Friday, June 8, 2012

Pear and Hazelnut Cake

The original name of the cake from the book, Coffee Cake by Lou Seibert Pappas is Pear Pinwheel and Hazelnut cake . I excluded the word  "pinwheel" from mine because  I didnt form a pinwheel on the cake..simply because mine was rather a small cake, just a 4 inch one and i thought it's rather a little messy for me to arrange and probably trim the pears to shape a pinwheel. Another thing is that i didnt want to spend much time forming the pinwheel on the batter sitting there. Haiiz, i sounded like i'm giving excuses here..okay, i'm just lazy ...but please take a look at all my fellow friends who did their pinwheel cake HERE, they are look great! i made 1/2 of the recipe in a 4inch baking tin and adjusted the sugar amount to 20gm brown and 10gm white sugar, you can get the full recipe from Zoe's post here

texture of the cake is quite nice..moist and tasted nutty..after shooting these photos, i realised how miserable just  those few slices of pear looked, looked as if  i'm so stingy on my pears..LOL! 

This is the 4th cake we are baking at The Home Bakers. Huuh, 56 more bakes to go!! Estimated another slightly more than 2 years to complete all the recipes from the book. Whose crazy idea? Joyce's. All are welcomed to join the club, not late at all!

at least this slice comes with more pears! just in case you're wondering what's that stuff on top of the pears..they are  a mixture of some icing sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg powder, not pasta or roasted pepper sauce! To be frank, i cant remember i used icing or castor sugar here..


  1. Hi Lena,
    Your cake looks so cute, yeah, why you so stingy with the pear ah? It looks great, your cake turns out really well, more like a cake than mine! And thank you a million for being crazy with me! Really appreciate that I'm not the only one! Hehe! Looking forward to our next countdown! :)

  2. No pinwheel and I thought I saw something like roast pork on top of the cake :). Yeah, it certainly looks moist and a yummy cake.

  3. It looks good without the pinwheel. I should have done that because, I cut the pear slices different lengths and my pinwheel was lopsided. It was great tasting though.

    I enjoy baking with the group, each time.

  4. Hahaha.. I prefer small cakes too. Easy to finish up, if not I have to crack my head thinking who and who to give to so as not to waste it !!.. Initially I still though you actually put Bak Gua on top of the cake !!... Hahaha..But it looks like a delicious cake nevertheless. Also, I think by the time u finish all the recipes in the book, you could be Lou Seibert Pappas No. 2 already !! Haha!!

  5. so this looks like the perfect piece of something sweet. It is beautiful ad I love the combination of pear and hazlenut- i have never done that before and i am simply intrigued

  6. Lena, small cakes are good, finish faster and can bake others! Your cake looks very moist.

  7. Your cake texture looks scrumptious and I think less pear means less moisture so your cake is not soggy?

  8. No interest to be a baker
    Needless to say, a cake lover
    Hope you are fine and dandy
    Exercise to keep healthy
    Wisdom and health is better than gold
    Treasure them till we all grow old
    Regards from the dreamer
    The one with magical power


  9. Your cake looks cute.The pears on top really looks like a piece of bacon. LOL. Jokes apart. I really liked your idea of baking this as a mini cake. Perfect dessert for two. Mine is a big family so I can afford to bake biggies :D.
    Have a nice day!

  10. Lena, pretty as usual :)
    and look delicious too :)

  11. To me, the cake looks good, think like Jeannie said, more pear will make the cake soggy.

  12. Ha ! It looks good to me ! When I first saw it on my Google reader , I'm thinking that's one moist and delicious looking cake ! :D I love Zoe's cake , too ! But even though you follow the same recipe , something like the ingredients you use or the weather in your side of the world or whatever other things ( in my part : it's almost always not reading the recipe properly hee hee ) can affect the end results :D

  13. What a delightful aspect, the duo is wonderful! kisses dear:)

  14. The cake looks moist and tasty~ I must say you bake a real cute one here.

    I'm hungry now... literally have to eat this cake virtually.

    p/s: thanks for your kind offer on the Japanese ingredient~ appreciate that :D

  15. My 3rd beautiful pear & walnut cake today & I still love it, hahaha! Your cake looks very moist!

  16. Actually i have never try to bake a cake with pear, think must be very nice oh :)

  17. joyce: hey, you wont be alone..i see a whole bunch of us going crazy with you!! we need to party!!

    chris: haha! you really cracked me up on this!

    chaya: i know if i cut too, i probably will end up with different sizes of the slices too, anyway i think your cake looks great with that formation of pears!

    joyce@cc: actually i never thought that they look like a piece of meat but now since a few of you mentined, that must have looked like one! haha! 2nd lou seibert?? wow..let me just try all the recipes first!!

    jessica: we 're given a choice to use hazelnuts or almonds whici i believe jusing almonds would be very nice too!

    mery: thank you!

    mich: that's small, just 5 0r 6 pieces i move on to another bake! fat liao!!

    jeannie: i think probably joyce mentioned in her post, hers is a little more moist.

  18. hi anonymous:

    If only i had your magical powers
    I would turn back the clock and the hours
    To keep me fit and lean
    Not forgetting tall and slim
    Torturing it seems going to the gym
    I think i'll just do that in my dreams!

    p/s okay or not??

  19. anuja: yeah, small cakes can finish quicker. BUt you know sometimes it's not easy to do creaming with a small amount of ingredients..but nowadays i try not to bake a big cake..just make a small one and sample :)

    Alice: thank you for your compliments. Are you going to bake this?

    Cheah: it probably joyce mentioned in her post..but not maybe too soggy ..i wonder if the variety of pears will affect the moisture in the cake..

    anne: yeah...for example the weight of eggs and the flour are right.

    wendy: 56!!yeah go lena go!! hahaha!!

    duxa: actually it's more of a hazelnut cake rather than a pear cake..

    yvonne: oh, dont mention..i'm not starting a kedai runcit like sonia..hehe.. but can get this for you if you need it in future :))

    jessie: glad to hear that you're still not bored yet seeing another pear cake..another pear bake coming up!

    sonia: thank your sweet and sour squids too!

    cass: maybe i shouldnt have called this a pear cake but just a few slices of time if you hv a chance to make it, dont be stingy like me! LOL!

  20. Hi Lena, I'm not much into Western cakes, more towards Malay or Nyonya cakes.
    But your this cake sure looks very tempting, and I might disgrace my parentage and upbringing if have the chance to try, polish off 4 slices, ha ha ha.
    The texture looks just nice, and I bet the scent even at 10 feet will make someone forget he's just had a big banana leaf lunch.
    You are good, young lady!
    Again, wish I'm your neighbour, ha ha.
    Have a fun bikini weekend.

  21. When I saw this cake I thought you've baked a rhubarb cake!! LOL Love how moist is this cake & great idea to make smaller portion just to sample! I can't do that if not my mini bosses will complain ,not enough! LOL Have a nice day, Lena! :)

  22. Thanks for your reply yesterday
    Yea, your nice poem is sure okay
    If I have magical powers too
    I would make your dreams come true
    By turning back the clock
    So you would be steady as a rock
    If only, if only
    May God keep you healthy
    Peace be with you my friend
    Have a wonderful weekend


  23. This cake looks so moist and delicious. I would probably eat this with breakfast, lunch, AND dinner.

  24. Wow, I am trying to imagine what a great achievement it will be when you complete all 56 bakes! And all of us get to 'enjoy' the cakes!

  25. Must be fragrant after coming out freshly baked from the oven.

  26. the cake looks moist and fluffy...pear and hazelnut, very interesting combination...:)

  27. it looks gorgeous- it's actually the type of cake I like. Simple yet interesting- not the run of the mill type of cake! Looking forward to 54 more posts of cakes :P

  28. I am sure I would enjoy this delicious treat!Hugs,dear!

  29. this looks so gorgeous and what a great flavor combination - hazelnut and pear - I LOVE it!
    Mary x

  30. lee: i know you kampung boy, western cakes not in your list. Next time i make your favourite scones or kuih, then i telegram you , ok? hey, dont forget to buy lottery..all of us are still waiting!!

    Kit: i dont hv big eaters in the a small piece is fine plus i still hv my 'baking commitments' so make a small one, eat and bake the next one :)

  31. anonymous:

    haha..if only if only
    make me a fearless pretty
    and turn all my sugar into money!
    you must be thinking these are all so silly
    wondering what is wrong with me
    only talks about money and beauty
    oh dear..this is really funny
    cant stop laughing on my bulging tummy!!

  32. nancy : Thanks! this is nice..i think it would have tasted even better if i used grounded almonds instead of ground hazelnuts.

    adeline: wondering will i still be blogging by then :D yes, it would be a great accomplishment for all of us in the group after 2 years!!

    MKGirl: tasted not bad, hey..i'm glad that you are still dropping by to leave a comment..despite the odds.. i wish you all well !! Happy gardening!

    sherleen: yeah, it's a good combination..pity that i used such a minimal amount of pears!!

    daphne: keeping my fingers crossed that i will be able to keep up with all the 54 bakes!

    diane: yes, this is nice. Give it a try someday!

    lenia: i'm sure you will, thanks and many hugs to you!

    mary: thank would be great to hear if you can make this someday!

  33. eileen@hundred eighty degreesJune 10, 2012 at 10:33 AM

    Hi Lena, nice looking cake. I like your reply to anonymous, it sounds like a poem. Haha. You have the potential :)

  34. I really like this cake :)))

  35. My dear "Fearless Pretty"
    You have a bulging tummy?
    Want to get rid of it, lady?
    Some joke "a sign of prosperity"
    A sign exercise needed regularly
    Coupled with eating right actually
    Also avoid stress and rest properly
    To make one slim, fit and dandy

    Bye for now

  36. Pinwheel or not, Lena, your cake is fabulous. It looks so soft and makes me want to have a big chunk out of it! You know what, I do salute you, Joyce and Zoe for this bake-along. And I must admit that Joyce can be 'out of control' when it comes to baking..haahaa you'd better watch out for anymore 'out-of-the-box' ideas from don't know what you've got yourself in to..(am I correct, dear Joyzzz)

  37. Your cake is very pretty and look absolutely delicious, Lena! Wow there's really a lot of bakes left... but it's been a very fun journey, I'm sure it'll just get more and more fun!

  38. I saw u had a poem rally here..hahaha. Your cake still looks awesome even without the pinwheel. Good night.

    Do you have checkerboard brownies recipe?

  39. Definitely saving your recipe!

  40. Fruit and nuts are always great together. The cake looks super moist.

  41. Lena, such a beautiful cake you have here. It looks tempting. I like that you cut the recipe in half and it turned out great. My family is small and we are not big eaters either so this is perfect!

  42. look delicious Lena I love all with pears!

  43. eileen: thanks and as for the poem..arhaha! dont know what to say :D

    Inka: thank you for dropping by here!

    anonymous: thanks again for making me smile!! have a good week!

    jen: haha! she definately getting out of control! Hope that is not infectious!!

    jasline: yeah..when we achieved completing half of the book, i think we can already give ourselves a pat on our shoulders!!

    angeline: i'll see how can i get the recipe for you. I will let you know, ok?

    love2dine: hope you will like it!

    angie: unfortunately there was so little pears here! But texture is great!

    lyndsey: nowadays i try to scale down the recipe if i can..finish faster and then move on to the next bake!

    gloria: thank you gloria! Hugs to you!

  44. Sorry for my late visit... Ops! Do you like the retro me? LOL!

    When I first saw the picture of your cake, I can't help thinking of the missing pears...LOL!
    Interesting to know that you like the texture of this cake. Joyce didn't like the texture of this cake and it tastes good to me instead.

  45. Hi Lena, your cake look very moist, love the texture.