Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Smoked Salmon and Avocado Spread

I had something very similar to this during my last trip to aust. It was not taken at any cafe but just something that i grabbed from a 7 eleven outlet and i used that to spread on my breads, potatoes and as a dip for some carrots. It was nice and trying to see what's in there, the label says it has smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese, chives and a few more that i have already forgotten what they were by the time i wanted to make these at home. So i shall seek help from google again. I see some that add tomatoes relish, that sounds delicious but a little extra work for me, i want something simpler and browsing here and there, i came up with this version of a simple smoked salmon and avocado spread. The one that i had there looks more orangey in colour and a little more creamier, you can add in more cream cheese if you want. It's simple to prepare, put all the ingredients in a food processor, blitz them and they are ready in couple of minutes.

Recipe ( makes one cup)
100gms of smoked salmon, i got 2 slices here
1/4 piece of ripe avocado, peeled
110gm of cream cheese, at room temperature
1 small onion, chopped
1tsp lemon juice
spring onion/chives
some black pepper ( optional)

Put all of the ingredients in a food processor and process them till they are well mixed. Remove and add in the chives or spring onions and a dash of black pepper if needed.


  1. Looks good and easy to make !!! Very suitable for lazy people like me... hehehe...but I also have to think what I can do with the balance cream cheese when I purchase a block of it...

  2. Oh my! I love filling this in Croissant.

  3. Hi Lena, it looks good, looks delicious!
    Congratulations on your images are beautiful.

  4. Hi Lena
    Looks really good! Makes you just wanna keep dipping and spreading. :) Im sure its yummy with veg crudities. By the way I'm shaz (feedingmykidsbetter). I started a new blog so as to include all my fave dishes and not just kids recipes. Will slowly import some of my fave recipes from there too. :) have a great day.

  5. Oh gosh, this is so good to go with cream cracker or bread~

  6. yeah, this kind of spread is good to take together with crackers...the texture is rich and just perfect...:)

  7. I can eat this one like yogurt ooo...

  8. Simple and good for tea-time! Feel like want to take a bite of your biscuit sandwich! Crunch, crunch, yummmmm...!!! :o)

  9. I would love to try this!!! I love avocado!! But not salmon. My mum on the other hand, love cheese, salmon and avocado! Let's see if I can win her heart with this! Heeeee (;

  10. The spread looks good. Can imagine it would pair well with breads.

  11. This sound so good, creamy and yummy, will be nice on all kind of spread.

  12. Perfect for my late night snack later.
    I drive over to collect, ok?

  13. refreshing is the first word that comes to mind. It looks so delicious and fresh! I am a sucker for avocados so this is perfect for our family

  14. I adore this idea; it fits my recent tastes : ), fish on toasts.

  15. Oh wow. I love salmon! What an interesting combination, I am very much intrigued!

  16. Hi Lena,

    What an amazing recipe! Looks very appetizing & I really love your pictures; So beautifully presented too! I like the idea of this fabulous combination between avocado & smoked salmon in this spread! I must try this for aperitif with my friends! :)

  17. Mmmm....that looks really delicious! I hardly buy smoked salmon. Ate once at a friend's house and got rashes within a few minutes. She bought those small smoked salmon rolls with some type of mousse filling. I think it must be the filling that is the culprit. I should try making my own filling myself one day, Yours looks very simple. I can try that. Thanks very much for sharing. Hope you have a lovely week.

  18. Simple and delicious ! Great as a breakfast or tea time spread :)

  19. I am drooling now and hungry too. Send some over to me and Claire...yummmyummm ! Salmon my favorite and avocado....awwww perfect spread for cream crackers! Thanks for sharing this wonderful spread :)

  20. Hi Lena, wah... such a delicious spread. Ok.. I bring pita bread, can or not?

    Love your presentation, it look lovely.
    Have a nice day,regards.

  21. I was trying to associate avocado spread with green till I saw cream cheese as one of the ingredients in the spread too :p ....that explains "creamy-white-beige" avocado spread.

  22. Great idea!I bet this is yummy since avocaso and salmon are a wonderful combination!Kisses,dear!

  23. Oh yes! this is one of my favourite dip. I like how you put your own twist to it.. I can see this on vege sticks too!

  24. Oh gosh, I've missed so many of your posts! Sorry dear! So far I've only made hummus dip quite awhile back. Looks like this salmon cream cheese dip is truly worth a try! I bet it's good on toasted bagels too ya?

  25. joyce@ccooky: the balance cream cheese can make french can refer to wendy's latest post on may02. Good idea or not?

    sheohyan: yes, yum!

    duxa: thank you for your nice compliments, dear!

    shaz: hi!! how are you? i really thought you have stopped blogging. Thank you so much for informing about your new blog, shall visit you soon!

    yvonne: even nice to eat on its own!

    sherleen: they are good on bread and veggie dip, great!

    mkgirl: me too!

    joyce: you will probably eat this one like oreo, eat the filling first!

    jasmine: i hope when you make it, she will like it!

    anuja: yes!

    sonia: if you want it creamier, then add more cheese, really nice to go with bread.

    wendy: i wait for you..what time?

    jessica: thank you, dear!actually i need to steal more ideas from you, you are just incredible making your own creations each time!

    maureen: hmmm..sounds not bad, huh?

  26. cathleen: it's rather quick to make this, maybe you can also try making this.

    kit: i hope you will like it. Thank you for your compliments. Me too love each and everyone of your presentations, always so lovely and sweet!

    marymoh: oh, i hope you wont get allergic to these!

    anne: thank you! i even eat it on its own !

    elin: madam, i dont hv to send to you, this one very easy to make la!

    amelia: can! bring some curry chicken and your pumpkin dessert along can or not??

    tigerfish: ha! maybe i shld name this smoked salmon and cream cheese spread!

    lenia: thank you! the inspiration all comes from that spread i had from 7 eleven!

    daphne: thanks, it's good to dip carrots or celery sticks with it.

    bee2: hey, dont hv to say sorry.. you crazy, i really appreciate your visit!!

  27. Lena:
    Wow, what a nice dip! Dips are very popular here. If you shop in the major supermarket, you can find a wide range to choose from. I like your smoked salmon & avocado dip coz both are my fav! If I make this dip, I will sure eat with homemade bread chips. Very easy. Oven-baked lebanese bread/tortilla for few minutes, then you can have some crispy, healthy homemade chips to eat with this delicious dip! Good choice to make for picnic. Thanks for the idea!

  28. It looks super fingerlicking! Love it.

  29. Lena, nice and flavorful the avocado and smoked salmon...
    Thanks for this recipe and hope you are having a great week :)

  30. Lena, this sounds perfect, nice funny that you picked it up to go...ready to eat! I think the avocado and chives go good with it. I do the same thing when I eat something that I have not made...take the best of what I like from all the googled recipes! Stunning photos!

  31. This sounds like the perfect combination...all in one! Would be great to bring to a party!

  32. Hey lena, I followed the recipe and made tis too. It was awesome! Esp great with bagels =)

  33. thanks everyone for dropping by here !

    Lala: really glad to hear that, thanks for letting me know!