Friday, September 14, 2012

Bread and Butter Pudding

Remember my challah? I finished up the last few slices from the loaf that i kept in the freezer and made this. I guess many of you already know how to make your best bread pudding and probably dont even need to refer to any recipe but i cant, i still need something to guide me, i'm afraid that my bread will end up being too soggy or too eggy. I refer this recipe from the Australia Masterchef website how to make my custard and i am so pleased with the end result. The sogginess was perfect for me , the custard mixture was well absorbed by the challah ,i cut them fairly thick and the taste was delicious. I did cut down a little on the sugar and if you're going to make this, do not leave the marmalade out, it makes this even more delicious, very nice.

Recipe (from  )
i made half the recipe in a 1 litre capacity shallow baking dish
4 slices of challah ( spread some butter on each slice and each slice cut into 4 )
a handful of raisins
2 eggs
2 egg yolks
65gm sugar
300ml dairy cream
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/8 cup of hot orange marmalade ( for brushing )

1. Arrange the cut sliced challah in the baking dish. Whisk eggs, yolks and sugar together. Place cream and vanilla in a saucepan and almost bring to boil. Pour cream over egg mixture and whisk to combine. Strain mixture over bread and let stand for 20 minutes. ( l didnt use all, just about 3 tbsp of custard left behind ).
2. Sprinkle the raisins all over. Place baking dish in a large roasting pan and pour boiling water into pan coming halfway up the sides of the baking dish. Loosely cover with foil.
3.Bake at 180C for 15 minutes. Remove foil and bake a further 20 minutes or until golden. Meanwhile you can heat your marmalade. Brush pudding with hot jam and cook further 3 mins before serving.

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  1. this sounds like such a treat! I love B&B pudding and I love the rich flavors you use here :)
    Mary x

  2. wah...drool! The golden colour is super nice ya! I can imagine the crisp exterior and the creamy center...yummy! Okay, make this weekend...not with fantastic 6 braided challah though, lol! :D Have a super nice weekend my friend!

  3. My favourite! And this is the only bread recipe that I can master very well, kakakak!

    Love your bread pudding, not soggy and I prefer more bread to egg :)

  4. Nice pudding bread, especially you are using your own baked bread. The yellowish color is very lovely. I like to add in my favourite fruti bananas for sweeter taste.

  5. Dear Lena,

    You're really a good cook lady
    Your cooking capability I kowtow
    Anymore of the pudding for me
    Hungry me is coming over now

    I can't lose even some weight
    Or I look like a bamboo stake
    I am not only rather thin
    My face also very thick skin
    To ask for a cake everyday
    No wonder can't easily blush away
    Joking joking only my friend
    Dreamer wishes you a happy weekend

  6. This is my favourite! And it looks really good with challah. Now I think I want to make a challah to turn into pudding!

  7. I can use my ciabatta for this too...I have 1/2 loaf left in the freezer :p Looks delicious ! I shall make this for dessert :)

  8. Ooh that looks so good and golden and crunchy! I have to try making challah bread one day...yum yum!!!

  9. Hi Lena, what a smart and yummy way to use your bread. Very impressed.

  10. Simply beautiful! I too need a recipe to guide me when I cook, otherwise, I am sure I would live out certain ingredients!

  11. Lena, of course, after looking at your challah, I've replayed that clip for over 10 times, sort of getting some idea how to braid a 6-strand bread, would like to try 1 day with my bread. This bread & butter pudding also looks very yummy to me!

  12. One word, Exquisite. Can I grab one? plz? :-)

  13. who can forget your challeh? This looks like such a comforting dessert to me! Nothing like sweet bread!

  14. Wow, looks so delicious and lovely golden colour! It sounds good with the marmalade. A cup of teh-o panas would be perfect! :)

  15. Lena , great way to use your (leftover) gorgeous challah ! It looks delicious indeed !

  16. It looks delicious, I liked!

  17. Eileen, Hundred Eighty DegreesSeptember 14, 2012 at 10:27 PM

    Oops, I am one who needs to refer to recipe to bake. I triied making bread pudding before but mine didn't turn out good. Yours is perfect. Well done :)

  18. such a classic all time favorite. would be lovely with my strawberry icecream..heehehee

  19. Look so golden and beautiful ! Sound delicious too..

  20. Lena, Awesome bread pudding...your fabulous challah is 'out of this world' delicious!
    Baking the bread pudding in the water bath is a great idea to keep it moist. love it:)xoxo

  21. Wow...oho wow! Thank you for taking the word verification off. There was no way to let you know that I can't comment because of that darn WV monitoring my comment and blocking me each time!

  22. Absolutely yummy! Very appetizing & a great way to use your delicious challah! Lovely golden brown & very moist too! :)

  23. Oh my god, slurppppp
    Your bread and butter pudding looks so nice, love the sultanas and the way u arrange the bread randomly in the baking dish ^^

  24. Hi Lena, thanks for joining us on Cook Like a MasterChef. Your bread and butter pudding looks lovely, it's one of my HUbby's fav desserts.

  25. bread pudding is my favorite, Lena! i should make this since i have many leftover bread in the freezer :)

  26. mary: thank you, i'm sure you're going to love this one too!

    bee2: yes, i love how golden it looks too, with the butter and the jam too. you are so right, slight crispy and yummy custard. Hope you will like it!

    yvonne: thank you ! yes, i remember your bread pudding, i'm sure that was delicious too!

    yan: Mmm..eating with bananas sounds yummy !

  27. dreamer:

    Nvr mind your body looks like bamboo stick
    important is you're healthy and less fall sick
    i think i probably need to lose some weight
    oh, will i end up like a walking chopstick?
    i'm dreaming of a figure like the number 'eight'
    or a shape like a guitar, oohlala how great!

    No wonder you dont easily turn crimson
    cos your skin is as thick as a watermelon
    Being thick skin is not really a bad case
    as long as we dont put up a double face.

  28. Mich: Not necessary to do it with challah, the original recipe uses normal raisin bread and different way of arranging the bread.

    Elin: hope you will enjoy eating this too!

    Fern: oh, you can still use other bread to make this, the original recipe uses normal bread.

    amrita: thank you very much!

    jeannie: i think chinese cooking is not so bad, we can always fine tune the taste last minutes but hard for bakes :)

    jessie: oh you did?! i'm glad that now you hv an idea how to do that. Hope you will succeed in making the 6 braided loaf!

    samantha: thank you for visiting!!

    daphne: thank you, it will be great having this on cold mornings!

    joyce: yup, great with that marmalade! i'm also looking forward to see your bread pudding!

    anne: hey, it was great seeing your braided loaf, you did it very well!!

    duxa: thank you, my dear! so is your coffee creme!

    eileen: thank you very much! i'm still not as confident as not to refer to a recipe when it comes to baking.

    jen: oh yeah, that will be wonderful with your strawberry jam! so are you going to pass me a jar? hehe..

    sonia: thanks! i love how golden it turned out too!

  29. elisabeth: thank you for your compliments and thanks so much for informing me abt the word verification. I was thinking something wrong with your browser, it's now fixed!

    kit: yeah, it was delicious and this will go well with any breads too!

    emily: thank you! thank you!

    Daphne: thank you, i'm happy how golden they turned out ! you can also try that with normal bread, you can chk the link see how they arranged the bread, also very nice!

    babysumo: thank you ! there will be another one coming soon!

    Alice: please do! hope you will like it too!!

  30. Hi lena,
    I wish you a good weekend,
    kisses dear:)

  31. Boy, that looks so very tasty. Have a great week.

  32. Looks good, Lena, great for breakfast or snack!

  33. Love the bright cheery colour! Can see that the bread and the custard paired off really well, bread took to the custard and custard look creamy and not soggy, just perfect!

  34. This looks absolutely amazing! I love those bread chunks.

  35. Oh my goodness, Lena, this sounds outrageously delicious. I love bread and butter pudding but with the marmalade ........ you've just taken it to a whole new level, thanks!

  36. I must learn from you. There are times, I had a hard time finishing a big loaf of bread esp when the recipe is a big portion.

  37. This is a great transformation! From Challah to this yummy pudding! Wow! Now, you are Lena the magic baker :D

  38. Very gorgeous bread and butter pudding! I had wanted to make this too but we never seem to have any leftover breads at home!

  39. Hi Lena, your bread and butter pudding look delicious. Love the break chunk... very tempting.

    Have a nice week ahead.

  40. Duxa: thank you! you too have a nice week!

    carole: thank you!

    Cheah: thanks! how was your holidays? i must go and read where you went!

    ade: thanks! i remember your bread pudding too, it looks beautiful too! yeah, the marmalade and a little bit of vanilla makes it really delicious!

    elizabeth: hi, thanks for coming by!

    chris: thank you so much! i really love the addition of the marmalade here and also a little bit of vanilla, it smells so good when it was baking!

    edith: i know..i tried to half the rceipe if i can as i dont hv many stomachs to feed too!!

    zoe: magic baker? haha! no lah, this is just copycat!

    kelly : thank you! try making this someday, it's nice. Doesnt have to be challah, can be any breads or thick rolls. The original recipe uses raisin bread :)

    amelia: thanks! i purposely saved a few slices of challah to make this!

  41. Haven't had good bread & butter pudding for such a long time. Guess I am better off making them myself. THANX for the recipe Lena. Will add a twist of adding some whisky to the end before serving. Had it when a friend made them for me in Hongkong:D

  42. I love bread pudding but I too need to still follow a recipe otherwise I've come up with some soggy messes. Even Marion won't eat them!!! Yours looks delicious and yes, I love that golden color too.

    Thanks for sharing, Lena. Now I'm craving some comforting Bread and Butter Pudding:)

  43. I never made bread pudding. Looking at your beautiful delicious pudding feel like making one too.

  44. Wow Lena this looks good! a B&B pudding sounds like an ultimate comfort food to me. Thanx for sharing this and joining us in this blog hop.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

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