Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pear and Maple Crumble

After making my Pear and Hazelnut Cake, i know that this time i'm  not going to be stingy with my pears anymore.I have used Forelle pears , the same pears that i used for my cake previously which i didnt mention. Sorry i didnt take the photos of those pears cos by the time i drafted this post, they were no more left. There were pictures of  those pears taken in my pear and hazelnut cake post, but they were at the background so they were not clear, ..i managed to get one from the internet.

Forelle pears : photo credit thefruitcompany.com

Arent they pretty? Maybe i've eaten them before..i'm not sure but the thing  i want to tell you is that these pears are very sweet and crunchy, their skin is not thick and if you do come across them, give it a try ..not necessary for baking because they make nice snacking pears. okay, all good pears are nice snacking pears :))

As for the dessert, I'm happy with it. A warm satisfying filling packed with pears and raisin, a hint of spiciness from the ginger with a nice crunchy topping.
The crystallized ginger makes a good addition here. I didnt put in many..but am able to eat the ginger  slices in some spoonfuls. It's a little hot but gives a nice spice in the crumble. 

I have adjusted the recipe from Bon Appetit quite a bit to make just enough for 2 servings.
83gm plain flour
1/3 cup pistachio nuts, coarsely chopped
30gm castor sugar
38gm cold butter, cut into 1/2 inch cubes

Combine flour, nuts and sugar together and rub the butter in till moist clumps form. Chill them for about an hour.

2 small pears, peeled, quartered, cored and cut into cubes
2 tbsp raisins
1/2 tbsp plain flour
1/4 cup of maple syrup
3 finely chopped crystallized ginger

1.Position rack in center of oven and preheat to 350F/170C. Place pears, maple syrup. flour and ginger in large bowl, toss to coat. Let stand 15 minutes, tossing occasionally.
2.Divide the  pear mixture to 2 separate oven proof bowls, sprinkle topping over. Bake crumble until topping is crisp , about 30 minutes. Let stand at least 10 minutes before serving.

Let's see my baking buddies, Joyce and Zoe with their pear and maple crumble and also fellow friends who are joining us to bake this at the linky below..

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  1. Wow, nicely bake in the ramekins...Very appertising. I like to munch the crunchiness from the crumble.

  2. Lena...looks delicious...crunchy top and soft maple sweet pears. I buy forella pears from The Store, Cockman Street. Sweet and crunchy and fragrant :) I shall try this when I next buy them :)

  3. The pears are beautiful! Nice picture! I love this crumble, the pistachios are a lovely touch! Mmm...crystallized ginger my favorite!

  4. Lovely pears! Absolutely loved this crumble. Next time m also making this with pistachios :D

  5. Hi Lena!
    Delicious crumbles! I regretted not buying the crys ginger when I was at BWY, because I thought I have a small packet in my pantry, but seems that I have used that already! I love crys ginger and know that it would taste great with the pears. Nice switch with the pistachios! You make only 2 servings? Aiyoh.. enough-kah? hehe!
    I made 3/4 recipe and we finished everything!

  6. Hi Lena,
    This pear n maple crumble of yours look really inviting. Again this is new to me...must bake this. I can see the top is crunchy and the pear n raisin inside i believe it is really delish!
    Oh ya, we use to buy those lovely pear for snacking too but it's a little dear (costly) though..:p

  7. Yes, I must sponsor Elin to make these for me.. :)

  8. Pear and hazelnut cake...that must taste heavenly and i bet this crumble tastes divine too. I am all for desserts with fruits!
    Btw, i love that picture with all those pears!

  9. I've seen that luscious forelle pears few months ago bit I haven't tried it ! :P Will definitely try it next time !

    I love the different flavors in that crumble ! Looks very tempting !

  10. Hi, Lena, pears are everywhere today, hehehe! Great dish to have in winter & guess what now it's the pear season in Australia too. I can see few types of pears in the supermarket but the "Ya Pear!"

  11. You three are making me drool..i love crumbles with more crumble on it..yumzz..i must tell joyce to make me some very soon!

  12. Great idea to bake these in ramekins ! Can just scope and eat !! Less messiness too !!

  13. Hi Lena, pass some over here. LOL
    Love the topping, yum yum

    Have a nice day.

  14. Pistachios are a great substitute... yours look delicious!

  15. looks great with the lovely pears, i used to see it in the market and nvr thought to have it in baking, thanks for sharing

  16. i just love this flavor combination - looks really great!
    Mary x

  17. Although difficult to find in my neck of the woods, Forelle Pears are my favorite in the pear family. As you say, Lena, they have a nice bite and the skin is bearable. Your Crumble looks heavenly and I wouldn't mind just a smidgen on this cool and rainy day in PA. The Pistachios are indeed a wonderful touch:)

    Thanks for sharing...

  18. I have only made apple crumble, but your Pear and Maple crumble is very yummy, and I'm totally drooling over the crunchy topping. Love it!

  19. I have not tried pear crumble and you have convinced to try it with these beautiful pictures!Kisses,dear!

  20. Lena, beautiful pear crumble...and I like that you adjusted the recipe for 2 servings...oh! I never heard to Forelle pear..and they sure look pretty.
    Hope you are having a wonderful week :)

  21. Totally agree with you that the addition of crystallized ginger is great. It does give this crumble a new dimension :D

    I think pears are very pretty too and love to take pictures of them. Say "Pears"!

  22. Just requires 2 steps to make this delicious dessert?? Wow~

    Sorry, Lena, I can't join your bake-along this round. Am quite tied-up lately :)

  23. i have never thought to include maple with my fruit for a crumble. the combination though sounds amazing and so warm and inviting! the photos are simply breath-taking

  24. angeline: i've seen yours and that's very nice! how i wish i have ice cream to go with my crumble!

    elin: i wonder are these pears seasonal as i only see them now...mine are from south africa.

    lyndsey: yeah, i like the giner..sometimes i can just take a piece out and munch!

    anuja: yes, i think most of us love the crumble and the topping is really nice!

    joyce: haha! enough lor! cannot eat so much..have to jaga badan! LOL!

    muimui: looking forward to see your crumble and hope you will like it!

    claire: i'm sure she will be baking a lot more for you in time to come even if you do not sponsor! she bakes and you eat!!

    cakewhiz: yes, the hazelnut cake is not bad..you can also replace almonds with hazelnuts, you can get the recipe from my previous post. Thanks for visiting!

    anne: thank you. next time you shall look out for those pears!

    jessie: i can imagine how nice to eat this warm in winter there. as you 've heard from many of us here, the weather is very hot these days, how i wish i had some ice cream when i made these!

  25. the pear looks very pretty with pinkish and green! seldom able to find this at my place. seems great idea to bake the pear instead of eating it raw :)

  26. This is definitely another delicious sweet treat. Yummmm......
    Hope you're having a lovely evening, dear.

  27. Isn't it fun baking with pears. This looks rich and delicious and I know it was.

  28. Oh my! Lena, this looks fantastic! I'm imagining it warm with a bit of vanilla ice cream!

  29. A dollop of cream with that pear crumble and I'll be really happy! You know I have never bakes any fruit crumble before...looks like I should definitely give this a try. ;)

  30. Love your crumbles so beautifully presented in ramekins! Nice click & so temptingly delicious! Have a lovely day, Lena!

  31. love this Lena, must be delicious with pistachio too
    hhmm... i saw forelle pears before but never tried out... i should have... now not in season i guess cos i dont see in any supermarket here... the next time i see i surely grab :)
    now i'm waiting for saturday to bake this dessert :)

  32. Well, I might not have made crumble with this type of pears before, but I'll take your advice. Besides, I always find desserts made from pears and gingers are delicious.

  33. Your crumble looks yummy. I have never had crumble with pears before. I will have to try it.

  34. Hi Lena, I'm sure learning about the various cakes popping here.
    Looks really good too.
    You know, there's a saying never trust a thin cook where food is concerned, ha ha ha.
    But you the exception.

    How do you maintain your jatuh mati look gorgeous in a bikini figure with all these fantastic cakes you bake?
    Somebody must be making the scales swing like crazy, ha ha, but not you.
    Have a beautiful Sunday.

  35. Hi Lena, pardon me for commenting so late, but that's a very delicious-looking crumble you have here! I'm really loving the little mugs you used, so pretty!

  36. The crumble looks HEAVENLY, Lene! Beautiful photos too.

  37. Finally i try out my very 1st Pear & Apple crumble over the weekend :)Thanks for sharing this recipe ... adding pistachio nuts was an great idea :)

  38. jen: good idea!

    joyce@cc: i always see some of them bake in ramekins which always look so cute..therefore i tried this with my crumbles.

    amelia: this is nice with ice cream..so pls bring your ice cream here!!

    michelle: thanks, yours look great too and glad to know everyone who made it loved it!

    eileenlee:hmmm..maybe you can consider making a pear cake next time..or anything to subsitute apples.

    mary: thanks, you will love it!

    louise: yeah, these pears are nice to eat..i just bought another pack ..just for eating!

    elisabeth: thanks, next time if i make this again, i shall put more maple syrup:)

    lenia: hope you will like it! Hugs!

    juliana: not many big eaters in the family..so this recipe for 2 is just nice. you have a wonderful week too!

    zoe: Pears! Pears! cant even shout pears in my last pear and hazelnut cake..so pathetic! yes, the ginger is a good addition.

    yvonne: no worries, join when you hv time..free and easy!

    jessica: thank you! infact if i were to make these again, i will add more maple syrup the next time.

  39. tze: i just bought another pack of these pears..only for eating, they are really nice.

    kristy: thanks dear, they make nice desserts after a meal!

    chaya: yeah and i'm glad that i used more pears this time unlike my pear cake..the pears looked so pathetic earlier in that cake!

    chris: yes, i regret that i did not have any ice cream at home when i made these :(

    bee2: yeah, some cream or ice cream will be lovely to go with these pears. It's my first time baking a crumble too!

    kit: thank you for your compliments, you have a great week too!

    alice: i just seen yours yesterday and happy to know that you enjoyed eating it!

    maureen: yeah, these pears are really nice to eat..to me..hope that you will able to get it from your place soon!

    wordsof deliciousness: thank you and hope you will love this as much as i did!

    diane: this is nice especially after a meal.

    unclelee: i make but i eat very little..cannot eat so much also all the time..my figure tak ada jatuh mati but now really considering going for some exercise. This morning just went to do some cycling in the club:)

    jasline: thanks, your crumble looks wonderful too. actually i see you always baking in small ramekins i also get inspired to bake these in small bowls. thanks for your entry too!

    angie: thank you, they make delicious desserts!

    anggie: will chk out your crumble soon!! thanks!

  40. Next time if i see this pear, i must buy some and try.

  41. Make apple crumbles many times but not pear. Will KIV to make this. I love that you use maple syrup.