Thursday, August 9, 2012

Acar Fish for Malaysian Food Fest

Remember the Malaysian Food Fest that i was telling about earlier? It has already started and Malacca is the first state to kick off. I've only been to Malacca once and i'm not really familiar what are their traditional or authentic cuisine found in malacca other than their famous chicken  rice balls. I must say that through this event, i've come to learn more of the state dishes, not only Malacca but also Trengganu. Why Trengganu? Because i'll be hosting the state of Trengganu this coming October. Well, will talk about that when October comes. If you want to know more about malacca, you can visit Cindy's ( yummylittlecooks) blog , the host for the Malaysian Food Fest this month. Just in case if you have missed my little information on the Malaysian Food Fest earlier, its main objective is to introduce culinary specialties in each state of Malaysia, modern or traditional and with these, we hope to encourage everyone to replicate and cook it at home and we are not claiming nationality or origin of dish and with this month on malacca, as what the organiser of the event, Wendy says, let's have some " Melaka" in your kitchen and here's mine.

Chicken Tempra, Acar Fish and Cincalok Pork
Today what i'm going to post is Acar Fish. The other 2 dishes, Chicken Tempra and Cincalok Pork will  get posted next week. I got this recipe from a nyonya cookbook which i own and i tried to replicate as much as i could because i made some adjustment here and there for just a little piece of fish here. First, i pan fried the fish which was earlier rubbed with some salt and turmeric powder, later i fried the pounded spices and lastly added some acar ( pickled vegetables). It's a little tangy sourish, just like the taste of acar, very appetising. Infact the rest of the 2 dishes are just as appetising . Please forgive me if this doesnt look like the real thing, i wished that there was a real nyonya standing next to me when i was cooking these :)

Recipe ( from Truly Nyonya Malacca) with some changes
1 piece of fish fillet (mine is 160gm, red snapper) rubbed with some salt and turmeric powder
1/2 cup of water

Side Ingredient
Nyonya acar or pickled vegeatable ( i used about 3 tbsp )

Spices ( Pound)
1 stalk lemongrass
1/2 tbsp dried shrimps
8 shallots
4 cloves garlic
10gm turmeric
10gm ginger

1tbsp white vinegar
1/4tsp salt
1/4tsp sugar

1. Pan fry the fish fillet which has been rubbed with salt and turmeric powder until cooked. Remove and set aside.
2. Heat up some oil in a wok, fry pounded spices until fragrant and add in 1/2 cup of water, nyonya acar and seasonings. Turn to low heat and cook until the fish absorbs the gravy. Serve.

I am submitting this post to Malaysian Food Fest ( Malacca Month ) hosted by Cindy of yummylittlecooks


  1. Drooling!! Looks super yummy. Have fun with your food fest dear. and keep on posting these yummy recipes.
    Have a nice day!

  2. I can have a big bowl of rice with those acar gravy. Tumbs up!

  3. Dreamer says

    Also what I like, your Acar Fish
    A nice and appetising looking dish
    Whether or not it looks like the real thing
    It looks like a dish fit for a king

    Nice reading poems you can write
    One hidden talent of yours alright
    Other than your amazing cooking skill
    Continue to amaze us still

    God bless you, Lena

  4. Lena, I don't know what the real thing looks like but yours looks very yummy. Would love to eat this with lots of rice.

  5. Looks delicious! To tell you the truth, shamefully, I have never eaten this acar ikan or known about it, until I read from the book, yes, I have the same book! Looks like this Nyonya does not qualify to stand next to you! Hahaha! I'll help you to finish it, though! :)
    Where did you get the Nyonya Acar? They are not easy to find! Delicious looking first dish from Malacca, I can't wait to see the rest!! :)

  6. You know funnily enough I am 1/4 malaysian (my grandmother is Malaysian) but I've never tasted their cuisine. This looks DELICIOUS though and I imagine there are lovely flavours.

  7. I always love acar. Lena, those dishes on the table were all cooked by you? Amazing, all look so yummy indeed. I will definitely forget about my diet plan if I see those food.

  8. Wow, Lena, this is delicious. I can have 2 bowls of rice to go with this!

  9. This acar looks simply delicious ! I'm sure several bowls of rice will be consumed with this appetizing dish ! lol

  10. Yummy , one plate of rice definitely not enough.

  11. Lena,you really like spicy food,totally qualified for being a Malaysian! My Internet is broken,now sendingessagw from hubby's Phone but this stupid Phone keeps changing the spelling & cause me a longer time to put down my messages!Anyway,I like the look of your acar fish!

  12. That looks so good...what a feast! I'm salivating right now...yum...:)~~~

  13. anuja: thank you!the food fest event is running for the whole year, i hope you will enjoy looking and learning some of our malaysian dishes.

    vivian; thanks! your kapitan curry looks just as inviting ..i saw it on my reader list,just that i've not gone in to comment yet.

  14. Hi lena,
    Wow , so delicious, I think this month i'll gain weight....hahaha
    Thank you for joining MFF Melaka Month :)

  15. dreamer:

    Dun really hv that 'so-called' talent
    nice playing with words forming a rhyme pattern
    cant you see that i steal a lot of your lines
    words here and there, much has been aligned.

    wow, i wld love to serve this for a king
    with a concoction of herbs & lime in a drink
    maybe he'll start singing like bon jovi
    or one or two legs shaking like elvis presley

    thank you for your compliments always!

  16. That looks good!
    Eh, you have 3 entries too eh, thank you so much!

  17. phong hong: i see a lot of acar fish has less gravy and without acar, so i'm not too sure but i think it's okay, it's just for sharing ;)

    joyce: acar or nyonya acar, we can get them quite easily, in wet market also got but i got mine from a store which i frequent.

    brittany: oh, what a suprise! i thought you hv stopped blogging! i will chk your blog soon!

    yan: dont hvto diet, you eat and then you go double gym during the weekends!!

    cheah: thanks, this is very appetising!

    anne: yeah yeah me too!! LOL!

    sonia: one pot! one pot! haha!

    jessie: yes, jessie i love spicy food a lot especially curries. I think most malaysians do. why you blogging from your phone? take a rest lah!

    fern: so nice have you dropping by and thank you!

    cindy: for sure! haha!

  18. wendy: yes, love nyonya food and also quite easy to prepare these 3 dishes, so cook all in one day!

  19. OMG! These is so mouthwatering mann! How I wish I can have some now! Looks absolutely sedaplicious! I'm imagining the great aroma of this dish at your place! Drooling :)

  20. Wow I already had lunch but am hungry again now just looking at this! Have never tried to cook nonya as it seems too complex for me but your post is so inspiring!

  21. Kit: terima kasih! i like the taste of the gravy very much, like acar.

    mich: you can! not as complex as you think. Much easier than making a fondant cake!

  22. This is a very appetizing dish. Not eaten this for soem years ever since my granny fell sick and passed on. THANX to this recipe, I'm gonna try it and hopefully be able to tune the taste to how she did it. THANX once again!

  23. This is my 1st time seeing acar fish, very special wor...
    I love acar too. Definately will give it a try. Thanks for the yummy recipe :)

  24. Love acar but have not had acar fish before. Definitely must try this recipe.

  25. I love Asian food, and I have to say, Malaysian cuisine is one of the best! These dishes look delicious. I’ve tried eating Acar fish before and I really enjoyed it. This is one of my favorite mouthwatering dishes to order every time my family goes to a Malaysian restaurant.