Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tortilla Pizza

I remember seeing Elin using tortilla to make pizza here and i like it. I'm now stealing her idea and make my own pizza, as much i would like to put in additional veggies for my pizza, i try to stick to 4 ingredients to fit in the theme. It's thin, slightly crispy, quite like a thin crust of pizza. It's good and as i'm typing this now, i'm still munching on one! I used pesto sauce as a base, spread it on the tortilla, add in the tomatoes and load them over with mozarella cheese. I've made 2 pieces here.. one with cherry tomatoes and one with sun dried tomatoes. Bake them till cheese is bubbly and the tortilla is slightly crispy. You may need to bake them till slightly crispy otherwise your tortilla wont hold up, takes around 6-8 minutes. You can check after 5 minutes in the oven to check that the crisp is just nice and not easily broken.

with sun dried tomatoes

with cherry tomatoes

pesto sauce
sun dried tomatoes or any other filling
shredded mozarella cheese

Spread the sauce over tortilla, sprinkle some cheese over, add in the fillings and sprinkle another layer of cheese again. Bake in a preheated oven at 200C till cheese has melted and tortilla is slightly crispy, around 6-8 minutes.

note: as the pesto sauce and sun dried tomatoes are packed with oil, i tried not to put too much and also i dabbed the oil off the sundried tomatoes before putting them in.

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  1. Hi Lena,
    Get a place ready at your dining table, I'm coming over now! Looks so delicious! Never would have known this is only with 4 ingredients! I've just had my lunch, but I think I still have room for this....!!

  2. did you hear your door bell is ringing? i'm taking a plate to your home asking for cherry tomato tortilla don't finish it yourself ho...hehehe
    not that difficult to make, next time i want to try it out...:)

  3. hohoho...more and more people rushing to your home liao...haha

  4. Count me in! These look delicious! I must remember to try when I get some tortillas!

  5. Tortilla pizza? sounds crunchy and yummy

  6. OMG it seems like you are having a party at your place. I have to apply for a visa first :D

  7. hi Lena, this is really delicious, i love pesto!
    yum yum....

  8. I made these the other day, it is really good and i love the crunchy bites and loaded the pizza with pineapple, sausage and ham, yum.

  9. This bake with 4 ingredients is really interesting. So many easy and yet nice recipes that i can learn here. This is another good one.

  10. So simple and easy to make! Tonight I must go to get the ready-made tortilla from supermarket.... or maybe I make pancake and transform as pizza base (desperate mode) :p

  11. I come over for the lunch! Looks so delicious.

  12. My mouth is watering!I couldn't resist!Kisses,dear!

  13. simple and yummilicious. not tried with tortillas but this is something i will add to my to do list instead of my usual pizza base.

  14. wow...I want some...can? tax ma :p Glad you like the idea of using tortilla as the pizza base. I love it...simple and yet delicious and save you the work of kneading your own pizza base especially when one is pressed for time. Kids love them and I am sure your gals love them ! Thanks for the mention by the way :)

  15. Very creative, using tortilla as pizza base :)

  16. oh yeah! So easy and quick-plus budget without sacrificing the taste!! I love it!

  17. Oh my goodness, no way is there only 4 ingredients! This looks absolutely delicious! (By the way, I LOVE pesto on pizza, great idea!)

  18. using 4 ingredients only to make a dish really challenging. Yours pizza looks lovely especially I love sun dried tomatoes :)

  19. Looks simple but delicious! Love sundried tomatoes, yum yum!

  20. You're very creative Lena! This pizza looks perfect with just only 4 ingredients :)

  21. joyce: waiting for you..!

    sherleen: haha! ok, leaving some for you. Come quick!

    jeannie: you can make these on your lazy days too!

    angeline: not really crunchy..only if you overbaked it but thee might be some who prefers it crunchy :)

    anuja: you're coming too?? bring your macarons over pls!

    alice: i would have used pasta sauce but i dont hv any in my house at the moment.

    sem: yeah, i was thinking of pineapples too cos i have that but cant put much due to limitation of the no of ingredients used.

    yan: i agree, so many interesting and easy recipes here. i'm also learning from all of you.

    yvonne: pancake pizza? yes, why not?

    angie: yay, another one coming. haha!

    lenia: how i wish i can share this with you!

    missyblurkit: yeah, give it a try..hope you will like it too.

    elin: thanks for the idea given! i thought of using pita bread but dont hv then remember seeing your post.

    cass: short cut mah!

    daphne: maybe you can make this for quick lunch or dinners..err maybe minus the cheese.

    cathleen: thank you! i've tried pesto several time on pizza and yeah, love it too!

    tze: i think it's a good theme as i can see everyone making simple and lovely desserts just by using 4 ingredients!

    bee2: thank you, my friend!

    ann: i cant take the credit, i hv to thank elin for this idea!

  22. Lena, I love using tortilla as a pizza crust...and yours with the pesto sauce looks delicious, would love this for lunch!
    Hope you are having a wonderful week :)

  23. I really envy you gals who bake and cook so well! Amazing ...

  24. Clever idea, using tortillas as a pizza base. I do love the thin and crispy pizzas over the thick crust. These look delicious!

  25. oh no, im too late, but i like the crispy base, can bake one more tray of pizza or not,hahaha !

  26. When I saw pesto, I tot u made your own using my garden's basil.... sigh, dissapointed.

  27. eileen@hundred eighty degreesMay 17, 2012 at 12:46 PM

    Your pizza looks superlicious:)

  28. I love your quick and easy pizza idea! Using tortilla as pizza base is so convenient.

  29. I like tortilla pizza also, fast & delicious !

  30. I never thought of using tortilla as pizza base as I associate it to a flimsy base. Hmmm....maybe it is really a good idea since I go for thin-crust pizza anyway, everytime :p

  31. ooh yummy! this is maybe my second favorite item in the bakealong after the nutella cupcakes! everything is looking so delicious and easy to make!! love the first picture - making me salivate now :/

  32. wonderful..delicious..yummy. I have some frozen pesto which I've to use. I may copycat you..heehee..

  33. juliana: i guess you must have alreday tried this before! have a good weekend!

    chris: eh, i'm sure you can cook all these! can cook and bake very well too!

    ping: thank you! Like you, i also prefer the thin over the ticker crust.

    eileen: you're not late..i make addidtional for you :))

    wendy: eh, that basil you gave me long time finish already! i eat them with salad and also add to my fried rice!

    eileen: oh, thank you!!

    zoe: i agree especially when we are lazy to make the pizza dough.

    peng: yay!

    tigerfish: hmm...give it a try, maybe you will like them.

    janine: yes, the nutella cupcakes are also very easy to make..infact all of the above are simple and quick to fix. I rally enjoy going thru each one of them!

    jen: me also copycat! no problem! Ha!

  34. Lena, I also like thin crust for pizza! The toppings that you chose to use is all I need for my pizza!

  35. Hi Lena, aiyah... I'm late! I presume you delicious pizza finished already?
    Never mind lah, anyway I got to diet a bit if not wait cannot fit into the gown. hahaha

    Have a nice day.

  36. Hi Lena,
    Your tortilla pizza look so yummy..
    Can I have some??..:D

  37. Sound like a great idea to use tortilla when we want a quick pizza meal.

  38. You guys going to Lena's go home? Pease don' t leave me out!! Sob sob. I am going to show this recipe to my stepdaughter. She loves tortilla and a quick meal.