Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Brazilian Quick Rolls- # Twelve Loaves

Do not get the impression that these are just another kind of bread rolls, they are not. It has a special ingredient that is tapioca flour, just this flour alone and no other flour to make these bread rolls. When i first came across this recipe, i was very tempted to try. First of all, it is very easy and quick to make, if you get ready all the ingredients, it will just take you around half an hour to get a batch of these done. Secondly, you dont need to do any kneading, no arms exercise and can ignore your electric mixer for a moment.  However, you will need a blender to do the job and the job i'm referring here is just blend in everything together, blitzzz..that's it, pour it into your mini muffin pan or cases and then put it into the oven. Simple, right?
i do not have a mini muffin pan and used this silicone cases instead
fill them till 3/4 full
puffed up !

As these are made from tapioca flour, it does not have a bread or bun texture. When i had my first bite, it was a little crispy and as i continued eating, i thought it resembles something like a mochi. That chewy texture of a mochi, i also like the flavour here, cheesy and a little salty. I had these together with a bowl of pumpkin soup( recipe will be shared later ),the rolls were nice, the soup was delicious and i'm happy. It was mentioned that these rolls are best to be eaten when it's warm and not recommended to reheat it. Not to worry, this is also a small recipe, makes around 15  small rolls.

Recipe ( from ourbestbites.com )
1 large egg
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup canola oil
1 cup tapioca flour
1/2 tsp kosher salt
1/4 cup grated cheddar cheese ( i put in 2 slices of cheddar cheese )
1/4 cup of grated parmesan cheese

optional: you can sprinkle extra cheese on the top and any herbs you like to add.

1.Preheat oven to 400F/205C. Place egg, milk, oil, tapioca flour and salt in a blender and blend till smooth. Add in the cheeses and pulse 2 times.Immediately pour batter into your mini muffin pan ( spray lightly with a nonstick spray or oil them first) , filling each about 3/4 full
2. Bake for 15-20 minutes until puffed up and golden. Remove from oven and cool for a few minutes before removing them from pan. Serve warm.

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  1. wow they look so crispy and light. They remind me of choux pastry for cream puffs.

  2. Hey Lena, this is really something different... reminds me of the chinese "chin dole" (hoong sum) inside.. :)

  3. Lena, i'm loving this recipe! Reminds me of those chewy prawn puffs that the malay stalls sell..cheese and herbs combo...can't wait to try this. Many thanks for sharing :)

  4. Very unique rolls with tapioca flour. Something very different with what I used to bake. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I've never used tapioca flour before. They do look really tasty. And the incorporation of cheese is making me want to try it too, so I can see what it tastes like.

  6. That is something new to me...tapioca flour. I will give them a try. Thanks for sharing. I am your newest follower. Come on by and say hello.

  7. I had made this before long time ago and had to finish them all by myself
    cos my sons don't like them! Texture is similar to mocchi like you said.

  8. jen: they do look like one,right? also like some sort of popovers.

    claire: haha! only you can think of chien dui! hey, where are you now? back home oredi??

    esther: but it's nothing similar to those prawn rolls but i hope you will like them!

    vivian: yea, i was curious abt the taste, quite unique actually.

    alex: i saw the site that i sourced the recipe from uses bob mills tapioca flour, maybe you can look out for it.

    linda: thank you for your visit, will visit you soon!

    jeannie: oh really? i quite like them especially with that cheesy taste :)

  9. Not sure if tapioca flour is available here but this recipe sounds very yummy. Take care Diane

  10. Many years ago, there was a frenzy on this bread in the blogging world. In Singapore, we found it in the bakery that calls it Mochi bread. Another one by some brazillian name. These are my favourite!

  11. Hi Lena, have not try this quick rolls but it look good to me. Can pass me 2 pieces plus white coffee for my breakfast :)

    Have a nice day.

  12. This is indeed unique and special! Have not made anything baked with tapioca flour except our local kuih! And it is so fluffy and springy! Looks good and sounds delicious with pumpkin soup! I think that I could finish half a dozen,no problem! :)

  13. Very strange buns. The inside like kosong, kah? But they are nice and puffy. I guess nice to celup in a good soup.

  14. This reminds me of cream puffs, as its hollow inside. I love the fact that there is no need to knead it... and can just blend everything in the blender. Your muffin cups are very pretty!

  15. Very interesting recipe! one that can not be baked at night for me! Will find time to bake it in the morning one weekend!

  16. ps: L.O.V.E. and envy your lovely silicone cups!

  17. Hi Lena,

    I love most food made with cheese
    So I won't give your bread roll a miss
    Nice if I can try even one piece
    Here only can give the photo a kiss

    You've also walk the extra mile
    For all the poems you've created so far
    What you've written also make us smile
    And also a great cook, that's what you are

    Lena boleh
    Malaysia boleh

  18. like a cream puff texture...I would like to try this out too...easy job :) I am getting lazier by the day and looking for easy things to do LOL! Yours definitely looks mouthwatering. I can imagine...the cheesy flavor in it :)

  19. Wah, I think I will like this Lena. There is this bakery here in Sg that has this mochi bread that is selling like hotcakes! I must try your recipe to see if its the same...then I will be rich!! LOL! *kidding* Mmm....cheesy, chewy, I like!

  20. Woooo, Lena, with the last picture that shows the inside of the bread rolls, I actually think that should fill up these rolls with some beautiful vanilla custard, yummy!

  21. What a fun, unique, delicious sounding recipe, Lena. They remind me of popovers. I will have to look for tapioca flour. I never heard of it before.

  22. These buns look great! I love the little silicone liners, too!

  23. Ooooh....non gluten beauties. My friend would be delighted to have these. I need to try this one day. Looks easy to make. Lazy me...I just love super easy recipes :D Thanks very much for sharing.

  24. diane: hope you can find tapioca flour one day, i know bob mills has that and also shouldnt be any problem getting them from asian grocery stores.

    edith: mochi bread sounds familiar! i didnt know that they are the same, thanks for telling me!

    amelia: you sure 2 enuf? very small only wor..:D

    joyce: yeah, me too! only know tapioca flour for making kuihs and this is much easier than making kuihs, you come here i make a dozen for you!

    phong hong: inside like what you see, kosong. Like cream puffs, right? Good to eat with or without soup :)

    mich: yeah, looks like cream puffs but very diffferent if you eat them. Those liners are very cheap only, you want i can send you some.

    emily: I also can send you some liners if you want, for you, free! haha! better do it in the morning otherwise neighbours complain so noisy the blending!

  25. dreamer:

    i noticed you signed in a different name
    no more anonymous, officially a dreamer
    i prefer this, it's a better nickname
    dreamer my friend, a good poem composer.

    i wld like to be a little kay poh chi
    do you hv a blog, i wld like to see
    dont be shy if you do, just tell me
    all i know is that you come from miri
    like anything cheesy and also kolo mee
    finish schooling or up to form three
    practise kungfu , silat or taichi
    dreamer a thambi or a tangachi
    besides writing, what is your hobby
    sorry sorry, i really very kay poh chi
    ciao now! i'm here giggling crazily
    soon my boss is going to fire me!

  26. elin: the texture not the same as cream puffs, they are chewy. me so lazy too! feel like taking a break!

    bee: i didnt know that they are called mochi bread until i read edith's comment earlier. Next time i go singapore, i want to try!!

    jessie: vanilla custard? that's what i just posted today, vanilla custard cream puffs!

    missyblurkit: aah, this one you can easily handle:)

    chris: thank you! yeah looks like popovers too! and they are chewy. I know bob mills has tapioca flour, asian groceri stores should also carry this.

    gingered whisk: thank you and thanks for visiting!

    marymoh: yeah, i'm also getting lazy these days, like i told elin, feel like taking a break!

  27. I love your cheese puffs ! Yet another treat that I've been wanting to make ! :P :D

  28. These quick rolls are so beautiful, Lena. The texture looks incredible and I bet with the flavor is also delicious. Thank you for linking to us again with #TwelveLoaves :)xx

  29. First time I read recipe to make bread use tapioca

  30. Mmmm...these look delicious. I love the look of that crisp outside and almost choux-paste-like inside! I've never used tapioca flour before, but I'm going to keep my eye out for it because I'm intrigued! Thanks so much for adding your rolls to the BYOB bread basket this month :)