Sunday, August 26, 2012

Stir Fried Pork With Cincalok

I believe most malaysians know what cincaluk is, even though if one has not really tasted it before, i guess most have seen it selling in supermarkets or in groceries stores here. It is made up of tiny shrimps or the locals call it 'udang geragau', cooked rice and salt which all are mixed together and leave to ferment before consuming. It is a very popular food or condiment in the state of Malacca and i'm not surprised at all if some Malaysians have not tasted it before. I 've yet to come across a cincaluk dish being served at restaurants here where i live or maybe some Malay restaurants have it, i dont know and my mum only knows how to cook one and only dish with cincaluk , that is steamed pork with cincaluk but i cant really remember how it tasted like, that was a long time ago.

The other day when i was at the bookstore, i came upon this cincaluk dish in a book. As i'm not well knowledged in cooking a cincaluk dish, i snapped a photo of the recipe with my phone.  I know..i know..that's not a very nice thing to do..i felt like a thief. I'm not able to provide the name of the book cos i forgot the look at it, ok shall not elaborate. Cincaluk is saltish on its own, with a couple of more ingredients like kaffir lime leaves and torch gingerbud, this makes quite an appetising dish.

Over the past few weeks, i've seen my blogger friends cooking dishes with cincaluk,  Cindy even made her own cincaluk at home. Here are the links:

1) Home Made Cincaluk by Cindy
2) Chicken Cincaluk by Sonia
3) Cincaluk Omelette by Joyce

3 tbsps cincaluk (do not take too much of the brine, it's quite saltish)
150gm pork belly ( sliced thinly)
3 tbsp oil
1 onion, cut into wedges
1 chilli, sliced

Ingredients A
4 shallots , sliced
20gm ginger, shredded
1tsp kaffir lime leaf, shredded
1/2 tbsp torch ginger, minced ( bunga kanthan)

Ingredients B
1/2 cup water
1 tbsp sugar

1. Saute ingredients A with oil till aromatic and add in cincaluk, onion and chilli.Stir fry them for a minute
2. Add pork and continue stir fry for 2-3 minutes, add ingredients B and simmer till almost dry.

I am submitting this post to Malaysian Food Fest ( Malacca Month ) hosted by Cindy of yummylittlecooks


  1. Haha...yours recipe just right in time. I just done a batch of kimchi and still have some cincaluk. All the above ingredients i have too. Will cook it by tomorrow ;)
    Thanks for your recipe, Lena :)

  2. Wow, Lena! You don't need no Nyonya next to you when cooking Nyonya food! You did extremely well, looks so delicious! Tambah nasi, besar! Ten points for all your Nyonya dish! Lu sudah pandeh masak lauk Nyonya! Nanti kena belajar cakap Nyonya, gua ajar lu satu dua. Cup is "cangkeh", kitchen towel is "tok-poh"!
    Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Great job on Nyonya food, Lena!

  3. hheeehe I do agree with Joyce, Lena. Lu kena belajar cakap nyonya. This dish is xtremely yummy. Gua dah lama tak makan ni. Boleh makan satu tempayan nasi sama ni lauk. :)

  4. I have only eaten cincalok once... that is with timun and bawang, my aunt made it and they like it this way.
    This seems more appealing to me

  5. Lena, don't feel bad about taking the recipe with the phone as I did it sometimes, hahaha & sometimes, I will remember to get the book title but sometimes I forgot, so for the one that I forgot, I can't actually post it in my blog. Anyway, back to your dish today, I've known about cincaluk recently & this looks like a good dish to me!I wonder whether I can get it from my local grocery store.

  6. Ha ! I usually lurk at the bookstore once or twice a month - ( yup , seldom , you know , loads of books at our local lib :D ) to check out some books that I couldn't find at the library ..... Because , I'm cheap , I just copy - with pen and paper - the recipe that looks promising ! lol

    Anyway , this dish looks appetizing and for such a simple recipe I'm sure it tastes absolutely delicious !

  7. Very flavorful dish! Hah! Hah! you took photo of the recipe. My auntie used to try and memorize the recipe and last time I heard, she type it as sms and send to me. We are very naughty!

  8. Hi Lena, this dish is very addictive. I can never stop eating and can have rice too. LOL

    Have a nice weekend.

  9. I have all the ingredients, but today i plan to cook lazy one meal dish for dinner- long bean rice,hehehe. ok, tomorrow i will cook this dish, sound so yummy! Thanks for the mentioned my friend.

  10. Dear Lena,

    The tiny shrimps also known as 'bubuk'
    I do like food cooked with cincaluk
    So I wont give your latest dish a miss
    Savouring it would be a real bliss

    For your last poem, here is my reply
    Hope that it will make you smile
    Sure interesting to be the audience
    To see the witch as a rock star
    Singing the song "we are the champion"
    With her broom as the guitar

    It's not the witch's boss that is cantik only
    Her bank a/c number is also a real beauty
    Gonna make her a/c balance more pretty
    Bank in the money to make her happy

    Ipoh white coffee and durians
    A favorite of many Malaysians
    Coffee okay but durian not for me
    How about sponsoring a trip to Hawaii
    Or nearer home, a tour of Thailand
    Can or not, my dear friend
    hee hee hee!

    All the best

  11. This looks delicious! The next time I come to Malaysia I am going to buy a few bottles of cincaluk and try all these wonderful recipes posted by you and Joyce.

  12. Oooohh ... I haven't had this for the longest time. Can't figure out why I didn't think of this dish when I'd bought cincalok to make kimchi with. I still have some leftover. No prizes for guessing what I'm gonna do with it :)

  13. This dish must be very appetizing!

  14. Hi Lena,
    i have a few friends that love cincaluk so much. i am not so that type but your cincaluk pork i am salivating now..:p
    Tambah nasi eh!!

  15. I have never ate, let alone heard of cincaluk, but I would like to try cooking with it. This looks fantastic!

  16. Like Cathleen, I have never heard or had cincaluk. The pork looks very tasty.

  17. I always see people buying cincalok and I have been asking how to eat? Haha now I got an answer ... thanks for sharing. The next time I go Malaysia, I will remember to buy one.

  18. Everyone is cooking with cincaluk.

    I would love to try it out (the recipe is so simple, the outcome is great!) but I dare not buy a bottle to try it. What if I don't like the taste?? :(

  19. I shouldn't come in this hour. So hungry now looking at your dish.

  20. This dish is new to me, but I know I'll love it lots! I'll buy a bottle of this cincaluk next time I'm up in Malaysia. ;)

  21. Wow, I've actually never heard of cincalok before, but it looks and sounds really, really good!


  22. My gosh...that dish looks really tempting. I'll eat a big plate of rice. Just sad that I can't find cincaluk here. No bunga kantan here also :( I think cincaluk would be nice in pancakes too.

  23. This is something totally new for me but looks unique and interesting!

  24. This is something new to me too.. I don't see this around in our supermarkets here also. But it seems like a good condiment for many cuisine, based on what you mentioned. Maybe I should grab a bottle back if I do go Malaysia one of these days !

  25. Once my son cooked stir fry cabbage with cincaluk, he put almost half a bottle, I nearly died when I took my first taste lol! I think the other half remaining bottle is still lurking somewhere in the fridge! Must go back and look for it:D This dish of yours looks yummy!

  26. I've never heard of or seen cincalok before. This looks great.

  27. Hi Lena, wow! I have not eaten this long time. It's also a Nyonya dish too, my mom used to make this.
    Yours really look sinful delicious...a guarantee 3 plates of rice disappearing!
    Lena, you are good....wrong word! OUTSTANDING!
    Where were you when I was handing out my resume? Ha ha.

    Lena, get your dad to pop in to my pondok....ask him to watch the 2 videos now playing in my player of actual Merdeka day scenes....aug 31st, 1957. Maybe he can spot where he sat.
    This was ecenes I saw when I was there.
    Best regards.

  28. cass: great! hope you find it tasty too!

    joyce: whahahaha! lu jangan buat gua eh perut sakit!gua sini laughing so hard!! better go and get 'tok poh' to wipe my tears! gua, lu, tok, poh, like learning jawi!! LOL!!

    jen: Lu and joyce memang kelakar!gua read both your comments making me laugh like mad woman here

    wendy: that one sounds like dipping sauce, hor?

    jessie : i dont think those guys at the bookstore will allow us to take photos, if all like us, then nobody will buy the book. haha!

    anne: thanks! good that your library has a good stock of books, havent been to our state library since school days but i believe not many cookbooks available.

    phonghong: wah, your auntie lagi terror, memorize and sms! asked me to memorize one line can la, the whole recipe cannot!!

    amelia: it's quite a tasty dish but must eat with rice, otherwise you may find it a little saltish.

    sonia: one pot rice, cepat dimasak senang dimakan! haha! hope you will like this cincaluk dish too!

  29. dreamer:

    thank you for banking in the money
    i'm now a big 'fat' happy lady
    with the witch went for a shopping spree
    grabbed 3 handbags prada, gucci and burberry
    people thought we sudah kena lottery
    covering our mouths, we giggled hee hee hee

    wow, hawaii we would love to go
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    thailand, nice place not so far
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    not forgetting tomyum and the food bazaar
    so no hawaii, no aloha
    must practise speaking kapkhunkha and sawadeeka
    eh, whether a man or a woman you are
    pls also bring me to the gigolo bar, hahaha!

  30. michelle:yeah, buy some and sell some and then make profit, hehe..seriously, i think cincaluk is quite an acquired taste, not everybody is fond of that but do give it a try someday to see if you like it.

    ping: you can also make some dipping sauce like a mixture of cincaluk, sugar , chilli and lime juice. would be nice with fried stuffs.

    claire: with rice, sedap!

    doreen: Thanks! yeah, must eat with rice, if not a little saltish.

    cathleen: i know, cincaluk is very foreign to my western friends, may sound weird to you but it's quite tasty.

    angie: yeah like i was telling cathleen, this is a very local condiment which i think it's rare to find in western countries.

    chris: yes, then next time you can try all the cincaluk dishes that i linked here.

    yvonne: if you dont like the taste, then you pass to yan or angeline! haha!

    angeline: i told yvonne if she doesnt like the taste of cincaluk, then she can pass the bottle to you to try, good idea or not?

    yan: then you shld try to cook this..but your kids may not appreciate that :)

    bee2: yeah, dun forget to get one when you come back next time, then you see if you like cincaluk, no everyone is fond of cincaluk, give it a try!

    sues: thanks! i understand this may even sound weird to you but this condiment is quite popular over here especially to the people living in the state of malacca, one of the cities here in malaysia.

    marymoh: wah, only you can think of cincaluk in pancakes! your imagination is wild, lady!

    chris: thanks! yeah cincaluk may sound very foreign to my western friends, it's quite a nice condiment actually especially making it into a dipping sauce to go with fried fish.

    joyce@cc: after reading a few comments from singapore friends, i now know that cincaluk is not easy to get in singapore. quite surprised actually since we are not that far from each other.

    jeannie: haha! too salty is it? do try one of the cincaluk dishes listed above.

    allthatimeating: thanks! i understand that cincaluk is quite foreign to you, i'm not surprised too even quite a number of malaysians here have not actually tasted this cincaluk before.

    lee: thank you!! how come i never see the videos in your post when i went over? i will chk later, thanks for telling me. Happy merdeka!!!

  31. Hi lena, me also sometimes curi curi snap photo & recipe....hahaha

    Thanks for another post :)

  32. i have never heard of cincalok before but it sounds delicious. salt and rice- whats not to love! LOL! I know its more than that but it sounds like something I would like. This stir fried pork looks to die for

  33. Saw Joyce using cincaluk to cook her omelet and I thought it is a great cooking idea. Your stir fried pork cooked with cincaluk seems fantastic too :D

  34. Looks interesting. I'll confess I never heard of cincalok before, but it definitely looks delicious.

    Have a nice week! :)

  35. I never had cincaluk...better, consciously...since I do not know when eating in restaurants :)
    The pork dish sounds very tasty Lena, thanks for the introduction of this sauce.
    Hope you are having a great week :)