte looks really good, especially the shot with ice cream on top! Haha I love the fact that this torte has no butter (so it's almost fat-free), but with the ice cream....ahhh I think my diet is ruined once again! Have a great day ahead and take care! :)

  21. Lena, eating with ice-cream sounds great to me! I like it!

  22. Indeed like a crisp or some sort of topping for a cake. But I can imagine the different textures blending in the mouth, yum! Oh definitely not a crime... I would have done a double scoop, hahahaha!

  23. I bet this will work too with almond flour to reduce the gluten! but the recipe look so full of my favourite ingredients and crunch! good weekend "breakfast" too.

  24. Your photos are going to cause everyone to make this.

  25. Lena, I baked this! and with a scoop of ice cream. Strangely I didn't quite like it.

  26. Beautiful! I love to have extra scoop of ice cream :)

  27. Your torte looks amazing Lena! and you are right who says you cant have ice cream for breakfast. You can totally have one more scoop on my behalf.

  28. yvonne: haha! dangerous!

    yan: me too and the ice cream, of course!

    joyce: come and join me..i miss you!

    zoe: LOL! i think your son will get ready his bowl and spoon every morning ready for breakfast!

    elin: haha! yes..almost a crime!!

    amelia: yum...waffles with ice cream , sedap!! happy weekend to you too!

    mich: infact i like the almonds here more than the walnuts..

    alice: not bad actually :)

    carol: haha! err..if you dont like crisps, i think you probably will enjoy this too!

    chocshavings: thanks for dropping by!

  29. dreamer :

    HALO! buy two free three
    how can? my mooncakes not for lelong
    i rather give them all free
    so that kids and poor can eat along
    charity is something that we shld practise upon
    to uplift the world and restore one's beauty

    would love to visit the city of miri
    make sure you're there and not just talk only
    any place to accomodate me and the witch
    things you want from ipoh, just pass me a list.

  30. Mary: thank you!

    lora: it's quite unusual for me to eat ice cream in the morning but just couldnt help it with this torte!

    sues: thank you!your baked eggplant is delicious too!

    angie: i think you probably like this , when i made this i actually thought of that peach crisp that i made fom your blog last time.

    chris: are you going to skip this bake?

    elin: i've seen it, thanks so much and happy that you like it!

    kit: i shall look out for your torte!

    queenie: haha! actually i've been eating lots of sweet desserts lately, my pants also sdah ketat oredi..soon my butang will all keluar tau! so must eat lighter on certain days!

    jeannie: lol! i guess the kids would wake you up instead !!

    jasline: thank you and i like that you baked them in muffins cups, yours look so much like a little cake to me. It's quite delicious especially with ice cream!

    jessie: dont we all just love that?!

    bee: yay! double scoop is definately my choice too!!

    mkgirl: thank you! hope all is well with you!

    daphne: yeah, almond flr..i think that will be nice too!

    chaya: i think everyone did it quite well, i have yet to read everyone's reviews on this torte.

    edith: oh, sorry to hear that. too sweet for you? but i understand that taste is really subjective, thanks for telling me that. Appreciate your honest opinion.

    ann: i think most of us who did the torte really had that with ice cream or yogurt! it is really better eating with that.

    anuja: like bee said, we can even have a double scoop, no problem!!

  31. Lena , maybe there's a typo error in the amount of flour ?! lol That said , I love the look of this crisp-like torte :D It's full of nuts and fruity bits and adding that ice cream is a sure winner !

  32. Appples and walnuts in a yummy coffee cake has to be a super favorite of mine...I would probably have pulled out the ice cream, but maybe not for breakfast, I could barely have anything else but caffe latte but for sure do not turn a good cake like yours down with my coffee!xo

  33. surely making me salivate. I'm so craving for some sweet stuffs lately. Slurpppp.......

  34. Hi Lena,

    Great job with this bake, looks really delicious. I have yet to bake it.