Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Layered Cake for Bake Along 1st Anniversary

It is our Free and Easy Bake Along 1st Anniversary! I would like to thank our co hosts, Joyce from Kitchen Flavours who first initiated this bake together and also Zoe from Bake for Happy Kids, both of whom at one point we were all completely strangers to now have become wonderful friends. I'm very glad that i had the opportunity to meet Joyce and Zoe in person last year, something that i've always been looking forward to after all those communications through blogs and emails. Never was there an awkward or uncomfortable moment talking to them..you know, Joyce has a very cheerful and bubbly personality, always makes me laugh and Zoe, a very fun and sporting person, giving me so much warmth when i met her. Believe me, we do have our differences  at times but i would call that good differences that we are able to understand each other more and enable us to be more honest in our opinions. They are always so kind and helpful to me, guiding me how to do this and that, coordinating the bake along and so on.

our first anniversary

I would also want to take this time to thank some of you who have been always joining us baking together . Peng, AngelineAnujaAliceJeannie, AbbygailJaslineVivianEmilyMimi Bakery House, Eileen it's always delighting to have all of you around, a big thank you! Not forgetting Yan, YvonneMui MuiRiceball joining us for the first time in the last two bake along, hope to see you gals joining again and also to SoniaLaura, Wai KittBaking AddictVeena,Radhika ,Rebecka and Angel for your previous participation. I believe that we have got so much to share and learn from each other, it's always nice to get to know someone new in the group and again, if it's not for blogging, i wouldnt have known all of you including my blogger friends who drop by regularly here. So cheers everyone!!

how about the candles represent me, joyce and zoe..hahaha...

I'm not going to write the entire recipe making this cake but included here are the links where i had earlier sourced from. It's a white cake filled with layers of lemon curd and swiss meringue buttercream. While i find that the white sponge is a little dense for my liking, the tangy lemon curd and the smooth buttercream complements each other very well. Initially what i wanted to do for its decorations were piped flowers everywhere surrounding the whole cake but it was already too ugly with me just piping a few of them , my fault, my piping skills...uurrgh...so i ended up doing  a shapeless, nameless design..really i dont know what i was piping! LOL!

Sponge cakeDorie's Perfect Party Cake taken from here. I used two 8 inch pan, cut each cake horizontally into 2 slices each. I used 3 slices instead of 4.
Lemon curd - same as what i did for my Pavlova. I made this few times already, very nice.
Swiss Meringue buttercream - sourced from Crumb Boss and Wendy's blog. It's my first time making swiss meringue buttercream, made 1/2 recipe of crumbboss for filling and 1 recipe of wendy's for decoration.

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  1. Happy 1st Anniversary to Bake Along! Oh love it how to swirl the ribbon over the cake. So pretty and elegant. The colour looks so gorgeous to me too. About your piping skill, it is very much better than us dy. Great Job Lena. I haven't post up mine maybe tomorrow.

  2. wow..happy anniversary to Bake Along, Though never had the chance to participate yet, but glad to know so many aspiring bakers are coming together for a common purpose ! And yes, your cake is beautifully decorated, even though you dunno what you are piping ! I think it's even good enough for sale !

  3. Happy 1st Anniversary to our Bake-Along! Thank you for being my baking partner! Same goes to Zoe! I think that by corresponding more with the two of you, we are beginning to think about the same things sometimes! I wanted to bake Strawberry Shortcake, even bought the strawberries, now I saw Zoe posts on Strawberry cake! And after my strawberries got eaten, I wanted to make Dorie's perfect party cake, even bought the raspberrry jam for that! Again, not enough time! See the co-indicidences! I was surprised when I saw both yours and Zoe's bakes! Hahaha!
    Your cake looks beautiful, Lena, nice changes you've made!
    I'm glad I made the right decision to email you the first time! Thank you, pal!
    Here's to our second year of baking together, Cheers

  4. Hi Lena,

    Just dropped by Joyce's blog before visiting yours... Got to say again I was glad that I was thick-skinned at first to introduce myself to you at first. Then, funny too that I just rocked up to Joyce saying that here I am joining you gals for this bake-along. Can't believe that I'm so thick-skinned. LOL! Although we have been baking-along and knowing each other for just one year, we seems to know each other for ages!

    Your lemon curd layered cake looks amazing! I can see that this is truly your style of cake. After baking-along for a year, I think we have all uniquely displayed our own style and taste in our bakes. Got to be thick-skinned (again) to say that all looks awesome at the end of the day!


  5. Happy 1st Birthday, Bake-Along~

    Lemon curd, buttercream and sponge cake - those are among my favourite and I could eat them individually :p

    I'm glad to have join the Bake Along; so many tips I learnt and much drooling on my keyboard :)

  6. Happy 1st anniversary to you guys. Your cake looks great ! Well done ! I think the icing was well done too :)

  7. Hi Lena, Happy 1st anniversary to your Bake Along.
    My schedule very tight, haven't got the chance to join you for the fun.

    Anyway you cake look lovely, never mind the piping skill as long as it taste good.

    Have a nice day.

  8. pictures are wonderful and motivate me to try recipes I might not .

  9. Wah ... Happy 1st Anniversary to ypur Bake-Along. Time really flies, I thought you gals just started this not too long. Very nice cake.

  10. Lena , Happy 1st Anniversary to your Bake-Along ! I'll join if I can make a decent frosting or a decent layered cake ! lol But will surely join some other time ;D And what a gorgeous and scrumptious layered cake you've made for this occasion ! :D

  11. Happy 1st Anniversary to your Bake-Along! Sorry that I've missed joining in the past. Will definitely try to :)

  12. You have very good photography skills! I can only see a very pretty cake! simply gorgeous indeed!

  13. eileen@hundred eighty degreesMay 29, 2012 at 2:32 PM

    Congrats my dear friend and wish you, Joyce and Zoe many more milestones in the years ahead. I'm glad to know many others through this event. My best wishes to Bake Along on your 1st anniversary! Your cake is beautifully decorated.

  14. Happy First Anniversary to our dear BakeAlong.
    Your cake is gorgeous and very elegant, even though you used the word "ugly" in describing it somewhere in post....now we dont call our babies ugly. always remember that!
    Cheers to you, zoe and joyce for a spectacular ifrst year and many more to come..
    P.S. will surely join in before the deadline :D

  15. Happy 1st Anniversary to Bake Along!, what a beautiful layer cake ;)

  16. Happy 1st Anniversay, you've baked such a beautiful cake! Bake-Along's been real fun, can't wait for more to come!

  17. Hey Lena, Happy Anniversary! Isn't it blogging getting more & more exciting. Your cake looks awesome. Wish I can have a slice of it too.
    Enjoy & have a great week ahead, dear.

  18. nice opinion.. thanks for posting.

  19. Hi Lena, I love the idea of a lemon cake, sounds so refreshing! This is my first time joining the Bake Along and I hope to do so more in future. Thanks for organising such a wonderful baking event.

  20. hi Lena, so envy u could meet up with Joyce and Zoe
    hope I can meet 3 of u too someday
    hhmm... Bake Along member gathering sounds fun huh? :)
    your cake is pretty, Lena, as usual
    never mind the piping, i still find it so classy :)
    happy anniversary to Bake Along!

  21. angeline: thank you and looking forward to your entry, thanks for your constant support!

    joyce@ccooky: thanks so much, my hands were shaking doing the piping!

    joyce:looking back, i'm glad that i did not reject your idea. i know, there have been so many coincidences that we wanted to do the same thing..you said twins mah.. haha!

    zoe: it's good to be thick skinned sometimes otherwise we just miss the opportunities! eh but i think i need to be thick skinned and claimed that all our bakes are fantastic..you know i seldom say that!! LOL!

    yvonne: hey, i'm very glad that you managed to make it for the last bake along and 2 entries too! thanks a lot, hope to see more of your bakes, not just only for bake along..:)

    elin: thank you my friend! quite a lot of buttercream here:)

    amelia: hey, dont worry..just join whenever you like, the most important is that we keep in touch!

    love2dine: thank you!

    hody : thank you for dropping by and thank you so much!

    chris: yeah, it's already one year. Initially we didnt extend the baking to everyone, so very few people actually aware of it :)

    anne: thank you, join us when you see something that you might like to bake and of course, when you hv time :)

    anncoo: hey, no apologies needed. Just join us when you are free, ya?

    jeannie: haha! i tried not to take photos from the top, that one looks not so nice..thanks anyway and thanks for your support given to this bake along!

    eileen180: thank you very much! i'm glad that you are also a member of THB, guess we will be baking together very often now!

    anuja: i'm very happy to know you, you hv been very supportive to our events and very happy to know that we are also co members of THB. ok, i'll try not to call our babies ugly! haha!

  22. Hi Lena,

    I am a silent reader of yours for quite a while. Had never bothered to leave you a messsage but must say I think we strike a similar character after reading most of your posts. This round, thought I must definitely write you something 'cos I couldnt stop laughing after you commented about you not really knowing what you were piping. Sometimes, I had similar experiences too.

    Anyway, really enjoyed reading your posts and Happy Anniversary to your Bake-Along!

    Jeannie Sim

  23. anggie: hi, welcome to our free and easy bake along! very nice to know you and thanks for your compliments and your entry!!

    jasline: it's always a pleasure to see you joining us every time, you are a very creative lady and i need to learn more from you :) thanks again for your continuous support!

    kristy: halo!! thank you very much, not only for your wishes but your constant support given to me!have a wonderful week!

    anonymous: thank you!

    Mich: a warm welcome to you, nice to know you thru this bake along. Thanks for your entry, i raelly admire your effort in making this 3 different flavours in one cake!

    alice: yes, what a terrific idea for all of us gather together someday!!! i want to personally thank you for your constant support given to us, really..from the very beginning to now.

  24. jeannie sim: thank you for leaving a comment this time so i know i hv a silent reader by the name of jeannie sim! oh yes, on the piping..i seldom do piping and decoration on my cakes and very little practise, this is not what i wanted but the more i piped, the more out of shape it becomes! haha! and i just want to quickly finish piping before the buttercream gets soft, so i just simply squeezed the cream here and there!

  25. Awww.. and i have been enjoying reading all your bake alongs! One day, I hope to be able to join the fun as well ;) Happy anniversary!

  26. Lena, you girls rock! I salute to you & the rest of the girls! Did you mean to pipe roses all over the cake? I have eyed on that too but I know that I need to practice on my piping skill first!

    Your cake looks very pretty! Happy 1st Anniversary to Bake Along!

  27. Oh this is SO pretty - there's nothing like a gorgeous cake to put a smile on one's face!!! Lovely job and Happy Anniversary!!
    mary x

  28. Happy anniversary!
    The layered cake looks really pretty. Love the way you present it. Pretty ribbons too.

  29. I have to see this cake more slowly again because I love lemon and especially lemon curd Lena, look amazing, Happy anniversary!

  30. Happy Anniversary to Bake Along! These cake is so lovely , love the frosting & the ribbon is a great idea! Looks so GLAM & stunning! I was cracking my head off on how to decorate mine! End up with a weird cake! LOL Yup! This time I've join in fun coz I love birthday & anniversary! Great excuse to bake another cake !heheheh

  31. I think your cake is absolutely gorgeous and - oh my goodness - sounds fabulous! I love those fun stripes on the sides, they add a delightful touch!

  32. Oh, Lena, I thought it was your blog's first anniversary, but I see its the Bake Along's first anniversary. I must check out this blog hop...sounds fabulous (I think I already mentioned that before)

    Your cake is spectacular, golden, and with a gorgeous gold buttercream swirls on top, and I just love, lemon curd filling. I clicked over to the source to save the recipe!
    Happy Anniversary, and congrats on the gorgeous cake!

  33. This just looks absolutely delicious! I don't even have the words. Happy anniversary to Bake Along!

  34. Sorry that I haven't been dropping by as much as I should have.
    Busy la...

    So, this is the cake.. yeah, that cake wasn't favourable to me too. Too dense IMPO with that amount of Baking powder.

    Bake Along is a very good event and I like the topics suggested, it does give some good challenge and some brain juices to be squeezed.
    Happy Big 1 to Bake Along and I believe there'll be more to come

  35. Lena, by looking at your cake. Yours is the most beautiful out of all. Taste wise, wait till I taste it myself. :D

    Thanks for your help and valueble comments in all my baking attempts.

  36. Hi Lena, wah, impressive... a slice for me for me pls... i hv nvr tried baking a lemon curd cake before... Nice one:)

  37. lena...bila puasa masuk sini adoyaiiiii....sabar jer laaa...

    tu krim you makan tak? jangan buang tau, nanti baju Uncle Lee kasi tak nampak sexy....

    ingat ya lena, makan krim sampai menjilat jari...

  38. Happy 1st Anniversary Bake Along! Sorry for not able to participate so frequently.

  39. Happy birthday to Bake Along!

    What a beautiful cake you've got there...love the color!!! ;)

  40. Oh my gosh what a gorgeous cake, Lena! It sure seems like the Bake Along was GREAT fun for all who participated. Happy Anniversary and thank you so much for sharing this lovely cake.

  41. Happy 1st Anni to Bake Along. Such a beautiful cake. I wish I can decorate cakes like you :(

  42. A lovely cake and a beauty. Your piping skills far exceed mine which may be, because I rarely use them. Anyway, I see this cake as a major success.

  43. Hi Lena, beautiful cake, but why the 3/4 pic display?
    Must have taken you some time doing this.....
    Wish I am your neighbour, ha ha ha.
    Have fun,

  44. Love buttercream cake, this is an exquisitely beautiful cake! Happy anniversary!

  45. Well done on the anniversary, that cake looks scrumptious. Take care Diane

  46. OMG, yours cake is TOOooo pretty, wish i can have a bite :)

  47. Lena, this is such a beautiful cake I can't keep my eyes off from it. That's my favorite part of blogging is meeting new people that I can call my friends. Even if I can't bake I love to join in and ooo and awww over it! It makes me smile! :) :D

  48. Lena, I love the colour of the cake, like those served to the royalty.. :) *do I sound like polishing?* :)

  49. that's a gorgeous decor. i wish i can do the same. i am absolutely hopeless at decoration and plating:(

  50. Happy Anniversary! I am inspired by your lemon cake!

  51. Happy Anniversary! Looking forward for the next party.

  52. Happy Bake-along Anniversary to the 3 of you! A real year-long great efforts from you gals! This cake is so appropriate, Lena..and your piping looks good to me. :)

  53. Happy anniversary,dear!This cake looks heavenly!Kisses!

  54. happy anniversary and I'm so happy that I FINALLY AM JOINING IN!!! love how you used the ribbon for the cake - i need that very often because i suck at frosting :/

    just wondering about the linky thing - how do i add it to my post??

  55. daphne: thank you, hope that one day you will be able to join us ..on your cheat day!!

    jessie: yes, roses all over the cake! that's my intention earlier..sigh:((

    mary: thank you for your nice words!

    angie: thank you very much coming from a pro like you:)

    gloria: yeah, eat slowly and enjoy, thank you!

    kit: glam? haha! i like that description. i just seen your cake yesterday, not weird at all!! thanks for joining and really nice to know you!

    chris: thank you, oh, that ribbon..saved my effort in decoration! LOL!

    elisabeth: thanks very much. Lots of buttercream in here! hope that one day when you hv time you can join us baking together!

    cathleen: thank you, dear!

    wendy: dont hv to say sorry, crazy! you must be busy with the MFF thing ! hv to plan and cook somemore, i pengsan! Yeah lor abt the cake, that's why i checked with you see if i made a mistake somewhere or not :)

  56. yan: thank you for your compliments. I think probably you wont like eating this cake cos it has buttercream, you very strict on your diet, right? this cake will scare you! LOL!

    Mimi: I personally like lemon curd very much, i spread it on bread and crackers. you can try making it, fast and easy and see if you like the lemon curd. Thanks for your support to the event too!

    queenie: haha! kak ni!! ok, makan sampai gemuk2 baru nampak sexy, right..pakai itu bikini pun mesti show sikit, kan? you want the buttercream or not? you also must eat, you know..not fair just me eating alone!!

    sonia: you silly! dont hv to say sorry..just join when you feel like to :)

    love2cook: thank you very much!

    louise: yes, it's a very meaningful event for me and the best thing is get to know so many of the new bakers.

    gert: you must be kidding me, i'm sure you can do decoration on your cakes..maybe much better than me..come show your skills! ha!

    chaya: thank you very much, i think we really need a lot of practise on the piping to be comfortable doing that..i hardly make a cake like this and also hv to make sure the consistency of the cream is nice to be able to pipe..i must practise more too!

    lee: huh? only 3/4 display?? maybe it's your computer problem..sometimes they play tricks on us..hehe

    alice: thank you, hvnt heard from you for a while, you must be very busy!

    diane: thank you, wish i can share the cake with you!

    cass: how i wish you're staying near me too, then i can also go over to your place and eat your food!

    Lyndsey: yes, you are right. I got to know many bloggers thru this event and so appreciate each one of them. yeah, no bake doesnt mean cant join in the party, you are such a sporting lady!

    claire : haha! ..certainly not!!

    missyblurkit: but you can cook very well, i've seen you doing cooking at your blog!

    riceball: hey, just looked at your lemon curd cake too, that's one great looking cake. I think both of us just love lemon curd a lot! thanks again for your participation !!

    mkgirl: thank you! next party?? no plans yet..haha!

    jen: thank you, it has been a fruitful and meaningful year baking along with joyce, zoe and the rest!!

  57. janine: i've just replied you on your post. Let me know if you encounter any problems putting the linky at your blog.

  58. happy anniversary to Bake along! Due to the timing sorry for not participate in the bake along. Hopefully can get to bake along in future ;)

  59. happy anniversary and what a lovely cake! Hopefully I'll be able to join in this year!

  60. Hi Lena,
    No worries,Your cake is just beautifully frosted. From the view of your picture..lol
    Honestly it is pretty. Happy birthday to Blog Along.
    I am so blessed to get to know you , Zeo, Joyce and other blogging friends from Blog Along.
    Same as Janine, I too was wondering about the linky thing,, how to add into my post??
    I think I did it wrongly the last time..lol

  61. wow it's lemon and butter? :) im craving for it now!

    Latest: Sinful Breads

  62. lenia: thank you very much!

    tze: dont hv to say sorry, hope you can find time to join us baking together! have you moved in to your new house already?

    ola: thanks!

    alan: glad to hear that..hopefully you can join us someday!

    muimui: thanks for your compliments. as for the linky tool, you can chk janine's latest post, i've have replied hers there. IT's not difficult at all, just hv to do that in HTML mode. Let me know if you encounter any problems doing this or you can write me an email at wflena@yahoo.com

    fishee: wish that i can share this with you too:)