Thursday, August 30, 2012

All about Tau Huay/Tau Foo Fah ( Soybean Pudding)

There is a reason for today's post. Before that, for the benefit of some of my blogger friends who have not heard of tau foo fah or tau huay as it's more known in Singapore ( soybean pudding or soybean curd ), it is an Asian delicacy made from tofu, a very smooth and soft kind of like pudding , usually served sweet in sugar syrup and can be eaten warm or chilled. It is not only popular in malaysia, singapore and hong kong, many asian countries have their own version of tau foo fah too.

A week ago, Alan from travellingfoodies has created an event in Facebook, "Make and Eat Tau Huay Day- 30th August 2012" and i was invited to take part. Why eat tau huay or tau foo fah on this day? Apparently there is this social-picnic foodie event, "Diner en Blanc" originated from Paris organised worldwide, a white party meaning the guests will have to wear entirely white and bring their own food, to be held today in Singapore. I guess many are getting thrilled there as it is reported that Singapore is the first country in Asia to host this 'glamorous' event today until this problem when a food blogger was asked to remove his blog post by the organisers of the event and uninvited to the event together with some other bloggers after he made a food menu suggesting some local delights to diners what to bring to the picnic.. chicken rice, fishballs, tau huay being some of the food.  Reason being local delicacies are not in line with the image of the picnic. It has sparked an uproar among netizens, citizens over the past week , is it that local food and tau huay are not classy enough for the event? Hmm..not classy enough. You can read it in Alan's post here. Well, classy or not classy, we ought to respect one different culture and food. Anyway, things have been cleared i presume..misunderstanding, miscommunication, misinterpretation, apology made and this isnt a protest post or what, just to show our love for our traditional food, our street food, i  love eating tau huay and  i grew up eating a lot of tau huay or tau foo fah.

Today what i'm posting is no fancy tau huay but just going back to basics, making our own tau huay or tau foo fah at home. I've posted a version of tau foo fah quite some time back in my blog here using GDL as the coagulant to set the pudding, i'm doing it again today and also another 2 more versions using agar agar powder and gelatine. The recipe for GDL version can be found from my previous post.

using GDL
GDL version

Tau Foo Fah Agar Agar Version( recipe from Peng's Kitchen and Nasi Lemak Lover )
Ingredient ( makes about 3 bowls )
600ml homemade soya milk or store bought
1/2 tsp agar2 powder

1.Divide soy milk into 2 portions ( 300ml for each). Stir in agar2 powder into one portion of soya milk and mix well. In a saucepan, heat up another 300ml portion of soy milk over low heat. When the soymilk turns slightly hot, pour in the soya milk with the dissolved agar2, stir to mix well.
2.Keep stirring on low heat until it starts to boil and you see bubbles and remove from fire. ( i actually let them boil for about another 5 more seconds after seeing bubbles )
3.Pour into the glass bowls or ramekins and let them set at room temperature. Serve with sugar syrup or ginger syrup ( mine was set in about 4 hours' time  )

using agar agar

using agar agar

Tau Foo Fah Gelatine Version ( recipe from Peng's Kitchen, adapted from Cuisine Paradise )
Ingredients ( makes around 3 bowls )
500ml soya milk ( i used Vitasoy mik)
2 tsp of gelatine powder ( i put 2.5tsp )

1. Heat up soybean milk in a saucepan. Do not let it boil.
2.Put gelatine in a small bowl , scoop a ladle of warm soya milk into the gelatine and stir till gelatine melts and well mixed.
3.Pour in the gelatine mixture (2) into the remaining soy milk in the saucepan and let it simmer for about 30 seconds. Do not boil. Remove from heat and pour it into the prepared bowls or ramekins and let cool completely before chilling.( i chilled them overnight to set )

chilled..gelatine version

this is also using the gelatine ones.

Peng, thanks a lot for your advice on the gelatine method

This is my first time using agar agar to make tou foo fah. The texture is almost like GDL version, very very smooth and i find that this texture is light, like melt in your mouth type. Very nice. As for the gelatine version, a very different taste becos of vitasoy and the texture is also very smooth. Actually i wanted it to be a little more firm, a different mouthfeel that's why i increased a little gelatine but somehow it came out not that firm, also quite similar to using GDL. If you like the very smooth and woobly type, try the agar agar version.


  1. tau huay is one of my comfort food, I love to mix with soya milk, yum.

  2. Your tau huey looks so smooth! I didn't know it was so easy to make, only 2 ingredients. Will be sure to try it out!

  3. I don't like soy drink, but funny enough, I love tau huay. My dad knows my taste very well - he doesn't bother to get me any 'tau chui' but tau huay :)

    I didn't realize tau huay can be made using just ready-packed soy milk and agar-agar powder :O Thanks for sharing, Lena. Will try to make it this weekend~

  4. So coincident lena, I just did Luo Han Guo agar agar last week, about the same method like you. Thanks Lena, i may try this too.

  5. Hi Lena,

    I saw this too at Wendy's blog and suggested making these for my family but my husband still think Tau Huay with agar agar wouldn't taste good... so I never get a chance to make this. I must ask him to read your blog :D


  6. hey is this what momo was asking you in FB? btw, i'll be back on 29th Sept. can meet or not for dinner or after dinner? i've told WL :P andy has a reunion so just me and ash :)

  7. Dear Lena,

    Tau Foo Fah is my favorite pudding
    Can buy at supermarket where I live
    Looks quite easy this tau huay making
    Self-made tau huay's my next objective
    I can accomplish it, yes I believe

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    Hee hee hee!

    Warmest regards

  8. thanks for sharing the background of today heat topic, as i can see many bloggers have actively posting their tau hua. Yours look nice esp serve with red beans

  9. Your dou fu fah really looks very very appetising!!! And thanks so much for making the effort to try out so many versions!

  10. Hi Lena,
    wow! your tau foo fah is so so smooth.
    Looks so yummy! Can i have a bowl of your tau foo fah with red bean? Love it!

  11. Love your tau foo fah, looks so smooth :)

  12. And tau fu fah is not classy enough ?! lol Love your different variations ! Will try your recipes sometime !

  13. Lena, thanks for grouping all three recipes for tau fu fa in one post, i have been looking for that for a long time. Having tasted so many types of dessert (western and asian, gourmet and back to basics), tau fu fa is still my #1 fav. Thanks for posting this.

  14. Lena...All ur tofu fah looks smooth n wobbly good! ^.^

    Zoe..u should try out each version , dun tell ur hubby which is made by agar agar hehehe ^.*

  15. You make such interesting meals, I could never do anything like this I am sure. Also I would never be able to buy the ingredients!! Keep well Diane

  16. All the version looks super smooth and melt-in-your-mouth types!! Hats off to you for presenting three beautiful dishes.

  17. Lena...lama akak tak masuk sini, you apakhabar?
    akak suka entri ni sebab memang hantu taufufa!

    thanks 4 sharing d resepi Lena...die die must try!

  18. I have never heard about this before. This looks SO good, and so simple too!

  19. I also tried both the GDL version and agar agar version. I actually like the agar agar home made version, but my GDL version seems to have a slight bitter after taste..don't know why! *haiz* maybe I didn't cook long enough? Ya, I really love tau huay too...I can eat it everyday! The best I've tastes was when I was in Pertaling Jaya....miss ya. :P yours so so smooth you said, wish our skins are just like tau fu fah! Hahaha! :D

  20. Wow Lena, what a great post you have here. Very informative as well. Thanks for sharing it, dear.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  21. Haven't had soya pudding in a really LONG while. The one with agar agar looks great. Perfect texture. Is agar2 powder same as agar agar?

  22. I realized many bloggers are making their own Tau Huay recently. Did not know that the ""Diner en Blanc" event issue has spread wide and even trigger the making of own Tau Huay at home :p

  23. I've heard of the dressing in white picnic thing as Oct is going to be Sydney's international food festival, a big food event that is held in Sydney each year. Melbourne's version was held earlier. And one of this days will be this "diner en blanc." Anyway, not interested at all to pop over to read this arrogant attitude of those S'porean host because I'm only here for your tau fu fa! You made 3 versions, hmmm, which to choose. I want to try your GDL & agar-agar version as my gelatine's version was a big success. Agar-agar was only 1/2 success, haha!

  24. Hi Lena, I love tau huay too, have tried the hot version which it's my most favorite. And cold version using agar2x good for hot weather but I add evaporated milk to the soya milk.

    Pass me 1 bowl each, please! LOL

    Have a nice weekend.

  25. I love tau foo fah. My aunt once told me to eat it so that my complexion will be smooth. It didn't work hah! hah! hah!

  26. I have not heard of this dish before, nor seen it, but I really like this style of soft, sweet dessert. It looks lovely and I would be willing to experiment with it!

  27. My goodness you are soooo hardworking!! I will try my next version with agar-agar powder though my gelatine version also came out quite soft, I'd imagine they probably taste slightly different too. Maybe to save some work I'll try using storebought soymilk too!

  28. Now I know why I am seeing so many tau foo fahs :) Yours look so silky smooth and soft. Never resist these wobbly jellies because my ma said it gives complexion as smooth as it!

  29. Wow! this is all new to me but it looks SOOOO good :))
    Mary x

  30. beautiful done .
    i love tau fuh fah vy much, i often get from pasar malam every monday. thanks for sharing, i can make my own now ... btw, what is the brand of the agar agar powder ???

  31. I tried using gelatine and instant pudding powder and personally I prefers the gelatine version. Will try your GDL one of these day.

    BTW, for the Bake Along. Do we need to use the indicated recipe or we can use any yoghurt recipe.

  32. Ahhh I've read about the saga and I think that our tau huay is as classy as creme brulee! Your tau huay looks amazingly soft and delicious!

  33. Que tal el veranito?
    Yo me acabo de incorporar!
    Bien buena la receta que nos traes :D
    Un besito ^^

  34. Lena, thanks for the education. I never even heard of tau foo fah or tau huay but I love learning about new foods. Your pudding sounds wonderful, if you have any leftovers just throw them my way, I'd be so happy :)

  35. Your tau fu fah looks so smooth and yummy. I'll be making this!
    The organizers should really change their skin to fit the theme! Hahaha!

  36. jess: you know, i also eat that with soya milk in one of the bowls.

    mich: yeah, quite easy. Let me know if you encounter any problem.

    yvonne: hope it will be a success!

    yan: try, try..i think you will love the agar2 version.

    zoe: i know because agar2 always give the impression that they are like jelly but the amount is only very little, one day you make this and let your hubby try :)

    barb: i've spoken to Jane, shouldnt be any problem. We go for dinner.

    angeline: thank you!

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    so do you like this idea, dreamer
    no flying but still can travel
    we can still see the sun and the star
    i can even teach you how to make tau foo fah
    forget abt the bikini and the belly dance
    now we are moving into the era of tribal dance

  38. eileenlee: yes, many of us are making tau huay, there are even more on facebook!

    alan: it was nice to see so many supporters especially in facebook!

    doreen: thank you! for you, anytime!

    anncoo: thanks!! i am so impressed with your tau huay jelly mooncake! really!!

    anne: if you like tau foo fah, you will like all these 3 versions. All of them produce very smooth results.

    esther: thank you for your words and thanks for coming by soon! will visit you shortly!

    peng: thanks a lot on your advise, you cleared my doubts on the melting of gelatine :)

    diane: one day if you get to travel to malayia, hkg or singapore, must try this soybean pudding!

    anuja: thank you my dear!

    queenie: what a surprise!!! how are you kak? ramai melayu juga suka makan TFF kan? kak cuba ya.

    cathleen: yes, it's a very famous dessert here, you must try it when you come visiting one day!

    bee2: yeah, wish our skins are like tau foo fah, then can throw away our skincare products! why bitter? could it be of the beans?

    kristy: thank you, my dear friend. it was quick fast to make them, i let them set overnight in the fridge for both the agar2 and gelatine version.

    angie: when you said agar2 i believe that they are the ones come in strands, these are in powder form but both serve the same purpose.

    tigerfish: yeah, saw many people taking part in this 'eat tau huay day' in facebook too!

  39. jessie: not sure if you can get GDL but the gdl sets the TFF quickest, in less than an hour and you can have them serve hot. Oh, i remember your agar version, hope the next time it will become successful. Btw, i made the agar2 version using homemade soya milk.

    amelia: oh, never tried the evaporated milk recipe, should be nice also. One bowl enuf for you or not??

    phonghong: hahaha! i eat a lot of TFF also, how come not fair and smooth? mYTH!!

    brittany: yes, you should give it a try, it's a very smooth pudding but got to serve with sugar syrup becos it's tasteless on its own, just like tofu.

    eileen: thank you!

    kellysiew: i actually increased the gelatine amount thinking that i have already made the 2 earlier soft versions but still , it turns out the soft type. I see a lot of your entries in sarawak food fest event in my mailbox but havnt gone it to chk yet, i think i will probably need to copy a few of your recipes :)

    ade: smooth complexion..haha! eh, you believe or not?

    mary: thank you for your compliments. Many malaysians love this a lot!!

    anggie: i'm using the mermaid brand, can also get from kedai runcit.

    edith: the gdl is very nice too and it sets much quicker, less than an hour. As regards to the yogurt cake, we would prefer to stick to the recipe we linked to but you can make adjustments or a variation.

    jasline: thank you!i so agree with you on the creme brulee!

    jana: thank you for visiting!

    chris: haha! i love your humour!

    joyce: they said miscommunication but they are local people from singapore. Shldnt have said that really.

  40. That soy bean pudding looks silky smooth. Have a great week.

    PS Thank you very much for following Carole's Chatter

  41. you teach me something new everyday! I never knew you could make pudding with soybeans. WOW! Must tell my dad- that is one of hte things he grows on his farm! this pudding looks amazing

  42. the person that belittle delicacy of others shows that he/she is a very shallow person with no respect to others..don't waste time with these grp of ppl...your tau foo fah looks smooth and soft..i bet it tasted delicious..slurp.

  43. There was a "Make and Eat Tau Huay Day" and I didn't know about it, lol...?

    No apology necessary for this gem of a pudding, Lena. I can hardly wait to try it myself. I just know I'm going to love it! Although it isn't something I grew up on, it sure does sound oh so comforting:)

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  44. Lena, Thanks for the mentioned. Yes, we love TFF with agar-agar powder too.

  45. This is such a must try. TFF is one of my all time comfort food especially with brown sugar or longan. And its probably one of the few food that I can take now with my sandpaper throat.

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