Friday, August 10, 2012

Strawberry Coffee Cake

Another good coffee cake that we are baking at The Home Bakers ( THB ), Strawberry Coffee Cake. Besides layering the strawberries in between the cake, the cake itself is made up of mixture of cream cheese and butter, giving it a mild cheesy taste, it is moist and i would say this is a quite delicious cake to eat. I didnt toss the sliced strawberries with flour before mixing it into the batter, could it be the reason why most of my strawberries got sunk to the bottom of the cake? Anyway, i know that's not really important, i have been telling my blogger friends sometimes 'hey, as long as it tasted good, doesnt matter' so i shldnt be complaining so much..just that if  those berries could have been evenly spread, it will look more appealing. What's on the topping are some sugar and nuts mixed together but i dont know why my sugar topping didnt melt, it looks like pieces of sugar crust on top of the cake . How come?

I've already took a peek at the strawberry cakes made by the rest of the members, some use blueberries, i;m sure it is delicious as well and the berries didnt really sink to the bottom unlike mine. You can look at the group baking here. This round, Alice from ILoveICookIBake has picked this cake to bake, you can look at her blueberry cake which she has baked in a cupcake form, very pretty, you can get the recipe there. I've made 1/3 recipe in a 7 inch round pan.


  1. wow This is my type of coffee cake...light, moist and loaded with seasonal fruits! Marvelous!

  2. My fruits always stuck to the bottom as well and well, maybe you are right, I shouldn't be too bothered by it as long as it tastes good, right ?? Coz I always find it an eyesore whenever that happens and will refuse to present it to others to try...

  3. Lena, this cake is perfectly baked. I can see it from the texture. I definitely love biting and munching at those nuts and strawberry. Indeed lovely, Lean.

  4. Oh yes Lena, yr cake is looking good, dun worry:-D I bet the the taste is good too:)

  5. This cake looks delicious. Moist and with a nutty crust. Will be good with a cup of plain hot tea....mmmmm.

  6. This looks very delicious and is beautifully done. My strawberry version was terrible as for some reason the top of the cake came off! I really like this cake and will definitely make it again.

  7. Your cake looks great, Lena! You are right, as long as the cakes tastes delicious, where the fruits stay become secondary! This cake is a total winner! I will be making this again, this time to share with my sisters! hehe!

  8. Dreamer says,

    I am not a 'sifu' baker myself
    Otherwise I can be of help
    To solve the hiccup professionally
    Anyway, your cake looks lovely
    Well, it is a small problem only
    As long as it is good and tasty

    Lena, you're a 'witch' or something
    Your concoction putting a spell on the king
    Who may start singing like Bon Jovi
    And doing the twist like Elvis Presley
    Another of your hidden talent lady?
    Hahaha! Relax, just joking only

    All the best to you

  9. Lena, gorgeous cake! I would love to have a slice. First thing I will do is pick up the almonds on top first. Then I eat the cake :)

  10. This cake looks like a winner to me ! Love the moist fruity texture :D Obviously , some strawberry pieces has a mind of its own ! lol Nice addition of chopped almonds !

  11. Lena, totally agree with you that taste comes first, looks later :D But yours looks really beautiful. The last picture looks really delicious......mmm. Wish I can have a BIG piece!

  12. Hold on there, I am just popping over for tea and cake LOL. Keep well Diane

  13. Great looking coffee cake. Cake with yummy fruits especially berries definitely my favourite. Too bad I do not bake with them because very costly here. So I just admired your strawberry coffee cake lor...

  14. Love the pictures, are making me drool over it. I did read somewhere that to spread fruits evenly through the batter is to mix it together with the flour. But who cares, as long as it tastes good, that's what matters..send some over please..I don't eat much. A couple of slices will do :)

  15. hi Lena,
    what to complain from your georgeous cake?
    all can be forgotten... the fruit sank? so? it's still delicious! the sugar didn't melt thoroughly? it's an added crunch together with the nuts isn't it?
    this is a perfect coffee cake that you baked Lena :)

  16. Haha, I thought you made it that way!! I was looking at the pictures first, and saw all the fruit on the bottom and thought "wow, how did she do that? That looks so cool" It looks so good I'm afraid I would eat it all in one sitting. I love coffee cakes

  17. i have never thought of combining strawberries and coffee into a cake! It looks fabulous. pass me a slice and a mug of coffee!

  18. angie: i think i might add in some spelt flour into my cakes like you too, i've tried spelt in breads but not cakes, i wld like to know how it brings on to the texture and flavour.

    joyce@cc: dont you worry.i've just seen your garlicky prawns..they are so well presented like a 5 star restaurant dish!

    yan: then you eat the nuts, i eat the cake..haha!

    mimi: are you going to bake this?

    cheah: can i exchange with your guiness bread or not? i would love to taste that!! oh, dont forget to slip in one slice of that ribs for me too!

    mich: haha! your semi nude cake? but your blueberry cake looks fantastic, fully dressed and very nice!!

    chris: thanks, you chk the rest and you can see all of their cakes also very nice, their berries all nicely spread out :))

    joyce: you really hardworking, baking so much! i cannot tahan, my oven also cannot tahan liao!! LOL!

  19. dreamer:

    Whether you're a dreamer or a baker
    this is another cake i like you to savour
    too bad you're far away from here
    even a witch cant get you near

    haha..the king himself will sure delight
    knowing he can sing all right
    with all that twisting all night
    i hope he can still walk upright

    wait, someone's checking her hat and her broom
    she might just appear anytime in your room
    her turbo engine is faster than ferrari's Vrooom
    you sit tight, dont fall off from that broom!

    kidding..kidding..happy weekend to you.

  20. Phong Hong: thank you saying my cake is gorgeous, i wish i can share the cake with you. I bake cake for you, you teach me how to make trengganu dishes, deal?

    anne: yea, it has a lovely moist texture, good thing that the strawberries are not that sour.

    marymoh: nah! take it! hahaha! love your ice cream too and so glad to know that you're recovering so well but dont play so hard on your badminton, ok?

    diane: all's ready!!

    vivian: i know, they are also expensive here but here i;m using local ones, at least i dont feel much of a pinch :)

    jen: i wanted to toss the berries with flour but actually i forgot to do it, nvrmind lah. how many pieces you want? RM3 per piece!

    Alice: yeah, actually the sugar added crunchiness to the cake. Thanks for your compliments, i really love your cupcakes, they look decadent!

    cathleen: haha! you think i did that on purpose?

    daphne: you forgot your diet plan?

  21. Mmmm...this cake looks so moist and delish! Wow, i didn't know you can rhyme so well too :P

  22. barb: eh, what's up? how come you're not sleeping me? doing crafts or wat??

  23. Lena, what a beauty, this cake is. We liked it also and yes the cream cheese added flavor that was to delicious. I like the recipes in the book.

  24. Wow! Looks fabulous with so moist & soft texture! I'm might be baking this cake during the weekend after looking your gorgeous cake! heheheh :)

  25. Strawberry cheesy cake??

    I thought you purposely made the strawberry sunk! It's a lovely cake, I don't really mind its appearance (well, it adds some points though) and as long as it tastes yummy, I'll buy in :D

  26. Lena,I did learn from somewhere that flour the berries will help them to float,try it next time! I saw Joyce's cake & was thinking who could have bake this for me,hehehe! Love the cOmbination of strawberries with coffee, I've seen a coffe cake recently that I've bookmarked & i'm also thinking too add some berries in there if I really make them in the future! Can I have a big slice?

  27. Eileen@Hundred Eighty DegreesAugust 11, 2012 at 6:10 PM

    Hi Lena, great looking:) Wow, it's another THB bake event again! Time flies...I'm still trying to catch up :)

  28. Hello Lena. You are such a perfectionist, the cake looks great to me :) And i love the chunky almond toppings too!

  29. chaya: oh, you hv baked this alraedy? i must go and see yours later.

    kit: dont hv to rush, still got ample time :)

    yvonne: no lah, i wanted to toss the berries with flour but forgot to do it, i think it will prevent the berries from sinking as i can see from the rest of the group who did that.

    jessie: yes, i remember i did that too in one or 2 of my cakes, they didnt really go to the bottom, next time i shall remember that.

    eileen: yeah, i also feel like i just baked the marbled cappucino cake not too long ago :)

    ade: i;m not really a perfectionist as you claimed, just that the one in the book looks much better than this.

  30. Am gonna make this tomorrow. So happened to have bought some strawberries yesterday! Hopefully..I get it right and as pretty (and yummy too) as yours!

  31. Your cake looks most perfect to me, am sure the sugar gives a very nice crunch as well as the nuts.

  32. Thanks for your lovely comment Lena. I am glad to be back :)

    This cake looks so lovely! It is Sunday here today and this sort of nutty, fruity cake would be perfect to share lazily with friends/family don't you think?

  33. Wow...i am drooling after see the melted strawberries between the coffee cake! Both are my favourite!
    Have a nice Sunday to you :)

  34. Lena, I'm loving your moist and delicious strawberry coffee cake. That's exactly what I would want with my morning coffee...just a nice moist, and fruity piece of coffee cake like yours!

  35. Lena, your cake looks gorgeous, I love the texture. Is there any coffee added?
    Did you sprinkle coarse sugar? From my experience, coarse sugar won't melt.

  36. Lena, your cake looks so good and dun worry that the sugar didnt melt, the cake actually looks better this way. Come to think about it, actually I encountered it b4, but cant recall which cake that I baked.

  37. Hi Lena,

    Your poem above that you shared
    A funny masterpiece I truly declare
    I laughed almost falling off my chair
    A humorous episode makes one float on air
    Should a wicked witch come to my lair
    I am ready setting up my snare
    Break up her broom giving her the scare
    She would walk off in great despair
    Leaving behind the turbo engine beyond repair
    She can come back again if she dare
    Kidding, kidding just a funny story to share
    But a good witch is welcome anywhere
    God is watching, all witches better beware
    That's all from dreamer, how do I fare?
    All the very best and do take care

  38. Lena,

    Most of THB bakers use blueberry for their bakes but I'm ok with my strawberry cake as my fruit has been "obedient" to me for this bake. Your strawberry cake looks very moist and delicious. I can see that your fruits are sinking and I'm guessing the batter must be too much lighter than the fruits... maybe tossing the fruits in flour might help :D


  39. missyblurkit: i'm sure you can, have confidence!

    jeannie: thanks! the sugar crust did gave some crunches, i was just wondering why it didnt melt...

    brittany: enjoy your holidays in paris!

    cass: thanks, the blueberries ones look just as good!

    elisabeth: i hv some muffins for you, hope you will like it too..haha! it's for the 12 loaves!

    cindy: i cannot remember, but now that you mentioned it, i could have taken the granulated sugar..aiyoh..cannnot remember oredi!

    jess: yeah, actually it was not a concern for me but just wondering why..but like cindy mentioned , i could have used the coarse sugar which i cant remember now..

  40. Dreamer :

    Excellent! Excellent!
    That's really a humorous poem
    Now that you're made her handicapped
    She's fixing her broom, feeling so upset
    Asking me for a new turbo engine
    I told her dont be so thick skin
    No broom, no engine, try get some Michelin
    Or disguise someone like Cher or Ricky Martin
    But she told me she prefers Mr Bean
    She now looking at me with a BIG BIG grin
    So be careful when there's knocking on your door
    Just look out and be prepared for.

  41. Zoe, i'm glad that your cake turned out 'obedient; this time! haha! the taste of the strawberries in the cake is okay, it didnt make the cake sour or tart, yeah, i shall remember to mix some flour with the berries next time .

  42. I like your poem. Cracked me up lah. hehe. This cake looks very tempting. Wah, so many things I want to make, how da??

  43. This looks so delish!!! I've never used strawberries in a cake....this should be fun!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  44. hi Lena,
    This cake looks amazing!! I have yet to bake it.