Friday, June 29, 2012

Almond Crusted Butter Cake

This is our fifth cake at The Home Bakers, an event organised by Joyce where we are all currently baking from the book Coffee Cakes by Lou Seibert Pappas.  Just as the name implies, this is a butter cake with an almond crust. The picture in the book shows a very nice piece and looks kind of weird with all the almonds sticking out. Firstly, we grease the pan and then we coat the sides of our baking pan with the almonds and later pour the batter into the pan..this is what we did in order to get an almond crust. So with each bite of the cake, you get some bites of the almond flakes, not in the cake but on the crust. Overall, I find this cake okay, smooth and it comes with tight crumbs, it isnt dry but it gives kind of sticky texture that i need to gobble up a glass of water after know what i mean.

the picture from the book

I made half a recipe in a muffin pan and it yields 9 mini cakes. For the recipe,  you can refer to Emily's blog and to see the rest of the members who had posted their almond crusted cakes, visit here

On something else, do you know what are those shown in the picture below? They are so called 'necklaces' and made from a very old t-shirt of mine. I will be attending a function next week and there will be a fashion show on 'recycling' theme. The costume is provided by someone and what me and the rest will be wearing are outfits made from and decorated with recycling materials like plastic bags, shower sponge and those black tapes from vhs tapes, even black garbage bags. I laughed at the one wearing black garbage bags, she looks like a garbage girl! I wished that i could show my dress to you but it's not with me now. I'm really bad at doing all these kind of things, i cant even sew these necklaces are what i made to add-on onto my costume..actually i'm not sure if i will wear that, but just make them first and see how..but definately not going to put some coke cans or bottles on me :D


  1. These lil cupcake butter cakes look so neat & pretty. Ez for kids to eat them...Yes, texture's slightly dry but overall, we all love it:) Yrs look kinda soft & fluffy:)

  2. These butter cakes are so different from anything I've seen before. Nice! By the way, the t-shirt necklaces look great. Good Luck!

  3. Oh how I would love to just snap up one of those lovely Butter Cakes, Lena. I don't know what the picture looked like but I like all those tempting almonds calling my name, lol...

    I couldn't sew something if my life depended on it. Thankfully Marion can. I do however, luv that necklace. Such talent and creativity is way beyond me. I do hope you will be showing us your dress, I bet it's quite "fashionable." Hey, wear it to the picnic, lol..."See" you there!

  4. These butter cake look delicious ! It reminds me of my fave small cakes that are being sold here !

    Very creative ! We want to see some photos of you attending that event ! lol

  5. Those almond can I say, Lena!
    The necklaces, at first glance I thought they were edible... hahaha... after reading, aiks.. they are from old tshirts? :)

  6. Hi Lena, Your cake looks like a mini crown! Where mine looks like a fortress! Hey, we could start a fairytale with our bakes, you know, crown and fortress! Hahaha!
    Yup, both our bakes definitely need more almonds!
    Wow, your recycle necklaces looks real cool! So very creative of you! Hope you will show us some photos later! No cans for you? You could make a can-can skirt, make a grand entrance and have your moment of recycled glory! But I think your recycled necklaces would make others green with envy, with thoughts, "now, why did I not think of that?"!! Hahaha
    Have fun with your party! Recycle is a great theme!

  7. Nice golden brown and without a single crack!Beautiful cake:)

  8. oo.. almond crusted- how interesting. I like cakes like this- simple, no fuss!

  9. You had me at just the name alone but then when I saw the pictures, well that did it, YUM - I want one now!!!

  10. Love your mini butter cake with almonds sticking! Agrred with Joyce, looks like mini crown; Cute what! They look great , beatifully baked not like mine, burned liao! LOL Nevertheless it taste good but not more. And the sticky texture of the cake nearly have me chocked! LOL So I totally understood what you mean! hahahaha

  11. I like how you made little mini cakes! Great idea!

  12. Yes your cakes are very pretty and I like the crumbs, so fine!

  13. Hi Lena, very nice. Love that lovely colour.
    And looks just nice.....the edges especially.
    Have a great weekend.

  14. the crumb of the cake looks very interesting - not too tight but looks very spongey! and your cake is so nicely golden (mine always turns out too brown or too pale)!

  15. Hi, Lena, these cupcakes just came in the right timing for me as I'm exhausted after unpacking some of my stuffs due to house moving! Still have about 20% t do. Lovely, yummy cakes! Can I see you wearing the "necklace" that you made in the function later?

  16. Eileen@Hundred Eighty DegreesJune 30, 2012 at 10:31 PM

    Hi Lena, pretty looking cake, colour is just right! I hope you have fun in your upcoming function. The recycle 'necklaces' are very creative :)

  17. Hi Lena, we had the same idea about making them into cup cakes! Yours looks great!

  18. I love everything about this post! Your little cakes look SO good. And the recycled necklace? Gorgeous!

  19. i can't sew either ;-( so you are not alone.
    These butter cakes look really fine and delicious.
    p.s my blog is working now.

  20. Hi Lena, love your cuppies, pass some over here for my breakfast. LOL

    Your necklace look cute, took you sometimes to comes out with this idea? Now want to see your costume. ;)

    Have a nice weekend.

  21. Hi Lena,
    Totally agree with Joyce, these sure do look like mini crowns :D. To do the justice to the "crust"used in the title of the cake, this cake surely needs more almonds. But one thing I can't understand, why yours and Kit's cake turned out sticky?
    M also a "no-sewing" girl! I leave that part to the pros :D. and the necklaces are cool. You really are very creative. Who could've think of making a necklace out of old t-shirts?? You rock girl!!
    Have a blast!

  22. Those little cakes look so cute! Love how they look with almond flakes sticking around them :)

    And the necklace is a very creative idea, do share with us the entire outfit, and we want to see them to see on the model too :)

  23. Your mini cakes looks soft and would be great to have while watching a fav sitcom with a cup of hot chinese tea..very clever of you to use your old t-shirt and turn it into fashion! :)

  24. Your mini cake looks really cute and delicious! The necklace looks really unique and pretty!

  25. every bite with almond flakes, sound interesting.

    your necklace looks creative and wish we can have the chance to see the whole outfit on the day of the fashion show.

  26. Your mini size looks cute and the texture of your cake dont look so compact like mine. Overall I should say nice cake.

  27. very nice craft. so are you going to wear them? or have you already worn them?

  28. You are very creative cute necklace. Oh I can eat at least 5 of those cake.

  29. The cupcakes look gorgeous!! and I love the necklaces too.

  30. Lena, as usual, your bakes turned out fabulous!

  31. Like your T-shirt necklaces... They suit you very well... Very stylish!

    Totally agree with you the cake is just ok. Your little cakes do remind me of Joyce's with the almonds sticking out at their top edges :D

  32. Your T-Shirt necklaces is so beautiful. Can't wait to see your wearing the outfit and this necklaces. By the way, Almond Crusted Butter Cake looks so nice, especially the mini cup one. So lovely and cute.

  33. mimi: they are not really that fluffy but i dont find them bad either, just not my favourite butter cake :)

    ellen: i think it's becos of the almonds sticking out , that's why they look a little different:)

    louise: yeah, i love the almond crust a lot, infact i think they are the best thing in this butter cake. wear this to the picnic? oh no!!

    anne: photos?? i see if i can find any good ones! haha!

    claire: ya lah, those necklaces are made and cut out from a t-short..there were also some other stuffs i made but not shown here.

    joyce: haha! yes, like a and fortress? like in a fairytale story! glad that that event is over now, now finally have some time to blog!

    emily: thank you!

    cindy: thank you, yeah..i was quite suprised that they rose up beautifully without much cracks!

    daphne: i know you like making cakes like these, quick and hassle free!

    chris: thank you so much for your nice compliments!

    kit: have you posted yours? gosh, i've havnt been really visiting for the past one week, i should catch up with all of everyones' posts soon!

    yummychunket: thanks, easier to eat!

    jeannie: thank you jeannie.yes, the crumbs were fine with a compact texture but a little dense.

    lee: you think the edges look nice, i think they actually look a little weird but that's the best part to be eaten in this cake!

    janine: actually it's not very spongey, it's quite dense but not too bad either. i know what you mean by the cake browning a least pale is not too bad, at least we can still move to the upper rack to make them bake a little longer for them to look darker :)

    jessie: i think by now you have almost settled in your new place. Hope everything is going well with you :)

    eileen: the function is finally over, finally i can take a rest and do some blogging and visits later!

    mich: i should have added some almonds on top of the cake like you did!

  34. cathleen: thank you very much!

    angie: yeah, cant really sew except for mending clothes..with small hole onlys! glad to see your blog is working now!

    amelia: my costume" it's all full of plastic bags! you will laugh at the costume!

    anuja: yeah, you are right..should have added more almonds and you know, actually sticking the almonds do the pan was also not an easy job..i was like spending 10 minutes alone just doing the sticking part!haha! Not sure why mine turns out sticky tho :) i wish i can sew..sometimes i see some bloggers doing their own cushion covers and crotchets, so talented!!

    adeline: you think they look cute? i think they look a little funny..haha! anyway, that function is over but i've yet to look at the photos ..glad that it's over now..finally can get back to do some blogging and replying, for the past one week have been practising for the show and also fixing my costume.

    jen: me not very creative person..i dont know what to do, there are still some other things i did onto the costume but dont want to show lah..all ideas from youtube!

    jasline: thank you very much! thenecklace idea is from youtube and of course, i didnt make it as pretty as what it supposed to look like!

    eileen: yeah, infact the almond crust is the most delicious part in the cake!my outfit?? full of plastic bags!!

    chris: even tho it's not my favourite butter cake, it isnt that bad after all :)

    barb: worn them already. The function was last night..phew! so glad it's finally over!

    mkgirl: big eater!!haha!

    thecharmcupake: thank you for dropping by and your comments!

    alice: thanks, i like that you used walnut too for your crust!

    zoe: yes, i think mine and joyce's ones look funny with the almonds sticking out. Despite the feedback from joyce earlier, i still didnt manage the make the almonds stick on them nicer!!

    yan: not sure yet will i be posting the photo..i havent really looked at the photos yet, the show just over yesterday. you think they look cute? haha..a little weird actually, you look at the rest who did theirs, so much better looking!

  35. Look great but not sound that great, too bad huh.. Very creative necklace and hope to see how you dress up with them.