Monday, June 4, 2012

Chicken and Egg One Bowl rice dish ( Oyako-Don )

This is a really a quick and easy one bowl rice dish that i'm quite sure many of you will enjoy. Okay, i'm not somebody who can read and understand japanese but after checking from the internet, it says oyako means parent and child , so that's the chicken and egg here but dont ask me the question what came first, the chicken or the egg :)

I already have mirin, dashi-nomoto (bonito flavoured seasoning ) in my house earlier because i thought i wanted to learn to cook some easy japanese dish, but not quite sure of the sake. Then i saw Fern mentioned something about cooking sake in one of her posts, i'm glad i read that cos i almost bought the drinking sake instead of cooking sake which i guess both are entirely different thing. I tasted the cooking sake ..taste like white wine with very slight saltiness at the end. And if you're someone who is new to these ingredients like me, believe me ..there's nothing about these flavours in the dish here that are overpowering or strong..just comforting . Love this dish, i've done this twice just last week. Thanks to Fern for sharing this recipe.

Recipe ( from To Food with Love, adapted from Japanese Cooking at Home by Hideo Dekura)
serves 2
200gm chicken thigh fillet / boneless chicken thigh
1 tbsp mirin

Dashi mixture ( with some slight modifications)
2 tbsp light soya sauce
1/2 tbsp caster sugar
1 tbsp cooking sake
1/3 cup dashi stock ( 1/8 tsp of dashinomoto mixed with 1/3 cup water )

1 onion, thinly sliced
1 stem spring onion, sliced diagonally , plus extra for garnishing
2 eggs, beaten
2 bowls cooked rice/ short grained sushi rice

1. Cut chicken into bite sized pieces and marinate with mirin. I marinated for 40 minutes
2. Combine ingredients for dashi mixture
3.Pour a little oil in a small pan and fry chicken pieces until browned and cooked.
4. Add onions and fry till softened and add the spring onions and stir briefly.
5. Add dashi mixture and bring to boil, reduce heat, pour in the beaten eggs in circular motion over simming mixture, set over low heat till egg is just cooked.
6. Place a portion of hot rice into each bowl and slide half a portion of chicken and egg toppings over the rice in a bowl and garnish with spring onions.


  1. love that you browned the chicken pieces. A lot of times oyako don chicken are pale and tasteless. Yours look totally scrumptious. Have a great monday Lena! :)

  2. Looks delicious, Lena. And fairly simple for me. I may even have all the ingredients, I hope, I hope:) Your soup reminds me of Stracciatella an Italian sort of egg drop soup my grandmother use to make.

    Thank you so much for sharing...I'd love just a spoonful right now!!!

  3. Wow Lena looks yummy and comforting! I m totally alien to the ingredients you mentioned. Will search the supermaket first for these.

  4. Love this yummy chicken dish, Lena! I would have all the ingredients to make this, accept for the dashinomoto; which no doubt is the main seasoning! I will be hunting for this in my Asian market!

  5. Jap food has always been my favouries ! And yes, this looks so great, especially since it's home-made. I wish I can have this for lunch right now !!

  6. this is super delicious, i wish to have a big bowl by now, lunch time la

  7. I love Japanese food, but can't say I have tasted this one before! I must look out for it next time I visit a Japanese restaurant! Or maybe I can visit you? haha!

  8. Looks very tempting but dont stock Japanese ingredients. So can only feast with the eyes ....

  9. yes, i can imagine how good is this bowl of "亲子丼", look yummy and wish i can have one...:)

  10. I love this Japanese dish, it's a comfort food.

    But I never done this in my kitchen due to lacking of the Japanese ingredients - mirin, dashi, sake, those are the key to Japanese cooking.

    *praying hard that Aeon will open a branch in my place here*

  11. ah! I love oyakodon! try to make your own dashi sauce next time! very simple. just a piece of konbu and some benito flakes! much better than using dashimoto which contains ajinomoto...

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    Boleh Lena? Hahaha, just kidding.

  13. Oh my! This must be it! I supposed that this is the dish that I've tasted in Kyoto many years ago & it was so delicious with quite a bit of raw eggs! Don't remembered the name! But yours does look like it to, delicious! I don't really like sushi & all but I love this kind of Japanese food that just makes you drooling when thinking of it! Yum! Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe that I've been craving for quite a while! heheheh

  14. Oh yeah! I love this- even wo the rice!!! What an easy dish to make any day too. Runny eggs, tasty chicken.. yum!

  15. This sounds and looks scrumptious!Have a lovely week,dear Lena!

  16. Lena! akak tak pernah berani nak try japanese food
    but looking at this one...tis! tis! tis! really mouthwatering laaa....

    er...lena, what came first? egg or chicken?
    chicken ruuuuunnnn..............

  17. Hi Lena,
    This chicken and egg one bowl rice looks really delicious. I want to try to cook this for my boys.
    Am wondering what is the little pieces of yellow flakes on top of the spring onion in the third picture?? It that fried egg pieces or chilly seeds?...^^

  18. Lena, This is a perfect one dish meal for everyone in my family. I love your pictures too!

  19. Hey Lena, Looks good! Glad to hear you enjoyed it (and finally bought cooking sake too :p) Now you can makes lots of Japanese dishes... yay! So easy to make right? I never order this in the restaurant anymore after I started making it at home...LOL!

  20. Lena, this looks like it's coming out of a Japanese restaurant menu! I can finish that bowl. yummy.

  21. shaz: thanks, i hvnt actually had this is a jap restaurant but i would like to try having that in the restaurant one day and see how similar is that to mine here :)

    louise: oh yes, i'm pretty confident that you can cook this. I hope you will hv no problem getting the ingredients and give it a try someday.

    anuja: hahaha! once you start to familiarise with these ingredients, then you know it's not alien at all, it's kind of some very basic ingredients for jap cooking .

    elisabeth: i know you cook asian too, so you will hv no problem doing this. As alan( one of the commenters ) said, you can use bonito flakes and kombu to make the dashi stock but that i believe that you will also hv to get them from the jap food section.

    joyce@ccooky: thanks, i wish you were here to enjoy this together:))

    eileenlee: thank you, maybe you can try cooking it some day, your kids may probably love it.

    jeannie: yeah, me too. I hvnt actually had this in a jap restaurant. Yes, of course you can come and visit me and pls bring along your topo map cake!

    chris: can understand that..i just bought some very basic ingredients, now will hv to look around for recipes and use more of that..

    sherleen: thank you..come come everybody come! LOL!!

    yvonne: maybe you can make a trip to ipoh someday and get all those stuffs here, if you are really keen, i can also send it you. Let me know.

    alan: yes, i know..after i finish my dashinomoto, i will try to cook the stock from scratch.

  22. What a scrumptious one-dish meal , Lena ! Two thumbs up for this deliciousness ! :D

  23. hi anonymous :

    Your poem is for sure not a bore
    A sweet surprise that i definately wont ignore
    Reading it makes me feel like a queen
    But it almost made me jumped up like a jellybean

    You dont have to go back to your dreams
    Cos that will only makes you go green
    Copy down the recipe and start to cook
    Sure you will luv it and it's not a joke!

    Thank you for leaving a comment today
    Frozen wings appreciate it, what can i say
    Putting smiles on my face in every way
    Like a lost bird has finally found its way.

  24. Kit : yeah, i see in some pictures that eggs do come in a bit raw..but i;m afraid of the eggs here thus i'm cooking it till the eggs were almost fully cooked. I do enjoy eating sushi well it depends what fillings in there. i like tuna, octopus and california roll.

    rose: thank you, maybe you can give this a try !

    daphne: yes, reading your comment now..i actually think you will like this dish, one dish and not too fattening!! LOL!

    Lenia: it's good and it's simple to cook, thanks dear!

    queenie: kak, actually this is not too complicated..i think lebih senang than masak nasi dagang lah. chicken and rasa yang mana datang dulu? tak kisah lah, kita sapu makan semua! LOL!! eh..apa ni lari kuat kuat?? haha! you lucu betul :D

    sasha: hi, thank you for dropping by, will visit you soon :))

    muimui: yes, you are very observant, those are chilly flakes that i put on top in one of the bowls. Hope your boys will love this :)

    anncoo: thank you, i admire your pictures too. Yup, it's a one pot dish that i think many will enjoy .

    Fern: yes, if i didnt read that you wrote cooking sake, i could've bought the drinking sake. Thanks for the recipe, i will like to chk out more of your jap cooking from your blog and cook them :)

    jen: wow, thank you for your compliments. Making me blush :D Hope to cook more jap dish like this kind in future, i alraedy eyed on some recipes :))

    anne: thank you!! you make me feel proud ! haha!

  25. Haha, well maybe the chicken and the egg came at the same time.. To make this delicious dish. This looks fantastic!

  26. Hi Lena,

    "Thank you for the nice reply
    Your advice is sure good to apply
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    Definitely good in the eating

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  27. What a lovely poem.. must be one of your great Fan c... :)

  28. It's always the creamy silky egg that makes me want to order oyako-don in Jap eateries :)

  29. What a nice chicken rice bowl...never had it with sure looks like a great meal Lena.
    Have a great week ahead :)

  30. What a great photo - it looks so delicious - I would love to tuck in!
    Mary x

  31. This looks very delicious! A bowl of this professional cooked Oyako Don will cost us A$10-20 at Melbourne. You should start a food business in Australia :D

  32. yum, yum. yum. yum! What else can i say? YUM! I love it! Love chicken and using the egg make sit all the better! Great dish

  33. This looks awfully good, I am reading this at lunch time and God how I wish I can have it for my lunch instead of ...

  34. One word, Lena...YUM!! haha. I love all sorts of donburi, and oyako don with slightly runny egg is just sooooo good! =P

  35. Lena:
    Oyako-don gives me a special memory. When I first dated with my hubby(14 years ago), he always took me to a Jap restaurant in KL & I always ordered this dish, hehehe!

    Your oyako-don looks just as good as the restaurant ones, delicious! Thumbs up!

  36. Whoa Lena, you got fans already~lah! haha....Writing you poem. So cool! Btw, love your Japanese treat. Hope you're having a great week ahead, dear.

  37. Hi Lena,
    Looks so delicious! I have always wanted to try at cooking Japanese food! Which comes first, chicken or egg? Neither, at least in this case, it's my growling tummy that comes first! Hehehe! I'll eat this first and then answer that later!
    Wah, now, you sudah pandai berbalas pantun! :)

  38. cathleen: i like your lemon cranberry scones too!

    anonymous: i know it's a fiction and i enjoy reading that, thanks and you hv a good week too!

    claire: maybe a friend :)

    tigerfish : yeah, that runny egg mixture do makes the dish looks and sounds good!

    juliana: you're back from holidays?! will hop over to chk your blog soon!

    mary : thank you!

    zoe: food got to be kidding me..but i would love to stay there for a period :)

    jessica: thanks my dear, it would be great if you can give this a try.

    adeline: hey, how are you there? hope you are doing good.

    dumpling love: thanks! if i can, i probably love to let them be a little raw but i dared not :)

    jessie: maybe you shld try cooking this for him at home, give him a surprise!!

    kristy : sweet of that person who wrote this. Hope you are not rushing mad now that it's school holidays :)

  39. eileen@hundred eighty degreesJune 5, 2012 at 10:48 PM

    Yummy and tempting! I wish I can have for lunch tomorrow :)

  40. Mmm....yummy. gotta try this out but first have to get some sake. hey, how's the school break? did you go anywhere?

  41. joyce: haha..that's a good one..your growling tummy!! how? my pantun okay tak okay??

    eileen: then you better cook this tomorrow ;))

    barb: halo, you sudah balik already? how's your shopping trip?? i didnt go anywhere, just stay around here. Yesterday had lunch with jane and shirl.

  42. This just slipped right to the top of my must make list this summer! Your Oyako Don looks beautiful Lena, I would dream of this too.

    I am loving the poems, I can't write in rhyme, you both are too talented! :)

  43. Hi Lena, sorry I don't like Japanese food except tempura. But you sure can cook very well. ;)

    Have a nice day.

  44. this looks real yum. I love your photo shooting skill.

  45. Lena, this looks so good that I wish I had all the ingredients right now to create one for myself too.

  46. This looks like the "real deal"! It sounds fantastic. I've never cooked with dashi-nomoto but it sounds like I need to get some!

  47. Usually I'm a big katsudon fan. But after looking at your pictures I feel like now giving Oyakodon a go! Looks so comforting and inviting!

  48. This is a Japanese one dish meal I cook quite often to differentiate cooking and drinking sake? I simply buy from Jusco so long I see sake in the bottle, hahaha ..Your Don look mouth watering! I hope I am able to try this Don when I visit to Osaka Japan next week .

  49. lyndsey: yeah, i think you will like its taste as i know you can take asian. thank you that you like the poems:))

    amelia: what project are you on now? you seem to be very busy these days..tomorrow is sat, have a good break and have fun!

    caca: thank you for dropping by!

    angie : thank you, make it soon!!

    chris: you've very good in cooking asian and western food, hope to see you making some jap food and to get inspired by you too!

    kelly: hi, your chicken katsu looks marvellous and with that curry, very glad to know you and will be dropping by your blog often!

    sonia: i dont know how to differentiate but the word "cooking sake" is indicated in the bottle, wow..going to osaka next week, enjoy your holidays!!

  50. Oh yum! I love these donburi things! So convenient too!

  51. My hubby like this dish.
    Looks good, will be good with miso shiru as side dish.

  52. Greetings from Japan... got here from Quay po... excellent blog you have, and your pictures of the food looks really yummy...

  53. ping: yeah, convenient..hope to try katsudon soon!

    mkgirl: then you shld cook this for him some day!

    Lrong: hi, thanks for dropping by and your nice compliments. Have a nice day!