Friday, June 22, 2012

Quickie BBQ Meat Puffs ( 叉烧酥 )

These are called quickie meat puffs or maybe cheat meat puffs because the real pastry is not supposed to be like this..not something made from puff pastry if we get them from dim sum restaurants. After making my baked bbq meat bun, my intention was to made the real meat puffs from the leftover filling, the one with buttery pastry but somehow the dough failed me or rather the recipe from the book failed me. I just couldnt manage to work on the dough, twice.. and had to throw way the dough. Without searching further for recipes, i ended up just using ready made puff pastry to wrap the fillings. You know, it was my first time working with puff pastry actually. I'm not sure was it because the temperature i set was a little bit too high for the pastry, i found that the pastry really puffed up so much much that i see some that has gotten out of shape. After i made these, i saw Tze also made the same meat puffs and she made the pastry from scratch which from the picture looks very nice. You can refer to her recipe if you are keen to make the pastry from scratch.

I used the brand "Kawan" puff pastry, each packet consists of 10 pieces. For each piece, i put in some filling at the center and fold over, brush the edges with egg wash and seal them with a fork. Poke some holes on top and glaze with beaten egg. Sprinkle some sesame seeds on top and bake in a preheated oven at 200C until they turn golden, around 20 minutes.  My fillings were from my leftover here, just right enough to make 10 pieces.


  1. Making your own puff pastry sounds nice but it takes a lot of elbow grease and patience ! lol Buying it seems safe and easy , which I've been considering lately so that I can make some savoury tarts ! ;D This meat puffs looks really good and it looks like the ones I've been buying from the local bakeries ! Yum !!!!!

  2. haha, i also using Kawan brand ready puff pastry, so convenient and taste good too. Really a big shortcut to enjoy homemade puff at home.

  3. I am craving for breakfast now...... yummmmm

  4. Hi Lena, pass me 2 pieces with a Ipoh iced coffee. LOL

    This kawan instant puff pastry really versatile, next time you try kaya puff or black pepper chicken puff, taste excellent.

    Actually baked puff pastry very easy to do, it should be fail proof. Next time try again.

    Have a nice day.

  5. I am sure you will be able to do the pastry one day... i have confidence in u! :)

  6. Hi Lena, I liked these kind of puff pastries ! Always order them when we go for dim sum ! But seldom think of making them at home.. coz probably we would not be able to eat much ??But yours look really nice, especially the meat filling.. yummy !

  7. Lena, still they look so delicious. Whether the puff pastry is ready made or not, the whole thing looks so good to me.

  8. I want some too for my dinner :) we like to order this when I am at the dim sum place as it is Carlos fav.

  9. Love the meat filling. Puff pastry can be very demanding, better luck for next time!

  10. I love this kind of flaky puff pastry. I agreed it was not easy to handle the buttery pastry, it melts too soon before we can fold it up :)

    The last two photos look so yummy, let me have a bite on the computer screen...hahaha

  11. Ooooo this is one of my favourite. Ya, I always thought the pastry part is a challenging tast but the cheat's version looks good.

  12. I have that ready-made puff pastry in my freezer too :D

    But I'm not good at making bbq meat... will replace with meat floss?? Haha!

  13. eileen@hundred eighty degreesJune 22, 2012 at 5:07 PM

    So pro! I can eat alot: )

  14. Lena,
    Wow, i love this! One of my favourite dim sum :)
    I always want to make this but hor..the ready-made puff pastry in S'pore very expensive >_<
    1 packet(1.2kg) around S$9-S$10 *^* and i am so lazy to make it myself :P
    I only see Kawan brand prata here. Never seen the puff pastry.How much you paid for it? Aiyo, this weekend balik kampong must buy lor,hehehe...

  15. I tried making my own puff pastry also but fail big time. SSSHHH!! hahaha Aiyoh use ready made lagi senang lah. Looks great mah!

  16. Looks delicious Lena! I have not made puff pastry in ages, way before I started blogging! Have been thinking about it lately but the hot weather really put me in no mood, got to "on hold" lots of recipes!! Excuses! Actually, very lazy-lah! :)

  17. Lena, I think these look pretty good to me, you can send one my way and I will smile from ear to ear! :D I am impressed with those that can make their own puff pastry, no way could I do it.

  18. Very yummy look! These are making my mouth water. I don't think i would bother with the homemade pastry, these are perfect!

  19. Love this recipe Lena look so nice snd delicious!

  20. Oh sedap makan panas-panas dengan minum teh.

  21. dapat 10 pcs jer lena? ok akak amik 1/2 dan lena mesti habiskan 9 1/2 ok. Kasi up lagi berat hahaha...

  22. These look delicious and easy to make with Kawan pastry. Yum!

  23. anne: actually what i wanted to do is not really a puff pastry but still it did not work!

    eileenlee: yeah, it's much convenient and i see actually quite a number of bloggers use this kawan pastry.

    abbygail: make some lor..

    amelia: next time i shall try reducing the oven temp..i dont know if i like making them..i actually find puff pastry quite oily..

    claire: thanks! encouraging!!

    joyce: at the moment i dont think i want to make my own puff pastry idea yet what to make out of them.

    yan: thank you! The filling is nice :)

    gert: you mean dim sum restaurants serve this kin dof char siew soh there? ours here normally is not from puff pastry..but more like a dough pastry..

    anuja: it will be a very long time i think the next time i make something out of puff pastry.

    tze: infact i like your homemade pastry better than this one but i dared not try yet.

    chris: haha! cheat version is simpler..i think still acceptable!

    yvonne: if you look at the method of preparing the filling in my old post, it's really not difficult.

    cass: you malaysian? i cant remember how much i bought them..should be less than RM5.

    qp: yeah, that's what i think also :))

    joyce: i havent been baking for close to 2 weeks mood..these are all old posts:)

    lyndsey: same here..i really admire people who made their puff does sound a little challenging making them.

    chris: thanks! you're right..they are too convenient to get..i think at the moment i'll just stick to using these store bought ones.

    gloria: thanks very much!

    mkgirl: yes..but now weather here so hot..dont want to bake anything at all ..i've stopped baking for almost 2 weeks!

    queenie: ha??ambil 1/2 biji sahaja?? teruk sangat kak queenie!

    cheah: yes..i think you have also used this kawan pastry before right?

  24. I could finish a whole dozen of these puffs!

  25. Mmmm they look so delicious. Have a good day Diane

  26. I have a packet of puff pasty siting in my freezer! This could be perfect for it!

  27. Lena, "jia you, jia you!" The back-up plan of using store-bought puff pastry also looks very nice. Puff pastry supposes to be puffed up, don't worry!

  28. I am sure I would enjoy this wonderful treat!Kisses,dear Lena!

  29. No way will I attempt at making puff pastry. I just don't have the patience and definitely not to mention about the skill la, Lena. hahhaa..I shall try one day if mood permits! but since we hve the frozen ones, why bother hoh. anyway, your bbq chick puffs are looking really good. you are now tempting me to make some!

  30. I wanna to try this one too. Simple & hassle free! But too bad can't easily get those readymade pastry! Have to make my own. hehehe...
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend, Lena.

  31. It looks good, Lena, in fact, I like it more puffed up with thicker pastry.

  32. Try again next time when you have the mood to do the pastry, don't be sad ya...:)
    your puffs look nice, can see you put in quite a lot of filling...sometimes i have difficulty to handle this pastry as it goes "lembek" very fast...hehehe

  33. hi Lena, i use 'Kawan' ready made puff pastry too.
    It is more convenience..hehe can say i am lazy..:p
    Your quickie BBQ meat puff looks so delish!!
    Can I have a piece please??..:D

  34. Not to say we are lazy to try our own making puff pastry. I can tell you "Kawan" puff pastry is widely use. Their pastry works wonders. Your BBQ pork looks tempting. feel like wanna bake siu pao...lots of work after thinking it. LoL.

  35. Oh wow. These look perfect! I would love one of these!

  36. I happen to think that these puff pastry looks deliciously flaky! Gosh I'm now craving these!

  37. Your pastry looks so beautiful and flaky. You can pass all to me if you don't like....hehe. My gosh...I'm drooling here :D

  38. Looks good, I have never heard of kawan pastry?

  39. Hi Lena, this the kinds that I'd love to have for a coffee break. Looks good, Lena.
    And the colour and texture just right......and looking at what's the fillings....
    Will you be home later? Ha ha ha.
    Wish I am your neighbour.
    Have a nice day, Lena.

  40. I enjoy 叉烧酥 quite a lot! I used to make them with puff pastry too. So much easier :p

  41. angie: whoah, that's a lot, you sure? haha!

    diane: they are delicious, just a little fattening :)

    daphne: i think puff pastries are so versatile that we can just put whatever fillings or leftover fillings.. sweet and savoury, makes good snacks actually.

    jessie: yeah, i know but a few of them really puffed up so much that i think it looks a little weird. But the more they puff, the more flakier it is :D

    lenia: i'm sure you will. Thanks a lot!

    jen: i think that's quite true, they are really convenient to get, saves time.

    kristy: really, no ready made pastry there..i'm surprised knowing that but anyway, you're good in making everything homemade, everything is possible for you to make!

    mich: yeah, the puffier, the flakier :D

    sherleen: no lah, i dont think i want to make any puff pastry yet..will use store bought ones for the time being. yeah, have to keep putting the pastry slices in fridge, they turn soft quite fast.

    muimui: i actually realised that a lot of us used kawan pastry..yeah, very convenient, saves a lot of time making them.

    angeline: i know you like these puff pastries a lot, can tell from those puff pastries and turnovers you made, they are quite nice, just that a few of them puffed up really so much that it looks weird to me :D

    cathleen: thank you, i wish that i can share some with you!

    kelly: hi, nice having you here. Yes, these kawan pastries are quite good, really flaky..but i personally find that puff pastries are a little oily for me.

    mary moh: haha! boh liao lor..hope you are getting better now!

    yueke: i'm not surprised that you hv not heard of them, they are locally produced here in msia.

    lee: oh, forgot to send you telegram about my scones, will do that soon!

    tigerfish: agree that it's so much easier. Actually this is not the type of dough that i wanted but glad that pastry puffs still work for these char siew soh.

  42. Ah...never occurred to me that I can make these too since I always keep and emergency stock of the Kawan puffs in my fridge to make sausage rolls etc when the kids swing by for a swim or when the boys have their car talk:D