Friday, September 7, 2012

Chinese Style Steamed Prawns

After seeing two of my blogger friends, Cass and Joyce making a steamed prawn dish recently, it made me feel like cooking this again. It has really been a very long time since i cooked this, cannot remember when , maybe it was during one of the chinese festivals and i always like it with lots and lots of garlic. Actually this time i wanted the body of the prawns to stay straight after steaming which i think looks much more presentable, you know like how they present in restaurant , mine always curl up a lot after steaming. There's a technique of slitting the abdomen to achieve that,  you can see here. Next time i'll try again. A really simple and super fast dish to prepare, it takes just about 5-6 minutes to get the prawns cooked. The prawns that i'm using here are 大头虾, what do you call in english? let's just call it Big Head Prawns :)) Eat the heads of the prawns too if you dont mind, they are subtle sweet.

12 prawns
10 cloves of garlic, chopped finely

1tbsp of Chinese Shao Hsing wine
1/2 tbsp soy sauce
splashes of sesame oil
some spring onions for garnishing

Fried Garlic
2 cloves of garlic
2 tbsp oil
* saute the garlic in the 2 tbsp of oil in the wok till they are brown. Remove from heat.

1.Clean and trim the prawns with shells intact,  make a slit the abdomen with a sharp knife and stuff in those raw chopped garlic.
2.Pour the seasoning all over sauce and steam in a wok with boiling water for about 5-6 minutes or till cooked. Lastly, spoon some garlic oil and the fried garlic on the dish.

Linking this dish to Recipe Box #13 hosted by Chaya


  1. Oh my Goodness!! this is SUCH a beautiful dish!! and SO delicious. I have to attempt this :))
    Mary x

  2. I'M COMING OVER!! I won't bring my son, as he will fight with me for the head!! Haha! Looks so delicious! Yum, yum! I don't need other dishes, just this one will do. I'm practically drooling now!

  3. Wah! Steamed prawns~ Luxurious dish - good for CNY :)

    How about the one with egg on the bottom? It's also considered as Chinese style steamed prawns, right?

  4. I love this, I am also coming over - dont finish all ok? Especially, Joyce is nearer to you and going over with her son, so quickly keep some aside for me. ;)

  5. No can resist the steamed prawns. So mouthwatering.

  6. I was laughing at myself when i read the part which says there's a way to get the prawns stay straight, i didn't know that! What I would normally do is choose those that arent curled up when i buy them from the wet market. Then I would stretch them as much as possible after slitting them and line them up closely to each other! It somewhat works though :) Sometimes i add in some egg white too. Love this dish, simple but it brings out the natural sweetness of the prawns, yummeh!

  7. Oh yum, you know how to make me hungry! I LOVE prawns, these look awesome! I save the head for my mom, she LOVES it

  8. Dear Lena,

    I am allergic to freshwater prawn
    Become like Red Indian with rashes all over
    Take a day for the redness to be gone
    Nice dish, eat one prawn shouldn't matter

    I am not one who can blush crimson
    Happen to me only through prawn or drink
    Blushing is a sign of a romantic person
    More romantic may be the one who doesn't turn pink

    Another 'angpau' coming from the govt of the day
    This time we will shout 'hip, hip hooray'
    By all means, we will take our money
    On the day of reckoning, vote wisely

    Warmest regards

  9. This looks so delicious! The prawns have such a gorgeous colour after steaming and I am sure it would be very sweet. I don't even need rice, I'll just sit and eat up the entire plate of prawns!!

  10. Wow! This looks gorgeous! Love the blue plate that made it even more vibrant. I'm getting terribly hungry!

  11. Oh dear, Lena, this looks absolutely fabulously mouthwatering. Rally no other way to eat fresh prawns than this, steamed with lotsa garlic, ginger and chinese wine. YUMM! now i shall be thinking of this for days :p

  12. wow... looks like those sold in restaurant, Lena!
    yummy :)

  13. I love the "clean" look and flavours Lena- very banquet style for home!

  14. Wow...i am drooling when look at your steamed prawns, yum yum ;)
    Last week i cook the stir fried pork with cincalok, very nice yo and my family love it so much. I bought another ginger flower and going to cook it again :)
    Thank for the link. Have a nice weekend to you!

  15. I love eating the heads ! :D For such a simple dish these prawns look absolutely mouthwatering ! Maybe I could help you eat some of that ?! lol

  16. Wow Lena these look great! Beautiful presentation. Thanx for the link. Although I cant understand whats written, but can fairly derive the gist from the clicks :D.

  17. Lena, you make the most beautiful food! I just had to gasp a bit when I saw these lovely prawns! And I love that the recipe sounds so simple!

  18. Oh my goodness...this is SO suffering to look at......because of my leg. I LOVE prawns and your dish looks too mouth-watering! The day when my leg is completely healed, I think I am going to eat in revenge....haha. Hope you have a great weekend!

  19. Just seeing the photo made my mouth water. It is almost impossible to get uncooked prawns here, I do not like the precooked ones! Have a good day Diane

  20. Lena, I haven't had this dish for such a long time & my mum used to cook this dish on CNY! I haven't seen the prawn cooked like this in the Malaysia restaurant here!

  21. Mary: will be great to know if you're making it soon!

    Joyce: wait joyce, i go buy beer and then we can eat the prawns and YUUUUM SENGGG!

    Yvonee: oh yes, you can put in egg whites if you like, chinese style lor..:)

    chris: you coming over also? okay, i go and buy more beer!!!

    Yan: yes, but i dont cook this very often ;)

    ade: hahaha! you making me laugh now! i dont know why i never thought of stretching the prawns. I sure will do that next time..give the prawns a little yoga exercise! LOL! very good tip!

    cathleen: i already had so many prawns now that i want your chicken sandwich! good deal isnt it?

  22. dreamer:

    In that case i must take you for a drink
    pls give face, only 3 shots of martini
    if you're really shy that you will turn pink
    yo! you can go hide behind a coconut tree.

    oh yea, money for sure we will take
    will also thank the govt for its generosity
    with that can book for peking duck on a plate
    or a few rounds of facials to make myself pretty
    but hey,dont make petrol again shoot up its rate
    after gracefully giving out all the money
    come polling day, we will sure vote wisely
    near or far date, we shall patiently wait
    dacing, rocket, bulan, will open my eyes and see
    just dont make me a slave of his state.

  23. mich: thank you! agree, if they are fresh, they will be very sweet, simple steaming like this will be good!

    Ping: thanks! hope i can share this with you :))

    esther: thank you! dont think, just make it!

    anncoo: welcome anytime!

    alice: thank you! taste is good but i think restaurants ones present better :))

    daphne: thank you! love you said ' banquet style' for home!

    cass: glad to hear that your family likes the cincalok pork. i hv to thank you, you inspired me to cook this agin, next time i also want to try your thai style steamed prawns!

    anne: if you're coming over, i will cook this again..just for you!! also i will get the ones with big heads! LOL!

    anuja: oh, those few are chinese characters, simply means big head prawns!

    chris: thank you but this is far beyond beauty as compared to your pictures!!

    marymoh: hahaha! oh dear, the prawns will suffer next time!

    diane: oh, i'm surprised to hear that you cant get raw prawns there!

    jessie : dont have to go restaurants, you can easily do this at home! hope you are feeling much better now!

  24. THis is a very delicious dish and not very oily, I love it! I just happened to have bought some prawns today too! Let's see if I can cook this tomorrow:D

  25. "Ho Ho Lang!" must be "Ho Ho Sek!" and "Ho Ho Chum", "Ngor moe tuck sek" AIYOH YOH!

  26. This dish looks absolutely delicious! I love steam prawns, so I'll definitely have to try this out!

  27. Hi Lena,
    Aiyo yo , this is so yum . Cannot let my boys see this now, they love prawns so much they will ask me to cook this instead :p
    Love your 大头虾they look so pink and fresh.

  28. Can I have the entire plate of these steamed prawns? I am telling you I can finish the whole plate, give me more and I will take them all!

  29. This is one of my fave ways to prepare prawns. Buz because I don't keep any chinese rice wine at home, I normally will add some whisky into it>.<

  30. Oh I like this dish since prawn is my favourite. But I have to stay away from prawn while breastfeeding my daughter. She seems allergic to it.

  31. Dip it with chili padi dipping sauce, yum yum!

  32. Gorgeous! This looks really delicious and perfect for the holidays. :)