Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stir fry Fish Fillet with Black Pepper ( 黑椒鱼片)

Saw a few big chunk garoupa fillets the other day, couldnt resist to get one though it's quite expensive. Just one piece of fillet of 500gms costs me about RM30 ( USD9).  A lot of times i use this fillet to cook porridge but this time, i just do a simple stir fry with black pepper. I guess most chinese are quite familiar with this dish, also quite common dish served at chinese restaurants. Have not cooked this for a long time, it's very appetising and it's up to you whether you want to pre fry the fish first or not. I find it easier to pre fry the fish before cooking it with the rest of the ingredients because the meat wont break up so easily. You can adjust the the amount of black peppercorn, this one here is quite peppery hot.

240gm garoupa fillets, cut into slices
1/2 tsp of tapioca flour
1 clove garlic, minced
4 slices of ginger
1 regular size onion, cut into wedges
1/2 piece of capsicum, cut into wedges
1/2 tbsp of black peppercorn, coarsely pound
1/2 tsp salt
3 tbsp water
a little dark soya sauce
coriander leaves

1.After cutting and cleaning the fillets, pat them dry and coat them with the tapioca flour while you can get ready the rest of the ingredients.
2. Pour some oil into the wok, the amout that can almost cover all the fish fillets and deep fry them for about 40 seconds. Dish up and remove from heat .
3. Pour the cooked oil into your container and  leaving some in your wok, saute the garlic, ginger and onions. Add in the capsicum pieces and black pepper which has been pounded and fry them for about half a minute.
4. Put in the precooked fish fillets, salt, dark soya sauce and water and fry them till the gravy almost absorbed ( about a minute ) Throw in some coriander leaves, quick toss it and remove from heat.


  1. This plate I can finish by my ownself. That garoupa fish looks so fresh...I love the skin.

  2. this looks SO amazing - full of flavor
    mary x

  3. Since when you know I love fish ? ... lol... I love this OMG ... can I have this for dinner please ? ..

  4. Lena, how I wish I live next door or close by you.
    Your this dish is sure a 3 plates of rice disappearing invitation, ha ha.
    Have a nice day.

  5. Garoupa is indeed expensive! We love this dish, looks so delicious! Peppery hot, my kinda dish! Uncle Lee with 3 plates of rice, myself only 2 will do! But I don't mind finishing the whole plate of your peppery fish! Hahaha!

  6. Fish is indeed soooooooooooo expensive in Malaysia. I hope to stay by the sea so that I can cast my line and fish for dinner.

  7. Colourful and salivating dish.

  8. You always cook up a delish dish, Lena!! I'm very cina one, most of the time this kinda dish would make me lick my plate clean XD

    Er, when are you going to host a party in your house? I must thick-face invited myself to your party then.

  9. Nice dish...I dont mind having this everyday...Fish is so expensive ! :(

  10. Yes garoupa is very expensive here as well. I love black pepper very much and never try to cook with the fish. Thanks for sharing. I love this dish very much :)

  11. Love the colours. It makes one want to dig in straightaway.

  12. Oh yum! This is indeed a very colorful ,mouth watering dish with peppercorn! I wonder if I can find this fish here. Anyway I'll try this recipe coz I LOVE fish & Hot dish! heheheh

  13. Mmmm..delicious..i cooked black pepper chicken yesterday too. Looks like we have similar taste..lol

  14. Nice, colors look so vibrant, initially I thought there was brinjal in it too because the color of the onion is still so bright. Very well done.

  15. I wish I would of seen this last night, I lightly pan fried some fish using rice flour and corn flour, I almost use tapioca flour instead. But it needed something more, I wish it looked like this stir fry! Yum!!

  16. The fish cost RM30!! Wow! this is expensive! Anyway, you have put it into good used by cooking this delicious dish. It looks very delicious!

  17. One dish like this is enough for one meal!

  18. This looks so good!! bring it over for dinner!

  19. This looks good and yes fish fillet are very expensive even in small towns! So better cook it right otherwise very expensive failure lol!

  20. eileen@hundred eighty degreesMay 9, 2012 at 8:43 AM

    Looks good and appetizing :)

  21. This fish dish looks so flavorful, love the color of it...
    Thanks for sharing this recipe and hope you are having a great week Lena :)

  22. you reminded me that it is easy to prepare fish! I have been eating salmon lately but this inspire me to get back to white fish fillet! so easy!!

  23. Oh wow! Thanks for visiting my blog, otherwise I would have missed out on the great stuff over here! You sure have some very nice pics and recipes. I'm going to be poking around a bit ... don't mind me :)

  24. Garoupa... expensive but yum!! Your dish looks beautiful, awesome!

  25. I don't know garoupa but your dish is mouthwatering,dear!Kisses!

  26. Lena-I just love your fish stir-fry, and those wonderful colorful vegetables. Such a great recipe that I want to try!
    Beautiful photos, as well:DDD

  27. I think I can smell that deliciousness even here ! :D Love your dish , it's colorful and really mouthwatering ! Two bowls of rice are not enough *sigh* lol

  28. Yum! This looks delicious! I've never even heard of tapioca flour. Or garoupa fillets. I've got to check this out!

  29. Knowing that you are always the person that likes the best of quality, I'm surprised that you will buy these expensive fish. You have cooked them very beautifully and wish that I can cook so well like you :D

  30. angeline: yeah, buy and cook on the same day, this variety , the skin is quite 'rubbery'.

    mary: yes, black pepper is a very nice flavour for this kind of stir fries.

    abby: LOL! i'm sure you can cook this, my dear!

    lee: next time if my neighbour is moving out, i let you know, ok?

    joyce: like that, have to cook 2 pots of rice!

    wendy: haha! maybe that time you get bored already eating fish everyday and then move to kampung to rear chickens! LOL!

    sheoh yan: thank you, i guess you can cook this..better than me too!

    yvonne: hey, you dont have to self invite..so cham meh? i will invite you :))

    elin: yes, even sardines in can also expensive!

    cass: maybe one day you can try cooking fish with black pepper, not so much black pepper otherwise your kids cant take it.

    shaz: thanks! i like cooking it this way and also stir fry with ginger and onion.

    Kit: oh yes, you can try that with other firm white fish, should be nice too!

    sonia: thanks!

    jen: oh really, i also like black pepper chicken, yum!

    adeline: oh yeah..i didnt notice that it looks like brinjal. hehe..

    lyndsey: actually i use corn flour to coat the fish too sometimes before frying..sometimes i would think that they serve the same purpose but a friend's mother told us that tapioca flour tends to keep the meat delicate especially pork.

    tze: Thank you! sometimes i rather buy the whole garoupa fish from certain places, it's cheaper that way.

    claire: i agree!

    pineapple man: thank you!

    jeannie: haha! expensive failure.. i think chinese cooking can still be rescued when something is wrong but not cakes, just yesterday got failure, wasted all my dough!

  31. eileen: yes, very appetising and hot!

    juliana: thank you, you have a great week too!

    daphne: salmon!! it's even more expensive here! how i wish i can eat salmon regularly!

    ping: hi! thanks for coming by. Me too will be busybody hopping to your blog regularly.:)Very glad to know you !

    alice: thank you!

    lenia: garoupa is a type of sea water fish here, very common but its price seem to be rising .

    elisabeth: thank you for your compliments, i like your recent focaccia too!

    anne: hey, 2 bowls enough already! fat! fat!!

    cathleen: the use of tapioca flour is almost like cornflour..to me..for thickening gravy and sometimes to coat the fish before frying. Garoupa is a very common fish here abd have few varieties of garoupas.

    zoe: that's why sometimes i prefer to buy a whole garoupa fish, at least they charge same price/kilo. YOu can cook this , it's not difficult at all ;)

  32. Again, WOW! Fish in a stir-fry. Fantastic idea and since we live on seafood here this is a must do for us

  33. I really like this style of dish. Looks good.
    Wish that my youngest son can get use to black pepper dish soon. He does not like strong flavor, like soup very much.

  34. Not easy to get firm fish fillets here to do a stir-fry like this! But I will look hard and keep searching.

  35. Hi Lena, wah... my favorite ley... yours look good, very colorful. I can have the whole plate but minus the rice, LOL

    Have a nice day.

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  37. I can imagine how heavenly this willnbebif use the halibut. I might make this one evening for my family in US. I am sure they will love it.

  38. This looks really tasty! Glad I just came across your blog from Pinterest, and thanks so much for adding the Chinese titles. So helpful for we Chinese learners. :)