Monday, July 9, 2012

Nick Malgieri's Old Fashioned Raisin Bread

These rolls were made with pretty much influenced from Joyce. I was chatting with her one day when she told me that she just baked this bread and how wonderful it turned out. You know, Joyce can be so good in her words, so convincing that i was 'sold' by the way she told me. Not only this, i also got much influenced by her for buying after another..until i tell her please dont tell me about books budget! Dangerous lady!! haha!

This was made sometime last month. Joyce has already posted hers, you can take a look at her wonderful loaf here. Instead of baking it in a loaf as in the original recipe, i made them into small rolls. Yeah, she was right. It yields a wonderful texture , they are soft and nice and although these are just simple rolls with raisins, i love them very much. There's no fuss in the steps, very straight forward. I forgot what's the weight of each dough i make into rolls, i didnt write it down..sorry..what kind of blogger am i .. but usually i make mine about 60gm each.

Recipe ( from )
this is half of the original recipe
1/2 cup/112gm of water
1.5tsp/5gm instant yeast
112gm milk
338gm bread flour
35gm sugar
5gm fine sea salt/slightly less than a tsp
28gm unsalted butter
1cup dark raisins ( you can use combination of dark and green raisins)

1. Combine bread flour, sugar, salt and yeast together and use a fork to mix them. Using a dough hook running on low speed, pour in water and milk alternately to become a rough dough. Beat them for 2-3 minutes, then put in the butter and continue beating till butter is fully absorbed. Increase speed to medium and continue beating till the dough is smooth about 10 minutes.
2.Decrease the speed and add in raisins, little by little until they are fairly distributed. Remove the dough from the machine and turn them onto a floured surface, briefly knead them and shape them into a ball and let it proof in a bowl until double its size.
3.Turn the risen dough onto a floured surface again , lightly knead them into a ball again and cut each dough out weighing 60gms and shape them into rolls. Place them on a lined baking pan and let it proof for another 45minutes to an hour.
4. Once the rolls are almost proofed, set the rack in the middle level of the oven and preheat oven to 190C.
Put the pan in the oven and bake till they are cooked and slightly brown, about 15-20 minutes.

The method and temperature used here are slightly different from the original. You can refer to the original here

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  1. I love these raisins bread Lena look awesome!!

  2. The raisin bread looks so good. I love the rustic look of the rolls.

  3. They look wonderful Lena, so nice to have a friend that is such an enabler hehe! I like that you made smaller loaves...or rolls. It kind of reminds me of ones my grandma would make. She was the baker...not me!

  4. This old fashion raisin bun looks so good to have at breakfast and tea time.

  5. Hi Lena,
    Your are a awesome blogger..I love your posts and your pictures.
    I actually love these raisin rolls. Yours look so good. Just bread and raisins is already very enjoying very a cup of kopi o

  6. I have raisins and now I know just what to do with them :D.
    The rolls really look charming.
    Have a nice day!

  7. Haha !! Yeah but at least u put ur cookbooks to good use !! For me, I just store them on the book shelf sometimes... Hehe..!! I love the rustic brown crust of the bread, really old fashioned and awesome looking !!

  8. U are also very convincing, I bookmark this recipe immediately aster reading ur post. Hehe

  9. I just adore raisin in bread (and chocolate). Yours looks amazing, puffy and light~ good to go with a cup of coffee!

  10. I am looking for inspiration to do a breakfast bread and I love your raisin rolls. Small enough for little hands to handle and full of good taste. Thank you for sharing this with BYOB.

  11. I have bookmarked this recipe too when I saw Joyce's post, now I am even more inspired to bake it after seeing your fluffy rolls!

  12. Love these rolls, they look so fluffy!

  13. These look amazing! Am now following your blog!

  14. Yummy bread , Lena ! I would like some of these for my milky kopi ! lol

  15. These are SO beautiful! I know what you mean about Joyce, she's dangerous to visit ;P. I love that you made this recipe into rolls, I know I'd have a hard time eating just one, though! I think I'll have to make a batch and surprise my daughter - I know she'd adore them. So happy you joined in BYOB this month...and I hope you join in often =)

  16. WOW! I can't even stand looking at them, or else I'll go and make this right after my really big breakfast. You always know how to make me hungry ;)

  17. The outside looks crisp and so fluffy within. You quite good with bread ya?

  18. Totally agree that Joyce is a "dangerous" lady... LOL! Like you, I've also baked this recipe too but didn't have a chance to post my bake yet.

    Are you going to buy Nick's book?

  19. oh the bread looks amazing. i love raisin bread and this homemade version is hands down the best i have ever seen

  20. I have been trying NOT to bake and eat too much bread, (too much carbohydrates) and with all these gorgeous buns, you are not helping me at all!

  21. Very nice rustic rolls! Love the brown crust! Beautie!

  22. Hi Lena, Dangerous lady signing in!!! You made them into bun rolls, a wonderful idea! I totally love this bread too!
    I'll repeat Zoe's question, are you buying this book too? Hehehe! I'm ordering it soon!
    I have a couple of books in my list, interested to know! Hahahahahahahaha!
    And thanks for the "dangerous" shout-out!!

    Dangerous lady signing out!! Hehehe! :)

  23. Lena...I wanted to get his book too. Heard from Chef Dennis that it is good :) I must try this rustic bread. I have so many bread books now LOL! now tempted to get this too !
    Your rolls looks great...crusty ! Love it :)

  24. Lena...btw did you spray water on to the bread surface as it is baking in the get the crust ?

  25. Lovely and perfect looking are your breads, also reminding me of the pleasure of reading Nick's book, "Bake!".

  26. I feel so hungry now when look at yours raisin rolls. They look so crusty and professional :)

  27. Gloria: thank you, i like your recent german cake too!

    ellen: thank you very much

    lyndsey: yes, my friend, joyce is a good influencer!Sure you can bake now, Lyn!

    yan: it's good just to eat it plain too!!

    muimui: thank you so much for your nice words!! You have made my day!! I'm enjoying reading your post too and a creative lady, remember your red egg jelly?

    anuja: hope you will like these if you make them. You hv a good day too and all the best in your course!!

    angel: Do i sound convincing? haha! hope you will like it.

    yvonne: thank you, they are a little sweet and i'm sure you will enjoy eating these too!

    michelle: thank you so much cor coming by, am very glad to participate in your event. Will try to link up more breads in the future!

    jeannie: you must bake it soon! sure you will love them!

    mich: thank you! they are soft and tasted good too!

    allthatimeating: thank you for your compliments and thanks for following !!

    anne: i wished i can make a couple of these for your milky kopi!!

    heather: hi, very nice to know you and thank you so much for dropping by!yes, very glad to know about your event and yes, will try to join in more often!

    cathleen: did i tell you that you are funny? always enjoying reading your posts!

    chris: the crust is not crispy type but nice soft rolls.

  28. Zoe: i think so..maybe later :)

    jessica: thank you for your compliments!!

    angie: i know you are eating lots of salads but dont worry, once in a while to have these breads are okay!

    honeyboy: thank you!!am quite happy with the way they look too!

    joyce: dangerous lady!!! yeah, i think i will buy ..later!! you buy first and let me know how is it!!

    elin: yeah i know you have 2 of PeterR's books too! actually they are not as crusty as it looks, they are soft but very nice. No, didnt spray water but for crusty type, i sprayed them before putting them in a hot oven and then later lower the temperature.

    maureen: i must go and chk the book ' Nick'!

    cass: thank you for your nice words!

  29. Lena,I also thought that making something resembles the pattern of checkerboard is hard hard hard but now I've gained a better idea!Your version stood out becoz of the choice of using the pandan flavour!

  30. Hi Lena, your raisin bread look good, very well baked. Love the skin, very nice brown. Got Ipoh coffee or not? LOL

  31. Awesome, perfect, and superb raisin loaf, Lena!
    I love Nick Malgieri's breads, and cakes as well.
    Great job you did with these cute little loaves.
    I'm pinning this:D

  32. these look great my daughters favorite bread is raisin bread

  33. Enjoy with a cup of coffee ,must be good!

  34. Ahh !! Love the texture of these small Buns. Am sure they must have smelt good.

    Cookbooks.. we are just buying more and more of them. aint we :)

    Glad to follow you

    UK Rasoi