Friday, August 17, 2012

Cranberry and Cream Cheese Muffins for 'Twelve Loaves'

I know it's not cranberry season now but i've been keeping this packet of frozen cranberries since last december or perhaps november. At first when i bought these cranberries, i thought of making some cranberry sauce over some meat and then i delayed and delayed...and in the end didnt do anything about it.. Just 2 weeks ago, I saw Elisabeth from Food and Thrift making a delicious Blueberry and Peach Bread for a bread event , Twelves Loaves that her daughter, Lora is organising and that the theme for this month is bake any bread, quick or yeasted, loaf or individual filled with fresh summer fruit or berries. After checking with Lora, i'm glad that she has no objection with the frozen cranberries.  I kind of forgotten that i have these cranberries, they were chucked at the deep end bottom of my freezer with some other stuffs..

These cranberry muffins are a little different from what we normally do for a muffin that is we make a cranberry sauce or sort of compote and mix them together with the batter instead of just putting the cranberries into it where we normally do. The batter itself will turn into dull pink and before we put them into the oven, we put a blob of cream cheese on the topping. Love eating this cream cheese part especially, the cake itself is soft and moist. I wouldnt say that these muffins are tart, just some hint of that cranberries taste.

Recipe ( from ) with some modifications
makes 6 muffins
Cranberry compote
90gm frozen cranberries plus 1.5tbsp sugar

Heat the cranberries with sugar in a small saucepan until the cranberries pop. Remove from heat and let cool.
This takes just about few minutes.

50gm cream cheese, room temperature, mix with 1 tbsp of sugar ( i just use a fork to do this )
90gm sugar
100gm cake flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 egg
40ml sunflower oil or any flavourless oil
1 tbsp buttermilk ( i added this )
about a teaspoon of vanilla extract
pinch of salt

1. Heat oven to 190C/170Cfan. Line your muffin pan with cases.
2. Sift the flour into a large bowl and add in baking powder and pinch of salt. Use a fork to mix together. Add the oil, egg, buttermilk, vanilla extract and the cranberry mixture and stir together. Divide it between the cases, about 2/3 full, make a small dip in the centre of each and put a blob of softened cream cheese in. Bake for 20 minutes or until tester inserted in comes out clean.

this is from the 2nd batch

* i've made these twice. The first time i baked them for 25 minutes and found that the cheese is slightly hard, the 2nd time i baked them for 20 mins, i find them better, the cheese is softer and more creamier. 

I'm linking this post to Twelve Loaves organised by Lora of Cake Duchess

Here, i would also like to wish all my Muslim friends and readers ' Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri ' and to those who are travelling back to reunite with your family, 'Selamat Balik Kampung"


  1. I think mixing the cranberry compote into the batter sounds delicious. Cream cheese would be my favourite bit :p

  2. What a nicely combined recipe! I love the photos. They make me drool!

  3. This is definitely my type of muffins. Love the cream cheese and cranberry combination. Love how fluffy and moist they are inside.

  4. Thanks for baking along with Twelve Loaves, Lena. You know just today I was talking with my mom about some cranberries I found that need to be used soon;)Love your sweet little muffins:)

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  6. Goody! I love cream cheese in bakes! Yeah, I have a pack of frozen raspberries in my freezer for months, will have to clear that one too! You made only 6 muffins, then it is just nice, that extra last one, is it for me? :)

  7. Hahaha,same goes to me, i have a bag of frozen cranberries since last Christmas, also thought to make cranberry sauce for my 1st roasted turkey, but turkey tak jadi, so keep till now..Your muffin sound good, but i have yet to decide what to do with this cranberry.

  8. I love the cheese centre too, very hungry now, nearing lunchtime and now drooling over your muffins! Looks wonderful! Kinda wish I have a packet of forgotten cranberries in my freezer too haha! Fat chance!

  9. Nice cranberry muffin with cream cheese. I come over for tea ...

  10. This is certainly different and I love the idea of putting the cream cheese on top before baking. Very nice!

  11. Lovely muffins and I am sure they are very delicious!! Great job!

  12. I think stuffing cream cheese in any cake is a brilliant idea! the cranberries sure make this muffin light and moist...;)) I have never used fresh or frozen cranberries before, but sure hope I can try it out next time. Thanks for showing us a good recipe to try it! ;))

  13. Cranberry and cream cheese...I have no doubt at all these muffins would taste heavenly!

  14. These looks super fab. Love the cream cheese oozing out of the muffins. Yummy!

  15. Mmmmmm ! I've been looking for recipes with cream cheese as I still have about 500 grams of cream cheese that's getting moldy in the fridge ! Will bake this deliciousness next week ! Thanks for sharing this , Lena !

  16. Mmm... simply delicious! I would love to try this too.

  17. Wow, these look amazing, love that cream cheese center - makes it seem like dessert!

  18. I am bowled over by the photos! Muffin looks so soft and moist. I love all the pairings, the soft pinkish tint , the dusting, the blob of cream cheese and the background, so rustic, making them totally irresistible! Great job!

  19. I fell in love with these at first sight! They look like sugary cranberry jewel muffins...then you add the cheese and that takes it up even higher! Thank you so much for baking with us this month..and hope you join us again next month!

  20. Made these TWICE?? Man, I think I need to live with you, these look fantastic! I have some cream cheese that I want to use up. Perfect!

  21. hehehe... I remember those cranberries that we talked about in St Mikes, kekeke, very long oredi.

  22. I don't why I have so much cranberries in my freezer. I guess I forgot I had them and buy somemore. Haha, I can use them up now. I am going to make these cupcakes.

  23. Perfectly baked. Look at the cranberries. All burst and wonderful. Can send some over ah..

  24. Gorgeous looking an dI bet they taste sinfully good!

  25. Eikeen, Hundred Eighty DegreesAugust 18, 2012 at 3:45 PM

    I m sure this taste great!

  26. This is my kind of with cream cheese, and yummy berries. So delicious. Now I'm craving for it, having my morning coffee and sure would love one of your amazing muffins to go with it!
    Lena, thanks for the mention about me, as well for the Twelve Loaves, and I'm so glad you linked up to bake!

  27. Fern: it's actually quite delicious and not very tart. that cream's like eating a small slice of cheese cake :)

    Ellen: thank you!

    Mich: yeah, they are soft even till the next day, not sure if the buttermilk makes any difference but i thought no harm just adding extra tbsp here cos i have some buttermilk with me.

    lora: thanks!It's my pleasure to bake with twelve loaves. I wonder what are you going to do with your cranberries..hope to join in your event again.

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  29. joyce: how you know the last one for you? oh, better keep in the freezer first! haha!

    sonia: haha! you lagi lama i think! better think of something to make oredi!

    jeannie: i think it works fine for blueberries too!

    chris: when? i'm waiting now..:D

    phong hong: thank you, it's eating a small piece of cheese cake:)

    shelly: thank you for dropping by! will visit you soon!

    bee2: it's my first time baking with fresh cranberries too, not too bad, huh?

    angie: it pairs quite well here actually, thanks!

    anuja: i enjoyed eating that too!

    anne: would be glad to see you baking it soon, hope you will like it!

    ann: i hope you will like this too!

    chris: thank you! as i was telling the rest, it's kind of eating a cheese cake here..

  30. adeline: thank you so much! i'm flattered here!!

    Lisa: oh, hi! thanks for coming by here, it's my pleasure to join your baking event, looking forward to the theme next month!

    cathleen: try making some, i think it will do great for other berries too!

    wendy: haha! you remember!! i still got just a handful left now :))

    quaypo: i think your freezer are also very full like mine. so full that sometimes cant see what's inside!! LOL!hope you will enjoy eating these like i did.

    jen: are you inviting me to your new kitchen?

    missyblurkit: thanks! they are good!

    eileen: eh, how come your name changed to eikeen??

    elisabeth: thank you for your nice compliments! i'm happy to make something for twelve loaves and will be looking forward to participate again next month !

  31. Not only do they look beautiful with a creamy middle as bbc suggests, but also a soft texture.

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  33. OH so yummy! I'm so gonna make these cranberry muffins! Look so delicious & tempting!! I only use cranberry once for a recipe & still have lots of it at home. This is a golden opportunity to make this muffins; hehehehe BTW, you don't have to diet lah, you look great & so slim liao! No joke leh! :)

  34. I bet Im gonna try this soon! I love cranberry!! ^^ Imagine with a cheesy topping, it must b superlicious~~

  35. Wow, these look decadent and SO SO good! I love the addition of cream cheese :)


  36. Wow so tempting :) :) Happy to follow you.Am new to your space :) Please visit my blog once you are free.I am interested in bake along and cook like a star group.Hope to join soon.

    Awaiting to hear your comments from u and I ll be thankful to u for following me back :)


  37. Hello Lena, I was happy about your visit :)
    It's good to find ingredients out of season in the freezer, it's always a pleasant surprise when they get forgotten :)
    Your muffins were formidable :)
    Kisses, I wish you a great week.

  38. Hi Lena, Selamat Hari Raya! and I hope you and family enjoy this holiday too.

    The cream cheese toppings on these muffin look wonderful. Love this combination :D No wonder you bake this more than once.

  39. I do like the use of cream cheese in this! I can imagine the base being quite creamy and fluffy.

  40. What nice and lovely cranberry muffins!:)

  41. the cream cheese with the cranberries- AWESOME! The muffins-AMAZING! Talk about sweet goodness! WOW

  42. Lena, these look so good! And I have a package of frozen cranberries in my freezer too! Hmmmm...I'll have to try making these! Cranberry bread is my favorite because of the tartness of the cranberries. I like using them whole so I can get that tart bite! It must be amazing with the creamy cheesey dollop on top!

    I have a lot of catching up to do, so far behind after my visit to Michigan for a family reunion and vacation!

  43. Lena, these muffins looks so nice especially with the cream cheese, yummy.

  44. Oh Lena, I sure would love to have one of these beauties for the idea of the cream cheese :)
    Hope you are enjoying your week!

  45. Don't worry, I still have two packets of them in the freezer. Had them since last Christmas ! Your muffins looks delicious and I am sure the cranberries and cheese goes well together. WEll done :) but would have been better if you had sent some over :p just kidding !

  46. little muffins sounded fabulously delicious.

  47. Love these muffins. I'm trying to imagine the lovely flavour and feel in my mouth. I think I give up...too good to imagine and describe...haha. I need 2 :D

  48. Hi Lena, lovely muffin. Look delicious to go with Ipoh white coffee. Anymore left? Guess finish long ago? I was busy with work drop by so late....

  49. Lovely muffins! I love fresh cranberries, and can never find them frozen, so maybe I need to stock up this fall! I love the cream cheese filling, too! I will definitely be making these in the next few months! :)

  50. Yum:) These look really tasty:D I made muffins with dried cranberries before. I should try your recipe.
    (¯`*•.¸(¯`´•...Thanks Lena...•´´¯)¸.•´´¯)

  51. Hi Lena,
    This is Yummy!!
    What is butter milk?
    Can i used dried cranberry instead?

    1. for buttermilk, you can use one cup of milk, mix in a tbsp of lemon juice and let stand for 5 mins. if you use dried cranberry, it wont be the same as this