Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Moonlight Rendezvous Scones

Scones is the theme that we have chosen for the bake along this time When i first started making scones long time ago, i remember i read up a lot about how to make nice decent looking scones..i was reading from blog to blog how to shape them if we want them to look a little straight at the sides if we make them round,  the height, the texture.. and i didnt know why at that time i got the perceptions that scones are very difficult to make. They are really not.. once you got your hands on, just gather the ingredients together and do not overmix them. However, the recipe below is a little different, there's creaming need to be done and the batter is mixed till  smooth. Its texture is kind of different compared to my previous scones, they are of a little cakey type and light. Very nice, i  enjoyed eating this a lot, recipe courtesy from Uncle Lee. Lee said that these are the Singapore Raffles Hotel scones and had been eaten by a lot of celebrities worldwide. Wow!! I would like to name them Moonlight Rendezvous Scones.

i made half of the recipe and yield 9 scones, recipe can be easily doubled
32gm butter
32gm sugar ( you can add a little more if you prefer a sweet scone )
1/2 egg
225gm flour
15gm baking powder
125ml milk
35 gm raisins ( i omitted )
pinch of salt
egg wash for glazing ( optional)

1. Preheat oven to 200C. Combine the butter and sugar and mix till creamy and fluffy. Add the egg.
2.Add in the flour and baking powder and mix till a crumble forms. Pour in the milk and mix to a smooth texture.Do not overwork as this will toughen the texture. Add the raisins if using and roll out the dough to a 3cm thickness on a lightly floured surface.
4.Use a cookie cutter to cut out individual pieces, i used a 5cm round cookie cutter and arrange them side by side on a baking tray. Glaze with egg mixture and bake in the oven for 10 minutes or till they are golden brown.

as these are not sweet, you can spread them with kaya, lemon curd, whipping cream..or any of your fav spread

or maybe some smoked salmon with cream cheese or sour cream...i like these

Also check out my baking partners, Joyce and Zoe and their scones and also our baking friends who are joining to bake scones with us at the linky below. Thanks!

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  1. lovely ;)so many ways to taste it

  2. beautiful scones .... i still can't bake a nice scone . look simple, but actually not ...

  3. I knew scones when I was in Singapore. Scones are always served elegantly. Frankly, your scones really looks alike the one serving in the 5stars hotel. Original scones is always my fav.

  4. I love your scones Lena, they look so pretty:)

  5. that last picture just puts a huge smile on my face. the scones look so buttery and warm and delicious, amazed!

  6. Wow, Raffles Hotel scones... sometime for my to-try list! It looks wonderful, I can almost smell it from across the screen.

  7. Looks lovely and sounds romantic if shared one with the other half! Haha! (Uncle Lee would probably ask you to take a bite from one and he will take a bite next to that!) Lovely recipe from Uncle Lee! Looks delicious, I like both with lemon curd and the smoked salmon! Moonlight Rendezvous is a fitting name indeed for these lovely scones! Wow, now the thoughts of Moonlight Rendezvous would come to mind when I see a scone! Hahaha!

  8. wow ni recipe Uncle Lee yang terkenal tu hehe.Napak enak sekali ya Lena..ceria ceria selalu.

  9. Indeed very special way of prepare scone. The texture is very fluffy. Bookmarked. Thanks!

  10. This is indeed an unique way of making scones. I'm guessing the creaming method might make the scones more light and fluffy in their texture. Secret recipe from Singapore Raffles Hotel!... Sounds good to me :D

  11. OMG, you baked 5-star scone, Lena!

    I've been told scones are shapeless biscuits, lol! And I've always thought it's hard to make scone. I have yet to get my hands on baking it, but after reading so many attempts by other bloggers, I'm looking forward to make one :)

    Psst... are you sending a box of Moonlight Rendezvous scones to Canada?

  12. Gosh...I like the fluffy and light scones you have there and needless to say...the smoked salmon...:) delicious ! Great to eat eh! I love my scones and pancake with salmon too !

  13. Wow looks incredibly fluffy! Nice rise. Definitely try making these with your "unique" method :D.

  14. I am a scones fan too! With cream and jam..mmmmmm......

    Yours look very yummy and tall. Beautiful!!!

  15. Ahhhh Scones ! Just finished tasting Zoe's , I guess I should try your scones , too ! lol Your scones looks very pretty and delicious ! Yum ! :D

  16. Wow! I'd rendezvous in the moonlight with these scones, no problem! I do prefer these cake/scones .... a little less heavy on the tummy after eating one too many as I always do :)

  17. Hi Lena, now is my coffee break... please pass 2 over here and a nice cup of Ipoh coffee too. LOL

    Nice scones, very well bake. I'd tried this recipe sometimes back. As usual I serve mine with strawberry compote and vanilla ice cream. hahaha

    Have a nice day.

  18. Lena, now I know why my readers telling me "practise make perfect". If compare to yours, yours are really a perfect scones. It looks so good to eat with salmon and cream cheese.

  19. Looks like I am the only one here who not only don't know how to make scones but have never eaten scones. Tsk, tsk, tsk.....

  20. Oooo...my favourite tea snack! Love it with loads of butter & jam or peanut butter. Slurpppp....
    I'm going to make some soon too.
    enjoy your evening, dear.

  21. Hi Lena, thank you for the mention. 3 of my all time favourite biscuits or cakes are scones, plain donuts and raisin tea biscuits.
    And not many people can bake really good ones, but those that do, one bite and its just Heavenly.

    And Lena, being a scone lover, as well eaten scones at most top hotels those days, namely Raffles Singapore, Smokehouse Inn, Cameron Highlands, looking at your colours, texture, the beautiful browns, you'll make Raffles hotel F&B manager proud.....

    And me rosak my mother's name, give wrong impression of my upbringing.....ha ha ha, as looking at yours, I will polish off at least 5.
    Maybe ask, "may I have 1 more, Lena"?
    Lena, I am impressed! You did it!

    And yes, these recipe or scones from Raffles Hotel has been eaten by lots of top Hollywood celebrities, as well presidents and Prime ministers
    And yours truly with the ladies I dated for tea.
    I believe this recipe was, maybe still is around a long time with its worldwide acclaim.

    Under different circumstances, a bouquet of roses or orchids would be in order for you, to say, 'thank you for the warm invitation'.
    Keep a song in your heart.

  22. Wow what a fabulous name! Im sold just by the look and name...golden crisp and light on the inside. ;)) so tight down with work now....hope I get time to bake some scones too. *fingers crossed*

  23. Co-incidentally I baked some last Friday, I used a recipe from Smitten Kitchen. It was also very good, couldn't stop eating them :) Yours look great, light and fluffy. Love their height!

  24. I absolutely love making scones and biscuits and this looks like a unique, new method!


  25. That's a fun name for the delicious looking scones. I like them more with smoked salmon ;-)

  26. DEEEELICIOUS! Just give me a little jug of clotted cream and a cup of tea with these and I will be in heaven!

  27. Love these scones look amazing and delicious Lena Lovely!

  28. Oh la la! I'm in love with these scones already & don't mind having a date with them anytime! They are so light , fluffy , soft , simply divine! A beautiful color & so very 5 STAR! J'adore! :)

  29. Beautiful scone Lena...they sure look light, soft and fluffy...perfect!
    Hope you are having a great week :)

  30. cik wan: thank you..these scones are not sweet, therefore you can try eating it sweet or savoury way as you like :)

    anggie: i've seen yours and you did it very well!

    angeline: thank you! i love your cute mickey scones too, good idea!

    mimi: thank you so much, i love your scones too and thanks for supporting!

    jessica: yeah, i like to eat it the savoury way like these, that will makes me smile too!

    mich: if you like it sweet, you can put in additional sugar, hope you will like them!

    joyce: hahaha! very cheeky comments..so now when you see a scone, will you think of uncle lee? haha!

    cm: hi cm, apa khabar? thanks for dropping by and thanks for your wishes!

    vivian: thanks, hope you will like them as well. I'm looking at all the scones entries here and i think all of them are great!

    zoe: quite a different method and surprisingly, it works! not to that extreme fluffy but still nice texture and smooth!

    yvonne: it's not difficult to make scones. I hope you will get your hands on to try making some scones and you will know how easy it is. Thanks for your kind compliments!

    elin: dont we just love smoked salmon and i really like the eggs that you did with the smoked salmon and sour cream and herbs too!!

    anuja: thanks, i hope you will love them.

    honeyboy: thanks so much! i'm happy with the way they turned out and enjoyed eating them with the smoked salmon :)

    anne: thanks! pls continue to savour all the scones up there, i'm sure they all taste very delicious!

    ping: scones that create romantic moments..hehe..

    amelia: yeah, would be great with ice cream too! jealous..you making so much ice cream!!

    yan: thank you, i'm happy with the way they looked. YOurs are not bad either, trust me..they are good for a first timer making scones!!

    phonghong: haha..dont worry, try making some scones and you will know how they taste like :D

    edith: haha..for fun!

    kristy: with peanut butter, yum! oh gosh, i'm still thinking of that donuts that i saw this morning!

  31. lee: thank you for your nice compliments and thanks for sharing with us. When you mentioned that these are the popular scones, i know i will got to try them someday and finally i did ..after a year! almost forgot about this recipe and so glad that i did them!

    bee2: now that school has reopened, i'm sure you will be busy like a bee, hope to see your scones too!

    adeline: thanks! i would like to see your scones too and learn another recipe! how i wished i could hv your bread pudding for breakfast now!

    sues: hi, thanks for dropping by, sorry for not visiting you for so long and very glad that you still remember me!

    angie: me too!they are really nice with smoked salmon and cream cheese.

    chris: thank you!! i'm thinking of making your starwberry pizza one of these days, they look amazing in the photos!!

    gloria: thank so much! you're always so kind!

    kit: thank you my dear!i hope these scones will create romantic moments for you..LOL!

    juliana: thank you for your encouraging words! you hv a lovely week too!!

  32. These look so good. I could just eat one now!

  33. Hi Lena,
    I noticed this recipe using less butter compare to others. I like it :)
    Your scones are very beautiful. Yes i do have some concern. Months ago i tried my 1st scones and after baked, they all became out of shape and look funny, hahaha!

  34. Mmmm...lovely scones, Lena!

  35. My 1st scone was a English cheese scone , recipe from my SIL, it was good. If time allow, I want to bake again and join this bake along. Your scone look like 5 Star hotel scone.

  36. I'm going to pin this!!! I have not made scones at home for months. This will change that.

  37. I LOVE scones! This looks delicious. I have only just started loving scones, I haven't tried them ever before this year!

  38. Been busy working like a dog
    In order to complete a project
    Now I am back to your blog
    To check out your next subject

    As usual it's all about food
    Cos you're a fine baker and cook
    Carry on, you're doing good
    Your posts make a recipe book

    Moonlight Rendezvous Scones, it's lovely
    Not only in looks but in name
    I am a scone lover myself actually
    Only not a baker, that's what I am

    Glad you're going for some exercise
    Do it regularly as long as you can
    And it sure won't be a surprise
    You'll look more gorgeous to your man

    Warmest regards

  39. eileen@hundred eighty degreesJune 28, 2012 at 7:42 AM

    Hi Lena, I like the name, sound romantic :)

  40. Lens, your scones look amazing, usually they are a little dense and dry, not these they are awesome! I wish I could grab one now!

  41. How timely! I was just craving for scones and wanted a recipe that DOESN'T require buttermilk. Thanks!

  42. What a lovely name for a lovely and delicious looking scones! Yours look so soft and fluffy!

  43. allthatimeating: hi, thanks for dropping by and your compliments, shall be dropping by your site soon!!

    cass: yeah, maybe it was also due to a small recipe, hey i've seen vivian pang baking scones using a tart pan..maybe you can try that too.

    cheah: thank you madam!

    sonia: thanks! still 3 more days before the linky closes, hope you can find some time to show us your lovely scones!!will be delighted to see one from the 'sifu'!

    daphne: you're on pinterest too? i think i may like to learn that too..just time is a bit tight these few weeks..

    cathleen: i know you love scones and i've already seem some scones in your blogs recently, they all look delicious and nice!

  44. anonymous:

    Good evening my dreamer friend
    sorry that you can only savour it from the screen
    If only i had long hands
    Will be throwing one to you with some cream

    The name MR is just for fun
    But eating these shall not be forgotten
    As you eat this under the moon or the sun
    One bite you will probably half way to heaven!

    thanks for visiting despite your busy schedule..and thanks again for your nice poem!

  45. eileen180: haha..dating with scones!!

    lyndsey: yeha, these are not dense at all..i think you would love the texture of these scones, still having a storm there?

    sharon: hi, i hope you will like its texture even though they are not extremely fluffy type but they are still very good, add somemore sugar if you want them sweet.

    jasline: thank you..all the scones above look great..i wish i can really eat all of them!!

  46. hi Lena, this is a new method to make scones
    thks for sharing
    definitely look to die for!

  47. i love scones...have them hot with a dollop of butter and fruit preserve. wash down with a cup of hot tea and a good book for company. actually when my girlfriends come over...they make the best company ever for tea and scones.

  48. Hi it is plain or self raising flour?

    1. sorry, missed your comment. It is plain flour