Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dim Sum Prawn Rolls ( 虾 卷 )

I guess this is just another popular snack where we can find at a dim sum restaurant. I do find myself order this most of the time whenever i have dim sum. Well, not only this...there are so many kinds of dim sum that i like and you know, there's this little bad habit in me that is i keep ordering and ordering because all the dim sum always looks so delicious and it's like within 10-15 minutes after being seated, you will see my table is full of dim sums. I said bad habit is because sometimes we just cant finish all what we've ordered. .so 'tapau' ( bring home) I just got to refrain myself now from ordering too much really. Even though i can bring the leftovers back, but they dont seem to taste as good as when i eat them at the restaurant...maybe due to different atmosphere and quiet :)

By the way, if you are making this, be sure to get the beancurd sheets that is soft, not the hard or crispy type that you used to make dessert, just ask for the type that is use for wrapping. And also when you are wrapping the fillings , just cover the unwrapped beancurd sheets with a bowl or something, i find that they will get dry and turn slightly crispier after exposing to air, if not you may find it a little difficult to wrap and roll them. Eat them with mayonnaise, nice!

I am submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers#19- Dim Sum Affair ( May 2012 ) hosted by SSB of Small Small Baker

Recipe ( with some reference from Dim Sum Inspirations book )
makes 10 rolls
250gm prawn meat ( after deshell weight ) my prawns are quite big, each prawn i sectioned into 3
1tsp baking soda
1tsp sugar
60gm fish paste
2 water chestnuts, peeled and chopped
1/2 tsp cornflour
slightly more than 1/2 tsp of salt
1/2 tsp of chicken powder
few drops of sesame oil and some white pepper
a small sprig of coriander leaves, chopped

1 large sheet of beancurd sheet, cut into 10 pieces of 9cmx12cm
1 tbsp of flour and 3 tbsps of water mixed together for sealing purpose

1.After cleaning the prawns, pat them dry and mix them with sugar and baking soda for 20 minutes. Rinse them and pat them dry.
2.Mix the prawn meat , fish paste, water chestnuts and the rest of the ingredients well and keep in the fridge for 30 minutes.( i left them in the fridge for about 2 hours, i went shopping! )
3.Place some fillings onto each small piece of beancurd sheet, brush the edges with the flour water solution and roll them up, pinch the sides a little.
4. Deep fry them till they are slightly golden. (not too long, otherwise they become bitter and salty )


  1. Oh Lena, you have no idea how badly I want to try to make Dim Sum on my own. I am going to save this recipe and when someday comes along, not only will I refer back to it, I will "yell" for help from you.

    Thank you so very much for sharing, they look gorgeous! (can Dim Sum look gorgeous I wonder:)

  2. Lena , I guess the noise in Chinese resto makes dimsum much more tastier ! lol

    I love your prawn rolls not only it's HUGE which is a must to me :D but it also looks fantastic and flavorful ! Okay , my mouth is watering while typing this ! ;D

  3. This is another favorite dim sum dish that is a must for my boys, they simply love this with the tartar sauce that comes with it.

  4. Here in the Chinese restaurants, they usually also stuff mangoes in the prawn rolls. I prefer prawn versions to meat versions anytime.

  5. Yummy! This is a must have whenever we eat dim sum. Thank you for sharing the recipe!

  6. It certainly is my favourite lor. haha

  7. I no nid go restaurant to eat this...can drop by your place lo :))) call me when you make dim sum delicacies..Claire and myself will drop by :p nice rolls..dim sum shop can close shop lo :)

  8. Lena, what beautiful dim it okay to call it beautiful? :) It sure looks mouthwatering, better than any restaurant around here. I'll be over soon!

  9. I finally can leave comments on your blog !! Not sure why, previously I was using IE and have problems leaving comments on your blog !! And this certainly looks like a delicious dim sum I would love to try !!

  10. A crisp and umami dim sum, I always like this with some addition of water chestnut, adding both sweetness and crunchiness.

  11. Hey you are like me..I too always order way too much and end up having "doggie bags" :D!!
    Lovely dim sums, looking very crunchy and totally mouthwatering.

  12. Looks so good, Lena! Looking at all the dim sum our blogger friends are making, I finally went for dim sum last week with my family! And we had this too! Yours look exactly like the ones in the restaurant! Yum!

  13. I love these crispy prawn rolls that I must order when I'm in the dim sum restaurant. Next time I can make my own base on your recipe :)

  14. Aiyoyo, so delicious looking deep fried prawn fritter. Absolutely a perfect dim sum dish. Slurpppp.... Oh my, you're getting pro here.
    Enjoy your day, darling.

  15. These looked so crunchy and crispy. Wow! I am drooling at these prawn rolls.

  16. Wow! This is another yummy dim sum, crisp outside with tender juicy filling.

  17. lena, this is also my fav, but too bad, my kids not really like it and i need to sapu all, so next time i date u for dim sum ya, hahahaha!

  18. ku lu...ku lu...ku tummy is rumbling here...hehehe
    prawn rolls are golden brown and crispy, look so good...:)

  19. I wish I could get soft beancurd sheets here in Holland. Having a dimsum potluck party this weekend I wish I could invite you!

  20. What a delight, never eat, but I would really like to prove.

    Kisses, have a nice day :)

  21. I tend to over-order during my dimsum session too :p

    Everything on the tray look so good~

    Is the beancurd sheet same as the one we use to wrap 'bak kien'?

  22. Oh wow these look so delicious, but I am sure if I made them they would not be as good as yours. Diane

  23. I think adding the coriander really makes such a difference :) it just makes its so appetizing looking. Thanks for sharing Lena. :)

  24. Oh, my goodness, that first picture just took my breath away. I'm trying to lose a few pounds but I think I would rather eat these than fit in my jeans! :)

  25. Oh Lena - these look SOOOOOOOOOOOo delicious!! such great flavorings - I would LOVE to tuck into a plate of these!
    Mary x

  26. Lena, Lena, now I'm really hungry now! You are torturing me, I love prawns & I love this dish but I'm so far away, how I wish I can be your neighbour, hehehe. but, my throat is still not feeling well, I've eyed on 2 deep fried dishes but I can only see, but can't take action.

  27. Oh yum! These look perfect! I was wondering what to make tonight. Problem solved ;)

  28. It's something that I don't think I will make at home BUT looking at this- i'm so tempted!

  29. Lena-this is the best looking, and most delicious recipe for Dim Sum Prawn Rolls I have ever seen!
    We used to make this at the country club for appetizers, where I worked, but it didn't even come close to yours, so perfect, addictive, and super delicious:DDD

    I'm pinning this on Pinterest!

  30. Do you realize how amazing these are! They are perfection! I could eat a dozen everyday for the rest of my life! you rock

  31. I love prawns so this for me is wonderful!!! Look really delicious!

  32. Ooooh...prawns!!! I LOVE it! :D I don't think I have seen this at dim sum shop. I think I must go back to M'sia for dim sum :D It's very expensive here. I think we have more choices back home. In the mean time I think I can just come here to feast on your dim sum :D

  33. louise: you just got to know how much i would love to make dim sums at home as much i love eating them, these are some simple ones that i can think i can still manage it, i would love to try making dumplings. NO problem, yell all that you want, will be glad to help you!

    anne: haha! yea, you're right..maybe it's the noise and the environment that makes the difference! thanks!

    jeannie: yes, with tartare sauce, yummy!

    tigerfish: oh, mangoes in prawn rolls? that's quite special. we dont hv that here :(

    casa shabby: thank you!

    riceball: you're welcome. Thanks for dropping by :)

    chris: yay!

    elin: cannot lah..let me learn how to make har gow and siu mai first, then i only dare to invite you over for home made dim sum:) with these prawns rolls only, very ' cham'

    lyndsey : call it anything you like! haha! thanks !!

    joyce@CC: thanks for letting me know! Somebody earlier also said the same thing but she didnt mention on IE. I really dont know what's the problem..

    maureen: yes, i think not bad adding some water chestnuts into it and also the corainder leaves, makes it look better from outside.

    anuja: haha! those doggie bags..luckily it's common here to take away leftovers otherwise it woule be such a waste!

    joyce: that's what i did also when i saw many of our friends making dim sum weeks ago. oh, dont we all love eating dim sum?

    anncoo: hope you will love these version!

    kristy: thanks, my friend! definately not getting pro yet..there are still so many dim sums that i dont know how to make leh!

    yan: thank you! yes, they are very crispy, why not try making some of these at home? you can do it!

    tze: yeah, love these all the time!

    eileenlee: okay, next time you come to ipoh, i bring you to some good dim sums around here :))

    sherleen: haha! you are so funny with your kulu kulu!!LOL!

  34. yueky: wow, you're having a dim sum party?! how i wish i could be there and sample all the homemade dumplings! maybe the asian shops have those beancurds, you try to ask and see. If you hv dim sum restaurants there, maybe those shops might have it too

    duxa: how i wish i can just send some over to you :D

    yvonne: thanks! what is bak kien? those are the same ones that we use for wrapping lo bak.

    diane: thank you. Hmm..never try never know..maybe yours will even turn out better than mine!

    shaz: thank you. I also think the coriander leaves makes it look much appealing :)

    chris: haha! dont worry, eat one or 2 rolls of these wont get you into trouble fitting those jeans, believe me!

    mary: thank you! these are very nice and crispy, i'm sure you will love these!

    jessie: sorry to hear about your throat. Hope it will get well soon. Next time you can also try making these at home, not too difficult to make provided you can get those beancurd sheets in sydney :)

    cathleen: haha! thanks anyway!!

    daphne: i'm glad to know that these deep frying stuffs are able to tempt you ..LOL!

    elisabeth: oh thanks so much for your nice compliments!I'm flattered!! With a couple of practise, i'm sure you can make them look like this, maybe even better than mine!

    jessica : dont you dare to eat a dozen everyday, you will get sore throat and pimples on your face!! LOL!!

    gloria: thank you!! i'm sure you will love these !

    marymoh: oh, they dont hv these in scotland? i'm surprised cos i thought it's one of the more popular dim sum too. Next time come back to your homeland, eat all the dim sum you want and eat till you drown!

    jasna: thank you!

  35. eileen@hundred eighty degreesMay 25, 2012 at 4:32 PM

    Fried stuffs taste good when it's hot and crispy. I wonder if it makes any difference if you were to reheat up in the toaster oven if you taupou home:) yours look crispy and nice!!

  36. Yes, this is also my children's must have when eating out in a dim sum joint. Yours look yummy...drooling!

  37. We also like this dim sum, actually it is so easy to make this at home ho. Are you using the big thin beancurd sheet that usually wrap for ngoh heong ? I don't like to use this as they are too salty. I prefer the normal beancurd . Happy weekend to you .

  38. They look delightful! Absolutely perfect.

  39. You know what, we share the same bad habit! Not only for dim sum, love the variety and always end up not finishing the food, guilty, guilty! Prawn roll looks so good, crisp and with big juicy prawns too!

  40. These shrimp rolls look fingerlicking!
    Yes, I managed to get some sweet potatoes...;-) finally.

  41. I love shrimps!This is an excellent idea!Kisses!

  42. eileen180: i never tried reheating them by toasting in the oven but i guess it's not as nice as freshly fried.

    cheah: thank you!

    angeline: *smile*

    sonia: oh, i didnt know they are salted and unsalted ones..what i used is the ones that used to wrap foo pei.

    love2dine: thank you!

    adeline: yes, guilty! luckily can tapau!

    angie: yeah, your sweet potato salad is gorgeous, glad that you were able to get them finally ..after so long :)

    lenia: you will love this! Hugs!

  43. Hi Lena, your prawn rolls look delicious. yum yum
    I can have the whole plate, eat first diet later. hahaha

    Have a nice day.

  44. i've printed this to compile with some other dim sum recipes i have collected. hopefully i can have one free weekend and make a selection of dim sum for brunch:D

  45. Wah boleh makan non-stop you know this one. What is fish paste? My mind went blank trying to figure out. Bukan belacan right.

  46. I can see the prawns look perfectly cooked. Yummy! Aiyoh, eating western everyday for the past week, I would love to have some dim sum.

  47. amelia: yes!! eat first diet later..that's what i say to myself all the time!!

    missyblurkit: remember to go to the aspiring bakers will be able to see a lot more of delicious dim sums there!!

    mkgirl : oh, bukan belacan. Fish paste is fish meat already seasoned with some salt.. nowadays there have this ready made fish paste so that you dont hv to scrap its flesh to obtain fish meat.

    quay po: i think the moment you reach home, you will be searching for local food and chilly!!

  48. Alice...salam kenal ini Mina (signora jakarta barat) baru sempat jalan2 ke blognya wowww bikin ngilerrr enak2 semua makanannya.... bakalan betah de Mina tiap hari ke sini he..he..
    thks banget sdh share resepnya...
    Mina pengen tanya dong "coriander leaves" ini daun apa ya ? bhs indo n mandarinnya apa nih ? trs u resep di atas flour pake terigu atau tepung beras ya ? thks sebelumnya ci..

  49. hello mina, coriander leaves dalam bahasa melayu ialah daun ketumbar. Selain dari daun ketumbar, mina juga boleh guna daun parsley. Flour di atas ialah tepung jagung..kalau tak ada tepung jagung, mina juga boleh guna tepung ubi kayu.