Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chicken In Milk

It is my first time using sage leaves for cooking. These leaves have quite a strong scent, I remember putting these leaves into a plastic bag after getting them from Wendy's garden and put the bag in my carfront and my car was like instantly aromatised by these herbs even with just a few sprigs of them.

I"ve not had much idea what to do with the leaves and was recommended to cook this chicken in milk. You know, sometimes i can be quite "chinese", when it comes to eating, not in desserts though but i was a little sceptical about the taste of the chicken cooking with milk and cream, i'm not sure if i like the taste but hey, i
thought there's nothing to lose just trying it out.

I had no regrets making this and the most delicious thing about this dish is the slightly saltish milky curd and also the chicken, its skin especially, it's crispy and well flavoured. Spoon some curd over the chicken meat with each bite, it's tasty! One thing is i think i had put in a little more sage then required, one big handful of sages which the flavour gets a little too strong for me, the next time i make this, i will have to go really easy with the sage.

Recipe (from Table for 2 or more with modified recipe from Jamie Oliver.com ), with slight changes
1 chicken, mine about 950gms, halved, rubbed with salt and black pepper all over
11/4 cup milk
1/4 cup dairy cream
3 sprigs of sage leaves
8 cloves garlic
zest of one lemon
2inch cinnamon stick
60gm butter and some olive oil for frying

1.Marinate the chicken with salt and pepper for 30 minutes.
2. In a pan, put in the butter and some olive oil , put in the chicken with skin side down and fry till the skin turns golden brown. Remove chicken to your cooking tray, do not put in the butter and oil from the pan.
3. Combine milk, cream, lemon zest, sage and pour all over chicken and put in the cinnamon stick and garlic cloves.Cook in a preheated oven at 190C for 1.5 hours until the milk looks like curd.

I also know that two of my other blogger friends, Jeannie and Riceball also made these recently. You can have a look at theirs too. I am submitting this to Cook Like A Star( July 2012 ) - Jamie Oliver hosted by Zoe

and also sharing with Recipe Box 7 hosted by Bizzy Bakes


  1. It sure looks good Lena! I love sage and have been using it a lot lately, mostly with chicken or turkey. It is an easy herb to use too much, very strong flavor. My mom was one that told me to be careful not to use too much sage...I guess she didn't like it so strong. Sometimes I'll toss a few sage leaves or sprigs of rosemary inside the chicken when roasting.

    You sound like me in trying new herbs and things, like you said what have you got to loose? :)

  2. How I wish to be your neighbour, Lena? The Chicken in milk looks really good.

  3. So golden brown and crisp! I like to use fresh herbs in baking too.

  4. Hi Lena, this looks amazing! The sage must give this chicken a lovely fragrance.

  5. I was thinking to cook this dish when saw it at Wendy's blog. Too bad my family can never accept sage.

  6. Wow, looks so delicious! Kenny Rogers, eat your heart out! There's a new delicious roast chicken in town! Hehehe! If this is served at my dinner table, my kids would be all smiles, including me!
    Sage is a rather strong smelling herb, I once use it in bread and put a little too much, it smells too strong for my liking. After that, I know a little is better! :)

  7. Lena, today is the last day for Cook Like A Star, cook like JO but the list is still going on! The chicken looks delicious. We can exchange later becoz my next post is also roasted chicken, hehehe!Oh, can I have the thigh becoz the drumstick leaves it to you lah, hehe!

  8. Lena, you chicken looks so crispy, and over the top amazing, beautiful, and delicious!
    Love the method of preparation...but you may want to correct the spelling...to DAIRY! (a little glitch)

  9. Beautiful, even color on the chicken, nicely done! I've seen and heard of this method, cooking in milk but haven't tried nor tasted it. I'll take your word for it and perhaps try it out .... one day :) I do love sage tho.

  10. Mouthwatering ! The chicken looks perfectly baked ! I would like to lick some of that ooey gooey curd ! lol Love the smell of fresh sage but haven't tried using it yet ...

  11. Lena, I bookmarked this recipe too but yet to try it out, same thinking as you lol. I am tempted again hahaha...

  12. I have reservations cooking with milk and cream too, feel a bit "geli". But since your chicken turned out so well and you like the taste, then I think I may like it too.

  13. I made this once, but my family members could not accept the saltish milky curd ..

  14. eileen@hundred eighty degreesJuly 31, 2012 at 7:00 PM

    This dish looks appetizing! Yummy: )

  15. Your chicken looks so golden! I love this dish very much, so much I cooked in 2 days in a row! lol!

  16. Yum! This recipe of Jamie's is super popular, so many people have tried it! I'm not a fan of milk so I don't think I'll make a whole chicken... but probably just to try it out. Yours look great and delicious!

  17. Oh Lena, I forgot to add that I've nominated you an award at http://foodismylife.wordpress.com/2012/07/31/re-bake-jamie-olivers-easy-chocolate-cake-and-an-award/ hope you like it!

  18. Oh dear...i love this. chicken in milk...

  19. Wow Lena, this chicken sounds and looks delicious...so simple! I love it!
    Thanks for the recipe and hope you are having a great week :)

  20. Lena, presenting an award for you. Please view my blog k..

  21. Wow, this will go well with anything or even to eat it on its own! Yummeh!

  22. hi Lena,
    Wow! your chicken in milk does looks so yum!
    i have been looking at this for a couple of times but thinking of my boys is very chinese (hehe like what you mention) maybe they don't like chicken cooking in milk and also the herb...so i cook the roasted chicken..lol

  23. ellen: thanks, give it a try!

    lyndsey: rosemary is such a popular herbs to use in roasted chicken, i never tried that but i believe that is a good one. The flavour of sage is quite strong here like i mentioned in my post, next time i will know i just got to be careful when i use sage :)

    yan: thanks..next time when my neighbour wants to sell his house, i let you know :D

    angie: thanks and yes, i know you like to use herbs a lot!

    mich: thank you..it is a flavourful chicken dish and the addition of sage did made an impression here!

    cass: can understand..not everybody likes the strong scent of sage.

    joyce: yes, little is better..i will know what to do in future :)

    jessie: wow, i will hv to chk out your roasted chicken then!

    elisabeth: thank you and thanks again for correcting my spelling mistake. This is embarrasing cos this is the 2nd time you pointed out the same word!!dairy dairy...

    ping: apparently this is quite a famous recipe of jamie oliver, you can cook a small portion of chicken first to try :))

    anne: the curd is nice with the chicken, next time you can try to use a small amount of sage in your dishes and see if you like them

    jess: it isnt that bad really..if you can accept a creamy milky taste of the gravy ;)

    phong hong: i know..i think you also like me..very chinese..haha! you can try small portion first. After cooking, you wont find that it is that geli as expected but still taste milky creamy :)

    sonia: i'm not surprised at all that some may not like it ..like phong hong said..geli! haha!

    eileen: thank you!

  24. jeannie: wow, you really like this!!

    jasline: thank you so much, i think this is the 3rd award i'm receiving from you, muacks!!

    angeline: maybe you can also give it a try.:)

    Juliana: thank a lot! you have a lovely week too!

    gloria: looks really ? delicious?? haha!

    angeline: thank you!! i shall pick up the award later!

    adeline: i actually just ate this on its own..nice!

    doreen: roasted chicken is much safer! actually the cream and milk is nice, only i find that the taste from the sage is a little strong for me, my mistake for putting in a lot!

  25. Lena, this chicken looks fantastic. I've heard of cooking pork in milk but not chicken, I'll be trying this one for sure!

  26. This looks so great!!! And the picture itself makes me drool!!! :P

  27. What a great idea!I use sage leaves in cooking and I think although they have a strong scent they are just amazing!I hope you are fine,sweet Lena!Many kisses from Greece,dear!

  28. This makes a perfect one pot / pan dish. What are my options if I don;t want to fry the skin? Not keen with frying:P

  29. So it must be crisp, juicy and creamy in every bite!

  30. Wow. I have never made a whole chicken before. This looks fantastic!!

  31. This sounds fantastic and I have 3 huge sage plants in my garden :) Keep well Diane

  32. I am so interested to have a bite into this! The saltish milky curd with the chicken is intriguing.

  33. Seem like this recipe has been multiple tested :D In fact, there are a few entries of this dish in this blog hop event... Love the salty milky curd description of this dish... sound yummy to me :D

  34. i have never heard of chicken in milk before but the flavor sounds so interesting and it seems like maybe I have had it before but didnt know what it was called. Either way I want to try this!

  35. Dear Lena,

    Chicken in Milk in your latest post
    Is not among the dishes I love most
    But there is no reason why
    I shouldn't give it a try
    You've cooked it beautifully
    Eating it should be heavenly

    Have a nice week
    From your friend the dreamer

  36. I'm kinda skeptic when come to the combination of milk and chicken, Lena. But looking at your beautifully, crispy roasted chicken above; wow~ when can I come over for dinner??

  37. Your baked chicken looks sooooo yummy unlike mine.

  38. Hello How are you?
    My boys will certainly enjoy this.

  39. Hi Lena, your baked chicken look awesome. Yum yum
    Wish I can have some now for my dinner. :)

  40. Finally I see my sage hidden somewhere underneath the chicken and curds, hahaha!
    The sprigs I cut for u is rather long compared to those sold, hahaha!
    Recently I've made a cake with sage, rather interesting :p

  41. chris: pork in milk..now that's new to me..i wonder if the flavours are about the same.

    hanushi: hey, very nice to see you . Hope you are recuperating well and looking forward to your post again!

    lenia: you must be a herb lover too, yes, the sage does gives a very nice scent and i was a little heavy handed here :)

    missblurkit: of course you can choose not to fry the skin, no problem ..just send it to bake right away, probably it doesnt give that dark brunt skin as what is shown here and less flavourful maybe..after frying the chicken, we only throw away the oil ..the leftovers drippings or those stick on the pan, dont throw away, add that to the chicken, makes it more tasty.

    maureen: yes, you're right!

    cathleen: hi, hope you're enjoying your camping holidays!

    diane: wow, you use a lot of sage in your cooking? maybe you will like this too! Happy weekend to you!

    tigerfish: i was just like you, i also thot it was intriguing, that's also why i went on and tried this recipe.

    zoe: yeah, quite a popular one from JO it seems, the curd is very nice to go with the roasted chicken.

    jessica: at first i thot it;s a little odd to, cooking in milk but it's quite a surprising taste here, creamy and salty.

  42. anonymous:

    also not my favourite dish
    but nice giving it a try
    do not try attempting it with a fish
    you might let go a very big sigh!
    it's nice reading what you write
    dreamer, you really put me up high
    thanks for coming to my site
    much appreciated..it's not a lie.

  43. yvonne: i think you also very chinese one, dont know you will like this taste or not:)

    edith: no, what's wrong with yours? i cant remember seeing your 'not nice' chicken!!hope you are keeping good there and recovering well!

    mkz girl: i am good! thank you! happy gardening theere!!

    amelia: you want to exchange?..i want your coconut custard kuih!

    wendy: haha! yeah..finally it's out..my tres leches also not posted yet!i think i probably put too much sage ..thinking dont want to keep much balance.cant really remember that they are really long..

  44. I've been meaning to come back and take a good look at this recipe and I am so glad that I did. It sounds so intriguing Lena and since I have cooked pork with milk and yes with a tiny bit of sage too, I can see how the chicken cooked in milk would be tasty too.

    I may even try it one day with Pineapple Sage to see how that works out:)

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  45. Got a chicken in the freezer and sage as well so should I try this? mmm.. looks good.