Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chicken Curry Hand Pies

We are making chicken pies as the theme for our bake along this week. If you have a favourite chicken pie recipe that you've been making for several years that you would like to share, make some and link it to our event this week. If you have not attempted to make one yet, you still have a week to 'rush' to make, any versions..we would all love to have you share with us here.

I wanted to make some small chicken pies, one that probably just be eaten in two bites..that's it. I made some curry chicken as filling, dont get misled by the word 'curry'  it is not the hot spicy curry chicken that most Malaysians like to cook at home, i used 'Waugh' curry powder..this curry powder taste very different from our local curry powder. I bought a bottle of this recently intended to make some pork ribs. But i have not made my pork ribs yet..this comes first. This curry powder is not spicy type..not at all.. i dont think i will use this for my usual curry chicken but i chose to use this for my pies today, it's a trial really. I also added in a small slice of cheddar cheese in it ..let them melt into the filling..first bite into these buttery flaky pies, shockingly good, second eyes were sparkling and the third bite, go get another one!

cut out rounds using a 6cm round cutter

put in filling and a small slice of cheese

Recipe for chicken pie filling
( with a few tbsp fillings left for 8 pies)
1 large potato, cubed, mine about 110gms
175gm diced chicken fillet
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp soya sauce
1tsp Waugh curry powder

1.Fry the potatoes in a wok or skillet till they become a little soft, put in the chicken fillets , salt, soya sauce and curry powder and fry them till chicken is cooked. Add in water by the tablespoon if they appear very dry and to cook the chicken. Remove and set them aside

Buttery Pie crust ( from )
makes 8 small pies with upper and bottom crust
156gm flour
113gm cold butter
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar
3-5 tbsp ice water

half slice of cheddar cheese, cut into small pieces
egg wash for glazing and sealing

1.Combine flour, salt and sugar in a food processor and pulse to mix. Add butter , pulse 6-8 times till mixtures resembles coarse meal. Add cold water by the tablespoon, pulsing till mixture just comes together. If you pinch some of the crumbly dough and it comes together, it's ready.If the dough doesnt hold together, add a little more water and pulse again. Too much water will result in a tough dough.
2.Remove to a clean surface and shape into a disc, sprinkle with some flour and keep in the fridge for at least an hour or up to 2 days.
3. Remove dough from fridge and let it sit for 10 minutes to soften the dough for easy rolling. Roll the dough out to about 1/2inch thick. Using a 6cm round cutter, cut the dough out. Place some filling on to a piece of dough, put in a small piece of cheddar cheese and cover with another piece of dough, you can choose to brush the edges of the top dough with egg wash and then using a fork to press to seal the dough together. Glaze the top with some egg was and poke some holes on top. Repeat with the rest.
4.Bake in a preheated oven at 195C for 25 minutes or till they turn golden.

Also sharing this with  Recipe box 7 hosted by Bizzy Bakes

Let's also see JoyceZoe and also the rest who have joined us making chicken pies. This linky will be closed on August 01, 2012.

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  1. Lena, these chix pies look amazing delicious. Im drooling over it now... Looks so yummy... Hw I wish I am having one for b/f nw:)) I doubt I have the time to join in this time:-(

  2. Oh my goodness! These look fantastic! YUM!

  3. Your curry chicken pie is so cute. You made your own crust too. After seeing the bake along hosts' chicken pie. I lost my courage to post mine. lol!

  4. Like ur mini curry chicken pie , making spicy pie was an great idea ..... thanks for sharing .

  5. Mini pies are easy to eat and keep compare to big pie. I always like spicy or curry taste when come to chicken pie. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Small bites pies are good ! Especially you can finish them easily and u don't feel all sinful after the indulgence. Hehehe.. your little pies look really delicious !

  7. lena, where did you get waugh's curry from? My mom has been telling me about this "english curry powder" that the chinese cookbooks always talk about but i have not been able to find it!

  8. Hi Lena, I love the idea of putting some cheese inside the pie, that would make it lovely and gooey... Plus the curry chicken sounds really delicious!

  9. Lena I like your version very much, just 1 to 2 bite that's it. Can be a snack....

  10. wow, this size is so handy, suitable for all occasion, good job lena

  11. Dainty people like "us" would welcome these dainty chicken pies... lol..

  12. yummylicious! is that a special curry powder? Made In England so I guess it's not that spicy?

  13. i also have a bottle of this curry powder, for me it taste like Maggi curry mee taste, hehehe..Add into this chiken pie filling is ok but cook with chicken curry, a bit mild for us..This pie is a good snack especially for a good afternoon tea.

  14. Lena, the pies look so yummy, drooling over here.

  15. Another slurp ! Buuuuuurp ! lol Another yummy pie ! Any leftover ?! :D

  16. Nice bake! First time seeing it with cheddar cheese too, I think it's a good idea, will try it out one day!

  17. Looks delicious, Lena! And a great idea with the cheese! I could easily wallop three of these in one sitting! With a cup of hot steaming Ipoh Pak Kopi of course, a cup of Milo for you! :)

  18. Ooh that looks very tempting! I will see if I can make some before August,.....

  19. wow..chicken curry, it's always nice in pies
    looks so pretty too, Lena
    i will cook my chicken pie tomorrow, my first chicken pie - wish me luck :)

  20. Cheesy chicken pie?! Oh yum yum! Plus this mini bite size is just too convenient....I think I might just keep popping them in my mouth, lol! I love chicken pies...need to get some roast chicken first...must be chicken, can duck pie?? Heehee...

  21. Oh Lena! Those little bites of goodness look magnificent!!! I've saved so many of your recipes, I needed to start a whole other bookmark page, lol...Oh how I would love to one day make these. I bet they're tasty too!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  22. who can resist these buttery gems?? I won't be able to stop at one for sure!!!! Lena, those looks sooo morish!

  23. Mimi:thank you! no worries about not joining this time, i already know you are a good supporter and a good friend!

    ellen: thank you!love your idea of that peach sauce too!

    yan: i've already seen your chicken pies and i want to tell you that it's a fantastic joke!!

    anggie: thank you and i also love how the way your pie looks, very festive looking and neat!

    vivian: i purposely made them smaller to control my intake. Have been eating a lot these days!

    jes: yes, it's quite simple, cooking the fillings will be a breeze,just taste and adjust the seasoning to your liking.

    joyce@ccooky: yeah, as i was telling vivian, i tried to make smaller so that i just have one or two pieces of these..need to control my diet now:)

    janine: i got mine from a grocery store here. But this curry powder is very common, we can find it in supermarkets as well in wet markets. Do you need me to get one bottle for you? let me know.

    Mich: thanks a lot! very glad to see your chicken pie too, i'm excited to learn of so many different kinds of chicken filling recipes today.

    angeline: thanks! yeah, just 2 bites, kow tim! i think they are good for parties too!

    eileenlee: thanks eileen for your nice words, i just wanted to make some really small ones, easier to eat and another reason is that i only cook very little fillings, so make them small then can at least have a few pies :)

    claire : haha! but some dainty people also got very big stomach!

    barb: yes, this is not spicy type of curry powder, angmoh one..not hot but fragrant!err...maybe something like in a japanese curry.

    sonia: yes, definately not for our type of local curry dishes , that's why i use them for tarts:)

  24. jess: hi, thanks for your compliments. I like your angry bird today, very cute!

    anne: no more oredi lah! i only make a few and also small ones as you can see, they all gone in an hour!

    min: oh hi!! how are you? thank you for your compliments and hope you will like it too!

    joyce: now you really know me well! Milo is shall be!!

    kelly : hope you will like them too!

    alice: oh, i'm sure you will come up with a delicious looking one..looking forward to see yours!!

    bee2: hey, you want me to whack you is it? only chicken, no quack quack! hahaha! you too funny la!

    louise: thank you so much! you always put nice encouraging words, i'm so touched! and believe me, i just a long list of bookmarked recipes like you do!!

    daphne: thank you my friend!! in a way..yes can be addictive cos they are small and fast to eat!

  25. WOW! I have only had the large chicken pies, these are so cute, and melt in your mouth delicious! I love anything bite sized, yum!

  26. i love hand pies. this look super

  27. Hi Lena,
    From all the compliments
    Your pie must be magnificent
    One bite of the curry cheesy chicken
    Will probably be halfway to heaven

    Warmest regards from dreamer

  28. I have not tried cooking or even tasted Waugh curry powder before. As you mentioned, If it is not spicy as the usual form of curry powder, I think I can use it to cook with this for my chili-intolerant son ;D

    Btw, to clarify... verjuice is an acidic juice made by pressing unripe grapes. The one that I'm using is produced by Maggie Beer, a celebrity South Australian cook. I saw her at the recent Melbourne Food and Wine show and she was promoting a lot of her brand of produces. I like Maggie Beer and her cooking a lot but find her being very commercialised in these recent years.

  29. Your pies look so cute and the flaky crust must be scrumptious! Curry chicken sounds good, just like eating baked curry puff:D I must find some time to try making some!

  30. These pies look so cute...I like the idea of putting cheese in it. Sounds yummy!

  31. Hi lena...
    looking at your chicken pie reminded me i have not made this for a very long time..for me normally i just used instant puff aje..
    sebab tak pandai buat the aodugh from scratch..yours really look yummy..

  32. Mini size cute but not filling enough. I need to have at least two. so greedy hor!

  33. Lena, these hand pies are so wonderful. The chicken filling sounds amazing.

  34. cathleen: pop one or two into your mouth, you will fall in love with them :D LOL!

    miss messy: hi, thanks for coming by!

  35. Dear dreamer,

    these are all my wonderful friends
    whom i knew after blogging then
    so supportive and giving nice comments
    now reading it, i really thot am in heaven's land!

  36. zoe: yes, this curry powder is very very mild, a little resembles japanese curry taste..sort of..perhaps your son can take it :)

    jeannie: thank you, yeah, make some chicken pies this week, would like to see yours!

    fern: hi, thanks for visiting, sometimes i really hv no idea what i was doing but this turned out quite well.

    ayu: hi, this is unlike puff pastry which may be a little more work to do, this is just a simple pie crust, it's buttery and flaky. enjoy your weekend!

    chris: not greedy..not greedy..LOL!

    angie: thank you!

  37. Looks so tempting & lovely! Great combo with Cheddar cheese! YUM!

  38. Lena,this curry powder must be produced by 'Ang mo Lang?' When I think of pie,it is the curry pie or chicken,mushroom leek pie that come into my mind& you made one of these! Good choice with the filling!

  39. Hi Lena, these. Looks at first like UFOs, ha ha. Looks really delicious....Bet it goes well with iced coffee too.

    I can just imagine the lovely scent when breaking it open.....the spicy, tangy scent. Yes, its often the scent that adds essence to the cakes.
    Can I come for tea? Ha ha.
    Have a nice weekend.

  40. Lena, you tiny little chicken pies are so droolworthy delicious, and oh, so adorable! Love the crust recipe, so buttery and flaky!
    A perfect appetizer for guests...and have to make sure I would have to make a double, or triple batch, because after eating this yummy little pies, they would not want to eat anything else!

  41. Such a thoughtful little pie. Perfect for 'xiao jie'! haha.... of course, in the opposite we need a bigger size ones cause auntie no need to watch our manner like we used to. haha... Just blaughing.
    Hope you're going to have a great week ahead dear.

  42. I can say this will be the simple and easy to make and yummy pie ever :)

  43. eileen@hundted eighty degreesJuly 29, 2012 at 12:18 PM

    The extra slice of cheese must have made the pie yummier!

  44. Hi Lena, I think your pies are so cute and delicious looking! They are perfect for picnic! Thanks for choosing such a great theme! :)

  45. Oops!! I've added the link but had filled in the name incorrectly. If you could change it to "Soy Sauce Chicken Mini Pies - Kelly" it would be great!! Thanks!

  46. Lena, I think it's a great idea to make mini chicken pie! Easy and hassle free, just pop into the mouth :D

    I will try it out, mini version and no spicy one for my kiddos :D

  47. that crust look like perfection. Buttery and crunchy and savory! These are to die for and i love the curry at in!

  48. This is a perfect recipe for my next pot luck. Gonna try out your crust recipe too as it's a bit different from the one that I use. Love the pics of the crust. Yummy!

  49. The cheese in the chicken curry pie is unique! Love the idea.

  50. Hi Lena,
    A friend in need
    Is a friend indeed
    Yea, no matter where one is bound
    It's heaven to have true friends around

    Your dreamer friend

  51. Yum. I think I can finish 10 of your delicious chicken pie.

  52. Hi Lena, your chicken pie look delicious. I can have 5 at one go, no problem. LOL

  53. Kit: i actually like the addition of cheese giving it a little mild cheese flavour, you can even add in another small slice if you want.

    jessie: made in must be. hey, thanks for joining our bake along for the first time!

    cheah: thanks, ma'am!

    gloria: thank you!

    lee: haha! yeah wor, really look something like a UFO! ok, when you balik kampung, i make you these ufo!

    elisabeth: thank you! i like the crust very much, just like you described, flaky and crispy!

    kristy: eh eh, you auntie meh? even if you are one aunty, you're a sweet little auntie!

    Daphne : how are you doing? busy with your cake selling?? thanks for visiting!

    eileen180: thanks, i find it quite nice!

    jasline: thanks for your pie submission and very glad to knowshortcut pastry turned out to be a very nice crust for chicken pie!

    kelly: thanks so much for your entry, hope to see you joining again!

    yvonne: thank you! I like your curry chicken version too with the kaffir leaves, giving it a thai touch.

    jessica: the crust is wonderful, flaky and crispy!I'm actually thinking your choc pudding now that i'm writing here!!

    missyblurkit: oh, pls do, it's a simple one and the texture is very good.

    tigerfish: it was really testing it but it was nice with that little mild cheesy taste.

  54. anonymous:

    so when i'm in doubt
    can i ask for your help
    or you're going to run away
    or stay? ............haha..just kidding!

  55. mkz girl: wah, bulan puasa makan banyak ni!

    amelia: LOL! i give you 10 then!!